First Video Review: Seidio Innocase Rugged Holster Combo for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 10 May 2010 09:07 pm EDT

OtterBox has long been the "go to" for tough cases, but Seidio is looking to get in on that action. Their new Innocase Rugged Holster Combo for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a brand new entry to their already stellar lineup. This case features a three-part design, along with their standard side clip that is sure to keep the case locked solid. I had the opporunity to play around with this case for a bit after WES, and I have to say I'm totally impressed. If you work or play in a harsh environment, or just plan on dropping your device off a roof to the pavement below, you'll want to check this one out. Watch the video about for my first impressions and quick review and OtterBox comparison (note - I only had an older OtterBox model around when I recorded this.. will follow up soon with a more in-depth comparison). The Seidio Innocase Rugged is available at for for $49.95. You can follow the link below for more photos and official description.

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First Video Review: Seidio Innocase Rugged Holster Combo for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


The only problem with Adam's reviews are that they're extremely frantic. He spins the devices and products around without giving any chance to actually inspect them. Thank god there's no techno music though.

Well and one more thing he doesn't compare the product for the same device.

The bold 9700 Otterbox Defender looks way more better than the seidio case...

You should have use the same case for the same phone not two diffenrent product it doesn't give otterbox any chance...

I guess that's why this is the "first video review" then... means we need a second one. I'm feeling an OtterBox vs. Seidio Rugged Head to Head battle approaching.. now to find two people willing to sacrifice their 9700s for the test.... for the good of CrackBerry Nation!

stay tuned :)


adding to the frantic comment about adam's looks even crazier if you just mute the sound :D

Bad comparison :D I'm a daily OtterBox user and in my opinion the latest Defender series (9700) are much better than the rather old one shown for the 8800 (???)
And for your own good back off the crank Adam! :D JK!

Seidio's are notorious for screen protectors sticking to the phone, thus creating bubbles. I noticed in the video the screen protector wasn't emphasized or even removed. Otter Box still better....

Seidio has changed their screen protectors on the 360 to be a better material. They acknoledge that the screen will stick for a day or two but it will clear up after. It's just the material they use.

I have used both now and I feel they both have a great purpose for use. It just depends on your need of protection. On this rugged case, it has the highest protection for shock and weather that I have tried out so far. I will post some photos tomorrow. Nice review Adam!

Actually review the case alone before posting it on here. You said the only plastic is on the outside. I knew that was incorrect. Why b/c I actually know my stuff!!! Why would you show an 8800 series Otterbox defender case? They are nothing like the newer generation of Otterbox defender series cases. Step your game up Adam and stop posting elementary reviews.

I bought and returned an Otterbox for for a Bold 9000 because it would not work on speaker phone, loud feedback squeal. Otterbox was aware of the problem but offered no help.

seeing this review I don't think otterbox has anything to worry about.
for starters.. that camera flap is simply a poor design. who's the genius who came up with that? imagine having to fumble with that when you want to grab a quick snapshot? no thank you - i'll keep my otterbox.

OMG by the time you get the phone out of the case, the caller will have been long gone! I think this takes it a little too far...sorry.

why would you need to take the phone out of its case to answer a call?? All you do is hit the "send" button and talk...

If you took the case from Otterbox and the Holder from Seidio, then that would be perfect. I love my Otterbox but I hate the holder as the phone keeps falling out. Poor design. The Seido holds the phone at the top keeping it safe.

All in all, I'll stick to Otterbox. Looks like the best product. keeps falling out Then you have the phone in backwards. It is designed to come out easy when it is in face out. When its in face in then it locks in when you push it all the ways down at least on a Tour Defender. It WILL NOT fall out when face in, if it does you have screwed it up somehow.

The 9700 Otterbox case has nothing holding it into the holder other than two small tabs on either side of the phone just below half way down the phone.

The slightest tug on the phone causes it to fall out.

I have it in the right way (only goes one way). No I haven't "screwed it up".

Try it on 9700. You'll see. Not all holders are created equal.

Ok so I'm taking notes for the next round (we'll do another one or two videos on this since thats what everyone seems to want) - Slow down and no techno music ... got it.

Does the phone still fit in the Seidio charging cradle with the case on it like it does with the original Innocase?

Is it possible to use the holster with the phone if it only has the inner case on (not the silicone or skeleton)?

Also, the review failed to demonstrate or even mention that the clip on the holster locks! That's one of the most important features of the holster!!

I think the protection given by both of these type cases is really good.

Now if either one would come up with a cradle for the car, I think my BB would be wearing one of these.

Nice review of the innocase itself. However I don't think this was a fair comparison at all because the innocase being reviewed is for the 9700 yet the otterbox defender is for an old (not 9700) model.

I use the otterbox defender for the 9700 everyday and it too has a screen protector built into the case. The silicone is also pretty thick but I can't say wt it is like in comparison to the innocase. I think a fair review will be to compare the 9700 otterbox defender with this case. I think all new Otterbox defender cases come with a hard screen protector built into the case now.

