Sean Kingston gets into the BBM song game

By Adam Zeis on 22 Nov 2010 10:50 am EST

Sean Kingston is the latest star to get in on the BBM song action. This latest release is titled BBM (imagine that) and features Soulja Boy & Teairra Mari. Its all about BBM and that's that. This is yet another catchy tune we'll have to add to the already growing list of BBM songs like Ping Me Baby and BBM Me Up. Have a listen to the video above. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Sean Kingston gets into the BBM song game


if they don't pay they should recognize the opportunity and ensure that their next generation of smartphones is using top of the line hardware and the latest software (QNX is a MUST HAVE...front face camera, wifi N, etc)

Since ping me was pretty terrible to begin with maybe RIM should discourage "artists" from doing songs like these. Who is Sean Kingston anyway? I've never head of him. On second thought I don't want to know, he's probably someone who doesn't write his own song or play an instrument and auto tunes all his vocals.

lol i love to see idoits like you to post comments full of yourself. u dont know who sean kingson is doesnt mean everybody else dont

I don't want to be associated with any of these artists. I guess I can say I am a Blackberry Guy DESPITE this crap!!!

That is as much as I could take of that trash. Who is this "star" BTW.

I stay amazed that these songs (and I use that term in the most charitable sense of the word) are considered even remotely newsworthy.

i seriously dont know whats more pathetic..."rapping" about texting, or the fact these utter and complete jokes are considered "artists". america's pop culture is truly sickening.

how cartman started Faith+1 to instantly get an established fanbase to follow his group.

but seriously, the bitches, ho's and bling kegs must be tapped out to be making horrid songs about "bbm"

Haven't listened to this yet, but Breeze N SP's "Let's be friends (Hit me up on the BBM" is still a super catchy tune in my opinion. Its going to be hard to beat that.

can't stand any of the blackberry songs except for "Blackberry Pin" by Tony Matterhorn.

Maybe cos i'm a huge dancehall music buff but to me it's about the only dance-able one.

youtube link if you care to listen to it

disclaimer: if you don't like reggae music, it's probably gonna sound like crap to you