Schlage lowers subscription fee Schlage LiNK home management systems - 3 starter kits up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2010 02:41 pm EDT

Schalge LiNK

The good folks at Schlage let us know that they have now lowered the subscription fee for Schlage LiNK Home Management System. The price of the monthly service has been dropped to $8.99 and in celebration of the new fee, we are giving away 3 Schlage LiNK Starter Kits for CrackBerry readers. The starter kit includes a Schlage wireless keypad lever, Schlage bridge and Schlage light module. Features of the Schlage system include:

  • Remotely grant access to your home from your Blackberry
  • Receive text message or email alerts when codes are entered at the lock
  • Easily add, delete, and change user codes
  • See all activity in the 90 day event log!
  • Add additional Z-Wave devices such as Schlage light modules or the Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat for additional control

Schlage also offers an annual subscription plan for the Schlage LiNK Home Management System. For an annual fee of $99.00, users receive 12 months of service for the price of 11. All new users (monthly & annual subscribers) will also receive 2 free months of service to familiarize themselves with the Schlage LiNK Home Management System. For more information on the Schalge LiNK system, check out our review or

Contest: Leave a comment on this post telling us why you can't live without a Schlage LiNK Home Management System. We'll be giving away 3 starter kits for the best comments. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. Please only leave one comment.

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Reader comments

Schlage lowers subscription fee Schlage LiNK home management systems - 3 starter kits up for grabs!



I live in a pretty small town where there is hardly ever news of break-ins or the such. Yet my Mom insists on locking the front door because she truly believes that as soon as the sun goes down, an axe wielding murderer is going to show up at her house doing everything in his power to get his hands on her VHS tape collection of Little House on the Prairie... Little House being the only thing known to soothe a psycho who's best friend is a 20 pound razor blade with a split personality named Sir Chops-off-your-ding-dong-a-lot.

The problem is that the only person who comes to the house at night is ME!!! Me... her loving, somewhat shy, friendly, axe murdering son??

It wouldn't be so bad if I at least had a key for the door, which of course I don't, I'm not sure if there ever was one to be honest. My Mom probably bought the lock from the same discount bin where she gets those exotic black bananas. I'm sure the package said something like "NEW AND IMPROVED SECURITY FEATURE: What could be more secure than a lock without a key?? Take me home TODAY!!".

Anyways, not having a key means I have to stumble around the side of the house in the dark, ploughing through flower beds, tripping over lawn furniture and occasionally impaling myself upon the pointy red hat of a garden gnome(NEWS FLASH: Travelocity now offering cheap flights to my lower intestines!!!). All this to get to the always unlocked back door... Always unlocked because we all know axe murderers and thieves use front doors only. ;-D

Kidding aside, the back door is only left unlocked because like many of you, our parents home is a gathering place for family and my parents want to make sure that me, my brothers and sister and their families can always drop in when they need to. It would be great to win one of these locks so I could install it at my Mom's house. With all the hard work she does babysitting all my nieces and nephews, it'd be great to give her a gift that would let her rest easier knowing that ALL the doors in her house are locked up tight, yet her family can still come and go without everyone needing a copy of a key... which due to a security feature can't be copied... because it doesn't exist. :-)

Oh yeah, and my Mom's a little cheap. So besides the security benefits of light modules, my Mom would also be able to save a few bucks by turning off all the lights that my sister will undoubtedly leave on. This might just give my Mom the strength she needs to pass by a penny on the ground and not pick it up... but not likely. :-D Hahaha... You know I love you Mom.

Thanks, and here's hopin'!

You guys have the best contests...but I never win. Well, I take that back, I one once. But now is a great time for number 2.

I have wanted one of these systems since the first time I saw it. This is one of the best ideas I think I've seen as it pertains to personal security utilized over the Internet. While I do live in a low-crime rate area, the most frequent crime we have here is home breakins. That is the primary reason I would love to have this. The second, and most important reason is my son. I would love to have the ability to find out when he is home by utilizing this systems ability to track individual codes and alert someone, over the Internet, when they are home. That alone would help for my peace-of-mind concerning my son's safety. Being able to remotely open a lock would be pretty great, also. As I said, this system has peaked my interest since I first saw it - just never been able to convince the wife that it was worth the initial expense. Being able to get the starter kit free would go a long way to being able to implement this at my house to better protect my family (and all the stuff we own).

This is a great site, and I hope you guys keep up the work you're doing. I read your site almost every day and actually learn a lot about my BlackBerry.

This is just what I need. I can't count the number of times I've gone outside for a cigarette and locked myself out. I may forget to unlock the door. I may forget my keys, but I have yet to forget my ever trusty blackberry.
Please, pick me!

I need one because I have 2 grandsons that come over all the time. I also have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I want to know that my home is safe and secure for all of my family. Would be really cool to have the cameras to check on them as well. If I get one I will have to invest in the camera as well.

I need one because I have 2 grandsons that come over all the time. I also have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I want to know that my home is safe and secure for all of my family. Would be really cool to have the cameras to check on them as well. If I get one I will have to invest in the camera also.

