Send emergency alerts to your loved ones with Secure ME

By Alicia Erlich on 5 May 2014 05:09 am EDT

No matter where you may be, whether it be in the car, walking down the street, or even at home emergencies can happen anytime. There are times work requires me to stay late and as my commute is not a short one, getting home safe is important. Ajani InfoTech realizes the importance of such endeavors and that is why they released an application that sends distress text messages with your location to your designated emergency contacts.

The application is GPS based and utilizes Google Maps to lead your emergency contacts directly to your location. It presents an easy way with which to create your list and several individuals may be added. In the field provided, users can write their own emergency message that is sent to friends, family members, or whomever is specified in the application. This message is sent directly from the application and leaves no trace on your device.

Sending an alert can happen two ways. The first is by tapping the Secure Me button on the main page. As the application is headless the other way to send a distress notification is with a long press of the Volume Up key. A message is then sent with a link of your approximate location which can be received and opened by any device on any platform.

While geared specifically for women, I find it can be useful to anyone. It is free, has a small footprint, supports BlackBerry 10, and is ready to go at a moments notice. While this does not prevent the event from happening, it is just one of many tools available for people to alert family or the authorities when in need of help. Of course, in whatever situation you find yourself in you should always program your ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers in your contacts list.

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Send emergency alerts to your loved ones with Secure ME


A bit sexist this one it could have been a app for all genders think of some one hiking or someone in a new town or someone dog walking shame on developer

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The article's author clearly states "While geared specifically for women, I find it can be useful to anyone." How is the app or author sexist?

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Here in North Queensland, in the beautiful beach town of Mission Beach, a young lady was murdered a short while ago by some dude for no apparent reason.

A quick grab for the phone and a long press could have saved her life. I bought some land there just now, and I am disgusted together with the rest of the community. It was the most peaceful place, just a bunch of easygoing, laid back normal blokes, gals, some hippies, greenies, backpackers in the most chilled out spot. That peace has now been disturbed, if not destroyed by a single sick act.,_Queensland

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

CB app, usual thing:
Tap on the link and paste into browser, removing "rel=nofollow" at the end....

I lived in Mission Beach years ago, and I'm gonna live there again. Beautiful tropical beach town. Hope we find peace again, and this dude gets locked up, comes to his senses...

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Programming 911 and any other first-responder numbers into your phone greatly increases the odds of pocket dialing those emergency services.

These calls take up enormously huge amounts of time and resources to clear, as the call taker is unable to tell if you are absent minded or in distress. They must follow up on these.

This obviously takes anyway precious human resources from focusing on real emergencies that are happening, or tying up phone lines and delaying responses for those in real need. Not to mention, huge added mental stress for the individuals trying to sift through and respond to those calls. They are people, too.

No one should ever pre-program emergency service numbers into a speed dial FULLSROP

This why they are typically 3 digits in most countries.

This should be common knowledge, feel free to contact your local emergency communications center to enlighten yourself on how they feel about it.

I don't mean to be harsh. But it is blatantly irresponsible to advise people to do this. It propagates a culture of fear. It also could, and probably does, provide people with a false sense of security for those following this advise - potentially putting people in higher risk situations.

Further, there is a dubious nature to the intentions of the advise as those who are delivering it are doing so as an accompaniment to a profitable app.

As a publisher, you should issue an appropriate correction to your article and adjust your marketing to something more socially responsible, which is what this app seems to want to support.

Z30 Fido

I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding the programming of emergency numbers into any phone. In fact the authorities here in Nova Scotia are adamant that this practice should never be used. It can be a large waste of manpower and other resources for a "pocket dialed call" when someone truly in need is left waiting for assistance.

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This is true, i was thinking the same thing. In fact, i don't have anyone on speed dial solely because it would end up dialing those numbers regularly. That was one of the main problems when i 1st got my z10 is that i would constantly find it had dialed out while in my pocket. It didn't take long for me to disable the screen to wake it up and have been using the power button ever since (not to mention it saves on battery life as well)...

