Schlage lowers subscription fee Schlage LiNK home management systems - 3 starter kits up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2010 02:41 pm EDT

Schalge LiNK

The good folks at Schlage let us know that they have now lowered the subscription fee for Schlage LiNK Home Management System. The price of the monthly service has been dropped to $8.99 and in celebration of the new fee, we are giving away 3 Schlage LiNK Starter Kits for CrackBerry readers. The starter kit includes a Schlage wireless keypad lever, Schlage bridge and Schlage light module. Features of the Schlage system include:

  • Remotely grant access to your home from your Blackberry
  • Receive text message or email alerts when codes are entered at the lock
  • Easily add, delete, and change user codes
  • See all activity in the 90 day event log!
  • Add additional Z-Wave devices such as Schlage light modules or the Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat for additional control

Schlage also offers an annual subscription plan for the Schlage LiNK Home Management System. For an annual fee of $99.00, users receive 12 months of service for the price of 11. All new users (monthly & annual subscribers) will also receive 2 free months of service to familiarize themselves with the Schlage LiNK Home Management System. For more information on the Schalge LiNK system, check out our review or

Contest: Leave a comment on this post telling us why you can't live without a Schlage LiNK Home Management System. We'll be giving away 3 starter kits for the best comments. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. Please only leave one comment.

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Reader comments

Schlage lowers subscription fee Schlage LiNK home management systems - 3 starter kits up for grabs!



I need this so I can keep my wife from busting the lock open with her police-issued 12 gauge every time she forgets her keys!

I was a member of Dallas Police, and now I am in the private sector as a PPO, personal protction officer, and would love to check this out!!!

This would be nice to have, to have some piece of mind knowing when someone is trying to enter numbers in the key pad. I great way to make me feel more secure and that my family is more secure. I know this isn't to replace a security system, but a great start.
Please consider me.

I never have to worry about locking myself out again! I ALWAYS have my BB, wish I could say the same for my keys!

I would love to have one of these to know that my school age children have arrived home safely. Working and having the peace of mind knowing that they are safe and sound would be a relief. I would add a camera to be able to monitor them until I got home.

I never have to worry about locking myself out again! I ALWAYS have my BB, wish I could say the same for my keys!

Anyway to automate more, I'LL TAKE IT.. on top of which by using my BLACKBERRY!! I'm all over it!! Send one my way.. PLEASE!

Hey Crackberry! The reason I cannot live with out this option is for the safety of my new children. My wife had children *twin girls* back in January, and since then I've always been worried about their safety. We live in a bit of a shady side of town, as it is the best I can afford, but I am always scared some guy is going to break into our house and do who knows what to us.

Having this also would make sure I know my girls and Wife are safe while I am at work with the notifications to my berry.

So please crackberry, help me protect my girls and be the best daddy I can be.


The reason couldn't be simpler.

I am a GADGET GEEK, and need to be able to show off the latest and greatest when people come over my house. :D

What kind of geek would I be if I had to manually turn my front door "analog" lock??? Don't allow me to disappoint my guests any more! :)

here's to hoping i win and never get locked out of the house with the baby when taking the dog for a walk.

I would love one of these to track my friends coming to use my pool!! I travel a lot and leave keys with friends so they can check on my house, dog, in case of the alarm going off, and any other emergencies.

They all seem to think i won't notice them coming to use my pool and drinking my booze. Hard to ignore when after traveling for a week and the first thing on your mind when you get home is cracking a beer and jumping in the pool, only to find NO BEER in the fridge and someone else s short hanging on your deck to dry!

I would appreciate this to track the codes used and bust them in the act!

I love my friends but i love my fridge full of beer and a clean pool almost as much!

My boat has no lock on the bridge! I am in constant fear that someone will come into the bridge of my boat and crowbar the door to get inside. Having the Schlage Link system would put my worried mind at ease. I have internet and constant power on the boat, so this would definitely work for me. I'm guessing yacht security is something Schlage hadn't considered. If it works out, it would be a new market they could take over.

I already have a z-wave network that I control from my BB. This has been the next step for a while. Just wish it was more affordable.

please guys i just re painted the front and rear doors this would be a perfect way to complete them off! PLEASE

This would be great with kids to know when the door gets open. I would also feel safer with my wife at home alon at time with the kids that I would know when they are sleeping that they are more secure and if the door opens I know it is not from them.

