Screamager lands on BlackBerry 7 devices today, available in BlackBerry App World now!

By Jared DiPane on 27 Feb 2012 04:55 pm EST

Remember our oh so favorite BlackBerry PlayBook App, Screamager, the one Kevin uses to pimp himself out at events? Well no longer is it only available for the BlackBerry PlayBook because today the developer has also released a BlackBerry 7 compatible version as well.

You can now turn your beloved BlackBerry Smartphone into an LED scrolling display with ease. Similar to the PlayBook version, it features several different scrolling messages in various colors, and the ability to add your own personalized messages as well.

Now, how long do you think it will be until Kevin turns that brand new Porsche BlackBerry P'9981 into a necklace to wear in public?

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Screamager lands on BlackBerry 7 devices today, available in BlackBerry App World now!


Nice, but not much of practical day to day usage for me. hahaha. still waiting for Kevin's P'9981 review video though.

Can't say I blame him. that P9981 is f*ck*n' UGLY!!! I wouldn't care if it cost $2000 either, I'd be too embarrassed to actually pull that fugly thing out in public. Have kids crying. Dogs barking. Grown men shooting themselves.

LOL! Oh the image you just painted made me laugh so hard :) (made the baby across the room freak out a little) Still sticking to traditional Bold, but at least they show here they are starting to break the mold a little here. Even if it was priced equally with the 9900/9930 it's just not for me. To each their own.

Boldly sent from my 9930

Related to the PB version of Screamager, is there a setting so that the PB doesn't go to sleep? I didn't see one. Maybe that can be something for the next version, or does the PB not allow programs to reset the sleep timer?

Happy to announce also that the initial (very annoying) back-button bug has now been fixed. Version 1.0.27 and up do not have this issue anymore!