SearchIt for BlackBerry Updated to v1.44 - Adds Opera/BOLT Support and More

By ObiGeorge on 18 Jan 2010 06:05 pm EST

SearchIt by Shaosoft was just to version 1.44 adding many new features. If you have not heard of SearchIt, it is a pop up application that gives you quick search access to many popular sites including custom user defined websites - great for Verizon users who don't want to be stuck with only Bing! New features in this version include:

  • Opera Mini 5 and Bolt Browser support
  • Live suggestions that pop up as you type your search
  • Recent searches are saved and can be accessed by pressing enter in blank search field
  • Option to configure menu button
  • Paste function: Press space 3 times
  • New sites added
  • 2nd custom site spot added
  • Text selection menu option added: Highlight text in another app, press menu button, and select SearchIt. Text will automatically be put into the search bar.

SearchIt is now on sale for $2.49 until January 23rd at the CrackBerry App Store, and is available for all devices running OS 4.2. The application is great for anyone who would like to search specifc websites easily, and for people on Verizon who are of course stuck with Bing as their only search option. You can find a full introduction to the application here.

Reader comments

SearchIt for BlackBerry Updated to v1.44 - Adds Opera/BOLT Support and More


You're right, but this is easier to cycle through the various engines (not to mention, eliminating the ones you don't use). And the biggest feature for me is the custom searches

I agree, this would be cool as a widget, like what is available on the nexus one theme. or at lease have a launch key on the keypad.

I'll wait for the update when you make it into a widget, cuz we all know there is no more room on the homescreen for another icon!

I was wondering how long it would take someone to post a message saying this !! And catch the typo ,LoL :p

This is awesome...seriously, you get SO many different search options with the ease of BB button! It rocks, just updated to this version, fantastic!!

It's messing up my Storm 2 homescreen while it's showing there. Is there some way to fix that? Maybe make the dialog big enough so that you can't see the desktop?

I just dl'd the trial. very cool app!

Can you make the fonts a little smaller? also adding a hot key would be great!

Definitely worth the buy!

I would love to see the ability to do a "spoken" search...similar to the implementation on the Google search app. You press and hold the phone button on the Google app to speak the search term. This would completely replace Google search app for me if this functionality was there. As it is there are just times it's easier to speak what you want rather than type.

.... the background on this pic.... is that just a background OR is that a theme? either way, does anyone know where i could get it? =] lol... thanks n advance!!

This app needs to have a feature to correct misspelled words, like that of the native word correction on Blackberry