Scotia Bank Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry 10 now available

Money. It's a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2013 08:01 pm EDT

Have a Scotia Bank account? If so, you can now access their service offerings from your BlackBerry 10 device. The Scotia Bank Mobile Bank app has now arrived in BlackBerry World and is ready for download. 

  • Check your personal and small business account details
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between your Scotiabank accounts
  • Send and receive money through Interac eTransfer Send money through Western Union™  
  • Find the nearest branches with the ABM/Branch locator

I don't have a Scotia Bank account to put the app fully to the test but a quick run through suggests that it's quick and fairly easy to use. If you have a Scotia Bank account, grab the download and let us know how it works.

Download Scotia Bank Mobile Banking for BlackBerry 10




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Waiting on rbc

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Me too, but it's taking forever...

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I'm waiting on TD Canada trust


im with td AND rbc (one for mortgage and cc, rbc is for everything else, regular use)
none of them have a bb10 app
what a lucky guy i am :(


I'm also with TD, and waiting. I hope TD doesn't go this fast and I'm first route like ScotiaBank did and ignore Peek & Flow. If I'm going to eTransfer funds to someone new, I'll need their email account, Peek & Flow for copy and paste - I'm just praying if I leave the apps screen it doesn't log me out automatically.

PS: although your real name is not showing and probably isn't registered, not to mention I'd like to think CrackBerry Editor In-Chief would never condone any criminal activity by all staff members ... posting your personal information or which bank has what is not a good idea. Cheers.


Might be on the to do list for the Indian workers as soon as the Canadians have trained them and been let go...


We just need the other banks on board now


darn, used to have a scotia bank account when i still worked for them ):


How bout BoA and regions and chase and cap1...?

Kris Simundson

Just downloaded installed and logged into my account feels like a html5 based app and looks like the android version. Only gesture is to swipe down from the top. Any tab that's clicked on shows a loading bar at the bottom like you were on a Web page

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Yea its just an app version of their mobile Web page, nothing special.

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On my list of "Waiting for..". Nice to check it off.

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Where's my CIBC!?

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All you get is "we'll forward this" replies.

Send them a message anyway, they need to realize that there is a customer demand for a BB10 app.


come on Chase! But I would say I used the website this morning and it worked well just wish it was an app i find apps faster.


Hopefully this means RBC and TD will have theirs ready soon too

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The app is basically a Web launcher. The Web page was already optimized for mobile devices. Still, pretty slick.

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Awesome, downloaded and works perfectly, basically the exact same as the mobile site, but nice to have it in blackberry world!

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Come on TD...

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Wells Fargo, where are you?

I'm not really expecting them to come through though as they never had a BlackBerry App in the past... I did sideload the Android app, but that is horrendous. It's quicker to drive to the bank and deal with the teller than actually get anything done on that version...

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what I do is save the login screen in my favorites and just go through the web. With the browser being so fast that I have no issues doing this.


What is Scotia bank lol just joking still waiting for Td but that is a somewhat good start

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why is CIBC so late??? oh well, the web browser is so amazing, it'll do.


TD please!

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I need TD United States. It's coming soon


Nothing special. Pretty much same as going to the mobile site. Only difference now is I got rid of the Web shortcut and replaced it with a bigger Scotia logo on home screen. One thing I do like about Scotia are the scene points. I've collected over 8000. That's 8 free movies

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Any news of when Bank of America will offer their App for BB10?

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I'm waiting for Bank Of America as well. It's coming soon

Erik Lehman

Come on royal bank wth is taking you so long?

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It's about time, thanks Crackberry for letting us know.


Downloaded it already, just waiting for CIBC and RBC. Yes, I have 3 bank accounts.

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Good to see the Canadian banks coming out, still waiting for TD, CIBC, and RBC.

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Hope to see lots more banking apps - they seem to be coming slowly which is a good sign.


This is good but I need Bank of America, TD Bank, Vystar Credit Union apps. I know there coming so I'm good.


Love the Pink Floyd. ;)


Thanks Scotia.

Now I can always check out how much money I don't have. ;)

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Waiting for TD, rbc, skype and viber

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All this is a link to their mobile banking website, I've had this for weeks... "add to home Screen"
For those looking for a TD app, find their mobile page and "Add to home Screen" and there's you app.
I think only Bmo actually still makes an app for banking these days...



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Great for the 3 people who use scotia. Now if RBC would jump on board lol.


I wonder where the idiotic comments like yours come from. Not everyone uses RBC you know.

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Come on TD, get with the program.

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Chase sent out an email a few weeks ago explaining that they were dropping BlackBerry Apps and support completely in April. Not the news I was hoping for! do you know that B of A and TD Ameritrade are developing BB10 apps? Are you sure? I definitely need them!

R Field

Cibc hurry up. 'mobile banking leader' my a**.

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ING had their app out in feb and scotia takes this long? And still no RBC ....


This app is just like a shortcut to their mobile site. It feels like I'm using a browser

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When is RBC coming then????

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Keep waiting from what I hear RBC won't be ready till August. From what I have heard they were waiting for the Q10 to come out so they could code for both screen resolutions.

I'm not happy with it either.

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Comon CIBC get your shit together support your country

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Waiting on Chase & Bank of America

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I tweeted Rbc today they said they are in development and will be coming soon but no eta

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Does what I need it for do.
Thanks Scotia

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Argh come on BMO!!! Even your mobile site isn't working :(

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I don't get why people have been complaining about banking apps. Just go to your banks mobile site and add the icon to home screen. It's pretty much the exact same as the banks app. At least onScotia it is.

