Scratch that - Android and iOS BBM won't be out June 27th after all; Still due later this summer

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2013 01:13 pm EDT

Just like that BlackBerry has crushed the rumor that cross-platform BBM will be arriving on June 27th. While BBM is still set to go cross-platform with Android and iOS later this summer, it won't be happening at the end of June.

We had some reservations since it wasn't an official announcement and sure enough the rumors are not true.

We reached out to BlackBerry and this is what they had to say:

On May 14th, BlackBerry announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), available to iOS and Android users this summer, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play.  While there have been reports that BBM will be available to iOS and Android on June 27th, this is not accurate. We will communicate an update as soon as we have an availability date to share.

So we're not quite sure where @TMobileUK went wrong with their earlier Tweet (which has since been deleted) but unfortunately you have to wait a bit longer to BBM your iOS and Android buddies. 

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Scratch that - Android and iOS BBM won't be out June 27th after all; Still due later this summer


I don't get this comment... who's executin' well? Can BB prevent random people from tweeting random dates regarding a release they have not giving a specific date for?

BlackBerry couldn't deliver a baby if a pregnant woman was sitting in the same car. Now the Apple iOS and Google Android users can feel the never ending disappointment that BlackBerry users have endured for years.

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BlackBerry should have released this statement as soon as tech blogs started to report incorrect information.

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It annoys me when other people make predictions / rumours ect. For BlackBerry & then people get mad when BlackBerry doesn't keep them

I agree, but blackberry has a reputation for taking a very long time to release anything and this just reminds people of that.

I hate that, people say something or predict or nay say about BlackBerry and everyone takes it as truth and if. Doesn't turn out truth then BlackBerry takes the heat when they didn't do anything

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The issue is that BlackBerry puts themselves in this situation. Whether its for publicity or not, it just pisses people off when they 'announce' something, and it doesn't appear for months.

Instagram had its video update the same day it announced it and still saw 5M video updates that day. Obviously it didn't require any lead-up anticipation for it to be a hit and it was a great user experience to be able to download it as soon as you hear about it. Product implementation at BlackBerry needs an overhaul.

Don't forget that we still are constrained by the aproval of Apple and Google...that may delay a bit the things, since even if the app is ready to go, that isn't within the competence of BB on that...

Blackberry failed, I know that most of you wont agree with me on this but its a fact that Blackberry's main markets are the emerging markets and the third worlds. Take Nigeria for example, every young adult just want to lay there hands on any blackberry device for the sake of BBM! Then again, Blackberry Internet Service is a lot cheaper than mobile data plans from local service providers.

Its a common opinion in Nigeria that Blackberry's sales will drop in that market once BBM goes cross-platform, although its understandable that Blackberry is trying to be a lot like the conventional phones and less like its original self but they must realize that Blackberry Internet Service & BBM are their main selling points.

Thank you for putting forward the utterly inane suggestion that folks who run multi-billon dollar companies are always right.
BB was a multi-billion dollar company when the 2 former CEOs nearly ran it aground. Yahoo was a multi-billion dollar company, didn't stop incompetent leadership from nearly ruining that company.
Unless you know the Nigerian market well enough to logically refute his points, I suggest you keep quiet.

BlackBerry is king all over the world, with a few exceptions in places where Apple has invested heavily in tarnishing bb's brand. Nigeria is not one of those places. The US is.

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BBM is NOT its main selling point. I didn't even know what it was when I bought my Z10. The OS is its selling point. As someone who knew nothing about BB, it was solely the BB OS that attracted my attention. Open your eyes a bit. They might lose market in Nigeria. But they will expand in other regions.

I dont agree with your opinion. I am indonesian and non bb user, u may not taking my word :)

As indonesian is blackberry biggest market, i can see one by one my friend is starting leaving blackberry, and i ca hardly see bb10 with them :(
If this still going on, blackberry will soom lost their consumer till one day, they met their doom

With bbm in ios and android, bbm will survive. And if bbm survive, there will be a reason for people to buy blackberry device once..

And i dont agree with BIS. I can get 800 mb limited internet plan data access with rp 20.000, and i have to pay rp 60.000 only for BBM?! What logic is being use?

I will agree if blackberry make any special on BBM only for Blackberry device which we cant get in other os for example Blackberry money..

Blackberry need to start with a device competition, not messenger competition.. maybe with better specs and cheaper with a lot of application support, that's only way blackberry can beat android and ios..