As for this app, it's a noble idea but i can see it acting the same way as the accidental pocket dialing... a more convenient way to dial emergency numbers would be to use the voice command...the only advantage i see in this app is the map it sends out as well.

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How many men have you heard about being raped? Could you give me a link to just one story? What is the percentage of men being mugged vs women? No, it is not politically correct. If a women happens to be more concerned for her safety, does that make her sexist? It is a good app.

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Crack berry please help me,my new z10 is having problem with charging. Each time I plug,the phone bar will b showing red bar or indicating that the phone is not charging so what could be the problem cause is barely one week with me

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Wrong place but it means that you are not using a BlackBerry charger

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This app should work with just turning the app on, then transmits all your data ( location, name, phone number, etc. ) to the authorities.

A person will not have time to press or tap out their phone number in the event they are stalked, or kidnapped.

Developer is not thinking things through enough.


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As I see it, you set up the app by typing the message and adding contacts who the message goes to. Then in case of emergency open app tap secure me or if you have 10.2.1+ long press the volume up key to trigger the message.

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And crackberry....why is my old picture of my profile showing? I changed it and my old picture on my profile is still showing after I deleted it completely off of my profile.....does this issue tell me even when my photos are deleted, you still have them? if so, you shouldn't !

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Likely long standing problem with app. The info has changed just not being reflected. I found you have to delete then reinstall the app for it to show the updated info. Nite: you will need to redo your login info after the re-install.

Don Diego endorses the Zed. old profile photo is rill showing. I deleted it from my profile entirely. Why do you still have it showing as my profile pic?

You shouldn't have it, if I deleted it!!!

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Still in the cache, even in my phone. The pic really is "too tight", and you're doing well by changing it.... :-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Part that worries me is the "Long press the volume up" headless feature... How many times have I done that by accident haha. "Oh, sorry I pocket emergency alerted you..."

Well.... where to begin..... (grab popcorn or a sandwitch)

I was responding initially to the terrible advise of pre-programming 911. I think that point went through well enough.

To "ranjanclandad" I'd like to toss you some fodder. I don't event know where to start with that comment. But I'd like to cast a light on Aboriginal people of Canada. There you are sure to find many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of boys and men suffering as the victims of sexual assault and violence of all descriptions. Ranjanclandad, that's your hot potato to grab if you want it (you shouldn't want to, and you shouldn't). Let alone the aboriginal peoples of the Americas and Oceana altogether.

Boys and young men have had a long and disturbing past and present history of being sexually assaulted in organised and authoritative institutions through out. Little baseball, tragic family incest, churches, military and para-military organisations, scouts you name it. Sexual predation unfortunately knows no bounds. And though the app has seemed to sufficiently polarized you (and propetuates the masses), females definitely bear the brunt of this horrible crime, they most definitely do not hold a monopoly, nor should the like-suffering of male victims of sexual and other violence be undermined to prop up the cause of the other. That is a further victimization for those boys and men, and most likely, attitudes such as the one you broadcasted for the world to see are the exact reason why you don't hear about it. Why those boys and men live in fear, shame and silence because they don't want to contend with the likes of you.

Women being concerned for their safety isn't politically incorrect, ranjanclandad, you are. And you're dangerous and damaging.

The second point I danced around with in my initial post, which I will make clear here is, the illusion of safety is more dangerous than the threats that are waiting for you. Even if you were on the phone with an emergency responder at the time you were attacked, the response time would likely not be short enough to help you. Bystanders, your own cunning, and sheer will to survive and fight back are not only your best tools - at that moment, they are your only tools.

I went to see a description of this app to "check" myself before I got stirred up. After seeing it. Now I'm pissed. Because this app unashamedly drives straight to the heart of young women and characterizes your typical Hollywood fear of the stranger in the dark. Utter, dangerous generalization for the purpose of a marketing campaign. Whom the master mind is so graciously thanked right in the credits of the app. Disgusting. Just disgusting.

