A Secret Agent from RIM

By Tom Kaminski on 29 Jun 2007 05:07 pm EDT
CrackBerry on Dog

You must have heard the excuse that many school kids tell their teachers when they fail to hand in their assignments on time: "My dog ate my homework!!!".  Well now I sympathize with them because my dog just ate my Samsung phone.  The screen got 'Cracked' and the battery severely damaged resulting in a useless hunk of trash.  As one of the last members of "The Crack Team " without a BlackBerry I now had no other excuse not to get one.  I am currently enjoying my BlackBerry 8700 and my dog is treating my new phone better too. I am now thinking that my dog might be a secret agent from RIM and she purposely chewed up my old phone! 

Chewed up SamsungChewed up Samsung 2

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A Secret Agent from RIM


Hey Tom,

Yap, it was my Curve my dog decided he loved. Will post. Time for you to finally get the BB - great news!! What a cutie dog (up to no good :>))


I hope the dog is ok.....as for the rest, how did they let you in without a BB? LOL And considering all the hype, why didn't you get a curve as your first?

Tom's a programming genius (well...all around genius, but we try not to let it go to his head), so we let him in anyways without his own bberry....we needed his talents!! But we have bugged him everyday for the past year about not having one. So now he's finally onboard...and it's nice to see the addiction setting in :)

As for why an 8700? He inherited my 8700...which got replaced by a Curve.