Btw, any bad if you can send message to your non blackberry user friend?
And i believe not every of you guys friend are using blackberry right? And you are not anti social right? :)

Totally agree, what the hell is wrong with everyone ? They never gave a date about when it was coming out, they just said summer.

I am a big BB fan but really get mad when they make big blunder by launching the Q10 in India with a price target of Rs 45,000 which is $810. Have they gone mad? We must admit they are no Iphone or S4 that they can charge this premium in India. I bet 7 out of 10 people in India who can afford a $800+ phone shall go for S4 and not a Q10. It will be a shame and a repeat of what they had to do for the Z10. They had to reduce Z10 sales price. Why create this stupid impression that BB products are over priced!

So what if this has got nothing to do with current conversation. All crackberries have right of speech and only if you have a good justification certainly reply :)

Wait your making a "freedom of speech" argument? lol say whatever you want, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not adding to the conversation at hand.

I like my alarm clock, it's made by SONY. I just wish it was a lil smaller. I know this doesn't have ANYTHING to do with BBM coming to iOS or Android, but I wanted to express my 1st Amendment Rights!

Do you see what I'm trying to say? I have no problem with what you said, I'm just saying maybe you should create a thread about it in the forums (or join one of the many threads already talking about that) & stick to the current conversation.

And thus I'm going to end THIS debate as it's got nothing to do with the topic on hand.

Your toaster will be getting BBOS 7.1 on June 24th. It should be getting 10.8! Stupid BlackBerry!!! lol

BTW I hear a rumor that my iPhone will NOT be getting BlackBerry 10.1 :(

Can anybody confirm that? :P

That's pretty funny. On an unrelated note since I have right of speech, I believe the NSA snagged a chili recipe from my email a few months ago. What model is that sony clock? I may get one too.

It's a "SONY Dream Machine"

And I will be sure to ask the NSA for your chili recipe, it sounds delicious!

Does that mean they made you disappear?

BTW why do I get a StarTrek vibe from you? Maybe that's why the gov is stealing your chili recipes ; because your a Trekie lol...or maybe your a Red Dwarf...either way, I'm sure the government is trying to assimilate you.

Umm ever heard of forums? This point is kind of out in left field (okay way out in left field) for this article. If you want meaningful responses to your post, post it in the right place.

And if the q10 is too expensive for you you don't have to buy it ;)

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It seemed like too reasonable a time to launch something they announced half a month ago. That would've placed it about 1.5months after BlackBerry Live. Let's be rational BlackBerry is never quick to release things. Probably some time in July hopefully.

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Not necessarily then, either. Unless they have a very exclusive beta team, Betazone knows nothing about testing. And there's been no noise on the android side about testing. They're not dumb enough to code it and just throw out a release copy with no testing. I'm not projecting any dates, but it still needs to be tested.


Please tell me how BlackBerry is late on this? They said it was owing out in the summer. They never said it was coming in June.

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Crackberry should have waited an hour or two before talking about this tweet that we all knew will be deleted in no time & we all would have saved 10 minutes of our day...

I guess this is the carriers fault. I have a BlackBerry z10. But BlackBerry is terrible in keeping deadlines and building any momentum at all. When they came out and introduced the new BlackBerry devices they took forever to bring them to us market. And all the apologists blamed the carriers. Blame the carriers now.

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Some people just want to hear what they want to hear I guess.
In case you want to edit your post to make sense, go back and re-read (read for first time?) the article

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I don't care when BBM goes across platform, I have a blackberry and don't plan on using another device anytime soon, what I need is 10.1 NOW!!!!!

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It's hilarious to see people blame BlackBerry for a rumored release date. Man this site can be entertaining at times.

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It pays to pay attention to the official announcement at BlackBerry Live where I heard chat in the late summer followed by voice and video by year end. There are too many out there looking for an instant headline without researching the facts.

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So I just started a blog, and I just wrote my first article entitled "iphone6 to be released tomorrow".

Go ahead and blame apple when my heresay is proven to be false.

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Just so bad that BB has to come out with a statement just coz some nuts put in some rumours. That too creating wrong market expectations & sentiments.
Tho glad they were quick to make the clarification fast!

Bad PR is still a good PR! Now some people who doesn't care about BlackBerry anymore just had an idea about the BBM going to another platform.