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Royal Bank, RBC, show some love, I need it ASAP

BlackBerry Z10


Feels like you're using the website's version. But I'm not here to complain, thank you Scotia.

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What the????? wifey will be ecstatic!

Can not believe they came out before RBC :/


Side loaded Chase bank app and it works well for now. Not expecting them to make an app since all they had before was a loader to the mobile site.

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Johnny Crack

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to use CIBC or TD mobile banking. Just use their mobile banking sites... exactly how same as the app on ios..

It would be nice to have them but after using Mobile sites its no longer an issue

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Agreed with those citing mobile sites... its funny to see how quickly the BB community forgets the 'you don't need an app for the web' mentality. To be honest, I've never found myself lacking in any functionality using the site (neither on my z10 or my 9900). What I am waiting for is some NFC-payment action... that would be added functionality!


Td bank where are you?

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Just tried it out, very easy to use. Feels easier to navigate than their mobile site (and their mobile site is easy to use as is).

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I need to switch banks. BMO does nothing!

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PC Financial!!!

They've got an iOS app, and I've hounded them to write a BB10 app.

Never got a reply!

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I just wrote them today about it, and here it is! Bravo, Scotiabank! You're the best!

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RBC emailed me that they are developing but not sure about the time frame.

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Bravo Scotia! Reason to switch!

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Works for me, nice phone


Well it would be cool if it wasn't just the scotiabank mobile website embedded lol I've had this "app" in my browser for years now lol


I can't try it because it needs BlackBerry 10 10.0.10 or higher and I don't yet have a SIM to upgrade my new Z10 LE.


Nice! Been waiting for this

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Yup we definitely need the banking apps too be on board.

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Very good week for apps for me. I got my banking app, video streaming and off line navigation.

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I guess CIBC isn't the first to go live with this one ha. Still waiting!!!!!

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For CIBC, I just added the mobile site to the home screen. Works just as great.

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Wait a go SB! RBC would be sooner but they sub it out to an over seas dev :p

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RP Singh

When it works it works slick doesn't have the "Feel" of a wonky android app, but if I switch out if it for a few minutes and come back, the moment I tap on anything inside the app *poof* it crash-vanishes and needs to be relaunched. Hopefully fixed by next version.

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I'm sure RBC is getting it's temporary foreign workers on that BB10 app as we speak.

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Can we all send a tweet to barclays bank to tell them we want an app :)

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RBC better have mobile payments will its app


looking forward to the time when payments can be made with the z10 in Canada. Does something need to be enabled for the bank website to work? Not just java script either. My bank site worked on the playbook, but not the z10.

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nick canada

I sent Cibc an email and they said they have no plans at this time to build an app for BlackBerry 10.

Thanks Scotiabank

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It's about frigging time.

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RBC what are you doing for?

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Revision : I meant RBC, what are you waiting for? Biggest bank in Canada and they are always the last to get anything get out.

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The one app I've been waiting for thank you Scotiabank

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Royal Bank app please!

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Yesssss! Now just waiting for Scotia I TRADE and I will have every app I need!

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Why bother with a banking app when you can simply use the browser!? It's one of the best browsers around. I deal with three financial institutions (personal, business, and investments). They are all bookmarked in my Z10 browser and work fine. No waiting for apps, I can do it NOW.

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Rbc please

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This is a temp app from Scotiabank. I contacted them weeks ago and they said they are launching this in April and are currently working on a true BB10 app but had no release date info.

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We need a TD app, but I am happy for Scotia bank customers!

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TD better hurry the fuck up!

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I'd rather wait and make sure I get an awesome app vs them hurrying something out that's in essences a mobile website link.

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Thats awesome!! By far the best bank in Canada!!!


With mobile websites apps are over rated.

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Where's the TD Canada Trust app though? I'm still waiting for that.

Rasec Blanca

The one bank in Canada I don't use has an z10 app out before the other Big 3 Canadian Banks. So disappointed with CIBC, TX CANADA, and RBC. You've let me down.

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Now only if TX would just hurry with theres'

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And I'm wondering how they beat out TD and RBC... good on Scotiabank

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Should use Cascades for best user experience. But I can understand using Kony to lower dev cost a little bit.

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I can't wait for the other banks to come to the party (rbc, bmo, pc I'm talking to you)

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Lucky. Makes me want to use Scotiabank. I'm with PC and they are always behind

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Now for RBC :)

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With the underdog PC Financial... I'll be waiting a while since they just recently launched their OS 7.x ... *facepalm*

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Russell McNeil

Scotiabank? What the hell happened to the Bank of Nova Scotia?


Nice!!! Scotiabank is often the first.. That includes pay deposit ... hehehe


Just downloaded and used this app. It works great!

Thanks BNS!

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Cibc works on Z10! - on a whim I visited the Cibc website went to the download page half expecting it to say not available for your device and to my shock it worked. They didn't even announce it. :( so I now have Cibc working on my Z.

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It has the same look and feel as the mobile website, be it is at least partially an app and more than just a simple shortcut. When using the mobile app, if I ask the mobile site to remember my card and then clear my history and cookies, the mobile site forgets my card. This "App" remembers it, and I hate having to pull out my card and enter the number each time I want to do some banking.
Five stars to Scotiabank for this app, and an extra one for being the first. :o)


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Lincoln Liking

Will this work in Jamaica

Gake G

Hi. My blackberry apps world says it is not available for tour device. And i have a blackberry 10. How can i get this app?