The Score Mobile Updates their BlackBerry Application with even More Sporting Events!

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2009 09:18 am EDT
TheScoreMobile Updated!

A little while ago we told you about the Score Mobile launching their free BlackBerry application for all the sports fans out there. At the time, only a few sports were offered in their catalogue but they promised that more would be added at a later time.

It is now later and they have kept good on their promise. In addition to following NHL, NBA, PGA and the MLB you can now also stay on top of the NFL, NASCAR, MLS, CFL, NCAAB and NCAAF.  What sports nut doesn't want the ability to catch the latest sporting news, stats and scores whenever you wish (you should still try to put the Berry down during...ya know ya know!). The Score Mobile is available via BlackBerry App World or direct from their site.

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The Score Mobile Updates their BlackBerry Application with even More Sporting Events!


I could not get the previous version to work in any usable way on my Storm... this version however seems to work fine. Looks like a good app!

I already had the first version on my phone. I went into the app and there isn't an "Check for Upate" button so what now? Do I download the app again?

I had never heard of "The Score" at all (I first thought "Scores", lol) and it's sponsored by a beer company. I figured it would suck and it did.

Don't download from the BB App Store. The latest version with updated sports is available at

so have they made this not suck for the storm yet? last time i downloaded this app it was not even usable, it took forever just to get it to change sports.

Great app. Wish there were more football leagues (real football not handball) like LFP. Maybe some F1 racing, some MMA. Not complaning though, nice looking app just hope they add some more football leagues and sports in the future =D. Thumbs up