...I suppose I could "live" without a Schlage LiNK Home Management System, but would I be happy about it...NO.
My girlfriends brother lives with us. He tends to leave doors unlocked and lights running, when he leaves the house. I don't wanna look like a jerk by constantly telling him bout the lights n doors, cuz he's kinda "not-all-there", on account of the drugs he's used in the past. We're just helpin him out for awhile until he gets himself straightened up and gets situated on his own(however long that takes).
In the meantime, a Schlage LiNK Home Management System would help...a lot. A starter kit would be perfect, to get a feel for the system and possibly upgrade to a more advanced Schlage System in the future.

I woke up one night to hear a low growel from my boxer dog. I looked out the window and noticed a cop car blocking my drive way. I looked out the back window and noticed a police officer standing in my back yard. I decided to go down, let the dogs out and check things out. When I opened the back door they had two people sitting on my porch in handcuffs! Turns out, a group of kids were breaking into houses and vehicles on my road and they decided to hide out in my back yard! Needless to say, my wife does not feel safe! I think this would help her. Thanks CB!

Ok, I haven't been a crackberry user very long. My first is the 9650 which as you know is new. Since then, I have signed up for all contests at Still haven't won anything. However this Schlage system looks to be one item that I can't live without. I think this may be better than winning the Torch (no I didn't win it unfortunately). Please let this awesome security item be mine!

Thanks in advance.

Oh my God! As soon as we leave the house, the first thing my wife bugs me about is "Did I lock the door?" usually followed by "Did I turn off the [oven/coffee pot/other potential fire hazard]?" If I had a Schlage link kit, I could keep her quiet, keep my sanity, and not have to turn around after 20 miles into my vacation just to check the door!

Who has a lot of friends who are not so trustworthy. Would like to be able to keep track of when people come and go in the house.

This is the perfect solution. We have a keycode door lock, but the security is laughable at best. This adds a welcome level of security and technology. Even if I don't win I'm going to look into getting this.

I would absolutely love to use this system. I work nights (6p-6a) and my wife just had our 2nd child (a 4yr old, and now a newborn... both girls! I'm outnumbered!)

Anyhow she's always on the run, and when she goes back to work soon she will be coming home at dark. This would make it so she wouldn't have to fish for her house key while holding the newborns car seat + dealing with a 4yr old who wants to "get in the house first" as usual!

to top it off she's a die hard Crackberry user so this would be just another reason to support her Crackberry

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to everyone!

I can't live without Schlage LiNK because I'm a gadget geek and want to have the newest technology available.

This would go well with my home automation theme. Recently installed networked thermostat, along with internet capable (google powermeter) energy this new Schlage system would complete the package.

I had an extremely pithy comment ready to post, but then I thought that if I won this it would hurt my chances to win a Torch, so I deleted it...

Oh, well, I'll re-post it after I win the Torch.

W/ 2 little ones, this would make life so much easier. I would be able to turn the lights on, unlock the door, have the girls let themselves in while I grab all of their gear/ grocery bags/ gym bag etc. I love technology :)

My wife is an idiot. Not the normal idiot but an amazing idiot. At least 4 times a week, she either forgets to lock the door to the house, or she locks herself out. We have hidden many keys around our home but she can't remember where they are. When she calls me and I give her the location of a key it is often not there because after she used it last she left it in the house. This would be a great item for me! I will save a lot of money by not needing to leave work to let her in the house once to twice a week.

i have several buildings that I manage and i can't tell you how often I hear that they can't get in the main door, I have to stop what i'm doing drive over unlock the door and go about my day... this would be AMAZING!!

Why can't I live without Schlage LiNK? I seems to me that every parents worst nightmare is their kid going off to school and losing their keys to the house. I've lived that nightmare over and over. This system would allow me make keys obsolete and my "castle" a safer place to come home to without the worry of someone finding the keys and taking all my stuff. I like my stuff and I love my kid. Their a great part of my life. Please pick me and help me protect what is valuable. Thank you.

at my house there is me and 5 other family member in my house and we all have blackberry, would be great for getting in and out of the house or locking up if we forget

I'm always going back through the house to check if my doors are locked. I'll even go so far as to back down the street after leaving to recheck the house. This would be an awesome way to save some time and restore my peace of mind.

...But the startup cost was too high back then. I travel frequently, and having the ability to remotely grant access would be a very useful tool while I'm sitting in some airport. It also has a camera you can add on for remote viewing of who is at the door, which I would definitely add. My boys are getting old enough that they can walk themselves home from school, but I'd still like to know that they made it home safe, so remote notification is another very useful feature. My alarm company doesn't even do that. Thanks for the opportunity!

...But the startup cost was too high back then. I travel frequently, and having the ability to remotely grant access would be a very useful tool while I'm sitting in some airport. It also has a camera you can add on for remote viewing of who is at the door, which I would definitely add. My boys are getting old enough that they can walk themselves home from school, but I'd still like to know that they made it home safe, so remote notification is another very useful feature. My alarm company doesn't even do that. Thanks for the opportunity!

I have 4 kids starting school shortly. During the last school year they have lost a total of 14 sets of keys to the house, which means the door locks had to be changed 14 times because who knows who has gotten those keys. The kids have also left the door unlock countless times on their way to school, not a good idea with no on in the house till they get back from school. Lots of things can be taken in that period of time. So the reason I am in need of Schlage LiNK Home Management System is to not have to replace the door locks every time the kids loos the keys and to make sure, remotely of course, that the door is locked after the kids have gone to school. Also as an added bonus, for my peace of mind, to know when and which child got home from school and that they are safe.

