Seeing is Believing: The Proof Your BlackBerry Curve Can Record Video (plus a peak around OS v4.3.1)

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2007 08:46 pm EDT

Just incase you're still skeptical that the Camera in your BlackBerry Curve will be able to record video... the following video provides the proof and also takes a quick look around some of the easily noticeable improvements to OS v4.3.1.

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Seeing is Believing: The Proof Your BlackBerry Curve Can Record Video (plus a peak around OS v4.3.1)


Nice review Kevin. I was getting ready to bad mouth you for not having a better theme but after watching more, I understand its the new "L" theme. You got us all itching to get our hands on 4.3 now.

This is great, i am a newbie to BB Curve and have loved it since i got it a few weeks ago, now you guys are telling me that it is only going to get better before the end of the year??!!! You are looking at one guy who is happy he DIDN'T go the iPhone route. :-)

I don't know why you feel better about not getting the can watch youtube videos, watch any video/movie/tv show for that matter, email, text, record video, take great pictures and edit them, etc, etc on the iphone. And when you surf the net, it actually is the net, not some tiny screen version. Everything looks and feels exactly like your laptop/desktop. I wish my job would get me an iphone instead of a blackberry...

actually the opera mini web browser for blackberrys is just as good as the iphone browser. Opera displays the whole page in tiny font and you choose which section you want to zoom in on. And its not a watered down Ive had both. I actually returned my iphone and went back to a blackberry. So with this browser, and now that it will do video, which the iphone cant (not to mention the iphone cant even do normal MMS)I would say blackberry takes the cake between the 2.

i know its a blackberry site and all, but having owned the iphone and the blackberry... i miss the wifi and widescreen of the mac, but the functionality of the BB is unparalleled

cant wait for flash, video, html email, and video though


if they'll ever let it go

Kevin, you are the man! I cant wait for this OS to get released. my mouth is watering right now! C'mon Tmobile get on the ball and release it already..i want to start video recording and editing my word docs lol.

Very cool. I am amazed at how fast your browser is. On my wife's Curve and my 8800, browser takes much longer to initialize, and the download is much slower, even when bars are full.

Hey Kevin,

This is simply fantastic!! Since I didn't go on the internet during the last two days, what terrific news to come back to.

As you said, "this is so cool."

RIM is really rocking!

Keep up the great reporting.

- CB

Thanks for sharing this with us. It looks great, I am not very thrilled about Video Recording, it is OK, but I love the home view changes, and I hope that a few things in addressbook have been updated, such as looking up contacts as you type. Windows Mobile has always been superior in contact management, and I hope BB catches up to that. Otherwise, I LOVE that it now enables you to open documents directly from the menu. This is great, I have been asking about this for a long time and it is there now! :)

OH AND your Curve is incredibly fast. Why? Is it just so fresh that you just updgraded and have no software installed? My curve just keeps waiting sometimes, for no reason, yours is incredibly FAST! Not just BROWSER.. I am talking about overall.

Yayyyy! This is one of the reasons I was kind of sceptical about buying the curve! Now I dont have to be! Yeayaaaaaaaa!

I just wanna know how long you can record for, in the video it looked like the limit was 33 seconds

Hi, couldn't find a website to download the latest version of Blackberry handheld OS v4.3.1. Your feedback would be appriecated! Thank you

Do we have an expected release date? Now that its the new year, and its not available yet? hoping this month...



You will know when OS 4.3.1 has arrived. It will be on blogs all over the Blackberry Internet as well as on's site. Flash Player is possible for the Curve in the near future or some other way Blackberry decides to do it. When Blackberry sees everyone on the Net talking about wanting to view videos on You-Tube and many other locations they will certainly start working on it. It may be awhile though. Then you will have video clip recordings as well as pics and some version of Flash Player for viewing videos on all the known site.

Hope this helps you, John K.

The new OS 4.3.1 for the Curve is not released yet, I'm not sure when it will be released (I'm assuming sometime in the first quarter of 2008) so could be in next 30 days or after, but you will get this update.

For youtube videos (given you have a data plan) just go to on your Blackberry and search youtube, it will automatically detect your on a mobile device and offer you content for your phone. A warning will pop up recommending you have an unlimited data plan. Since youtube is very data intensive for downloading video.

so wheres this great upgrade? I guess we can't hold our breath. I'm thinking of getting the new hp phone.

Does anyone know if the new upgrade will include FULL SCREEN picture ID instead of the ridiculous thumbnail image?

I've just got a new 8310 Curve (AT&T) and saw the video and downloaded the 4.3 desk top software to my laptop.

How can I get it sync'd to my device? I went thru the syncing, etc. but in the "about" are of option it's still indicating that I have the 4.2.2 version of the OS.

Any help on this is appreciated!!

I'm having the same problem i downloaded the 4.3 version as well but it doesnt give me the video feature on my phone. please help !!