Ever have those days when your hands are just full of groceries? or kids? or when it's raining?

i'd love to unlock my door from my car on my BB before getting everything ready to get into the house, since my garage is detached from the house..

sign me up ; >

With a couple of teenage daughters, I often come home to find they've left the doors unlocked....or even open....if they're out that's a property concern but if they're home, its personal. We have a dog named Lenny, but usually he's asleep in the family room, I've come home during the day and he's out like a light. Schlage LiNK would keep my family safe. Also I have nightmares of leaving the house unlocked when leaving on a trip. How nice it would be to have a Blackberry link to let me know I can lock the doors and feel comfortable when out of town. I WANT THIS!

I am a gadget freak! I traded my 9700 for the Torch the day it came out. Actually I was the first in line for the new Torch. I have every gadget known to man and would love to add this to my collection. It would help to know when the kids get home.

Well this is my story.

I've been a student homeowner for about 4 years now, and after recently obtaining my Masters degree I was offered a job at a firm out in Missouri. Problem: I live in California. I currently rent out my house to a bunch of undergraduate students that go to the local university, and my sister will be moving in next year. I have watched over her for quite some time now, and for me to move away will be worrisome for me and my family. I wasn't planning on making a 2000 mile journey out for a job, but you can't be picky in this economy. So Here's my dilemma, I have no way to monitor my house and make sure everything is safe and secure for my sister and my tenants. I'd like to think I can trust them all, but they're only college kids. I've been looking into this a lot, and sadly, as of now I can't really afford it yet, I'm hoping that this will give me the opportunity to at least take a proactive step in ensuring my sister's safety, and the safety of my property.

Hope I can be considered for this!

This is the next wave of new tech. I am a techno geek, been all my life. This would be an excellent addition to my continual upgrading of my home to a smart home.

This would be a great item for me, with having children, this would allow me to see when they leave and arrive!! I would love to have this!!

Now that I have key-less entry/ignition etc. in my car, it would only make sense to have one of these systems on my house so that I'm not always having to dig around in the bottom-less pit of my purse to find my keys when I get home. It used to be easy when I just had to take them out of the ignition of my car but now not so much...

My wife works from home and it would be nice to be able to control the front door - to know when someone comes and goes.
It would make her (and me) feel a lot safer.

People, this is THE solution for my problem. In my weekends i spend a lot of time in the bar getting wasted on beer. Sometimes a pretty girlfriend calls me to say she is waiting at my front door. Without this solution i had to tell them to wait for me outside, which they never do. With this solution I can tell them to wait INSIDE, grab a bottle of wine and wait for me to arrive.

I really need this....

My wife often locks herself out of the house.... ive had to make the 40 minute drive home from my office 5 minutes after getting to work just to let her in... need something with a code!!!!

Our cars were robbed in our drive way! We have only lived here for a few months and no longer feel safe, even though we live next door to the chief of police! We need to add more safety measures to our house! Being a stay at home mom winning instead of buying would be awesome!!!

Its 2:12 am... january... phone rings... "hello?". "Hi.. I lost my key." - I trudge downstairs and let in my sis in law. March... 3:48 am... DING DONG... dog goes crazy barking. Im up, wifes up, my son is up.... I go down think its some crazy guy at the door till I realize... wait.. my sis in law is not in her room. Yep... shes at the door. again. "Sorry.. lost my key" - She has lost her key 5 times. FIVE! If I had this system, she could just unlock the door, sneak in, and no one would ever know. Shes 24, her "bedtime" is usually just before sunrise! Im old! I need to sleep! she loses here keys all the time. I need this badly!!!

This just screams technology nut. I'm salivating just thinking of showing off this bad boy. Please make me the envy of my friends and neighbors!

I work in Information technology and test out new products and provide people with referals of interesting items that may be beneficial to people for their home use. It would be awsome to have and test this device out at my house. I also excersize a lot and don't take my keys with me when I run. It is a good idea where i can lock my house and keep it secure without having to hide my key somewhere around the house.

This would sure be better than constantly having to tape a hair across the door to know if someone had entered my house...

Simple: I have a 14 year old son who would forget his head if it wasn't attached to his neck. This kid forgets his house key at least twice a week, which results in my wife or I leaving work early to let him in. Remote unlock is needed! ASAP! :)

love whole family has bbs and would totally love this because we are always losing our keys!! Please help us Crackberry!!