Thank you for your consideration.

Living in my first home in a college town, i've taken on two renters. I'd love to be able to better control access to my home by not handing out keys that can be duplicated at the corner hardware store. I've been looking at this product for some time now and the price has been the big hold up, I realize peace of mind comes at a price but i'd REALLY have peace of mind if i won the free starter kit!

This would really be great to have right now but I could never afford to buy this on my own. I have lost my full time job and working a few part time jobs to just make ends meet for my family. This would really be great. I can not even afford to get a upgraded blackberry from Verizon. I got give me a Droid for free but missed my storm so much I sent the Droid back!!

Times are tough, and I'm falling apart. The economy's been hard on me. I had to sell three of my 82" LCD TVs from my guest house and cancel a couple 3D sets I pre-ordered. Two of my maids quit. So, my landscaper had to work overtime in order to finish the yard AND sterilize the workout room. And then, I had to hear about how he missed the birth of his first grandson. I'm sorry for wanting to keep fit. A 75 year old immigrant should appreciate the importance of good health. All this stress means I spend more time talking to my life coach and less time buying shaman harvested glacier water that's been melted, bottled, shipped, frozen, and then melted again. Worst of all, I had to fire my personal security guards. So now, how am I supposed to protect my collection of rare helicopters? I figure having some stupid little computerized robot door lock gizmo will help. So pick me or whatever. One last thing, do you guys make this for iPhone?

This would be a life change for me. My girlfriend seems to think on random nights at 3am that someone somehow managed to break into our house. she makes me run downstairs (with a knife!) to check the house.

When we leave the house, there are numerous occasions that we have to turn around "just to make sure" that the house is locked.

Yes, we live in the city, but not in a miserable neighborhood.

And yes, we have also been locked out of our own house because of out own stupidity.

This would honestly be a life changer :)

Having just watched 16 hours of reruns of Buffy, I realize the true danger of vampires in the home. Obviously, they can bite you leaving unsightly marks - I mean, you thought hickeys were embarrassing! However, they can also destroy your house during the inevitable battle to get that stake in the heart.

Anyway, you can usually hear a vampire milling about in your backyard. They even knock. Once you've invited them in, they just keep coming back.

I get a little tired of them sometimes. I mean, I gave them my lock code since I knew they would just break the door down if I didn't. How am I supposed to know if there's one in the house when I come home from work.

Easy. With the Schlage LiNK system, I can check and see when the last one checked in. Since I know they get bored easily, if more than 20 minutes have passed, I can enter safely - even without my key.

Even if they decide to camp out, I just pop open the lock and the lights come on... goodbye vampire. They hate light.

The Schlage LiNK system lets me live with vampires in perfect harmony. Now if I could just get it to scare away that old girlfriend!

I would love to win this so that when I'm on call and have to leave the house in the middle of the night I will know if someone is messing around with the door lock while the girlfriend and kids are asleep.

Please enter me in the contest. I have four daughters and a wife who occasionally need the house unlocked, and I don't like to leave a house key "hidden" on the outside of the house. Knowing when one of my daughters gets home is a great peace-of-mind factor as well.

I would love to have this because I live in an older house & I tour constantly. It would be nice to know that my girl & our son are safer while I am on the road. Also, we both have blackberry phones so if she forgot her keys (and her phone! god forbid) I would be able to let her in the house. It would also be nice for my parents or a babysitter.

Got my girlfriend moving in in a few weeks, I work nights (8pm - 6am), girlfriend is a ditz and will lock herself out of the house. This would save me time, energy, money (gas), milage and sanity. Thanks.

I own a purple monkey and I'm getting tired of rushing home from work to let the oompa loompas out to go pee. I need one of these to help narfle the garthok. It might also help save some orphan pterodactyls. I appreciate your consideration, and know you will make the right choice.

I would love to have this because it would make life easier, and my son has a disability, and it affects his fine motor skills, and he always has to lock the door every time he goes outside even it put the garbage in the garage, and my wife and i would know when he gets home from school and if he does out.
Thank you for the chance to win

That would be so awesome. . . gotta get one. The apartments where I live had a couple issues with their maintenance people stealing stuff. Having something like this would allow me to know who is entering my door and when. . . no longer have to worry about that happening or someone easily breaking the crud lock on the door.

I live in a home with 2 elderly parents. Both work, and are away from home most of the day. They have 3 grandkids, who always visit. My dad would love this app on his blackberry. I would love it on mine too, but I think he needs it more. Just for piece of mind, and safety and security.
Thanks crackberry

This would be perfect for my family as we are trying to let the children be more independent. This will allow them the freedom to come and go, and still leave us with some level of monitoring and assistance.

This would be perfect for my family as we are trying to let the children be more independent. This will allow them the freedom to come and go, and still leave us with some level of monitoring and assistance.


I operate a non-profit organisation in my house for Alzheimers. Instead of duplicating keys for volunteers, visitors, meetings and rekeying everytime someone leaves, which is going to be costly.. I'd rather invest in a Schlage system with keycodes for individuals. It will also enable me to help people enter my house on the off days when I'm not in remotely.

