Sears now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Sears now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2011 04:48 pm EDT

Although one of the emails that sparked off the whole pre-order launch madness didn't really pan out as stated, that doesn't mean it wasn't true in one way or another. Sears certainly had the best intentions when they sent out their previous BlackBerry PlayBook emails -- they just so happened to get the date wrong. Either way, folks looking to scoop up a BlackBerry PlayBook can now hop on over to the Sears Canada website and place your pre-order. No price difference from any other retailer but if you're looking to grab one with some ease, something tells me Sears will be the way to go.

More information at the Sears pre-order page

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Sears now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook


So making your point in the previous article wasnt good enough haha.

Just added Sears to the list of options of where I should head on launch day!

Hey nightsniper, which article are you gonna snipe next?.....see what I did there.

Great for anyone who's an Air Miles collector. You can get 1 Air Mile for every $20 you spend at Sears through

looks like the playbook will njot be available until the 28th of april if you pre order it based on a simulated purchase i made

Hi ‘denorro,’

Alex from RIM here. Our first BlackBerry PlayBook is a Wi-Fi model – it’s currently available for pre-order and will be in stores on April 19th.
Three additional 4G PlayBook models will make their debut later this year:

- BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + WiMax: this summer via Sprint
- BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + LTE: second half of 2011
- BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + HSPA+: second half of 2011

If you have a few minutes, catch this video to learn about the first PlayBook:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team