When i leave my house in the morning, everyone leaves within an hour after me, and they ALWAYS leave the door unlocked! This would make things a lot more secure for me.

As a person who is concerned with security this would be ideal for my parents home, so I can have a piece of mind of their safety. This also works with the berry so its a plus. lol

Please help me stop losing my keys and make my life complete with this Home Management System. We were meant to be together. The End.

Who wouldn't want one of these? I've stood in front of the disply at a couple of different home improvement stores and the price has always been the barrier. A starter kit is just what I need! As to why I can't live without it well, I guess I can but surely would be better with than without it!!

Remote energy management is a nice add-on, in additional to the core product. It'll be nice to come home to a warm or cool house with out having to leave the system on all day.

I have OCD about different things. One of many is making sure I locked the door to my house when I leave. Many times I lock the door and go get in my truck and crank it up, only to make myself get back out and go check and make sure that I have locked the door. Never once that I have went back has my door been unlocked. I have done this in the pouring rain, cold and heat. Please help me by making my OCD habits slightly easier!!!!

We're new parents to a 3 month old boy, this would be extremely useful.

First it'd be very handy to not have to fumble for keys while carrying my child. Also we'll put the baby in the car, have the a/c on and realize we need something from inside. One of us will run in with the keys while the other sits in the hot car waiting.

Second we have people that help us with baby sitting. It'd be great to have a code for each of them without having to have more keys made.

Third, my wife isn't the best of keeping track of her keys. (Don't tell her I said that) :)

I have this for my house and my fiances and love it. My best friend and his girlfriend are buying their first house and I think this would be a GREAT house warming gift for them!!!!

I'd love a system like this for my family. Both my wife and I work and this is a superior solution to having our kids carry keys or using hide a keys to enter the house. It would also be great for contractors that occasionally stop by when we are not home. Rather than giving them or leaving a key we can just give them a combination to let themselves in.

The ability to get notified when the door is activated is even a bigger bonus as we'll be able to track what child or contractor has entered the home.

I need this system for 2 reasons -
1) I was robbed recently and lost all 3 laptops
2) With 3 dogs, 3 horses, a cat and 2 kids, we often end up needing someone to stop by and fix/feed something. Its amazing how much more often a crisis occurs with such a high population of living things. :).

Its just that simple. Remote access to my house is a critical part of me retaining my sanity. Won't you please help?

Count me in... I would love to win a this.. it would be great when I go on vacation and for the kids when the come home.

I would like this because I am in love with the world of automated technology. I think it would be awesome to be able to lock and unlock doors from all over the world instead of having to "give the neighbor a key".


My wife has told me that we cannot afford my BlackBerry's Data Add-on anymore, so unless I can prove to her that my 9700 is something we NEED and can't live without,


As an addict since 2003, you can see why this wont be easy!! Please,, help me!!

Thanks in advance for your consideration!!

I recently moved to a new house. I lost the keys to said new house within the first 3 days of living there (found them 2 weeks later). I have never lost my BlackBerry, and I have with with me all the time. Could be so useful!

I am in dire need of one of these! My wife won't let me spend the money to buy one because she doesn't think we need it. That's probably because she isn't the one who has to drive 20 miles from work to let somebody in the house when they forget their keys! I know if I won this she would soon wonder how we ever lived without it before. Please CrackBerry, hook me up with one these! I would be so grateful!

I think the subject line explains it all. If your a parent of a toddler, you can see why having a LiNK system @ home would be very useful. No more locked out of home for me! -_- it's embarrassing to admit it though....

I can't live without this Schlage LiNK system because I can't live without my BlackBerry. Also, my parents lose keys and I misplace spare copies that I've made. This system would be a Godsend for us. This would be awesome for my townhome's front door.

I can count many times where I have locked myself out and no one is home to let me back in but honestly can't remember the last time I ever left the house without my mobile device if ever, so this would work perfectly for me. I may just purchase one even if I don't win, but of course it would make it all the better if I could land a starter kit for free of course.

My car was broken into last weekend and really worried about
our house and need to secure it. I love technology and my
BB. To be able to use the BB to control my home alarm
would be the coolest thing ever. Really want to be able to monitor my house when at work and this looks like to perfect



Why do I need this 3 kids (2 of which are teenage boys) and a wife all with different schedules in need of a easy way without keys to lock and unlock the doors. And with 4 blackberries that come and go with us all this would be the perfect thing for us so pick us we would love to have this starter kit.