Try this for politically incorrect. The only thing missing from that app's marketing campaign is a huge scary black man. But I'm sure version 2.0 is hot in development. It's a farce. On the note, I'd like to thank the trolls of this thread for adding just the right amount of pomp and circumstance to the discussion that adds the perfect flavour.

To the author. I don't, and did not intend to out you on blast for any of this. And I hope you don't feel that way. You have a job to do, and you did it fairly well. I just thought the bit about 911 actively went against what my emergency services has spent millions of advertising dollars trying to combat. I still think journalistic professionalism requires a reversal on that part of advise. I don't, and no one else should, directly link you with this app.

Misinformation is more dangerous than information. If you have to think about sending out and SOS before you engage in activity, you're taking your life in your own hands.

No matter who you are, you shouldn't traveling alone at night, through dark alleys, or cutting across the nature reserve to get home faster. Man, woman, grandparent, or child. It's just not smart. Your planning, your voice, your friends, a whistle, and the sheer determination to repel an aggressor is your best tool. You volume button, even if it was connected directly to Seal Team 6, will do nothing for you. Except propetuate a culture of fear, and give you a sense of confidence that goes against your instincts. But more than likely you'll be phoning 911 with your ass so much that to police will track you down and charge you for obstruction. And more than likely, your drink friends (who will inevitably be attached to this app) are much more useless than Seal Team 6.

Terrible app specifically for the way it is marketed. In my mind, ranjanclandad has proved that. Just terrible for so many reasons.

All my relations,

The Chief

Z30 Fido

My phone came with the emergency numbers in memory, or at least I think they are on the sim card. The problem with dialing in your pocket is very present even when your phone is locked with a code.

You can use the emergency button on the unlock screen to call emergency services.

So... should I delete completely the numbers or what ! actually I don't even think that is possible.

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Not sure if it is just me but i recall . Ajani InfoTech being just a guy whose porting a bunch of andriod apps (or maybe im mistaken)

Please allow me to deliver a Rob Ford apology for my speeches.

I do believe in what I said. And I was incensed by the comments made by a particular person. Sexual assault is a very sensitive issue, obviously, and throwing in a general bias is like an emotional multiplier. I was moved to heave without thinking all the way to the end.

The idea of the app isn't a bad one in and of itself. However, I found the marketing and presentation of feature wholey offensive and exploitive. I hold marketing interest with a devil's regard and am personally moved when there is a clear, manipulative tone to it. To me, and I use these examples to highlight that nature, they might as well have marketed the to airline and ferry passengers is case their vessels are disabled. Hijacking a social issue for profit, or proliferation of ill conceived information for notoriety bothers me.

Though this most like wasn't the forum to engage in a social debate.

I'd like to thank the author for making those adjustments with quiet professionalism., if I had seen that leak earlier, this may have all been avoided.

Z30 Fido

Marketing aside, I just tested the app. It does not send the message to the chosen number when I have multiple numbers.

Also, GPS will be on all the time consuming battery when the app is enabled.

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I don't care how "sexist" this app is, I'm using it. I'm a upper middle-aged male, and I live alone in a not so good neighborhood and will feel safer having this app on my phone for home or vehicle use. It's great to have. Thanks for sharing this story about this app. I would have never known.

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There we go. Perfect marketing, perfect purpose.

Like I said good feature (for some situations), terrible packaging.

Z30 Fido

They need to ditch the girly graphic, and cater to masses. This would be great for my kids, but try to get a teenaged boy to use this pink-app.

Just sayin'.

Long press my a**! Was testing the app and pressed the vol up in normal way - not long at all. The message was sent to my wife. Have to be very careful!

ZZwiped up on my Z10!

Programming ICE in your contact list is useless for anyone with a password on their phone.

Instead, I have a message on the lock screen, that says "in case you found this or emergencies, please call [my boyfriend's telephone number]".

Works much better.

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Sounds like a really useful app. Might have to give it a try.

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