Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.2 bringing a new sticker set, better organization

Scrapbook for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 30 Sep 2011 12:03 pm EDT
I really like the Scrapbook app on my BlackBerry PlayBook. I find different uses for it, and my daughter loves to play around with it, combing pictures and stickers (and even random app screenshots) to make her own special brand of collage. Scrapbook has seen several updates and today is again updated, now to v1.2.

Key New Features in Scrapbook for BlackBerry PlayBook v1.2:

  • Add a description when sharing your Scrapbook on Facebook
  • Oops, what happened to my Scrapbook? A new category of stickers
  • Wallpapers, stickers and photos are now organized in folders
  • Edit your completed text stickers with a single tap
  • Browse and view your Scrapbooks in full screen mode

I like that they've added a CrackBerry orange background, and the new stickers are fun. I still hope to see the ability to edit completed pages after they've been saved, as well as share to Twitter and email (though I suppose that will come once we have the native apps?). Also I want to be able to resize the stickers. What do you use Scrapbook for, or what changes and additions would you like to see? Leave a comment below.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

More information/screenshots and to download Scrapbook

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Reader comments

Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.2 bringing a new sticker set, better organization


Well, it is a fine apps, but very limited for me, since I don't use Twitter nor Facebook. I wish I could be able to save it and send it in e-mails.
Ludwig von Kast

I don't have my device handy to test, but I'm pretty sure it saves to the Pictures folder. You can send an e-mail and attach it from there.

All scrapbook projects are saved into the Pictures folder. From there you can easily attach the image to an email.

It will come. I had it on my PlayBook when I checked, but online it took a few minutes to show. Gotta love rolling updates. :)

If only the other TAT apps that were demonstrated when the Playbook was first shown would be released. You know, the ones that actually look good, function well, and bring enhancements to the Playbook that should have been there from day one. The ones that would have gone a long way to help sell the darn thing.

Not taking away from the scrapbooking app, but some of the other TAT apps that were shown were downright impressive - these would have sold Playbook and attracted attention from potential consumers.

So bring it on.

Even though my Playbook said there was an update to the app it didn't show. So I turned around logged onto the app world store from my computer and downloaded the app. Than it showed up on my Playbook. Maybe this will help others :D

I just want to see more of TAT on the playbook. I know many are hoping that there manpower is being invested into QNX phones and they probably are. The advancements of the Playbook should come in the form of the things that were ALREADY PROMISED!!!!

I love the scrap book. I've made some cool pics with it but they need to work on the bridge expanding to be able to transfer files between devices. Things like that could fair well because if you imagine RIM coming out with a 10 inch and us 7 inch owners still buying the bigger ones because we would be able to make the two tablets and our phone comunicate more than just bridging email, calendar and tasks.

This is all TAT has been able to come up with so far?

Hmm,,I hope they surprise is soon..

I want the PB users (including myself) to be blown away not blown off!