I need this because my friends ex-wife thinks she can come into my house to steal his belongings. This way we could monitor when she comes in.

I believe that I cannot live without this Schlage link system for a few reasons. The first reason is that I operate a small side business with two friends of mine. We operate it out of my house and use my office for the business operations. This is used in their time off, which includes time when I am away at work myself. I think that having this system will allow me to keep track of the traffic through my house to see who is coming and going.

Secondly, for this reason, when they enter my house they will often adjust the temperature. I use a programmable thermostat but the problem is that if someone ups the temperature, it stays at that level until the next time setting. With a trane monitoring system, I will be able to reduce the temperature back down when one of them leaves the temperature up (or down) when they leave (which is always happening).

Third is that I have a crazy ex that I think keeps trying to get into my house when I am away. I have a hiddden key at my house, and I have noticed the door mat moved, and more showing signs of someone searching for it. with this system I will be able to both remove this hidden key and feel more comfortable as well as knowing if she tries to get in with the new lock as we used to have a power deadbolt in our old place and I guarantee she would try the same code.

Sorry for the long comment but hey, this is why I think I would like to have it (among many other reasons such as it being cool!!!)

This would be soo cool! With all my musical equiptment and a baby on the way, this would make me feel safe, and i would definitly add the camera to watch the baby, and eventually, babysitters on my phone!

Winning this would finally put me one up on my neighbor. My neighbor is a former Honeywell IT guy who has everything electronic. He makes a point of showing me each and every new piece he acquires. He does not have this! By winning the Schlage Link, I would finally beat him at his own game!
Here's to winning one!

As my kids keep losing their keys!! Plus, this would give me the peace of mind that they got home safely.

I have just bought a new place and when I move in I will have a bunch of family, friends and contractors doing work and it would be great to log who has been there when I can't. It saves leaving a key somewhere under pot or something....

Fingers crossed

I'm always out of town on business and have friends crashing at my place. Instead of leaving keys hidden for them, they can just text me when they arrive and I can unlock the door for them. This is awesome.

I commute to work, 70 miles each way. Often times I end up taking a day off just to sit at home waiting for a repair person (two weeks ago it was to fix the broken torsion spring on the garage door). I used to just leave the door unlocked, and ask the repair person to lock it on their way out... however crime has increased in my area (my car was broken into while sitting in my driveway a month ago). I'm no longer willing to leave things unlocked.

Schlage has a solution that allows me to set codes for temp use, and know when someone is at the house. Knowing the code is temp only, I don't have to worry about changing it or creating a "one day" code.

Great solution, can't wait to try it out!

For starters I have been robbed, twice, in the last 3 years. Having this would have DEFINETLY helped those situations. I also have very VERY incompetent roomates and this would help to keep the house secure despite their lack of intelligence.

I have a wonderful cat. He's a great little pet, but like all pets he demands to fed, and demands to be fed on time. I end up getting stuck at the office and too often I am calling friends to see if they can help. Sometimes those who have keys can't help and I scramble to find a way to get a key from one friend to another to make it work. This would alleviate all those problems.

This is a great item! To no longer have to carry a house key, and not worry about leaving a key with a neighbor to walk my dogs! What a great concept! I hope I am one of the lucky one's picked!

This would very cool to be connected to your home security. sounds like a truly superior product and shows the future of these types of services.

We deal with Schlage at our company with their commercial product, along with their commercial access controls. I think it would be so cool to have this at home!

Good luck everyone!

My elderly father stays with me frequently. He keeps locking himself out of the house when I'm at work. Not a problem as we have a hide-a-key outside. However, he keeps leaving the hide-a-key in the house after using it! Please help me save gas by not having to drive home from work to let him in!!

So in the last 5 weeks my girlfriend has lost the keys to our house 4 times, that is almost once per week. I am starting to get tired of leaving work because she is... what is the word ummm a little forgetful to be nice. I would really love this device

Thanks CB

If I had a dollar for everytime I locked myself out, I would probably have enough to buy this system!

I seem to lock myself out 5 times a week, but always have the blackberry on me...

In a house full of college kids, all rocking the blackberry, this would be most useful, and excellent!

I have young kids and my paranoid wife has scared them into locking the doors of our house, and I get locked out all the time by them whenever I go outside to walk the dog or take out the trash. I have my cellphone more times than my house-key, so this would be a way to get in.


