Seidio accessories keep your smartphone protected, and keep you going!

BIG Thanks to Seidio for sponsoring our #CESlive coverage at CES 2014!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jan 2014 01:20 pm EST

CES 2014 has come to an end, as has our #CESlive coverage for the year. It was an amazing week (and a busy one to boot!), with 70 guests taking to our stage over four days.

One of our big sponsors for the year was Seidio, a company we were extremely excited to have come onboard. Like Mobile Nations, Seidio has been around since the beginning of the smartphone era, going back to 2002. Over the years they've always made a great selection of cases, charging docks and extended batteries for popular smartphones on all platforms.

Be sure to hit up the video above for a video walkthrough of Seidio's booth at CES 2014. Derek from Seidio walks us through some of the different products they had on display, including the new OBEX case which is tough and waterproof yet great for everyday use. 

For more info and to buy, you can visit, or view our selection of Seidio accessories at

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Seidio accessories keep your smartphone protected, and keep you going!


I see the problem, I had the Z30 selected as my phone and only the charge vault came up when I clicked the link. If I pick Q10, I get the Q10 accessories.

Any idea if they will be making the waterproof cases for the Z30 and Z10?

Exactly. Kevin seems to suffer from short memory. There is very little for Z30. Yes I'm pissed that the best BlackBerry phone gets little attention.

Posted via CB10

For Canada store? There's typically free shipping if you spend a certain threshold. Last time I ordered it was free shipping with min $50 purchase.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Yeah, you should automatically get redirected to the Canada store. If not, go to Free shipping on orders over $50, and cheap otherwise (ships from Canada, so no duties)

Hey Kevin read my post under popular in the forum.

Blackberry should buy Swiftkey keyboard and license the tech back to others. Talk to Chen about this!

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I've abandoned Seidio when they STILL haven't decided to make their line of cases for the Z30. I've got my Otterbox Defender for use in Emergency Services and an Otterbox Commuter in Glacier white on order. Now if we could just get Otterbox to make a belt clip for the Commuter it would be perfect.

I think Seidio missed the boat with the Z30, Ya snooze, ya loose!

Been waiting a couple of months for them to come out with cases for Z30!!! When's it going to happen?
Is it going to happen??

I absolutely love the Seidio spring clips. I have bought 6 of them over the last 3 years. Unfortunately, as mentioned, no Z30 products. Tell them Kevin, if they make it, we'll buy it!

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I would also be interested in an OBEX case for the Z30. I plan on upgrading very soon.

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I just thinking the same thing watching that entire video.

The guy was like oh ya we have BlackBerry cases to if you still have those old things! (yes I know I've taken what he said out of context but he might as well have said it that way.)

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When are they going to make cases for the Q10? What about an extended battery for the Q10 as well as a Convert Case for it. All these were made for my old 9930 so what about the Q10?

I like their holsters for quick access, but I've had the clip part break on me 3 times already. They didn't just break from nothing, once I was carrying something and accidentally lowered it onto it, not hard, but hard enough to break the clip. Another time I dropped the holster by accident when I took it off the belt, and the third I forgot the circumstances. They are good quality, but I really hope they could release like a "heavy duty" version with an all metal clip mechanism including the hinge (where it always breaks). I would gladly pay extra for that.

I got a BlackBerry z30 but also a iPhone 5s. They make great things for the iPhone 5s. Hopefully they will for the z30 soon. I am sure they as a partner of CB They will read the comments on here, so please make stuff for the BlackBerry z30. Heck make a case with the CB logo on it and sell it on here. I will buy one or two.

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Where's my Z30 case?

Single-finger-flickin-fun from the BEST damn virtual keyboard in existence...The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody! Running

I wish I get a waterproof and dust proof case for my Z10. IPX certified and everything. I figure it's not profitable ENOUGH for them to do it....

So sad... they have the armor series now the obex....

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Incipio Feather Weight Case & Nite Ize Black Phone Clip attached for the ultimate pocket carrying.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 