If this new "rugged" case is anything like the other Seidio cases I've used, it will scratch the **** out of the phone. Their innermost layer of protection looks like hard plastic, which is not good because the littlest bit of debris will get in there and scratch the phone like crazy.
Otterbox has a rubber layer on the inside; the part that touches the phone. This is my reason for saying that Otterbox is better in this aspect. The Commuter series is great. I say just get one of those instead.
Oh, and if that case was moving any faster in your hands Adam, I think it would just be a blur. Good review, though. Appreciated, and well deserved for the case and for Seidio. I know they make good products, they're just not for me.

You have to have all cases on the phone to use the holster that comes with it. I tried using just the inside hard plastic case and the holster is too big for that.

The charging points are still available on just the inner case, not the silicone part of the case. So if you have just the inner case on, you are still able to use the Seidio desktop charging cradle.

Also I have been super happy with the holster and the locking feature of the top clip!

Thanks, Zach! You nailed all of my questions. I currently have a Storm 2 with the Innocase II case and holster and am hoping they come out with this for the 9550! Sounds like a nice setup.

Glad to help. It shows on the Seidio website that they have one available for the iphone, so I am sure it is hopefully next on the list!

After using an Innocase 360 on my 9700 for 6 weeks, I will say I would never by another Seido product again, especially any Innocase. My Innocase 360 was excellent at first but wore out very easily and very quickly. The keyboard cover got so "bubbly" that it made it impossible to type quickly AND accurately. Scrolling on the keypad was darn near impossible the way the keypad cover warped. The inner layer of this set up is in essence an Innocase 360, just that it has an outer layer of protection. Just beware: once that keypad cover wears and bubbles, you will hate typing on it. I did and swore never to get a product like this again. Sorry Seido.

they seem to have revised the keyboard from the incarnation I purchased. Mine has a rubberized keyboard cover that does bubble, but never affected my ability to type - but yes, the trackball access was hampered. Big deal, better than going back to AT&T to get a new phone every time I dropped it!

That is a bummer that your innocase wore out. I do know that with this new Rugged case, the keypad/trackpad cover is not made of the same material it was in the past. So it allows for access to all of the keys and trackpad while keeping it protected.

The new key cover is made of a clear material that does not have the ability to bunch up and make it hard to scroll on the trackpad. It is a nice new feature. Maybe give it a second look if you are still needing the protection. I understand how the old rubber key cover bubbled and made it hard to scroll.

so many covers to protect a $150 phone that you can get replaced for $5 bucks a month.c'mon!!! what a bunch of nonsense

I have the OtterBox Defender for the 9700 and honestly, I am not impressed. I had an OtterBox for my old Pearl 8100 and I loved it. I figured I'd love this one as well. I think my biggest issue is the holster. Where the old style holster (as seen in the above video for the 8800 series) would slide in and lock into place, the new holster only has two small "button tabs" on the sides to hold it in. The slightest bump, and my phone falls out. At least the case itself is strong enough to take the abuse, but the phone shouldn't fall out at the slightest bump. Poor design of the holster. I'd rate the OtterBox as a 3 out of 5. It's good for someone that wants the protection, but doesn't really need it. Unfortunately for me, I work in manufacturing plant, and need a holster that will not drop my phone every time I bump into something.

Finally, someone else speaks out with the same problem. I contacted Otterbox and they said they would look into it. For the time being, (they told me to do this) attach velco around the phone to prevent it from falling out. Ya, I'll get right on that.

I just stopped using the holder.

Great review...just please stop drinking sooooo much coffee before pressing the record button!

I have the Innocase 360 and it served me well, except I already destroyed it within 6 months...the rugged case looks fantastic and obviously money well spent when you consider the cost of a new phone (given how many times my 8900 fell off a ladder, in the back of a truck, in my warehouse, etc., etc., etc.! Good job Seidio

I have posted a quick review and some still photos of the Seidio Rugged Case/Holster. The link will not work on this page, so you can search for it by "seidio rugged".

We tried Otterbox with our initial BlackBerry,smartphones and again with subsequent BlackBerries, however, audio/sound through the ports are buggy and negligible, making Otterbox cases completely worthless despite the level of protection offered!


...Seidio Innocase 360s!...

Aside from the known issues with the integrated laser-cut silicone cover, Seidio offers both quality and protection, and excellent customer service. We do completely and wholeheartedly agree with others issue and feedback on the integrated laser-cut silicone cover warping/stretching/bubbling out, (if seidio is not correcting this issue because they think or hope we'll replace our Innocase 360's that often because of this issue they're delusional and dreaming!), this silicone cover can be cut out and removed at that time. ...our preferred method of dealing with this issue, instead of replacing the otherwise excellent Seidio Innocase 360. The Seidio Innocase Rugged would provide even more protection than only the inner 360 for those who need a greater level of protection.

Thanks & Gratitude Seidio!
We'll continue to use Seidio Innocase 360s, or possibly the Innocase Rugged, to protect our BlackBerry smartphones into the future.