I would love to have one of these. My wife has a huge fear of sleeping at our house alone. This makes it VERY difficult for me to take overnight trips to visit friends, or to decide to stay out later than planned with my friends at the spur of the moment. I would love to have this to help ease her fears!!!

Please pick me and help liberate me!

I have a 17 year old who is supposed to go stay with grandmother when I travel, but she doesn't always do as she is supposed to. Last time it resulted in the loss of 3 computers, jewelry and damage to the carpet. I need this to know if someone comes over when they are not expected to. I have looked at this system before and have really wanted it but it was just a little too steep for me. Now that the subscription fee is lower I would gladly give it a try!

I recently had to stop my security company from monitoring my home alarm because I got rid of my land line at the house. Although the system still works, it is no longer being monitored from break ins and the like. This system will add another layer of security that will help put my mind at ease. I also have a Trane AC unit, and being able to remotely control the AC away from home should decrease my energy consumption and help lower the bills. Plus, as a single dude, I don't have to worry about making spare keys to give to the ladies that come and go in my life and have to worry about changing the locks every time we go our separate ways.

As someone who prides themselves in being a "new gadget" person, this would definitely elevate my status!

OMG I so need something like this! I have a 14 year old (going on 21) and he is ALWAYS losing his KEY. I'm always having to go and make him another key. Something like this WOULD BE PERFECT as I could just issue him a code and poof! He's in w/no lost my key again drama! and then I could change it again so he couldn't sneak out at nights! :)

If I win this system I am going to get my dog his own Blackberry so he can let himself in and out of the house. Maybe I'll call his phone a Boneberry.

I'd love one of these. My fiance and I have just purchased our first home it would be awesome to have something like this.

The fact that both of us are CrackBerry addicts too just makes it that much more awesome. I mean how cool would it be to tell here "Look what we won baby" and then show her how sweet it is to manage it all from out BlackBerry phones.

I would love to have this starter kit, I was very interested in this when they originally released but I was unsure how reliable the system was and the price was too high for me. Now hearing all the great reviews and lower monthly fee's, I can share piece of mind and keep my checkbook in the black!!! Thanks Crackberry...for ANOTHER awesome giveaway!

I would love to have one of these since for some reason I always seem to lock myself out. I ALWAYS grab my phone but not always my keys. So this would help me from having to call someone to come unlock the place. :)

My pregnant wife was locked out of our house on Friday 8/20 while letting our dog out. Our 2 year old son followed her to the door and shut it behind her and proceeded to turn the lock. After knocking on a few neighbor's doors, she was finally able to reach me at work. I had to run home from work to let her back in as there was a toddler inside alone. I would LOVE to have a way to remote unlock my front door! Count me in please!

I have a teenage daughter that walks home from school. this would be the best way for her to access the house and notify us at the same time.

I have a teenage daughter that walks home from school. this would be the best way for her to access the house and notify us at the same time.

At first I was afraid, i was petrified
that I'd forget my stupid keys and lock myself outside
I spent oh so many nights in my house so all alone
curled up on the floor texting on my telephone

But then came Crack(berry) with a post upon this page
Enticing me to usher in a brand new modern, keyless age
They said "Change your stupid locks! Yeah, throw away that key!"
"Get on board with Schlage's wireless access technology!"

And now I, I will survive
I will no longer let my OCD paranoia run my life
I can leave my keys behind, just bring my phone and I'll be fine
I will survive. I will survive! Yeah yeah!

Seriously, I forget my keys all the time, but I never forget my BlackBerry. So this would come in very handy. And clearly I don't make near enough money as a song parody writer to afford one on my own :)

I need one of these! Had neighbors trying to break in not too long ago. Don't need that happening again!

My younger brother lives with me and ALWAYS forgets his house keys. Either inside the house or where ever he was just at. With the Schlage Link System I can open the doors for him no matter where I am at. I also love that I could get text messages when he or anyone else enter the code to enter the house.

It would have been perfect last week when I was on vacation at the Oregon Coast and he locked himself outside. I could have remotely unlocked the doors for him and saved us ANOTHER locksmith bill.

I've been having trouble with my 20+ year old door lock for a few weeks now and it's finally gotten on my nerves enough that I was planning on getting a new lock set this week. Why do I need this set above and beyond any other? Three reasons.

