Sccope - Price comparison app now available as a free download

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2010 12:42 pm EDT

We've covered Sccope a couple times now and we even gave them the Editors Choice Award at this years CrackBerry Awards. Now, just in time for the holiday shopping you can grab Sccope for absolutely no charge. Sccope has some great features built in to make shopping this holiday season a whole lot easier:

  • Identify the best possible deals from hundreds of top retailers with comprehensive product searches and barcode scanning – Enter the product name in the search bar or take a picture of the product’s barcode to compare 10 million different price points
  • Make wish lists, share deals with friends, and receive special offers
  • Track prices and get alerts for out-of-stock items
  • Purchase products directly from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • For a limited time, shoppers can also take advantage of special offers from Staples and GNC by becoming a fan of the SCCOPE Facebook page

If you've yet to explore Sccope now is the best time. Everyone likes to save money, especially during the holiday season.


the brother

really hope there's a canuck version on the horizon! sounds like an awesome app.


We love Canada too, and are looking into this. The online version with US retailers is the only version available at the moment. Our focus is mobile.


so im assuming this wont work for canada right :'(


Does this program actually work? Even though it's free, I don't want to waste valuable memory space with a program that doesn't work well.

Would love to hear actual user comments on it.


Not available for my device or carrier it says....


Droid and Iphone and this is the answer?

I totally hear you Drew, I am stuck with an 8330 til next year...


Storm 2 not available for device or carrier (Verizon)

Sniper Kal

When using the scanner, my Bold 9650 just restart. PS. I'm on OS 6.


I've go the Bold 9650 and after scanning the phone freezes and restarts.

I am running the leaked OS6.


Running Willyboy 9650 v8.1 ( Build)

Phone restarts when using app to 'scan' barcode..


Same result here as a couple of others - no Storm support I guess. Oh well. To the folks feeling left out in the cold with no barcode scanning shopper app, have you checked out edocrab?


You can download the UK version of the application for FREE from here:



On facebook it says to email hello @ and just say you want the storm 2.

IDK I suggest it.


I haven"t had any usabilty issues with this app, but I just spent $2.00 on it and now it's free. It's working okay, but I won't love this app until it saves me some $$$ on a BB Playbook.



I work for Sccope. Unfortunately we dont support Storm at the moment but we will be releasing a Storm compatible version very soon. If you did like to be a beta-tester for Sccope please contact us @

We are also aware of an issue with BB 9650 (os6) were the phone restarts after a successful scan, Our tech team is looking into it and I can promise you we will soon release a fix for the issue.

Please bear with us


I am never sure my emails get to you guys as sometimes I get a reply others nothing.

It should be noted in at least my case it now reboots after every scan and in one of my emails I told you that 3.0.4 the reboot starts 7 seconds after the successful scan now after allowing all permissions as outlined in one of our emails using
3.0.5 I get the reboot with EVERY SCAN however its no longer does this at 7 seconds it is now 30 seconds.



I wholeheartedly apologise for the issues you are facing, We are working on the bug and hope to fix it for the next release. Until then please bear with us.

thanks for your honest feedback



I wholeheartedly apologise for the issues you are facing, We are working on the bug and hope to fix it for the next release. Until then please bear with us.

thanks for your honest feedback


Won't let me download - Im in Canada! Come on!