Schlage Wants To Keep You Secure And Give You A Berry!

By Bla1ze on 26 Feb 2009 08:32 am EST

We have covered the Schlage LiNK here at CrackBerry before back when CES was under way - in case you need a refresher on what it does the video above gives many examples of the great uses for it. But it doesn't stop there... be sure to check out all the uses at the Schlage LiNK product tour site. This is one tool which I would absolutely LOVE to have in my house, not just for the safety aspects but the convenience aspects as well.

Now, with Schlage hitting the mobile world bigtime with their security offerings they also want to give back a little and are having an awesome contest where you can win not only a brand new BlackBerry Storm, but also a Schlage LiNK system for your home. Freaking sweet! A new security system for your house and a new BlackBerry Storm?? Ya really cannot go wrong there!

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Schlage Wants To Keep You Secure And Give You A Berry!


I saw this product on their site. Looked really cool, but also very pricey for what it does. Maybe useful if and when I have kids.

that was a great find ...
very informative and i'm now considering this when my son gets a lil older

I'd rather have the new KidSat - a GPS enabled chip implanted under the skin of my child.

Then I'll ALWAYS know where my kid is!

Interesting about the Schlage LiNK. I was baffled when I first glanced at the name of the article because I always knew Schlage as a security hardware manufacturer. Turns out I was correct in this case. Great idea...a bit surprising now that I think about it that someone hadn't thought of it before.

That is one of those things tons of people are kicking themselves for, and saying "why didn't I think of that"?
That is tremendous!


hee hee cheesetastic ;) whats kids that young doing home alone anyway + couldn't the kids just type the code in, open the door & then just shut it & go off somewhere, just because you get a text saying the door has been opened doesn't mean they are at home. Can see some merits behind it (if someone is trying to break in) but also some flaws, also its a bit Orwellian in some aspects.

I am a fairly new bb user and love bb's to death they are the best phones out there for the true techy! About a year and half ago I got robbed after losing my job and lost my laptop and ps3 were stolen. I have had things replaced and still live in the same house but still have the feeling of insecurity. I can leave this house due to the lovely economy and have a baby on the way april 29th and yes it will get a baby berry! Security would be great and a bb storm but mainly security so if u can choose me, good luck to all!

Rawbiznes--Actually there is a 4 digit pin you have to put in to be able to get the screen to open your door. So if you lose your phone someone would have to know your pin number.

This is a wonderful product. I would have such peace of mine with this as I live on a very busy street and my front door is on the sidewalk. Would be awesome to win!

And thanks for another NICE contest!

DS needs a new phone, he's been looking mine
over :) Winning this one would be awesome!

We could use the security system for our doors.
We'd know when our grown kids are coming or

Thanks Kevin!

This thing is awesome! I don't have kids but I do have pets and I worry about them if something happens to the house, they can't call for help. This system is great when alone, out for the evening and on vacation! I'm definitely looking into this.

This is a sweet system, and would love to win one. Looks like those of us in Canada can't enter. :-( That sucks!

if two peolpe enter at the same time do they have to login one after the, close the door and let access code hold #2 outside, because if 2 walk thru the door with one code.......well where is the control......if you have 2 kids, one would like to stay out longer, Kid one enters both codes......

If you need to control your kids, let them call you from the land line at home........but what about some trust.....

From reading the reviews on the product, the product does not physically lock or unlock the door - it simply allows a person to MANUALLY lock or unlock the door. If you forgot to lock the door, you can't send a message to lock it for you. Also, there is a $13 monthly subscription required to use the device. No web interface to log onto the device from your home network - it is a dumb box that only communicates with Schlage's web server. Caveat emptor.

As a volunteer fireman, I could use this lock for not only its ease, but speed of use. I am also a Blackberry addict, and anytime another use for my Blackberry is found, I gotta have it. Thanks Crackberry for the great website and content you deliver.