Seidio Innocase 360 for the Blackberry Tour Review

Innocase 360
By Stang68 on 10 Sep 2009 04:30 pm EDT

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I have been using the Seidio Innocase 360 for the Tour (along with the holster for it) for the past few days and would like to let all of you know what I think of it!


The design of the Innocase 360 is very similar to the Innocase II that Seidio ships for the Tour. They are both very slim and do not add much bulk. The differences are as follows: On the 360, there is a bar that goes across the middle of the phone (like the Innocase I). This makes it tough to scroll at first but after a day of use you get used to it and now my thumb "remembers" how to use the trackball with the cover on.

Innocase 360

Also, the 360 snaps on with a front and back piece, as opposed to a slide design like the Innocase II (which I prefer because there is less chance of the case flying off when dropped). The snap, though, was the best I have seen on a Seidio case. There were no rough edges and it was actually not a struggle to take apart...very easy in fact!

Innocase 360

The 360 case has the same "rubberized paint" that is on all of the other Innocases and really does make it feel so much better than one of those silicon skins that are impossible to take out of your pocket.

Seidio really named the Innocase 360 well because it really does give your Blackberry all-around protection. The design of the case is very nice. Now I will go into further detail.
The people that say the Innocases add too much bulk to the phone do not know what they are talking about. Sure, it makes it a little bigger, but not by much. The plastic of the case is MAYBE 1mm thick. I actually prefer holding my Tour in one of the Innocases as opposed to naked because they provide a better grip on the phone.


The keyboard on the 360 case is usually the biggest point of debate among Blackberry owners. Well, I really liked using the keyboard on the 360 case! It was made of rubber and fit over the keys perfectly. It actually made typing EASIER on the Tour, what with its plastic keys and all. The rubber on the keyboard makes it easier to grip the keys therefore making it easier to type!

Innocase 360

The keyboard on the 360 case does not hinder at all...well, for the most part. The one thing that I did not find 100% satisfactory with the keyboard is the fact that it does not allow the keys to light up to their full potential. This is only minor because you can still see them, just not as easily as if the cover was off. I guess Seidio did the best they could with it though, I mean, they did get some light through! Check out the picture comparison below:

Innocase 360

Innocase 360

Screen Protector:

The Innocase 360 comes with a plastic screen protector built-in. This is a very nice features because, again, you have FULL protection for you Tour! The plastic cover did not hinder the look of the screen at all. I really loved having the extra protection on my screen, not having to worry about putting my Tour in my pocket with some coins. At first there was a few bubbles on the screen but that is apparently normal, as the instructions say. After a day they all went away and never came back, even when I took the case off at night.

One of the qualms people have had with the Innocase 360 is that it does not fit into the charging cradle for the Tour...but come on, people, NO CASE fits into the charging cradle. A skin, a hard case, a feather case, whatever (even some of those Phantom Skin/BSE skins are a tight fit!) you have, you're going to have to take it off to charge it in the charging cradle/pod. On a side note, I have been informed that Seidio is going to be releasing a charging cradle for use with the Tour WHILE the Innocase is still on it...they have one like that for the Storm, 8900, etc. Another qualm they have is that the speaker is partly covered by the case. It technically is, but I did not hear any difference with my speakerphone. I really do not think that is a negative aspect at all.

Swivel Holster:

The Innocase Swivel Holster for the Tour is just like all of the swivel holsters Seidio makes...amazing! I have used many Seidio holsters and this one is probably the best because of the new locking mechanism on it, which can be seen in the pictures. When you want it to be locked, just slide the little clip at the top up and it WILL NOT open. It is a little tougher to lock, but I think this is a good thing so that it does not lock by mistake. It is easier to unlock but no to the point where it will unlock by me, this thing will not unlock unless you want it to!

Innocase 360

Innocase 360

The holster is a screen-facing-in type which means the screen will be protected when it is on your hip. There is a nice felt that lines the inside and for the people that think it rips and fades over time, you're wrong. I had an Innocase clip for my old 8330 which my brother is now using and it still looks good. Nothing has ripped; maybe there is a little fade on the edges.

Innocase 360

I have had that holster for a year and a half and it still clicks the phone into place as well as it did on day one and I do not see how the Innocase Swivel Holster for the Tour will be any different!



I recommend the Innocase 360 for anyone who needs all-around protection for their Tour. It really does provide amazing protection; I felt totally safe bringing my Tour to a club, a bar, a party, the store, the gym (everywhere) when it was in the Innocase 360. However, it does take away from the beauty that is the Tour, which is why I probably will only use it when I think I will be getting a little rough. When I am not, I will be using the Innocase II case, because that provides great protection, as well. I plan on going camping in a few weeks and am totally going to bring the Innocase 360 for that weekend. I am happy to have both and will definitely be using both. You really cannot go wrong with a case from Seidio.

The Seidio Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Tour is available for $35.95 from

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Seidio Innocase 360 for the Blackberry Tour Review


Great review Stang! Just a heads up: Tomorrow I will have the first EVER review of the Tour-exclusive Innocase Snap and Innocase Hybrid. Check out the 9630 board tomorrow. Hopefully my review will be promoted to the frontpage as well!

Great review!

I haven't even recieved my Innocase 2 yet and I am all ready planning to return it for the 360 due to mostly positive reviews like yours. I would keep the Innocase 2 but the Otter Box Commuter is now available so I will be getting that as well. Might not protect the screen and keyboard but if it drops I can't imagine anything protecting it better with as little bulk as the Commuter adds.

