SearchIt by Shaosoft was just to version 1.44 adding many new features. If you have not heard of SearchIt, it is a pop up application that gives you quick search access to many popular sites including custom user defined websites - great for Verizon users who don't want to be stuck with only Bing! New features in this version include:

  • Opera Mini 5 and Bolt Browser support
  • Live suggestions that pop up as you type your search
  • Recent searches are saved and can be accessed by pressing enter in blank search field
  • Option to configure menu button
  • Paste function: Press space 3 times
  • New sites added
  • 2nd custom site spot added
  • Text selection menu option added: Highlight text in another app, press menu button, and select SearchIt. Text will automatically be put into the search bar.

SearchIt is now on sale for $2.49 until January 23rd at the CrackBerry App Store, and is available for all devices running OS 4.2. The application is great for anyone who would like to search specifc websites easily, and for people on Verizon who are of course stuck with Bing as their only search option. You can find a full introduction to the application here.