This would be a godsend for me if Schlage can give me the prize as it would help me and my volunteers in ways you cannot imagine.

This would be great for me! I keep forgetting to lock my front door and this would be the best. Also, I have a sneeky landlord who has a key to my place, with this I could prove that she is coming in when I'm not home!! This would be great to have :)

I cant live without a Schlage LiNK Home Management System because I'm always leaving my keys laying somewhere, But I'll NEVER leave my precious BlackBerry anywhere other than by my side! That would be like leaving the house without my pants!, its just not going to happen.

This would be a godsend for my wife, who routinely makes me drive halfway across town because she locked her keys in the house. Again. Or making us turn around and go back home because we didn't turn on the light, or turned the wrong light on. Now she would have to come up with another devious way to torture me.

This looks amazing! I live with my girlfriend we don't have the greatest of memories when running out of the house to rush to work. There have been many times I've had to scale the side of the house to climb up to our balcony. We both use smartphones and would be spectacular to use while on the way to work, just to 'double check' on the way to work. This would also help since we don't live in the best of neighborhoods. It's not fun leaving our balcony door open 'just in case' someone were to try our backup plan of entry.

Thanks for the contests!

I have so many people who are constantly dropping by, staying the night, and finding a little R & R at my house. I would love to have this because of the ease of changing codes. I can set them up with their own code, and know when they come and go!! No more giving out my garage door keypad code!!!

Well I just had surgery, and I won't be able to move around too much for about 2 weeks.

This would be great for when I'm recovered because I would be barely at home, and everybody else would be out the house.

Instead of everybody having to carry keys which they usually lose, it would be simple and much more secure to be able to unlock it using this device.

It would create peace of mind for our whole family!

i live alone and always forget my keys... so i simply can't live without Schlage LiNK Home Management System

I think this would go right in line with my viper start smart
I had priced these out then was detered by the fees, but free hardware. Is the ultimate leveler. with 4 kids, no more walking to the door or yelling to check and lock it. However, stopping the neighborhood kids, and there parents, from waltzing in would be great... Next feature implimentation should be a STUN setting for certain codes/wrong code (stop them in there tracks) Berry B-Ware. I'd be a true king in my house!

I cant live without my Schlage, because without it, I cant get in my house... no really... I cant get in...

Just moved into a new apartment and spoilt myself with a really comfy lazEboy, with one of the cupholders exclusively for the bb. would love not to have to get up to open the door for anyone! PICK ME PLEAAASE CB!

I need this because I'm expecting my first child and my girlfriend is afraid to be home by herself never mind after our child is born. Having this would give her the piece of mind she needs.

Sometime I pull into my driveway and the problem is my house key and car key are on the same ring. I don't want to shut off the car because I'm just running inside for a second. This would be awesome. Also, living out in the country, I'd like to know who is going in my house.

I can't live without this because I am a geek. This is one of the greatest things and would make my Geek castle even better! Please choose me.

Great replacement for when the kids "forget" their keys or lose them. I can open the door from where ever I am at. Maybe have to make them beg a little first. Like when it is freezing cold or pouring rain let them wait a little bit.

Because my kids get locked out of the house almost everyday. If i can let them in from work it would b money in the bank!

The Schlage system would mean a lot to my family. With 2 teenagers that don't want to carry keys it would allow us to keep the door locked with hiding a key and keep track of times everyone is coming in. It sounds great and I use Schlage locks on all of the doors.

i have been looking at a range of security and home automation solutions. This would be an excellent prize to get me started in the right direction especially with a new baby on the way. I really love that it is abel to be controlled from a blackberry since most of my family has one. Thanks for another great contest, and I will keep my fingers crossed.

My husband and I have been researching and wanting to try this out. We have two daughters that we prefer not carry a key around with them and it will help us to know exactly when they are home from school if we are not there yet. It would also allow us to collect our keys back from our mother’s, who help out with our daughters and at the house.

With my daughter going back to school it would be great to know when she let herself into the house.

The security features are excellent and everyone knows of the Schlage reputation.

The real reason I want it is to randomly change the code and get back at the wife for burning the chicken cutlets and to make sure "the milkman" doesn't deliver when I am at work, LOL.

Great system, I want one!

I travel a lot, and would love to have the piece of mind of knowing when my door is locked or unlocked. I really would love to have the piece of mind of knowing that my door is securely locked.

Also, I am having some work done on my house. I'd love to be able to let them in with a unique code, and know that when the work is done, that code expires.

My house once had a previous owner. it would be good to know that the lock on the front door is unique to my family.

This would be awesome to get since I will be traveling for work for the next year in Africa and China. This way I can keep tabs on things at home in the US and easily expand the system to meet all my needs. It's like making my house the automated home of the future! :)

I can't live without a Schlage LiNK because I crave the urge to know that my home is safe and/or if someone is entering my place. I sometimes have unannounced family who comes to my place when I'm not home, and I'd love to be able to manage that remotely via my BB. This home automation business is something I want to dive right into, and this would be an excellent start on it.

Insert funny or witty comment here, alternately insert sad story while I need this and/or explanation how I work in a field this would be helpful to test out.

My father-in-law routinely uses my house as a pitt stop while my wife and I are at work.

Some times I return home to find missing snack food and/or clogged toilets.

