Second Chance Contest: Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from!

CrackBerry Nations Alert!  We're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February!

** Congrats to last week's winner, GeoB301 **

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2013 11:06 pm EST

In honor of the launching of BlackBerry 10 and the posting of our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we're going to be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February.

To enter is simple. Just login to and leave a comment to this article. This week's contest will end Sunday at Midnight PST. Enter now. Next week we're going to change things up to a twitter contest, so if you're not on the twitter yet, it's time to sign up there. In the meantime, leave a comment to this post. Good luck!

Reader comments

Second Chance Contest: Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from!



Me too brother! It looks to be spectacular! Please, please, please be kind....oh CrackBerry magic genie....grant me a Q10.....

GeoB301 kicks puppies and eats children! True story. I saw him do it.

I demand a recount!

:P congrats :(

btw, I would like to win this phone because i am a cheap bastard!

He should win next week, this week it's mine! Please and thank you. By the way GeoB301 congratulations, enjoy the "10". I Can't wait until 2015 :( for my next upgrade.

If I could win a free z10 I wouldn't have to pay full price next month. Why can't we have new contract price all the time?

I'm number 1800 in the Rogers Business Queue! At the rate this queue is moving (30-40 per day), I should receive my new Z10 in 2 MONTHS!!!

Perhaps if I win this contest, the suffering can end... :(

it's Z(10)...

I've thought about you for a long, long time

Maybe I think too much but something's wrong

There's something here that doesn't last too long

Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine...

Seriously, though. Have you seen anyone quote Rundgren for a contest before?
You HAVE to let me win now. :)

Good one Surreal. Here's another of Todd's lyrics (albeit miniscule):

"The future is now"..... Z 10!

Please pick me. Thank you.

Hoping to be able to pair a z10 with my playbook. My daughter has been waiting for a year for my old blackberry.

Good luck everyone.

Thanks for this contest!

I already have a Playbook...the Z10 would be an incredible companion.


I would take one for sure. Be cool to have one early and see how it is. My phone is still perfect but hey free is free.

Would love to win the BB Z10 and what better place to send it to New Zealand and the very bottom of the South island but still very beautiful. BB Z10 in NZ sounds good to me!

I'm actually sad as I type this because I know that there is a very very slim chance I'd ever be this lucky and I want this so so so bad. Everyday and night all I do is think about this beautiful device. I know that I won't win but one thing my Mother taught me was faith and hope.

sabe em qual país da europa conseguiria comprar com a mesma banda do brasil? quero muito testar esse BB10

Awesome contest I'd love to win one so I can actually bbm video chat my wife who lives in another country right now, she has a play book so the video chat would be amazing! Here's to hoping I win!

Thanks for the chance Crackberry!


As a loyal BB user, shareholder, and proud Canadian, I would love to be the first in my family and network of friends to have a BlackBerry Z10!

Please pick me! More bad news for us here in America, now we have to wait until mid-march. Come on BB, why are we always last!

▀█▀   █░░ █▀▀█ ▀█░█▀ █▀▀   ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█
▒█░   █░░ █░░█ ░█▄█░ █▀▀   ▒█▀▀▄ ▒█▀▀▄
▄█▄   ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ░░▀░░ ▀▀▀   ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄█

▀█▀   █░░ █▀▀█ ▀█░█▀ █▀▀   ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀█
▒█░   █░░ █░░█ ░█▄█░ █▀▀   ▒█▀▀▄ ▒█▀▀▄
▄█▄   ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ░░▀░░ ▀▀▀   ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄█

Gr8 Phone!!
Timing will be critical in its Success.
If US Is waiting for 2 Months to get BB10, I believe, it will be a long time till we get it in India. Specially Q10. I Like physical keyboard of BB more than touch screen. Had left iPhone 1 for my Torch 2 yrs. ago. Still I have one of the best BB - Torch with me. Loving it.


Please pick me....the one person in the world who has no friends using BlackBerries and still remains loyal!!! :). Thanks!