ScoreMobile Tablet for the BlackBerry PlayBook and ScoreMobile FC for BlackBerry smartphones now available!

ScoreMobile Tablet
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jun 2011 05:19 pm EDT

No matter what time of year it is, there are always sports to keep up with, and just because you're on the go is no reason to miss out. ScoreMobile has had one of the top apps for this for quite awhile now. Headlines, stats, blogs, schedules… you name it, ScoreMobile probably has it in their app. Today they have two new products to further assist you in staying on top of the game: ScoreMobile Tablet for the BlackBerry PlayBook and a Spanish edition of the BlackBerry app, ScoreMobile FC. Keep reading to learn what's new in each of these apps.

ScoreMobile Tablet for BlackBerry PlayBook

ScoreMobile Tablet
ScoreMobile is a comprehensive multi-sport app covering top worldwide leagues including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL and PGA. It provides up-to-the-minute sports scores, stats, news, standings, betting odds and original video commentary. The perfect sidekick for sports fans, the PlayBook app also offers features for TV companion viewing, including interactive Live Blogs and Twitter streams of sporting events.


  • Users can personalize favorite teams and data refresh intervals.
  • My Scores provide a single view of fave teams and user-selected games
  • Game start times are customized based on device time zone setting.
  • Log-in and share scores and news via Twitter or Facebook

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ScoreMobile FC for BlackBerry
ScoreMobile FC
Just in time for Copa America, Latin America’s most important soccer event, ScoreMobile FC is now available for BlackBerry smartphones, providing coverage for Spanish-speaking soccer fans. With comprehensive coverage of over 60 leagues and competitions including Copa America, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and leagues in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Spain, the Spanish version of ScoreMobile FC will have die-hard soccer fans covered.

Just like the original ScoreMobile FC, the app is a free, comprehensive source of information offering:

  • Live scores, stats and standings
  • Real-time push alerts sent directly to a user’s device
  • Breaking news, top stories and game odds
  • Interactive live blogs for key games

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Reader comments

ScoreMobile Tablet for the BlackBerry PlayBook and ScoreMobile FC for BlackBerry smartphones now available!


Awesome, I've wanted this, but the NBA and NFL are in a work stoppage, Federer got knocked out of Wimbeldon, and baseball is damn boring. Still glad to see this app though.

just downloaded it...hopefully in august they would include premier league soccer and other european leagues....then this app would be mighty!!!

ive been using scoremobile for almost a yr and love it.... i would like to see the WNBA added as ive been known to place small investments on the ladies from time to time.... thanks again for a great app....

I remember to Scoremobile that in Brazil the language is Portuguese and not Spanish. It is an ordinary mistake, but is necessary remember that Brazil is major country in economy and population in latin america. So ScoreMobile FC is good for Soccer League in Brazil and other spanish language latine countries, but it is necessary, in near future, a portuguese version too.

One of my top 20 apps has already made it in. This will be even more reason to keep on loving the PB and the Score!

My favorite app...just wish it had College Lacrosse and College Baseball. Considering the app seems to have every random soccer league out there why not some other random sports. (especially ones I follow :) )

This was in my top 20 as well, just wish you could customize the side bar with the sports you want because honestly there are some I just don't care about & once you're into a sport HOW do you get back to the main screen? I couldn't just "go back" for the life of me.

I had the same question when looking at a specific game, how to return to the main screen. This worked for me - swipe to the RIGHT and see if that gets you back a level...

Did for me.

I downloaded it and the first time that I got "no network" message due to wifi droput, the popup locked the app.