See BlackBerry 10 and Win wrap-up

By Michelle Haag on 13 Apr 2013 05:10 pm EDT

Last summer Kevin was going a little crazy waiting for BlackBerry 10, and he started seeing 10s everywhere he looked. Of course, he turned it into a contest, asking our readers to send in photos of their "BlackBerry 10" sightings for a chance at winning some fun prizes. We let the contest run for many months, since it seemed appropriate to wait for the US to see BlackBerry 10 devices launch, and now that the majority of those carriers have caught up, it's time to pick some winners.

There were a ton of great pictures emailed in and left in the forums, but we've picked 10 (of course) that you can check out in the gallery above. If you see your picture, watch your email as we'll be in touch in the next couple of days to get your prize sent out. Thanks to everyone that played along! You can check out more photos in the forums at the link below.

Share your "BlackBerry 10" Photos Game

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See BlackBerry 10 and Win wrap-up


Wow! I had actually forgotten about this one. When I saw the photo as the thumbnail on a Google+ link, I was quite surprised! :)

....and 10th (!)

Lol, I recognize the location of the second last picture, it's in DDO (giveaways are the street name and Bar-B-Barn in the background).

Who took the one in the ball park ? that's my favorite, to me is the most spontaneous, and since i personally met Encarnacion at a party, he's Dominican like me !!

another vote to the one with the playbook and the front lights !

Congrats to the winners.

21st !! If you get mad of people writing "first" in the first comment then you don't know how the internet works. It's the same being the first one to actually commment. You want every one to know you commented and to read your painfully written half witty comment.

Don't post or read comments if seeing a "first" upsets you. Either grow up or shut up.

awesome!!! buT OMG!!! how did they get BB10 on that Torch!!! (sarcasm) oh how i wish that was possible!!