Knowing I receive an Email from the Schlage LiNK Starter Kit every time he enters my home might make him a bit more honest about his actions in my home, that is why I would like to win one.

i travel alot for work and this would be nice to be able to let people in to work on my house without having to leave a key under the mat (first place crooks look) or leave one with the actual workers (gasp). would also be nice to let the cleaners in without them having a key. security security!!! isnt that what blackberries are all about? LOL

I work about an hour away from my home. I have a small dog that has to stay in a kennel all day. My mom lives close and she stops by during the day to let him go outside for a "walk". Sometimes I wonder if she goes every day like she tells me she does. Also, the area that I live in is very dark at night and it would be great to be able to enter my unlock code and have a light come on. That would keep me from having to leave lights on all day and maybe even save a little money. Like I said this product has so many ways that it could help with my situation. A dream product.

The little rugrats in my neighbourhood are getting training lessons from the devil so they're starting to break into the sheds in the area. I'm getting nervous they're soon going to try to get into the houses.

This would be a handy-dandy option for those of us who have kids that lock themselves out of the house....again

With the wife working and going to school, and me trying to sustain two jobs this would help bring peace of mind knowing my son has left,and locked the door plus we would know when he returned. Please consider my post. Peace.

this product is amazing. especially for a family with kids. plus it helps eliminate one more piece of clutter from our day to day society, all we need is a key fob and push button for our cars and we sync all our music with our blackberrys why not add one more feature to our phone. i love that my blackberry has eliminated so much from my life by simply fitting it in one nice package

I will just delete the girls profile when I dont want her coming over anymore. PERFECT solution! Sign me up!

I will just delete the girls profile when I dont want her coming over anymore. PERFECT solution! Sign me up!

I work away from home for a week at a time and it would be great to be able to let people in to check on my house, and also to be able to monitor to see if those that say they are going are really going.

Three times this month, so far, I've had to drive home from work to let my wife in who locked herself out when she took our dog for a walk! Neighbobrs have copies of our keys but they are all at work too. This could potentially save our marriage! :)

You should definitely give me the system because currently between myself and my three roommates we only have one key to the house but each of us have a blackberry.

As a college student and working part time im always on the go, constantly forgetting things and to lock things... It be nice when Im in class and remember the doors are unlock to just pull out my Bold and lock the door... and when im on break and need to let someone in I can do that without leaving a key laying around for just anyone to find...

As the father of 4 (3teenagers 1 near teen) the front door should be a revolving door at my house. Seems the front door is open and closed more than the fridge! (Is that possible? Does Schlage make fridge locks?) To the point...with this lock system and the powers it provides I could monitor, manage, CONTROL the "Who's home and when" situation! (Rubbing hands together and hunching like a sinister villain trying to take over his personal world!)...The additional ability of adding a camera to SEE who is there would be great! Mom is a kid taxi driver (Football, soccer, cheer) on the road a ton. I am at the office making money to feed this crew, pay for gasoline to haul them around.....This system fits my needs and would be wonderful, thanks for the chance to win one of the three.

Of course keys are obsolete. You can lose them. Bad guys can "bump" locks. We all need to rethink our home security (so our Blackberry accessories won't get stolen.)

Schlage has made a good start by giving us a "connected" door lock.

My family somehow loses keys and we have to find ways to break into the house instead of just unlocking it like normal people. This would definitely come in handy!

I just had a baby girl a month ago and this system will let me monitor my home while I am away!!! I can keep an eye on my two favorite girls, my wife and daughter.

I would love to have the power of controlling security and hands-free operation right from my BlackBerry. This puts a key & lock back in the middle ages! All jokes aside, this would be handy for any household who likes to have the most up-to date remote locking system out on the market. Cheers!

Being a newlywed, this would be a great help for my wife getting in and out of the house and feeling secure about her new home (she moved into my house).

Please count me in!

Hi Guys,

Please I really need one of these, I love my beautiful wife but she always forgets to close the door when she leaves the house, and she has lost her keys 4 times already, 3 of them I have had to leave the office just to open the house for her and last year we got robed and although I cannot say for sure she left the door open I am almost sure that is what happened as the door was not forced or anything... where does she have her head?!?! I mean, I know where but come on... I will love to to keep her so I really really need one of these, otherwise, is anyone interested in a cute, funny and beautiful wife? cooks good too! I'll make you a good deal (I promiss I'll not tell the mother in law who bought her!), open to trades, looking for automatic laundry machine plus microwave oven, will add cash to the trade if necessary... :-)

I have 2 kids and one absent minded wife that frequently forget many things from keys to sunglasses this would be handy peace of mind

I currently use the non-link Schalege lock for my vacation rental, Makes it easy no keys to mess with but I have to program many codes into the lock and dole them out to renters. Sometimes im not there for months to be able to delete old codes. This would be an ideal way for me to remotely manage who has access and when

Dear Crackberry,
My wife and I just bought our first house this April! We also are welcoming our son this December and would love to have this as extra protection and piece of mine!!


I've got four kids all going in different directions. My life is chaos. It would be awesome to have this system in place to know when codes are entered via sms.

Okay Thanks,

this is def needed at my place. i have friends that call me all the time that need a place to crash when im not home. either they are to drunk to drive to far or just need a place to stay the night. i could just let them in using my bb.

