SearchIt Quickly Searches Popular Websites - 100 Free Copies!

By ObiGeorge on 22 Dec 2009 09:55 am EST


SearchIt is a brand new application by ShaoSoft, maker of such popular apps as Leave It On and Wallpaper Changer. With a click of its icon you can quickly and easily select and search a variety of popular websites such as Google, YouTube, eBay, Dictionary, Wikipedia, IMDB, and even our CrackBerry Forums. The application is very customizable, letting you pick and choose which websites you want in your drop down menu. You can also add your own custom URL's ensuring your searching needs will be met. In my opinion, SearchIt is a must have app for those who are constantly browsing the web on their BlackBerry and want to make that experience a little quicker/easier. The application is especially useful to those of you that are on Verizon, and now only have Bing as a search engine in your BlackBerry's browser. It is on sale at the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99 (regular price $2.99) untill December 27th and is compatible with all devices running OS 4.2 and up. This application also has a free 3 day trial.

Contest: We have 100 free copies of SearchIt to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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SearchIt Quickly Searches Popular Websites - 100 Free Copies!



I would love a copy, on Verizon and stuck with Bing in the browser. Please help cure my Verizon rage!!!

yes they pushed bing to us, but if i go to the browser, on the "go to" page my default search is still Google. Not sure if this is the same for anyone else. I just hid the bing application. I have a tour running 4.7

Same here, don't know what all this complaining about bing is about, I use google in my browser by default...

So far the only two phones to get hit with a Bing-only search engine on the browsers are people using Storm2 and Curve2. All other blackberries will probably get the Bing-only search engine browser later on. If that does happen to my Tour, I would glady go and pay for the Searchit app for my phone. I have a feeling you will too.

shut Bing down! get it out of our phones!

I still have all my search options under browser with USCC. But why can't people set their homepage to google. I rarely use the browser search.

I would love to win a copy of this. Us verizon users have been punished by verizon by forcing Bing on us. How much did bill gates pay verizon to force us on bing. Please, pick me, I have been a VERY good boy this year.

I absolutely hate this new bing crap and this Searchit app looks perfect for avoiding bing and using a real search engine as well as a bunch other cool websites!

Pick me, Pick me! lol. I was told about this application on twitter last week and it seems like it would come in handy.

I've been using the beta version of this program and it is rock solid and very useful. The search options are amazing!

getting my BBerry Storm 2 on the 28th! This would be a great way to start building useful apps. Love your site! Thanks!

Oh man...I bought this thing as soon as it went on sale. Oh well...great app and well worth the $1.99.

I would be very happy to win a copy of this. Define "Good" will you Santa.

Thanks as always Crackberry staff

This would make my life move along more pleasurably. It would down on time it takes me to get to my favorite sites (crackberry).

...of having to open the browser to google search or go to the google mobile app itself(which sucks on bb btw) when I want to find some info, how about I press 'G' and google something...sounds great to me. I'd like a free copy.

A brilliant widget like tool to search! Seems like I really did shift to the blackberry platform at the best possible time... my storm2 is like the best device ever! :D

I would love a free copy! Finally an app that lets me search without having to first open up the browser.

I definitely need a copy, now that Verizon is in contract with more options. Big Red strikes again, I also tried the beta version of this app and it's quick and light on memory. Great app.

I won a copy of WiFi Hero - but never received it. And yes I did follow the procedure when I never received the email I was supposed to get, but still nothing...

so I hope I win a cooy of this app and actually get it this time.