The Score Mobile Launches In App World

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2009 07:45 am EDT
The Score Mobile Launches In App World
This should make some sports fans out there happy. The Score has launched their latest mobile application in BlackBerry App Word, so if you are in need of catching up on sports scores, this application should help you out.

With scores, player stats, access to live blog information and detailed recaps, The Score mobile is a "must have" for sports fans out there. Currently supported sports include MLB, NHL, NBA, and PGA, but The Score has promised more will be added soon. Best of all it comes at no charge and is supported by all current devices including the BlackBerry Storm.

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The Score Mobile Launches In App World


Seems pretty good for the most part. The only trouble I am having with it right now is selecting a leage, its hard to choose each different one with your finger... not sure whats going on with that right now.

Other than that seems to be pretty cool program if you are into staying up to date on NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA sports.

yeah I agree, on the Storm it is almost impossible to change the leagues. I just have the fox sports scores pages for NFL, NHL and MLB bookmarked, easier than this app.

Just downloaded this, and already I love it. There aren't many apps that I'll download, just can't find the use for most of them, but this one is great! Now, all they need to do is add the NFL ASAP, and I'll be on it all day long!

If they add college football, I'll be all over this one. Would love to be able to easily check scores while hanging out at the pool. Downloading anyway in the hopes football and nascar will be on there soon.

mine works well on the storm. if its not on yours, id try the obvious troubleshooting, pull the battery, disable compatibility mode, all the normal steps and see if that doesnt help out.

Not a bad app (kinda clunky on the Storm, though, as stated above), but the app seems very 'Handmark Express from 2005-ish' if anyone remembers that app.

I use Twitter feeds (and Uber) for my local MLB team and ESPN News and also NBA to keep up with what's happening, in a real-time basis. Just seems much more 'alive' than this app.

Maybe it's the fact that this app is slow and clunky on the Storm but I doubt it will stay on my device very long. We'll see......

Seems like everyone's comments say it's not so good on the Storm, but on the Curve and Bold it's great! I know it's real easy to use on my 8330.

It will not update automatically on my bold. I have to manually refresh for it to update. Anyone else with this problem or am I doing something wrong?

In my opinion, ESPN needs to step up their game and put out a GameCast/ESPN MVP Type application for BlackBerry. They have it for standard phones on VZW and they have a ScoreCenter app for iPhone. Time to get on the ball ESPN. With web signals for BlackBerry, you could have solid push content with updates at the minimum, a full blown app is the way they need to go...

I downloaded this from App World for the Storm and it looks really promising. They say there will be updates as the app progresses, most likely being support for college sports. They have time to work on that though, since most college athletics are done for the summer. I'd like to see soccer updates coming in there as their next update. That'd be sweet.

"I'd like to see soccer updates coming in there as their next update."

For real? I hope you are not in the States.

Whate exactly does location have to do with this? Having socer updates on this thing would actually be a make it or break it kind of thing for me. I'm not in the US but regardless of where you are, or whether you call it socer or football, it is still the most popular sport in the world.

I don't call it soccer or football. I call soccer soccer and football football.

I have been to two Olympic Soccer matches, they were actually held in my home town not too long ago so that may help you narrow down where I live.

I am still trying to decide if they were more boring than the one hockey game I have seen in person, I am leaning towards yes.


I am in the states and watch champions league or epl games any day I can on espn2. Its the world's most popular game. Good thing you have a closed mind to other things. Just cause the teams in the US are not as good as the ones overseas, dont knock the game.

It looks to me, for those who have commented before and after me, that the sports they have on there are ones that are currently in season, as to be expected. Id wager that the other sports would be coming with future updates or as that season starts.

If ESPN were to do this, they would probably charge for the app and users would be able to use it on a subscription basis only. Just like they already do with much of their web content.

I have this on my iphone and i absolutely love it. Finally it's here on the blackberry. Only thing I wish they include is the recap streaming videos

Downloaded it to my Pearl and Curve and absolutely love it. Hoping they will add NASCAR and NCAA football and basketball.

This app is outstanding. As soon as they start adding more sports it will be all that anyone could possibly need.

I wasn't able to get MLB. This application needs to be fine tuned before I try it again. Way to many glitches for my Storm...

I think this application is great!!..I love keeping up on the EPL & i get all the info that i need.I have tried other sports apps but keep on coming back to this one.

What a awesome APP.. Times/points spreads etc...and free ? unreal... Nice work... Works great for BB Bold 9700 !