1) Zombies. To protect the safety of my household from the brain starved zombie horde that is surely going to appear in our near future, I need the strength of a Schlage lock to defend against the undead strength possessed by those ravenous monsters. No more fear that the unholy beasts will rip my door off when I have the peace of mind that only Schlage can give.

2) Aliens. I live in a more rural area and unidentified lights in the sky are not an uncommon occurrence. Though I believe they have forgone any desire to study me further, since they'e moved on to livestock, I'm pretty sure they're the ones that come in and move my keys, needed papers, phone, etc. Tricky as they are, if I can log every time they key in my private code (since they can read my mind I have no doubt they will have my code) I may get a better idea about how I may be able to stop them in the future.

3) Hmm... Seem to have forgotten what number three was. I know I wrote it down and had it right here... Dang it! See?!? Aliens! Hopefully two reasons will be enough.

All in all, I really do need to replace my locks soon and it would be very cool to start replacing them with this. Wait... That was number three. Need of a cool gadget door lock... and light control. Thanks CrackBerry!

I bought my first home with my girlfriend just a few months ago. With her (soon-to-be) 11 year old son, and all the electronics we have, it'd be great to have a little more security. We can't afford the bigger security company packages with everything we want, and I don't trust the el-cheapo products. To be able to grant access and monitor my house from my BB is just a fantastic idea. I'd love to be able to win one of these!

This would be an absolute life saver for when the kids come home from school or someone needs to come over to let the dogs out.

The Borg

I'm in the Army and my wife and I have to travel a LOT. This would be the perfect solution since we have to make arrangements every time we go somewhere to have our pets fed, or the off chance we have to get something fixed while we are away.

I Have family Members going in & out of our house at all times. Just the thought of integrating My House and My Blackberry with the secure feeling of Security assurance knowing who is coming in & out at all times, Especially when i'm at work. Not even to mention all the times family member lose there keys...This would be ideal for our family...Count me in...Good Luck Everyone!!

I so need Schlage in my home, how will I control the flow of my guest entering my home w/o the wireless connectivity to participate at the party and yet control who enters and who goes.

Man this would be great if I could win this kit,Then my wifey couldn't lock me out the house. LOL seems like a neat and terrific item to have also for my key loosing daughter.

My wife and I had just finished renovating our home (complete with integrated stereo system, HDMI switching, etc.) We are also the proud parents of a 5 month old baby...One fine day when we were leaving to go to the Grandparents house (out of town) for the weekend, we got all loaded in the car and left thinking everything was fine. I had a sudden panic attack when we arrived at the inlaws place feeling that I had forgot to lock the door but my wife assured me that everything would be fine. Turns out I did, and someone (who I assume knew we were out of town) came by and cleaned us out...and I mean everything hard drives, computers, tv's, even the video baby monitor!

This might have helped!

i have locked myself out of the house a few too many times...Tired of standing in front of the gas grill on those cold nights waiting for the wife to come home. Waiting for that time when I run out of gas in the grill and then I will freeze my tilly's off!

Thanks Crackberry!
Thank Schlage!

I have three kids who sometimes forget there keys. In Arizona being locked out in 110 degree weather is not fun. Please pick family could really use this awesome product. Thanks

I can't live without having remote access to my home computer, so I can't live without remote access to my home.

I live in a basement appartment with basement door access. The people I rent from upstairs can only access my place from outside there is not door leading upstairs.

Now they are really good people but lately Ive been noticing some things moved around in my living space and I think that its coming from upstairs cause nothing is stolen it just looks like someone snooping around. Ive confronted them about it but they deny it and they have a teenage son thats a bit on the bad side, hes into drugs and stuff like that so Im a bit worried about what will happen.

Now I have a lock on there now but its not that good.
So this starter kit would be perfect for me,
Good Luck Everyone!

This would be awesome for the new house I just moved in too. I have enough keys on my key ring as it is

As a father of 3 in a quite neighborhood, this excellent security system will give me the piece of mind I need while I travel for work.
With the additional features of the wireless camera, deadbolt, and remote energy management system, the benefits are beyond anything I could write in this short 'comment'.
The ability to link to additional Z-Wave light modules means I can control/monitor the house from virtually anywhere.

Even if I don't win this contest, I will eventually be purchasing a home security system; and Schlage is my choice thus far.