I want to get my hands on the Beta version, does anyone know where I can get it? Do i have to become a RIM partner? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Is it at all possible for a phone company to rollout upgrades to phones to support 3g? Its faster then edge right?

Ok, it's now way past the end of 2007 (someone said this OS would be available before the end of the year). Where is this new OS??? And why doesn't T-Mobile yet have 3G as promised (in 2007, also late)....and why can't we stream any videos? Those of us with the new Curve can't even use the new "Videostreams for Blackberry" that was released because it's only for the Pearl. I can't even listen to audio books with Audible because they don't support the Curve. This Curve is nothing more than a glorified BLAH PDA.

Please tell me good news :) :), What about Pearl 8100. ALso where to get the beat for or latest OS for pearl 8100

Much appreciated

When is this version going to be available for purchase. I just purchased my Blackberry Curve 8310 this week and would like to purchase the software so that I can record video asap. Please let me know when it is available or if it has become available as yet. Thank you.

I have to second that one regardin what was said about the features the iphone lacks, one other feature the iphone lacks is the inability to use the song downloaded from (itunes only by the way) as ringtone where as the curve can be downloaded from any pc and the full song is able to play ur next rington. I am a retention specialist for T-Mobile and after pointing out features the bb curve has over the iphone then lettin them know how much the iphone is over the bb curve, they turn curvy on the iphone.

It all depends on what the user is looking for. I have both the Iphone (unlocked) and the BB Curve and I would not use anymore the Iphone because the BB is ment for work, not for playing around. I you only need internet and play music then get the Iphone. But if you need it for hard work, get the BB. Trust me.

yes i can be able to find that file to up date my BB to OS verison 4.3.1 so i can enable the camera as now also a video camera etc...

i would like if you can post it please the link where i can down load it ...

I have the OS 4.5v update message me "OS 4.5 please" and i'll send it to you!!
PIN: 24439E54

So, I just recieved my Blackberry 8310 Curve today in the mail! So please if and whenever you can, send me the application, I will be greatly appreciated if you do! My email is:!!! I just really want to be able to record videos of my kids from my phone and record songs so I can use it as a ringtone. Please and thank you [: <333

Can you send me info. where to find the new upgrade? I would appreciate it so much. I have a 8310 curve. I want to record and watch utube..Thanks in advance!


I live in NW Arkansas and I'm on ATT as of now but I went and looked at Verizon and Sprint today and Both of their Curves were on the new OS. Browser's got a mouse pointer but I think you can disable it, video recording, and some other extras, I'm gonna switch to one of the two carriers soon. But I checked out ATT & BB's website and neither one had the upgrade for the curve...

I've searched high and low for this OS (I purchased my 8320 BB from Tmobile), can anyone PLEASE send me the software to My 7 month old son will greatly appreciate is mom recording his first words :)


I recently upgraded to 4.5 I have a bb 8310 un locked, I have to mobile and everything works fine except for the streaming. I go to youtube and click watch video, it opens the media player but doesn't play the video. Why is this? Can I do anything to fix it?

thanks for the os that allows the blackbery curve 8320 to capture video.

I have downloaded and i am trying it out .

i will let you know if it works.

So whats the verdict? I too have a T-Mobile Curve 8320 and am waiting for the new OS. T-Mobile site doesn't have the new OS.

I had a viedo camara on my 8330 when I got it in March, it was stolen, I just got another one, but it is an 8310, it doesn't take video, will this model be able to take videos as well? I can get any phone I want, but a friend of mine has an I phone, and his the touch screen has to be tapped several times, it doesn't read being tapped too often, I would rather have the buttons...

hey i tried downloading the os 4.3.1 and it didnt work for me . it deleted my all my blackberry programs and i had to start all over. no contacts no nothing my phon ewould even turn on . can someone email me the program their using if its working for their 8320 cuz i dont know what i did wrong

I have updated my blackberry 8310 to version 4.5 but how come i am not able to get the word and power point application?

So I did it all. But the desktop version to upgrade to And does anyone have the instructions for upgrading the OS on the actual DEVICE (PHONE)?? Thanks!


Please send me the video recording feature for the bbcurve 8310. When I first bought the phone I truly thought it had this feature and was surprised that it didn't. Thanks!

I just got my first BB (curve 8310 from ATT). Like so many above, I was SHOCKED that I couldn't record video. That's why I was paying for data on my old slider upload video of the kids. My BB came with v4.2. Please help me get the OS updated. I am clueless here.

I have a BB curve 8310 with OS all you have to make sure you Desktop manager software available from this website-- Install the software and then connect your BB ,go to this link - for the middle box and choose (Update your blackberry device software online), You will be taken to the (check for Update)page and click on the Icon and the application loader will open up on your desktop manager and then it will scan your BB to check your OS and update as needed