Several years ago I bought up several X10 modules for door/window alarms and lighting contols with the hopes of doing what you've described in the video on this product but the products were difficult to access remotely and there were no door keypads available of any reliable quality.

I believe remote monitoring the home for entry is something that should appeal to just about anyone if they had a chance to see it in action.

Adding the blackberry access makes it even better!

Coming from a trusted security brand like SCHLAGE is the only way I would install something like this on my home.

I would love to win the starter kit to renew my interest in this technology and demonstrate to my friends and colleagues!

Thanks for the opportunity.


The missus and I often find ourselves needing to be out of town for several days at a time, leaving either our kids (who live a few miles away) or a neighbor (mostly unavailable) to stop by daily to take care of the pets. The kids have a habit of stopping by several times a day to make themselves "at home" (consuming all the food and drink in the house!) - Oh what salvation to have an access audit trail, or even better yet, have them text message us when they arrive so we can remotely grant them access! Think how happy the critters would be :)

Would I love to win one of these? Absolutely!
Would I put it to good use? Absolutely!
Would it also satiate the geek need? Pretty likely :)

Thanks for your consideration!

I had a home invasion 2 years ago. Got an alarm system but had to make compromises because of pets, house sitters and roommates/tenants. As a mom-to-be, I will have to start taking the security of my home and my family to a whole new level. I have already started implementing my own managed home surveillence system and started with home automation where possible. The age of the house and my budget limits me though. When it comes to access to anything, remote is the only way to go these days. I work in IT and am constantly having to figure out how to change and track devices and their behaviors without actually being there. This system is a great start to providing families with peace of mind while taking home automation into the feature with seamless integration. I hope I win, but even if I don't, I'm glad for someone to be able to take advantage of such an opportunity that maybe they normally would not have the means to upgrade to. Thanks and Schlage.

Hmmm. Why I can't live without it is an interesting question considering I didn't know this existed until 3 minutes ago. I think I can answer the question anyhow. Two words...teenage daughter! I never know who is showing up at my door but I usually can tell who they are looking for. I will try anything that adds to my peace of mind and home security! I want to keep my family safe but also be able to let in contractors and invited guests who get to the house when I am not home. Did I mention I have a teenage daughter? Need I say more on that subject??? I'm not "big brother," just a husband and a father. I take the role seriously and would welcome the opportunity to try the LiNK Home Management System for myself. Seems like a great tool to help protect my "assets."

I don't live in that nice of a neighborhood and this system would be nice to have when me and my family drive up to the house!

I just found out about this. I think this product is awesome! Schlage is an awesome company and its product is undeniably, the best. I'm in the law enforcement field and feel safe knowing that my family is safe due to all my locks at my house being schlage! Being a CrackBerry addict, it would be nice to remotely control the locks.

I have three children still living home ages 24, 22 and 21. Do you know what they do? They leave doors unlocked! Please send me this so I have some control!

Thank you SO much!


Mainly because my poor ole dogs dogs at home are getting so old now that they either can't hear someone trying to get in or they don't care. With Schlage Link Home Management System, I'd feel much safer, especially when my daughter comes home after school alone.

I already use this lock on our back door for our school age children (all 5) so that we don't have to worry about keys. They all have their own lock codes.
Adding wireless management and another lock-set on the front door would complete the package. My Blackberry is always with me but my keys, not so much.

I travel a lot for work and it would be nice to be able to unlock doors remotely to let someone in if something needs to be checked or fixed and I can't be there.

I am deploying in December and have been planing on getting this set up in my house. I have a renter and this would allow me to keep an eye on things while I am gone. Not a bad system. Hope I win.

I have a cabin in remote Northern Wisconsin. I always have trades people working on the place, so with this system, I can just beep them in. No need to worry about how many keys they gave out to their beer buddies. My situation is a great testimonial for the importance of the Schlage Link System.

being diagnosed with ptsd from serving in afganistan, i am constantly parinoid about my safety and my wifes safety. with us now trying to have a child. my anxiety is at a all time high. i believe this will help end some of my pain. thank you for this oppertunity. sorry my spelling is horrible

I need this system to protect my home due to my mother having brain cancer and to protect our valueables. This would be the win of a lifetime. I can only pray that we can win this.

This would be awesome with two kids and a wife who always is forgetting her keys or locking herself out I would be able to let her in. We got a car with the keyless lock and she can not remember her code and she has to call me all the time. If I could do this from my blackberry ... wow what a time saver. Also since we live on a main road security is a priority. I would love to know who and when someone enters the house. Finally with two kids they are not like me when I was a kid and had the key around my neck. They can remember the cell phone and every damn Jonas Brother song but do they remember to grab there keys or lock the door. No WAY ... this little piece of mind would help me tremendously.

What a way to monitor and protect your house while you are away. Being able to grant access when needed for a specific amount of time, then being able to monitor what they do while in your house.

There are a couple reasons that the Schlage LiNK home management solutions would be the Perfect Solution for me! For starters during a recent camping trip with my family our house was broken into and robbed. They entered in through our front door which would have triggered a Schlage set up and notified me on my Storm2. Lucky for us we were all safe and they didn't get much, although, to have the local authorities catch them would have been and still would be great! My second reason is one too many times have I walked out the front door of my house thinking myself or my wife have our keys, only to find out there they sit on the table! It would be so great to remotely access our front door and get back in. So between asking the guy/gal who broke into my house for the best way to gain access or adding the Schlage LiNK home management solutions to my house to gain access, I'll take the later! Please crackberry give me some peace of mind and pick me for this great prize!

