Screen getting too much glare? We put the Tru Protection anti-glare screen protectors to the test!

By DJ Reyes on 5 Aug 2014 10:40 am EDT

I used to use screen protectors on all my BlackBerry devices but lately I haven't bothered. Though, when I got my BlackBerry Z30, I did keep the screen protector that was already on the screen but that scratched quite easily and I eventually removed but after a month or so. I didn't replace it either. I have recently come across the Tru Protection Anti-Glare Film Set and thought I'd check it out to see how anti-glare it really is.

Inside the packaging you get two screen protectors and a cleaning cloth. No squeegee but you really don't need one, this is one of the most easiest screen protectors I've ever applied onto a device. It doesn't have two layers to peel off like you normally do, mainly because you have that anti-glare layer on the front. It was just a case of peeling off the back of the screen protector, aligning it neatly on your device screen and it then just fell into place. All I needed to do was just smooth it over with a cleaning cloth.

You can watch the video to see a comparison of just how anti-glare the screen protector is. It was actually clearer than it looks in the video and photos with the screen protector on. But you can see a noticeable different regardless.

The screen protector has a high-gloss crystal finish, as described in ShopCrackBerry. It's a very smooth finish and doesn't hinder use of the touchscreen which I often find is the case with your regular screen protector that come with some cases. There's always a bit of friction but I didn't get that with this Tru Protection one. As well as being anti-glare it is anti-fingerprint too, which is a bonus. My only gripe - a very small gripe - is that it's a bit grainy to look at especially when viewing something with a white background but for me it's a small thing.

The Good
  • Easy to apply
  • High quality PET Film
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-fingerprint and smudge
  • Smooth high-gloss finish
The Bad
  • A bit grainy to look at on white backgrounds
The bottomline

If you're finding your screen to be a little unreadable in sunlight, I highly recommend the Tru Protection Anti-Glare Screen Film. There's a big difference and because of that high-gloss crystal finish, it doesn't effect the responsiveness of the screen. Your thumb glides along very smoothly. It's really quick and easy to apply due to its static cling adhesive. Just align it and let it stick. If you don't mind that it looks a little grainy sometimes, it's definitely worth your while.

Purchase the Tru Protection Anti-Glare Film Set from ShopCrackBerry

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Screen getting too much glare? We put the Tru Protection anti-glare screen protectors to the test!


Was looking for this or a tempered glass for my Z30...
Still haven't make up my mind yet...

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I vote for DJ for "Editor in Chief" since Blaize is only interim.

Let's stop the "War on Women" at Crackberry and get this done asap.

Nice review, DJ, and I believe the word that you were looking for is "tacky".

Looking forward to your Passport review.

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Blaize....just trying to be "PC"....i mean the girl is obviously working her fingers to the bone - as indicated by the bandage on her finger..

Alright how about you and DJ as "Co Editors in Chief"?

It worked so well with Jim and Mike as "Co CEOs"....

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As long as we don't see Cage Michaels running around in his lululemons - I don't care who the EIO is...

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So, I've used glossy finish, anti-glare, and tempered glass. Here is what I've found:

Gloss: very clear and sharp, but scratches are noticed more easily

Anti-glare: great for outdoors, but at a sacrifice of sharpness, scratches are often not noticed as much

Tempered glass: like the gloss finish, but better since scratches are far less likely

I used to use the glossy protector but opted later for an anti-glare one which I loved. Then I really started noticing the graininess that was mentioned in the article. After looking at my fiancé's phone which has the gloss finish, I couldn't stand it and wanted to go back. I much preferred the clarity over the anti-glare. When I stumbled upon the tempered glass protector I gave it a go and haven't looked back. It's clear and I don't have a single scratch yet. The biggest culprit of scratches aren't drops or bumps either. It's my nails and the tempered glass holds up to my nail scratching much better than the plastic stuff ever could.

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Ebay is where I got my "shock absorbing" screen protector for the Z30. $6.99 for a four pack. Works very well...although it doesn't cover the entire screen like the tempered glass for the Q10, or Z10.