For me it's the screen protector that makes the 360 worth it. Best case I ever had was the Body Glove snap case for my Curve and this seems to be the closest thing to that case available for the Tour. Body Glove makes one for the Tour but no screen protection.

Thanks again for the review. Glad to hear that you got used to the trackball with the case. That was the one thing I was worried about most.

Nice review I have the case mate silicone case for the storm that is exactly like this it covers the whole phone and like it it takes some getting used to to hit the corners of the screen

Its a nice case but none the less nice review and keep it up good job. I like how there are pictures included

Great review! I really like my Innocase 360. I agree that they keyboard protector has actually improved my typing speed.

Nice job on the review and good pictures also. My wife and I both got the innocase 360 for our 8330s and at first we loved them, but not so much anymore. Just a couple days on use and my wifes pink case started turning dark around the edges. Then the key cover started to pop up and the black started to peel around the t, y and trackball area. I had to email Seidio three times to get a replacement. I was surprised that when I did receive a replacement it was sent overnight with no instructions to send back the defective unit. But sadly just a couple days of use and the back started getting dark again. She doesnt even use the case anymore. My case on the other hand has been great except for the fact I cannot get the bubbles to go away. I emailed Seidio about it and they said someone would contact me about it but no one ever did. So i have to squeeze the sides from time to time to get the bubbles to go away but they come right back. I have given up and just deal with the bubbles. Another minor thing that is probably just me being picky is the blackberry button cover only has a single dot and not the multiple dots like the blackberry logo which I am sure is a trademark issue.

I have owned one since the Innocase 360 was released and I LOVE IT. It doesn't add much bulk. It isn't any different then those nasty gel skins!

Keyboard protector makes typing easier & faster IMO.

Screen guard adds extra protection & doesn't distort viewing!

I recommend highly!!!

I hate scratches, bumps or bruises on my gadgets!

Really good review! I've had one on my 8350i for awhile now and like the screen and keyboard protection, but I'm on my second holster and should replace my second one already. Both mine have cracked on the bottom part, almost in the middle, not sure if this is a week spot or what happens.

I saw the photo and thought it must be some kind of piece on a retro phone from the 90's. This has sucked all the cool out of your phone. Take it off now.

I got this case as soon as it was available and have been using it for the past two weeks. Unfortunately, earlier this week the clip that holds the phone in broke off. I have no idea why. The clip itself was fine, but the plastic snapped on the two ends. I'm put in for an RMA but I have not heard back from Seidio yet (the email I got said I would hear something in 1-2 days and it's been 3 so far).

This is the first 360 case I've had but I've used a Seidio holster for over 2 years now and never had one break.

I have no idea if it was just a defect with this one or not but just an FYI.

P.S. - I use the phone a lot but I'm not rough with my phone/holster so it certainly shouldn't be from abuse, particularly since I only had it two weeks.


I have been a faithful Seidio customer for years, but they dropped the ball on this case.

I purchased the Innocase 360 for my BB Bold 9000.

After just a few days, I noticed that the keyboard keys had begun to bow out, almost like the case had been inflated with air. This made it very difficult to use the keyboard, so for me, that made the case unusable and just about worthless.

Secondly, I found that whatever the material they used for the screen protector, it began to exhibit little spots all over it, even though I never touched the screen protector or tried to clean it.

The company offered me an RMA, but really, I don't see how getting a replacement is going to solve these issues, unless somehow this was a defective unit.

Again, I have been using their cases for years, this is the first product where I've had problems, but these are big issues and if the replacement case doesn't work out, I won't be going back.

Overall its a great case and it did* protect my phone (BB 8900) from abrasions. The cover overall is water resistant, some mild coffee and water spilling on it can easily be clean off. And the case was very slim and lean in comparison with my old Otterbox case for 8910.

However, I'm not sure if its the type of work I do or how physical I am with my phone. I know I tend to be a bit more rough and aggressive than most phone users. (And not to mention that I sometime drop my phone a lot). So I needed a case that could withstand my abuse.

The case did just that, however I did manage to break the hinges within 3-4 months on the top right corner. This made the useless and kept falling a part. The keys begin to warp (in two places) and lose their shape after 2 months. I'm not exactly sure what caused this, perhaps the excessive heat from the environment, prolong use, or accidentally placing my phone near a hot surface. So the keys were a little hard to type on after that. Another issue with the key pad was the thin film covering the keys began to separate and the more I used my phone, the more it lifted of the surface of the keys. This made it visually unpleasing but did not affect the phone use in anyway. The only other thing I did not like though was that the case did not have any type of felt so there was hard plastic constantly rubbing against your phone on the inside.

So after all those mishaps, I still would get this case again only if the price wasn't so high.

I pre-ordered this case, and was very eager for it to arrive. I'd had the Seidio Innocase for my Curve, and decided to try the 360 for my new Tour. The first case developed both the screen protector spotting and the bowed out keypad cover that 'divinicus' described. Three weeks after my initial replacement request, I got an RMA. (Waiting three weeks for the replacement of the defective product was too long, IMO.) Adding insult to injury, after about 10 days of use, the *replacement* case now has a spotted screen and the keypad cover is beginning to bow out. I'm only allowing two strikes on this product. Hopefully, Seidio will give me my money back, and I'll buy an Innocase/Holster combo instead, or will just go elsewhere with my business if they give me hard time.