Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 Review

Seidio Innocell Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Curve 8900
By c_86 on 10 Mar 2009 05:18 pm EDT

A Hands-On Review of the Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Battery for the Curve 8900

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Today I wanted to post a review about a wonderful product by Seidio. Today I will be reviewing the 8900 Extended Battery and back cover. Let's see where to get started... Boy there is so much to this review its hard to decide where to begin!

Let's start off with the device in its regular form. You can see my 8900 in the picture below untouched and gorgeous!  

Seidio Extended

Below you can now see the battery in its natural area of the phone. Nice looking, isn't she?

Seidio Extended

Here's another look of it from a shot that's further away... 

Seidio Extended

Now as you will already know, since this is an extended battery, it will add some weight and thickness to the device. Below is a picture of the battery in the phone showing it without the cover on it. As you can see from the picture it does about 2-3mm thickness to the device. More on the feel and weight in a bit... 

Seidio Extended

Now on to what most people want to know about a product like this, how does it feel... The below statements are my opinion... Weight, it doesn't add that much to the device at all... Before I put it all together I was thinking to myself, boy this is going to be one heavy device, but that's not the case at all. With the phone in its OEM state I think its a little too light. With this battery I think it adds a good amount of weight to the device. The phone feels just right now in my hands. Now I can actually feel the device in my hands...

Now the feel of the rubberized battery cover. As most people already know that have a similar battery cover know, it feels good. With the OEM battery cover the device feels slippery, I always had to have a rubber skin on my device to make it feel like it wont go flying out of my hands like a wet bar of soap. This battery covers makes the device feel good. Doesn't feel slippery in any way, which should give you some peace of mind.

The back cover doesn't cover the camera at all, and doesn't block any of the flash or imagine when taking a picture... Same goes with the charging contacts. The cover leaves these free to use an OEM docking charger without any issues at all. As you will see in the pictures below the battery covers fits likes a glove on the phone, no bulging, no seam issues, everything is perfect on it.

Seidio Extended
View from Top

Seidio Extended
View from Bottom

Seidio Extended

Seidio Extended

Seidio Extended

 Seidio Extended

Now from the pictures, it looks like the battery and cover adds quite a bit of thickness to the device, but believe me its not that much... Remember the camera adds 10 lbs!! LOL

Lets get on the most important part of a product like this, performance and battery life...

Normally on the OEM battery, sending about 75 emails, 8 ~30 minute conversations on voice, countless BlackBerry Messenger conversations, countless MSN messages, 300+ SMS, about 2 hours worth of browsing, WiFi off and BT off while at work, Viigo updating every 30 mins, same with the Weather network app, and I don't know how many other apps I have that constantly connect to the internet to get updates every once and a while. When I get home WiFi is on for about 8 hours before heading to bed and plugging her in (all this using the latest OS build). Now normally on a regular day like above, I would be plugging her in with about 30% left on the OEM battery. Doing the same with the extended battery, I plugged her in at about 70%... Now that is awesome! I may only need to charge once every 3 days now! WooHoo!!

Here's another example of how good I found this battery to be. Normally on the OEM battery when I go out of town to a smaller town to visit the in-laws, the device is constantly searching for signal as there is no service out there. On a average day being out there for 12 hours, my battery is done (with 5-10% left)... The constant load of searching for signal is tough on the battery and drains it. Last night I was again out of the area and signal range, so my device was always searching for something... When I went to see what my battery life was at, it was sitting at a nice 60%... Now that is amazing in my opinion.

I am having a very hard time finding any flaws at all with this battery and cover, really... I cant think of anything to say that would knock it. I guess the only thing I could really knock about it, is that with this extended battery there is no way to put on a protective skin or cover on the device. I personally like to have a rubber skin on my device, just for that extra protection, but you cannot with this extended batter and cover. But I don't know if i can really fault this with that.

Seidio out did themselves with this! I hope everyone has enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it and filling everyone in about it. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and I will be more then willing to answer them for you.

Reader comments

Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 Review


But I don't care for the extended batteries. To bad they can't cram all the extra juice into the size of a standard battery but then I suppose they wouldn't make any money..


nice review was thinking in getting this and still on the fence only because im debating on whether or not to get the spring clip holster and a innnocase or the battery and holster decisions decisions hmmmm......

Reminds me of the old days with my Motorola StarTac and the big fat battery. I wouldn't buy this under any circumstances. If I needed more power I'd buy a second D-X1 and the slick mini battery charger that RIM makes. My likey a thin 8900!

Very nice review!

However, I would never get the extended battery. If you can do ALL THAT in a workday without charging at all, why on Earth do you need an extended battery??

If I did that with my Storm ... I'd be charging 3 times a day!

Hey Guys

Just wanted to let you know about why i would get this, on top of my review lol

i know most people are always near an outlet, or a laptop to be able to charge there device. I for one am not, i'm always on the go, in and out of meetings, conference calls, on the road, walking the floor, etc etc so i dont have time to leave my device somewhere to charge or am at one spot long enough to leave it.

Also at times i go to the girlfriends house and i never bring my charger (i know i would leave it somewhere and lose it) so this is a HUGE help... lets me be on the go all day without having to worry about my battery life and lets me sleep in peace at the girlfriends place knowing that i will wake up the next day and still have enough juice to do it all over again and again at night...

This extended Battery is usefull for real hardcore users who work fulltime with their BlackBerry, but not for normal users.

Accept that guys :)

I find that all i do is charge the batt for the 8330 which wears down in no time flat. D o you know if this will fit the Curve 8330?

Yes, Seidio makes the 2600mah battery and back cover for the 8330. I have 2 of them and a generic desktop battery charger, so I just swap them out when it's time to charge.