SCUBA dive deeper and safer with The Dive Plan for the BlackBerry Z10

The Dive Plan
By Zach Gilbert on 27 Feb 2013 01:05 pm EST

SCUBA, Self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Most people will connect the acronym SCUBA to exploring the underwater world with tanks of air strapped upon your back. While this is essentially what SCUBA diving is, there is a lot of work involved with making this a reality. Being a SCUBA diver myself I am quite aware of all the planning needed when you're diving, and more so when you are doing a deep dive. My deepest dive to date is roughly 120 feet. While there is a lot to explore at those depths, there are also a lot of dangers around deep dives. Continue reading for the low down on a BlackBerry 10 application that will help in making SCUBA diving safer.

The Dive Plan for the BlackBerry Z10 is an application that has been designed around making SCUBA diving safer for everyone. Now, deep dives require special training, and having this app by no means gives your the skill set required to perform such a dive. But for those who have the training, The Dive Plan will help you dive deeper and safer.

Application Design

The Dive Plan for the BlackBerry Z10 is an application that has been approved into the Built For BlackBerry Program, which means it has been built with quality and connectivity in mind. From a design perspective the application is top quality, built using the Cascades development environment, it operates as one would expect an officially approved app to run.

Application Features

The Dive Plan options

The Dive Plan allows you to create two dive plans in one day, and then additional dive plans for the future. Within the first dive plan you have a few options to pick from. Options that you will find are dive depth, time, surface interval, then the dive depth and time for your second dive.

Peeking to the left reviews the options for your second dive plan, which contain the same options as plan 1, but includes an additional third dive.

Once again, peeking to the left gives you more options. The next option is your next dive plan. In this page you are able to input a previous dives information. After you have inputted your last dive the application will tell you what your surface interval must be before it is safe to dive again.

One last peek will reveal the minimum SIT menu (SIT stands for Surface Interval Time). On this page you can input the information from two previous dives and the application will spit out an amount of time you must be out of the water before you can go diving again.

Application Share Function

For an application to be accepted as a Built For BlackBerry app it needs to have certain characteristics that make it truly an application that has been built for the BlackBerry platform. The Dive Plan like I stated has been developed using the Cascades development environment, but also includes many features of the share invocation framework.


If you're an avid SCUBA diver, or think that diving will be in your future I highly recommend downloading The Dive Plan for the BlackBerry Z10. With the features and benefits that the application provides its no wonder why it was accepted into the Built For BlackBerry program. You can download The Dive Plan from BlackBerry World for $3.99 on your BlackBerry Z10.

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Reader comments

SCUBA dive deeper and safer with The Dive Plan for the BlackBerry Z10


Awesome, being a scuba diver myself this is a nice app. Though, using a dive computer for stops is good. Zach how many stops did you have to make on 120ft? My deepest is about 100.

We did two stops for safe measures. I've got a Suuntodive computer with a wireless module on my tank. But always handy to plan a dive defore you go.

Hello, I am developer of this app. The version (v1.1) reviewed above currently only calculates using air based off US Navy tables (NAUI certification uses them). And I have an update pending in BlackBerry World (v2.0) that adds PADI tables, also using air. I plan on adding Nitrox in a future release.

How do we get vplanner to make a bb app, which does multiple gases, including deco gas.

They have one for android and iphone but nothing for BB.

To answer the above Q by ddlax. # of stops depends if you have gone into deco and what is your deco gas.

Zach, thanks for this review. Completely unexpected to see it here. Glad you liked the app.

By the way, in my pending update (v2.0) the app gives better feedback letting you know that the maximum dive time (MDT) for 120ft is 12 minutes. Realize that is your time at that (max) depth and not the length of your whole dive. And for safety purposes you should always do a decompression stop at 15-20ft for at least a few minutes at the end of dives.

Anyone with any further questions about the app feel free to email me at

Dive planner apps are the only thing that ever tempted me to move over to iPhone or Android. Now I _really_ want my Q10...just so I can run this app....

I can confirm that this app will run on Q10. Took a little bit of tweaking to get it to look good on the smaller screen.

And on the note of Q10 support, I hope other developers take the time to resubmit their apps for the 720x720 screen now that the dev tools are out for doing so.