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I found a screen protector for the Z30 that is very similar to tempered glass. It works very well too. I had tempered glass for my Q10 and I loved it.

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I have the anti-glare on my Q10 since day 1 and really love how my thumb glides on the screen. Love the experience.

Hi, thanks for the review. A couple of questions : is it a matte finish, or a high gloss finish? By definition those are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but it has been described as both. Also, did you notice if the anti-glare protector has any impact on screen visibility in normal light, ie does it look dimmer? Thanks! (I apologise if the latter was answered in the video, I'm not able to view it presently due to shaky service.)

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The description is high-gloss and really it is. I used the word 'matte' in the video but it's high gloss. I adjust the wording.

There is no affect on screen visibility in normal light, I'm really happy with my overall experience with it.

Im using a skinomi for my Z30..its pretty good and not that much friction..however its not anti-glare, or anti-fingerprint.. what I do like about though, and thats a downside for some people, is its thickness which adds some needed protection on my screen..

How thick is it really a screen "protector" or just an anti-....... plastic film..

Blaaaaaaaack..wait for it..berry.. BLACKBERRY..!!

Casp...I agree, I used to have the full Skinomi case and screen protector on my Torch 9800. Great screen protector if you get it on right.

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OK you talked me into it... My Z10 gets really oily too but my wifes is always fine. I'll see if this helps. I usually don't like screen protectors but I'll take it at 25% off :)

Yeah those tempered glass ones are the best... and it's worth it to buy the rounded edge ones. I love my glass screen on my q10. I have used every type of film etc. Under the sun and the glass is the best.

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I tried that anti glare from tru protection and it's too grainy for me. I prefer living with the glare

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Watch the video to see how quickly it sticks on and yes, there's a Z30 version too :)

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Ha! Why can't anyone just makes a built in screen like that??

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1st of all NOT in Canada yet, you did not mention that. 2nd from USA site is there but Not for my Z10, what's the point?

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Not quite sure what camp I'm in.

Left the original out-of-the-box one on the Q10 for a few months until it became unsightly, then used a matte anti-glare one, which looked kinda classy (matte laptop screens look classy, I think, glossy looks cheap), but then changed to a glossy one and I'm enjoying the clarity. Looks like the oleophobic coating is wearing off slowly, it seems to get more and more oily.

Haven't tried those tempered glass ones yet. They are dearer, aren't they?

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I use Bodyguardz. They make a clear one and a anti glare for the Z10. I prefer the anti glare. Goes on very easy, looks and feels good. A little less protection then the clear one. As they are thinner. Also with the advantage program you get two for about $5. Can't beat that!

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Normal every time I think I would purchase something featured here its not available in Canada. Didn't think Americans even used BlackBerry.

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Thanks for starting out by admitting you initially, "Did keep the screen protector that was already on the screen." I think that's something most of us do & it's a great jumping off point to what adding a quality screen protector brings to your display game.

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A great alternative is the Ghost Armour matte screen protector for the z30. I have it now used under an Otterbox Defender case and there are no issues whatsoever. I used it before getting the Otterbox alone and its great for preventing fingerprints and the oily screen. You can find them in major cities in Canada in a mall usually, check their website.

They need to build this into the glass/screen. My 9780 was perfectly readable in sunlight.

I hate protectors, I hate cases and have to put up with both on the z10.

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DJ, just tried to order one for my Z30 via the link but it says this item doesn't work on the Z30.
Has anyone fitted one yet?

I recently started using these on my Z30, and I've found fingerprints on them to be incredibly prominent, far more so than without a screen protector. It's incredibly irritating, because noticeable marks are left whenever I exit an application. Aside from that, although I have gotten used to it, the screen doesn't look very sharp with it on. I've yet to try the OEM one, so maybe I'll try that.

This type of the screen protector is gonna go bad very quickly if you use the phone a lots in the dirty condition. Your screen is going to look yellow soon due to the color change of the screen protector. If you don't really need an anti glare really much, just go for a regular screen protector.

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Must have for the Q10. You're always get that grainy look with these types of screen protectors due to the material.

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