I just bought my in-laws house and there are keys to their place floating around with their friends, so I need to change the locks anyway. Even though I plan to give them a key, it would be nice to know when and how often they are 'popping in' The reporting of this product would be ideal. Or I could use my blackberry to let them in when 'I' think they need to be there :)

I am constantly dealing with children being locked out of the house. If I win one I would be doing my part to further eliminate my families carbon footprint because I will have less random and duplicate drives home thus reducing my petroleum use. You say - why not give the kids a key to the house? I have but they have either lost it or left it in the house! Please pick me to help with the environment and my the stress of being a parent!

Well my girlfriend has had her house burglarized 2x and is on fence about getting a blackberry. The free starter kits, the discount monthly rate and the ability to track it with the blackberry, certainly should send her to the VZW store for a blackberry.

I had already installed a Schlage keypad lock on our home in Alberta; as my Wife was always losing / misplacing her keys (among other items).

So, instead of just leaving our doors unlocked all the time (not smart!, the bill from false calls to the police on behalf of our alarm company cost more than a Schlage lock!), I installed a Schlage.

But to know when someone is coming or going, or to know that my Wife actually did lock the door before going to bed...that would add piece of mind.

Especially now that we've moved from Alberta to Ontario (and left our Schlage lock on our house). I want to put a new lock on this new house, but really don't want to use dumb technology.

The Schlage LiNK system would be perfect for my family's needs!

I just had my life stolen which included keys, wallet, phone and a number of other things and having to sleep at night knowing that someone has my home address and keys to get in was too much. Giving me and my wife control over our own security would be HUGE!

Thanks for these awesome contests, Crackberry!

I want this device because I am a home security freak. This device would nicelu compliment the arsenal of tools I currently have to protect my home. I would like to win this device because my wife thinks I already spend to much money on gadgets.

It sure would be nice to have the Shlage LiNK system for my Parents house. They are getting up in years and if there is an emergency it would make it so much easier to get into the house if needed.

Please pick me,



This would be nice to have. I have neighbors that check in on my family, and with the codes and access logs to see if my landlord had been in or not to fix things or check up on things.

After doing some research on Schlage LiNK, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! This is a system that would pay for itself over time. My wife and I work together every night for 7 hours. She insists on leaving the house the way she wants it when we leave. Heat or AC left on, lights on outside so she can see when we get home. 7 wasted hours. With Schlage LiNK, I can turn the Heat or AC and outside lights off when we leave, and turn them on shortly before we get home, right from my Storm! Also, on those occassions where the 18 year old and the 7 year old are home alone, I can keep my eye on them with an add-on video camera. High tech babysitting ;) Thank you Crackberry for running this contest!

I am on my way to Japan for 2 years and this would benefit my family that is staying here while I am there.

Ive wanted this since it came out, but didnt think it was worth it til I got the Viper Smart start for my car. I never thought I would use that APP so much. The wife must of left the keys in the car about a dozen times and she just calls me up to unlock it.
Now to the point of the schlage, I have left my house keys in the house before so I would have to jump in my car and goto my parents house to get the spare which is really annoying. This would be great to add to my collection of apps that I can conrtol from my phone.
Everytime I leave to goto the gym, I have to take my car keys and my house keys. I can now leave everything at home except fpor my blackberry. I have the cardstar to scan my gym badge, the viper to open my car doors, and I can also have the schlage to unlock my house. Oh how sweet that would be.
Good luck to all......

My wife and I are closing on our first house in about 2 weeks. This would be an awesome addition to the house.

I have never had a security system on our house, we hardly even lock the door because of where we live. I would love to have this because when I'm away and someone forgets to lock the door I can do it remotely. I can protect my loved ones including the family cat! :)

Because I am a new home owner so getting a great lock like this that I could link to my blackberry and all for free would be a great savings to me.

Basically, I am sub contracted by the local Medical Examiner as well as local funeral homes. So when someone dies either natural causes at home, on the roadway via motor vehicle accident or just some random violence, it is my duty to go and retreive the remains. I have been doing this for 5 years now 24hrs a day 6 days a week. I get called out at all hours of the day and of course, the worst happens late night 12am-6am. I sleep when I can cause you never know when that next call comes in.

Sometimes in my rush to get on scene I tend to lock myself out and at 4am after lugging a few bodies to and from the morgue, this is the last thing I want to deal with! Having a Schlage unit would definatly make my life less miserable! Fumbling around for that fake hollowed out rock that hides my spare key,and has the silly girly like dragonfly on it that I bought from Home Depot years ago is just getting riddiclous! Please Crackberry and Schlage, help me out!