I would love to get one of these. I'm getting ready to start a new job that is in a different city. My wife and 8 year old and 6 year old will be staying behind. With this I would get some peace of mind being able to tell when they were home and if the door is locked or not. Being in Houston is not the safest of places but I could sleep somewhat better with something like this to help "watch" over them.

I live 45 minutes from my job, and I recently drove an hour and a half roundtrip over my lunchbreak to unlock my front door when my fiancée locked herself out! This would be a lifesaver!!

I would love to use this as a way to track my employees when they come in. I would also be able to know if anyone was trying to steal parts or do things behind my back. Works well enough maybe I will use it on all the offices.

in the last 2 months, i have had to come home and unlock our home for our teenage sons 3 times!! after the first time i made them ned keys and made an extra and left it hidden outside. i guess i shouldnt have told them where it was because after one of them lost their keys again, he started using the hidden key! guess what happened??? lost it again...trip two....
the other teenager lost his set again...looked for the hidden key (which the other had already lost) trip 3!!
im at my wits end!!

I have lost my house key enough to have put the lock smith's children to one fine institution of higher learning.

As much as I like to promote higher education I would also like to hold on to a little more of my take home pay.

I am a Network/BES Admin who works long hours. I am constantly worried about my wife and 6 month old daughter while working late. This product would give me a little more piece of mind by letting me know my home is secure.

I like to refer to myself as a blackberry preacher as well. I basically preach the good word of blackberry to anyone that will listen. This seems to be a great product to add to the long list of reasons to tell people how great blackberry is.

Talk about practical devices ... this is it! Greatest invention since the key under the rock next to the back door trick. The lower subscription fee makes it that much more worthwhile. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free starter kit!

My home was broken into in the past, and I'm still looking for a effective yet not too intrusive to day to day operations security solution for my front door and garage side door.

This Schlage link product looks very promising and I would be more than thrilled if would grant the opportunity for me to try this out to better secure my home and family.



I would love to get this starter kit. I was just looking at the LiNK system last week and was considering getting it for my home, but I was concerned with the startup cost - this would definitely help. It'd be great to use this especially since I travel a lot!

My home is about 20 miles in the country and my son just moved 5 hours away to his moms. It would be great to remotely grant service type people access to my home while I am at work.

I hate carrying house keys. My car keys have enough keys on them as it is. When I get home the last thing I want is to fight with my keys to open the door.

I am never without my BB. This device would make my life just a little bit easier and happier.

Thanks for the chance to win.

I am eager to get a zwave network started. I'm a first time homeowner and a third time BB owner!! I would love to be able to keep tabs on my home and allow family access. I travel frequently anand my family like to visit. I'd like to be able to open my home to them literally, from wherever I might b. My home is very cozy and this would mean a lot to my family and extended family.

It would me a lot to me to know that my BB and a bit of technology could help bring my family closer and to help us share when we have to be apart. Love family and love my BB...

Having 3 young kids, its not always easy to pull out keys and unlock the door while chasing the kids. I could remotely unlock the door before even getting out of the car!

Would love to have this as I am buying a new house I have 3 school age children. The oldest(17) has a bad habit of leaving the front door unlocked and forgetting her key. I work over an hour away it would give me peace of mind with added security and the ability to let the kids in the house when they forget the keys.

if my folks new the times i got home some night i'de die twice. but if you see me worthy of your endowment i will save it for a later time when such dangers do not exist. cheers.

No more extra keys- that would be NICE! I have one key on my key chain and that's for my car... I cant count the number of times that I have been locked out of the house. This would solve that problem.

I can't live without a Schlage LiNK Home Management System because...

A. I recently purchased my parents home (they are handicapped and can not handle the stairs in a tri level) so that they can buy a ranch that better suits their needs (the housing market here in Michigan would not support a fast enough transaction for them to be able for them to put in an offer with confidence). I recently discovered that my sister and brother in law that lived with my parents still have a key to my home. They let themselves into my home while I was away. Since I definitely have to change all of the locks I can not imagine a more perfect and secure solution to start with other than the Schlage LiNK Home Management System .

B. Due to my relocation my commute to work is now over an hour so if I ever forget to lock up there is no running home on lunch to rectify the situation but with a Schlage LiNK Home Management System I could have the piece of mind to verify my home was secure from wherever I am at.

C. I have entered to win one of these Schlage LiNK Home Management Systems every time it has been offered and have missed each and every time lol.

Heres hoping, wish me luck.

Thanks for another great opportunity Crackberry!

As a future single mother, having this would mean that I could keep an eye out when my kids get home to make sure they are safe and the doors are locked! This is essential!

I need one of these for the reason is I am tired of having my locks rre-keyed on a monthly basis because of the people that work for me loosing there keys. Plus I would love for this to be the first contest win.

Here I am again submitting my view(s), opinion(s), and/or comment(s) looking or the illusive "freebie". C'MON CB, hook up a berry addict!

