4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook

Many people up in Canada have been taking advantage of some great sales on the BlackBerry PlayBook over the last couple of weeks. While the 16GB wifi version has been found for as low as $99 at stores such as Staples, finding available stock at these stores has been pretty hit and miss. Some persistent folks have found stock at other retailers and gotten a price match for the advertised sale price either in-store or by placing an order via phone. Of course, this is available on a store-by-store basis, as not all stores will always be willing to match a competitor's price.

If you're in the market to pick up a PlayBook, whether it's your first or you want a back-up or a gift for a great price, and you live in Canada, this may be a good opportunity to buy for the lowest price we've seen. If you're looking for locations near you or online that are having these sales and have the tablet in stock, or if you've got information to share, hop on over to the thread at the link below. Members of the CrackBerry community have been posting the stores they find that currently have or are expecting to get stock to help out others who are looking.

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