This is something I see that could come in very handy. With our daughter working late into the evening, it would give her the opportunity to come in without waking the rest of the house. We also travel a lot for business, so this would mean that if our kids locked themselves out of the house, they would still be able to unlock the door.

Would love to have this.... Have a problem that this would solve perfectly.......

I own a recording studio and often have producers and engineers that come in and out when I'm not around. This would be great to keep track of when my staff come into the studio and even help with tracking time and billable hours. Would definitely love to have this and may have to buy it even if I don't win the contest.

This would be great to win, my wife always loses her key when I'm out of town. What a great way to help that phone call from her 500 miles away!!!

Own three of th original keypad only no wireless. This would be perfect for my new garage I'm getting ready to build... Hook it up, I would be a great test subject..

Since I check each door about 5 times before going to bed, I think this would be the perfect way to marry technology and my love of locked doors.I have actually locked my wife out while she was getting the mail, so she might not appreciate the ability to check on the locks more, this would be right up my alley.

We have three young boys 2month, 2 years & 5 years. I work at night, and my wife takes care of the kids. When she takes them some ware, she occasionally gets home late. When the kids fall asleep in the car it can be a daunting task to get them in the house quickly and safely. With this, my wife or I would be able to unlock the door without worrying about seeing the key and wasting time. And then once in the house, being able to lock the door again without making the trip back to lockup would be an incredible time saver and piece of mind. This would be an incredible safety opportunity that I would not normally spend the extra money that I don't have.

Any BB user wants this. I know I'm not alone here. The security, the convenience. For me with a disabled wife and 2 special needs kids; and working 2 hours from home. Some days its hard to concentrate and focus on the task at hand when they boys forget to check in when they get home from school. You mind can wander to bad places. With unique key codes and alerts - the hardware and software would be a G-d send.

I could really use this considering the building i just moved into has terrible locks and my neighbour had his door kicked in 2 days after i moved in.

I recently got engaged and bought a house, and I've been looking at these for months. Unfortunately I just don't have any spare money to afford one right now. I travel a lot for work, and this would add some peace of mind. Please pick me.

My wife would love for me to win this! One less gadget to buy and might keep me from buying other gadgets for a month or so.

Ooh, this would be awesome. My son just started middle school, where he has to go to the bus stop long after my wife and I have left the house. It would be great to check to make sure the door was locked, and actually lock it if it wasn't.

Can't live without it because I forget to lock my door on a regular basis and when I do I forget my keys in the door. I know I am a mess.

My kids are always forgetting their keys, man this would sure be helpful I could just unlock the door remotely for them....Somehow they always remember their cell phone...???

Got a paranoia... Want to check home condition every few minutes... Blow the phone bill already... Need a cheaper alternatives :D

im very interested by new security methods and devices and i think this looks really amazing and i would simply love to test it out myself :)

The wife and I are both Blackberry addicts. She loves her HomeLink garage door opening car. I know she'd love being able to text the house open and forget the keys before dealing with the two rug rats. I know I'd love it being a gadget/tech freak. It would also be super sweet to track the entry of the few other people who have keyed access now. Also, the "lesser" tech of being able to punch in a number to open the house would be excellent for the young 'uns until their old enough for their own BB. Send one my way please.

Having had been a locksmith for years, a tech junkie and a blackberry user for years this could prove to be an interesting toy for me. Also add in the fact that my in-laws are constantly coming over and dropping stuff off in my driveway while I'm not home, with this I could grant them access remotely from my phone. How great is that!

I have been wanting this for a while just couldn't afford the Hardware. I have two kids that go to school and this would be convenient because a lot of times they leave there keys at home. Thanks for the opportunity

My job requires me to travel often. With both my wife and I working,this product would help provide peace of mind knowing that my daughter arrived home from school safe and sound. I would go the extra step and purchase the wireless cameras allowing me to know exactly whom is in the house.

Would love to get picked for the starter kit.

i may leave the house without my keys, but never without the blackberry. If i had one, my wife couldnt lock me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need one because I have locked my keys in the house or lost my keys no less than 5 times this year already.

My fiancé and I are getting married next weekend and this would be the perfect house warming gift from the great people at CB and Schlage; as we recently bought our first home, were both very attached to our BB's, but my wife to be is know for constantly misplacing her keys so this would be a life saver for both of us.