Ahhh, now that I've got that off my chest.

How about announcing me as the WINNER?!


Quite frankly, I am tired of my roommates going into my room, borrowing things without telling me and when I go to find them, they are not where I left them. Sometimes my roommates won't even admit they took the item. I know, you are all going to be "why not MOVE OUT" I signed a release before I knew this. So the Schlage LiNK systeem would be used on fend off my roommates. Yes I know I'd have to replace the door or whatever once we do move out, but it would be worth it.

Hello. I would really be interested in this. I have a son who is at that age where he will be coming home from school before a parent gets there. It would be extremely comforting to know that he gets home safely everyday. Especially since I know there will be times where he will fail to call and say "Dad, I'm home" - so I would be very appreciative if I were to win. Good luck everyone. And to be able to do all kinds of tasks from my BB, PRICELESS

My adult brother moved in with me and my family and seriously folks, it's like having a teenager. He's in his 40's and leaves the garage open, doesn't lock the door...etc. He's a great person but these faults are endangering my family and straining our relationship I am constantly nagging him did you lock this, don't forget if I win, I am putting one on the door to the house from the garage, the front door and MY ROOM. I hate people going into my room and taking things. I know he and the kids go in there because things disappear. and everyone not me. Yeah, it's the friggin ghost.

It would be great to get a full night of sleep without having to jump up when I hear him leave at all hours wondering if he locked everything or not. The part I love when he will walk out just for a moment and locks himself out hald dressed...ha ha. He can sit outside until I decide to grant him access :) because I will be the master code controller. And I know my family and my room will be secure.

I definitely could use it!

I would love to showcase this as part of my new mobile tech/instruction service. I teach people how to more effectively utilize the features of their smartphones, specifically CrackBerrys, and this would be a MAJOR selling point for both Schlage & RIM if I could showcase this to my current and potential clients. Plus, it would prove to my wife that me starting my own business in the wireless/mobile tech world was actually a better decision than going back to work in restaurants 18 hours/day 7 days/week. Please throw me a bone here? Thanks for your support.

I'm a Single Dad of a really cool 11 year old son. I canmt swing renters insurance. I connect w/ my son through music. I have a mini studio of some costly gear. The house is pretty old and the locks are premative skeleton key w/ a old dead bolt. I sweat it everytime I leave if our bonding source is Gunna be there when we get home. Could definitly use a locking system. I am pretty tecky so I'll give your tech support nothing to do on my end. Thanks for considering me . -Don Freeman. Ps sorry no punctuation, I'm enyering contest via my BB. Eveytime I hit the return key to indent a paragraph, it refreshes the page. Takes forever to load. Can't wait for 6.0 . I hop this system is ready for it.

where all the post yall. this is such a great product. when the torch was on contest thousands entered, and this is a great contest too. we all have blackberrys so we all can use this as well. it goes with the bb being a secure device and so will our asses. oh well. just crusin around and noticed this. Holla

The geeky cool future of home security... Plus it's gotta be alot easier to control with a blackberry instead of flipping through all the keys and trying to read whats ingraved on them to find the right one, just grab the phone!! :) i'd try it

............... that i have all my dj eqipment and my PC in my man cave which is hidden deep inside my garage outside. with this systems, i can feel happy that i know its safe from robbers and the wife.

I believe it was a Valentines Day contest. I believe the person that won wrote a rather lengthy winning comment for the system ha ha. Maybe I can win this time ;-)

I'd love to have this - I've had stuff stolen from my house when I've (mistakenly) left it unlocked. Oddly, when I left the office unlocked nothing happened!

The schlage LiNk system would give me peace of mind knowing that I can lock the front door remotely and monitor how many times someone has open the door. In addition, most of all for my wife’s relative that visit they always want to leave through the front door and they always leave the door unlocked, with this system they can lock the door once they have left with a push of a button. I would love to have one to install today.

you live, you learn, and then you get schlage link home management system..(rolls right off the tongue).

you live, you learn, and then you get schlage link home management system..(rolls right off the tongue).

I've been looking for a cool solution for my workplace! Would love to get one of these! Count me in!

Besides my tin-foil hat, the Schlage Link would be a great way to protect myself from the upcoming alien invasion.... or you know... just to keep the doors locked!

I'm on the chopping block at work for my blackberry due to 'cost saving' initiatives.

If I won this and got it setup, I believe I'd get to keep my berry.

My kid is also starting JK this year and we'll have a person taking him home daily until we get home. This would be great to see when they get home and not have to worry about keys. (huge plus)

The camera would be awesome for keeping an eye on the dogs.

I could get rid of the plug in timers for controlling the lights in the house. (what a pain in the butt... how sweet would it be to do on a BB on the fly???!?!?!?!?)

*fingers crossed*

As someone who travels and experienced the unfortunate pain of a break-in, this would be wonderful for my piece of mind!

This would be great for when my family constantly keeps loosing their key. Also remotely able to unlock your door is just so freaking cool!. I would love one of these.

My best friends mom has a house in Orlando and her 'bad' son keeps mooching off her when she's away. They run up the electric bill to over $500 and leave the place trashed. My friend and I have been looking at the basic ones without wireless. But this would be great to be able to chage the codes and be able to keep him and others out. This would help out my 2nd mom so much. Thanks for a chance.