Sears sending out BlackBerry PlayBook pre-order details to affiliates, ship date 4/10

Sears sending out PlayBook pre-order details to affiliates, ship date 4/10
By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2011 05:26 pm EST

First time we've heard of this but it looks as though Sears will also be selling the BlackBerry PlayBook in Canada. Even weirder is the fact they are now emailing affiliates with information about pre-orders and ship dates. According to Sears they'll be starting up pre-orders tomorrow and BlackBerry PlayBooks will start shipping as of April 10. So, that's two dates floating around now. Note though, the time is wrong for any time in Canada at the moment and lots of typos here, so legit? Comments welcome. Thanks, willwnet -- now set your iPads clock right ;)

PS: Sears does have their page up, so you can yell at the person who compiled the email for failing at spell check and abiding by best practices of the research In Motion trademark.

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Sears sending out BlackBerry PlayBook pre-order details to affiliates, ship date 4/10


Ohhh boy baby days are back now all i need is to steal another baby, the last one didn't last to long. and hmmm tomorrow i gotta keep my eyes on sears, i gotta see there prices and decide. To be honest i would rather buy from someone else like big blue (bestbuy) or though newegg told me that they couldn't release such information at that time.

No but did u happen to notice the time is wrong for any time in Canada right now.. also, none of the tradmarked names are accurate either. :P

I agree, their is all kinds of spelling and grammatical errors in the paragraph. Seems fake to me. Playbook from the smartphone company???
Then to throw baby days in? I think this is a photoshop job.

(I'm the one who sent this in)

Don't think I can prove it's real, but will say that I receive emails dated in the future often. The whole email is strangely worded, including the whole sentence about the PlayBook.

I was just razzing ya Will.. stuff like that often has typos as well.. we see it all the time, most people cry fake.. so I just beta em to the punch and take their joy out of feeling like they're the first to point it out. :P

Huh, so it definitely looks like they will be carrying it, which isn't really that strange. They've got other electronics so it isn't that big of a stretch.

The spelling and grammar mistakes still make me think this is a fake email, but I do think it is probably safe to say based on that website that it is coming to Sears at some point.

YA i guess i just see the Playbook as a high end electronic...not the kind of gadget that sears usually sells. I am excited though...can not wait to get my hand son one of these

copy and paste it in your browser...or you can click on the front page they have added the link there too.

Please note that the information about the Playbook launch dates posted above is incorrect. While Sears Canada will be selling the Playbook, the pre-order date and the date that the Playbook will be available for sale are not yet confirmed.

Please remove the Playbook dates as they are not endorsed by Sears Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to sharing Playbook order dates as they become available.

Regardless of the misspellings, Sears, are you flippin' serious. I can't see Sears getting into the business of selling high end devices. They don't even sell low end BB's, well not in my area, now.

I wish sites like Crackberry and others would verify the authenticity of stuff like this before blasting it all over the web. All it took is one simple phone call to Sears Canada.

Here is my conversation with Sears Canada this morning.

Me: Hello I am interested in pre-ordering the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

Sears: Duh, Blackberry what tablet sir???

Me: Blackberry Playbook!!!

Sears: Sorry sir, there is no such article in our system for pre-order. Let me transfer you to our Internet department, they may have more information.

Me: Ok, thanks

Sears: Sears Canada, how can I help you this morning?

Me:Hello I am interested in pre-ordering the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

Sears: I'm sorry sir, we are not taking any pre-orders for this item, "Which website did you look at stating this was so???"


Sears: Sir, unless it is clearly posted on either the Canadian or US MAIN Website then it is not information released from Sears. For more information regarding the latest information available from Sears Canada regarding the Blackberry Playbook, please look at the following URL

Me: Thanks for the information

Sears: Thank-you for calling Sears Canada.

There you have it folks, this story is definitely NOT all that it's cracked up to be.

The wait continues.................