The Score Launches Enhanced Version Of ScoreMobile For BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2009 05:41 pm EDT
The Score Launches Enhanced Version Of ScoreMobile For BlackBerry

The Score has updated their Score Mobile application. Already a popular download in BlackBerry App World, the new features in version 1.2 are something that all sports fans should be able to appreciate, especially now that the fall sports season is well under way. New features include:

  • Tracking of Favourite Leagues - users will be able to manage which sports they choose to see and hide on their device making tracking and staying up to date on their favourite teams easier than ever before
  • Addition of Game Reminders - with two quick clicks, users will be able to add a game to their BlackBerry(R) Calendar so favourite games will never be missed
  • Optimization of Navigation and Display - users can now take advantage of speedier data display and simplified navigation

In addition to the new features added, The Score has also added NFL and NCAA football stats, UEFA Champions League soccer statistics for everyone. You can grab the application now via BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

The Score Launches Enhanced Version Of ScoreMobile For BlackBerry Smartphones


for those of you who already use this often does it update, I.E. If I am sitting in a stadium watching my Auburn Tigers and wanting to know scores to other often do the scores update, Everytime I refresh the app or what? thanks in advance for the replies...

There are refresh settings in the app, for either when its up in front of you or running in the background.

another commenter mentioned that the score update rate is user definable depending on whether yo uhave the app up on the screen or in the background, and he's right. you can set it to refresh as often as every 30 secs.

I used the previous version, and although I would refresh the scores, I noticed there was still a 1-5 minute lag in score updates on the server end.

I have yet to find anything faster than ESPN mobile site. I sometimes check the speed of updates while watching a baseball game, and I have noticed that a lot of times the score is updated even before the runner finishes circling the bases after a home-run. on your phone's browser

I basically set my favorite teams up and their scores are displayed on the home page. Plus, the team and individual stats are more in depth and the play by play is better.

this is nice compared to the last one.
i don't know how long it takes to update but i haven't found it to be too far behind

I've been using for a few days. I tested while watching an NFL game this past weekend. Refreshed and noticed the Quarter's "time remaining" on Score vs. the T.V. was off by about a minute. Not too shabby...and I can live with that. Was having trouble with the Calendar at first and wasn't sure it was I kept pressing the Calendar button. Finally noticed a "+" sign and "-" sign in front If it's a "+ Calendar", it adds to the Calendar. A "- Calendar" will remove it from your calendar. Works great. Great job, folks at Score!

The Calendar does not display like the image above running version 1.2. Is this not offered on the Curve 8330?
Am I doing something wrong?

I really liked the first version and am looking forward to trying out the update. I have found the scores are not that far behind the live game. Definitely close enough when you are at one game trying to follow others. While riding back to Atlanta from Athens, GA last weekend I was able to give play by play updates in the car to everyone else on the USC/Ohio St. game as USC made its game winning drive.

I love this app but I did have one small problem with it. I have a Storm 9530 and when I bring up the menu to exit or close the program, I can't click on "quit" to close it. After 6 trys, it finally closed.

Its not just you or the Storm. I have the 8320 and I am experiencing the same issue. Its not just the quit option though. When u hit the BB menu button and bring up the menu where you can select:news, standings, settings, quit etc, NOTHING works at all in that menu. I never had this happen before the update. Now I cant select anything or even quit the app. EDIT: I deleted the app, downloaded app world, than reinstalled score mobile and it solved my issue. Perhaps the problem is updating it through their website

The original Score program didn't work well with my Storm touch screen. Does the new version work any better? Are the problems that Emtronics and Harry Yambag are having also with the new version? I finally had to just uninstall my original Score program because I couldn't ever get anything to happen with the touch screen.


Unlike ESPN mobile...if your a gambling man like get the spreads..over/under lines etc...and its pretty accurate...!!

I have this app on my Tour. It's so easy to use and I wont miss a game. If you are a sports fan this is a must and it's Free, so what you waiting on go download it. It's best though to down load it through BB app world.