Second Chance Contest: Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from!

CrackBerry Nations Alert!  We're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February!

** Congrats to last week's winner, GeoB301 **

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2013 11:06 pm EST

In honor of the launching of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February.

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. This week's contest will end Sunday at Midnight PST. Enter now. Next week we're going to change things up to a twitter contest, so if you're not on the twitter yet, it's time to sign up there. In the meantime, leave a comment to this post. Good luck!

Reader comments

Second Chance Contest: Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from!



Hello everyone!
Wow, BlackBerry is back in a HUGE way!
The Z10 looks fantastic. Great to see that Canadian innovation is still alive and well.
One thing annoys me though... numerous sites are posting really ugly crap about RIM and BlackBerry and what a failure it is and will be! Isn't it funny that those same sites just seem to love the other, bitten fruit? Many so called analysts dump on BlackBerry while, in small print, disclosing their holdings of apple stock! We should all collectively show them what we think of them (which I know isn't much) I actually posted a comment on one of the worst sites and didn't even swear at them but magically my post was deleted by the moderator... Honestly, I just countered some of the points made by the writer of the article and still, no way to tell the truth! That sucks but hey, we all know BlackBerry is back and it is here to stay!
To all the BlackBerry fans, and to, GREAT TO SEE WHAT THE NEW BLACKBERRY CAN DO!

hopefully i get of luck to everyone a white Z10 please :) been entering these contests for like years now...& nothing....maybe this might be the one lol

It's hard to sleep because I always imagine myself winning one! I'm in! Someone needs to represent here in my university!

My family of 9900, 9810 and 9800 needs a Z10, you see, we are a BlackBerian family and our granpa 9800 is getting old and may have an attack soon, perhaps fatal. So the family is eager to receive a new member in it. We voted and all agree that Z10 should be in our family, it will have a very warm welcome.

ok ok, i was kind enough to let GeoB301 win, now gimme mine!!! :P

ps ; congrats GeoB301 , i tried this beauty today a the FIDO store....YOU GONA LOOOOOOOVE ITTTTTT!!!!

If i won id leave work asap and head down to crackberry HQ and pick it up and probably breakdance. I havent done any breakdancing since 15yrs ago. I wonder if i still got it

I should say something flashy and eye-catching to hopefully increase my chances! Too bad I am not clever enough to think of anything :( still hope I win though!

(The exclamation points are for Kevin and SIMON)!!!!!

My fiancé is away at boot camp for a few months.. A Z10 would be a great replacement for the mean time... :)

here we go! :)

Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS and Playbook OS
Twitter: @mr_theend

Hello dear BlackBerry fans and Crackberry team!

It has been 5 years now since I first bought a BlackBerry and I still own one!

I always relied on this nice piece of technology to get the best out of my life and I am so proud of it.
My first BlackBerry was the Bold 9000. I bought it because my favorite actress, Dakota Fanning owned one and as far as I know how this nice girl deal with her life, I was confident that this smartphone would be a very wise choice.
It never had a problem and I am proud of how I took care of it.
When the Blackberry Dakota came out, aka BlackBerry Bold 9900, I jumped on this occasion to upgrade and it is with this great smartphone that I am posting this post tonight.
The BlackBerry 9900 is reliable, responsive and useful. It helps me get several jobs, studies at the University, stays in touch my friends and family and my accounts on social networks.

Most of my friends have an Iphone (Itoy) or an Android phone and they all asked me to switch to either of their platforms. I always refused because I rely on Blackberry. It is safe, more secure, more effective for emails and the encryption system is awesome.

To me, a smartphone has to be useful, safe and protect its owner from all the risks that may come from "outside" such has datas stealing and hacking. BlackBerry phones are just good at it. That's why most government agencies still have one.

For the last three years, RIM has been in trouble because of Apple and Android. Everyone knows it. But I won't quit the ship as it was sinking and its crew has tried to repair the holes of water that was flooding the hold.
When you are part of a ship, you, like the captain, has to be ready to die with it.

Now, a new generation of BlackBerry came out. I am very proud of the BlackBerry team, and I love the way you guys from CrackBerry have kept faith on it, contributing in your own way to make the BlackBerry dream goes on.

I would be proud and happy to win the new BlackBerry z10. It would be a nice present, as well touching because it proves that all the time that I spent with my BlackBerries and the BlackBerry brand, has been rewarded.
I will get the most out of its capabilities and make sure that the use that I am going to do with it will make me prouder than before that I was right to stay with RIM.

Thank you for reading,
A great thank you to all BlackBerry team, CrackBerry team and most of all, the BlackBerry users of course!


Send me one, please please please crackberry, ur awesome than cherry, let me be merry give me my sounds silly but anyhow..give me a blackberry...

Am in serious need of the bbz10...that I stay up all night watching videos of it hoping on having it in my hands pretty soon.

Would love to win won. Was at Blackberry Experience today, would like to play around with a Z10 some more!

I will get a Z10 even if I don't win one. Although it will definitely be better if I can win one.

Thanks for providing all the updates on the latest BB, can't wait to get one. Hopefully I get one through this contest :)

arising from the ashes with a new song

This beats standing in line all night...though likely same results... :(

Unless by a miracle I win...

Thanks for yet another awesome way to try and get in on the #BlackBerry10 action!
Super pleased with how it's going so far for #TeamBlackBerry.



BlackBerry 10
I remember when
You were just a dream
But now it would seem
How real you are
You've come so far
Back on top
The cream of the crop
So never look back
No regrets
BlackBerry 10
You are the best

So the #BlackBerryZ10 is the best phone hands down!!!
This comment is to try and win a Z10 for my bro in law. He loves the phone, but it doesn't drop in the states until March. Yeah! heck of a wait! He has had a BlackBerry 9900 since it dropped and i think he is well due for an upgrade. Come on CrackBerry team help me out here!
I love my Z10 and if i win one he will too!!

CrackBerry you guys Rock!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

I have my friends with Android/iPhone intrigued! I can bring them over to the Crack(Berry) side!

Should I use CAPS or small letters so you'll know how desperate I need that beautiful piece of work?...pick me pls

I love Blackberry, and please let me win this just because I'm a Crackberry veteran, and my last name also starts with Z.

Count me in. By the way you people at CrackBerry do a great job. I always look forward to the next article. You've got great people that cover all the bases. Thanks for all the effort and enthusiasm that you put into your work. Not brown nosing, just thought this would be just as good a place as any to thank you.

Looking and reading at how good and smooth the Z10 is, BlackBerry 10 is a phone to own and nourish. So hope to win.

You know why I have a feeling i'm gonna be the one who gets the Z10 through this contest?
Great. Even I don't. But it feels like I'm home already, unboxing the Z10, it feels as good as undressing the girlfriend, errr... at least a lot like that ;)

[Also, if you can shell a tenth of the price and get it on contract, why not go for it. Here we need to pick it up at full retails cause we don't have no 'contracts' with mobile service providers]

If I win, I will toss away 9790 and Nexus 4 that I'm using now. And only use Z10 as it combines both phones

Ever since I broke my Bold 9780 there has been a hole in my heart.

Originally I tried to wait out BB10 from this past summer, sadly due to it being pushed back I had to settle for a different phone.

A chance at winning a new blackberry will instantly throw my current phone to the curb.

And with it being unlocked allow me the chance to travel and show it off while abroad.