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Search for more places in the latest version of WhereIs...?

Search for more places in the latest version of WhereIs...?
By DJ Reyes on 4 May 2014 10:22 am EDT

Last December 2013, we posted about a location based app called WhereIs...?. The app basically allows you to discover venues wherever you may be. You can search for specific types of venues too, like food venues, bars, professional places, nightlife spots, recreation and more. It's a helpful little app and I even discovered some nightlife spots in my local area that I didn't know existed, all thanks to WhereIs...?. The app has just reached v1.3. In this update, you now have the ability to search for venues anywhere, not just within your immediate location, giving you even more places to search and discover.

This would work great if you were planning to go somewhere, you can check out some interesting places to visit beforehand. The app uses FourSquare data, however you do not need a FourSquare account to use it. The difference here is that WhereIs...? gives you a visual representation of the venue on a map.

WhereIs...? v1.3.0.0 changelog

  • NEW: search for places
  • NEW: Polish translation
  • NEW: added new BBM Channel to About page
  • FIXED: some minor bugs

If you're interested in WhereIs...?, it is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $0.99.

Learn more / Download WhereIs...? from BlackBerry World



Remember Poynt? That app was once the darling of BBOS, the BB10 version seems to have been completely abandoned by its developers, it's unusable these days. Seems like this app has similar appeal to the original Poynt and I can't wait to give it a go!


Poynt is not BlackBerry native I believe but please correct me if I'm wrong.
I just purchased this and will do the comparison and let you all know.
Also this application is native and that is one of the first reason why I buy it to support our developers.

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Ka Nos

Of anyone is interested, the first version of VIBER is now available in the BlackBerry App store for BlackBerry 10 and it's an android port..

Posted via CB10


Poynt was the best, it was the app I used the most, now it's just useless. Hopefully someone update this someday.

Posted via CB10


Poynt still works for me.

Posted via CB10


Yeah, I remember Poynt. It was great. It still works (used it just thus past week a couple of times but I need an app that will not only find surrounding places and show them on a map but will link to bbmaps to guide me there.

Posted via CB10


Poynt does work, but it uses Google maps rather than BlackBerry. However, the listings for nearby places are really outdated. It lists restaurants that haven't been in business for over ten years!

There is a need for a poynt-like app. If Whereis steps up to the plate, it might be time to switch.

As an aside, BlackBerry 10 has been out for a while now - I'm no longer waiting on devs that have taken a "wait and see" approach to app development for this platform. Cut 'em loose and move on. But I will remember those that were late to the party.

Posted via CB10


This app sounds like an app I currently use called "Updatin Places" in App World. It works great for me.

Posted via CB10


Try Search for places -way better. Way more features- and it's free.

Posted via CB10


Poynt was AWESOME on BBOS but I still have it installed on my Q10; it comes in handy as a phonebook.

I think I tried this app DJ but decided it wasn't for me, I will give it another try to see if it can replace Poynt.

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Paul Brown5

I use Spotcast for this purpose and it works pretty well.


I have Spotcast but when you're looking at "theaters" no Info is given other than location and Phone number whereas Poynt it gives movies and times also.


I still use Poynt on my Q10 and it's still great.
I've recently been testing Spotcast though.

arTie's berry "Q10"


Foursquare need to start charging These devs for copying it's app. No original just copy cats trying to get that easy GWOP

Posted via CB10



Did you had a look at WhereIs...? before making this statement? How can an app be a so called copy cat, if it's completely different to the original one? Hard to believe that someone makes such a statement.



I love Poynt. Didn't the company dissolve and moved on to doing something else?

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Sounds like a ripoff. It uses Foursquare data. Why do I feel like I have to do more research on an app crackberry promotes?

Posted via CB10



Do you know what a ripoff is? Maybe you should take some more time to investigate on the product you're judging, because after only a few moments you would take notice that the app here, WhereIs...?, displays indeed the same data like the Foursquare app itself, but the data is presented in a complete different style. For example the map view is a feature I sadly miss in the official app and that's the reason why I started to develop WhereIs...? some time ago. But it's always easier to call something a ripoff instead of taking some time and have one or two looks at a product, before making a statement...



Have you tried this yet - Search for Places on Blackberry World and it's totally free


Not for anything else but what is the "Poynt" of getting "Wherels" when you have already "Foursquare"?

Posted via CB10


Hi joshua_sx1,

because for the different style of presentation. WhereIs...? shows you everything you want on a map. To get the same kind of informations out of Foursquare it's a mess... If you're even able to... You can exactly see what-ever you want to discover on a map around you. Just have a look at the screenshots in the BlackBerry World to get an idea. :-)


Bacon Munchers

I hope BlackBerry maps keeps improving. I am not one who needs to have a lot of trinkets attached to a GPS map app, but I feel that the BlackBerry App still has some polish to be applied.


I use Whereis?....many times a week. It's excellent and highly recommended.

Posted via CB10

Jay Hooker

Sounds like foursquare..

Posted via CB10


Whereis......that is the same name as the map website owned by Australia's largest telco....I can hear the copyright lawyers preparing their paperwork.


Free version Pls. I'll then give it a try and if I find there's value for me - I'll have no problems purchasing the full version.