ScoreMobile for BlackBerry updated with BBM integration

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2011 11:50 am EDT

ScoreMobile BBM BlackBerryScoreMobile BBM BlackBerry

Quite a while ago we saw a preview of the upcoming BBM features that would be integrated into everyone's favorite sports app ScoreMobile. Matt let us know that the new version is now available in BlackBerry App World and is ready to rock. The update adds some BBM fun letting you share what you're following within the app (nothing fancy) or the app itself. Great for sports fans to keep up with whats going on via BBM. Not much else that we can see in the new update, but if you're a ScoreMobile fan you'll definitely want to check it out. Grab it free from BlackBerry App World.

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ScoreMobile for BlackBerry updated with BBM integration


Too bad they didn't update the shortcomings of this app (Sadly it's still the best app of its kind that I've used). No, keyboard shortcuts in the menu, really? Push notifications didn't work for me the last time I tried them, hopefully they'll work now.

ScoreMobile for Blackberry is awesome!

I never had ANY problems beforeand BBM intergration is sweet. Also, their App for the Playbook is amazing!

The push notifications for NCAA Football teams that were saved in the previous version seems to have disappeared. And you can't add them back because that league is now gone from the list.

Weeeeeak... BBM integration only works on OS 6.0+, my 5.0 Bold 9000 remains boring :(

COME ON 9900!!!!!!!

BBM intergration also works on OS 5. I have a storm 9550 with the scoremobile app and the BBM intergration works just fine for me.

All you need is BBM 6

nice feature

this doesn't work for me. i have bbid and bbm and obviously the scoremobile app v1.8.1. i'm using a storm on os5. it gets stuck at step 2 of 4 (verifying) and that's it. i even went into my bbm options and enabled/connected my bbm like the app says to. any advice?

Loaded fine. Turned on push notification for the Red Sox right around the beginning of their game. Not one notification came through.

Wait, the app doesn't have to be on to get those notifications, does it?

They really screwed it up. my push alerts no longer work. Also I dont have push alerts for ncaa football.


to the poster above me, no it does not have to be running for the alerts to work.

Updated. Enabled BBM integration. Required reboot in order to work but got my Torch bricked due to start up repeatedly. Unable go through pass "e" startup. Disappointed. First crashed ever ever since I got this Torch.