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Care for some shopping from the palm of your hand? Check out Search for Amazon for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 17 Jun 2013 05:20 am EDT

If you tend to shop on Amazon in the UK or USA there is now an application for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 which as been developed by S4BB. Using the app is dead simple - at the top of the screen is the search field - just type what you're looking for and off you go.

The screen will then display the list of results and you can dive into any of them to see more details including images, a full description and even reviews. If you like what you see you can either add it to your wish list or add it straight to your basket.

Up at the top right of the display will be the 'basket' icon and from here you can view your items and then proceed to the checkout. It sure makes shopping on the go a whole lot easier than using the browser in my opinion - and best of all the app is free!

Sharing is also included in the app with a tab at the base of the display so if you find anything you think a friend may like you can send it via any of the accounts you have in your BlackBerry Hub.

Nice job once again S4BB - I'm loving this one.

More information/Download Search for Amazon for BlackBerry 10




What happened to the official Amazon app we were promised a couple of months ago?

Posted via CB10


My thoughts, exactly....

Posted via CB10


Who made the promise?

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Looks neat,nice to see you got some protection for your poor dented Z,good move!!


Downloading now... ;-)

Posted via CB10


Cool. Lets give it.a try

Posted via CB10


Clever move by S4BB, probably embedding their referral code in the app :)


Cool.app! Why not they gotta make.money.some how.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Please develop something like that for Ebay to get rid of their Android port.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Yea the port is pretty bad, and half the time I get the "No network found." error.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Caution: All N4BB apps WILL SPAM YOU!!


Thanks for the heads up. I deleted it anyway. The app wouldn't allow me to sign in or shop.

Thanks Verizon. You've done it again.

Posted via CB10


I haven't gotten any spam from them since downloading the app a few months ago and, I have no issues logging in or anything. I just wish I old purchase music from it as well. And yes, I have Verizon also.

Posted via CB10


That's my issue with S4BB as well, I never download their apps anymore because of it.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded the app. Looks great. Too bad it doesn't allow me to do anything. Just like the ebay app. Might have something to do with the fact that I'm still on 10.09.

Thanks Verizon. You've done it again.

Posted via CB10


Why not just use Amazon Mobile? I don't see the purpose of having an app since the mobile site is nearly identical.


Works fine and I am on Verizon...... even worked when I denied the app access in all the permissions.


I just have a home screen shortcut that works perfectly.

Posted via CB10


Although I've tried this app and there appears nothing wrong with it, a competitor app named Shopathon allows you to scan UPC codes of items which it automatically searches Amazon for. A nice feature.

Posted via CB10


Not only that, but Shopathon's look and feel is nearly identical to the old Amazon app on OS7. (edit: After thinking back to the Amazon app on my 9850, Shopathon is missing the tabs and nothing is swipable. But it's still a little better than Search.) And even better, it's truly free; no ad banner! I installed Search a while back and soon after paid the $.99 to get rid of the banner only to later find Shopathon. I felt cheated by Search. It's a good app, but Shopathon is better.


whatever, we always get unofficial apps... i don't care even to look at this app.

Lanre Folarin

Amazon Canada too?

Posted via CB10


I can shop Amazon from my PC and iPad. This one I'll say no to until Amazon comes up with an app for BB.


Like I'm really going to support a company that hasn't given us a single native app.


They did port over their Kindle app, but I get what you're saying.

Posted via CB10


All this is is a wrapper for Amazon's mobile site that gives a third party a record of your searches, serves up ads, and takes AWAY functionality from the Amazon website (tabs).

Come on, CB, don't feature stuff like this.

Posted via CB10


+1. I also don't like the idea of ordering something when a third party is involved. Just doesn't sound as safe as I'd like. Remove this stupid post for this Amazon app when the site is much better. CB selling out.

Posted via CB10


I would love to have some way to buy music and movies thru an Amazon app and get them on my phone directly.


+1000! It is no easy feat to get music from Amazon onto my Z10, and the same songs in BlackBerry World cost more than they do on Amazon. In addition, BlackBerry World charges sales tax on music whereas Amazon does not.


I bought the new Lonely Island album yesterday on Amazon. I had to download them onto my Mac then put my Z10 in usb mass storage mode and manually move the music onto my BB. Music sync doesn't even kind of work. Kind of tiresome especially since I gave up my iPod and just want to use my Z for my music.


That's exactly what I do, with exception of using a PC. I setup the Amazon Cloud drive to save to my Z10 while having my Z10 connected as USB mass storage.


Only interested in a native official Amazon app.


Boo. Canada support plx

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.


I actually downloaded this the other day and ordered off it. It worked really well and even let me change my payment options. I was impressed. Good to see its getting some CB love.

Posted via CB10


So why don't blackberry fix the Damn sound alert notification for email and text while on a call. Every other phone in the world has this feature. The Z10 and Q10 do not have this feature which is totally unexceptable. If I complain enough, and more and more Z10 and Q10 owners realize that this feature is missing from there device, and miss important text or email, and stop encouraging potential customers to try the phones then it might get fixed.

Posted via CB10