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It is blackberry fault. When you run a company like a mushroom farm [keep customers in dark and feed them sh I t]. You should expect others to make up news when they cannot commit to dates or stick with the few they do make. It's nice how fast they shoot down positivr rumours and won't spend a second to talk about playbook

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Wow, now of THAT isn't a flawless piece of reasoning LOL
you do see the nonsensical nature of your argument, don't you...

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It's an awful shame that BlackBerry couldn't issue a press release to clarify the situation regarding the roll-out of BB10 for the PlayBook.

Obviously iOS and Android customers mean more to BlackBerry than BlackBerry customers.

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Anything worth doing is worth doing well. BlackBerry is doing the right thing by taking their prudent time to launch the BBM cross platform properly. It's better to be late than be late (as in, rush releasing products that are not fine tuned for prime time and ultimately destroying BlackBerry's value) .

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Yup I was wondering why no one has raised this. Apple and Google to approve a BBM app? HAR HAR.

I bet by next year we still won't see an app. Coming Soon.....

Of each other, similar to Samsung and Apple both of them need each other. Why would apple and Google approve a BBRY app? Reminds me of Skype and MSN on the playbook at launch. We'll see, I want to eat some humple pie.

Agreed, if android or apple were worried about messenger apps to compete with their own we would have seen problems with all sorts of other apps being approved and we didn't. Do people honestly think that Apple or google are so worried about BBM that they wouldn't allow it in their app stores? Especially Google play!??? Googleplay allows torrent clients for crying out loud!

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In the end, they will have to agree wanting it or not. That may just delay the arrival on the markets of the app...

@TMobileUK : Did you hear about this? In 1972 , a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them...maybe you can hire...The A- Team.

So Adam. Check with other sources before wasting our time here. Jesus. Room or mill!

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I wish I could be a beta tester for this. I signed up with beta zone awhile back, soooo I think they should let me be a beta tester now that I'm testing out an android device.

I try not to believe anything unless it's from BlackBerry itself, saves me from getting disappointed!

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Release the kraken eh 10.2!!!! ...... Need multiple alarms
It's ruined my sleeping hour, at least I know how many time to tap "dismiss"

Knowing BBRY they will push back the release time as always after the summer *wink*.. or release it but come up short and have a buggy app on android and iphones *winkwink

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Perhaps this is some sorta beta or alpha date and tmobile uk got mixed up?  Or maybe they just blew it!  Lol

They say it's not accurate, didn't say it will be sooner or later though. I ll keep my hope high. :D

I think BBM is too FAT so it would move slowly to Android and iOS. I don't think it will be released in the next 2.5 months. Everyone is on whatsapp and viber coz they support multi platforms. I'll use BBM more when it supports Android and iOS but I guess by then iMessage would support multi platforms as well.

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They better get me BBM on my PlayBook, or get me a functional Bridge before giving iOS and Android users BBM!

ANY improvement on PB would be good-
:( response from BB company.

Regret, since I obtained my Z10, the PB sits idle for lack of workable bridge.
Tether anyone? Remote control anyone? ... not (in small letters)

When I meet up with BB reps in New York they appear to have been told nothing about the future of the PB. Perhaps PB is dead or dying. Honestly, why should BB (the company) put more money after bad considering the iPad is the dominant tablet.
When was the last time you saw an ad where the company said to pick up your app from the BB AppWorld. I have seen NONE. From Apple and Google market places ALL THE TIME. The app devs have abandoned the PB.

If crackberry can ' reach out' to blackberry why can't they find out what's going on with the playbook??

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LOL.I can't wait to wait.
Those iPad and Android lovers should go to the front of the line and buy their NEW BBM devices: Z10 and Q10.

My family of three each have BB phones: BBM is our #1 way to communicate.

All the iPhone and Samsung users waiting to use BBM on their phones while I have it on my awesum Blackberry Z10

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BBPandy: I just have to say, you're so damn funny! lol (even though my comment has nothing to do with the conversation ;))

A lot of other things I'd like to see them working on.

Just don't think most iOS, Android or even some BlackBerry users are going to care about BBM being cross platform at this point. The user base is just too small at this point, and while I think BBM on a BB is the best messaging app out there... I don't "think" that BBM will have the device integration on Apple and Android devices that it does on a BB. Is it going to give users some great new feature that the other ten other cross platform messaging apps don't have?