Search for more places in the latest version of WhereIs...?

Last December 2013, we posted about a location based app called WhereIs...?. The app basically allows you to discover venues wherever you may be. You can search for specific types of venues too, like food venues, bars, professional places, nightlife spots, recreation and more. It's a helpful little app and I even discovered some nightlife spots in my local area that I didn't know existed, all thanks to WhereIs...?. The app has just reached v1.3. In this update, you now have the ability to search for venues anywhere, not just within your immediate location, giving you even more places to search and discover.

This would work great if you were planning to go somewhere, you can check out some interesting places to visit beforehand. The app uses FourSquare data, however you do not need a FourSquare account to use it. The difference here is that WhereIs...? gives you a visual representation of the venue on a map.

WhereIs...? v1.3.0.0 changelog

  • NEW: search for places
  • NEW: Polish translation
  • NEW: added new BBM Channel to About page
  • FIXED: some minor bugs

If you're interested in WhereIs...?, it is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $0.99.

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