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ScanLife Barcode Reader Updated To Support More Formats

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2009 11:57 am EST

Having just recently downloaded this app a few days ago and testing it out, I was rather disappointed in the uses that were available for it. The odd barcode here and there would work but more were unreadable then readable. In turn, I deleted the app having thought I would never use it enough to actually rason keeping it around on my BlackBerry.

Yesterday, that changed. Having read over at BlackBerryCool that Scanlife was now updated with support for UPC/EAN codes I realized it suddenly just became more useful. Support in Scanlife now has QR, Datamatrix, EZcode and UPC/EAN meaning you can scan everyday products now and have the application produce results. At this time only auto focus devices can make use of the UPC codes, all others will maintain the same support as before.

[ BBCool ]


Downloaded.. 9700.
Cool little app.. Will be a lot more useful when more barcodes become publicly available.
Interesting thing I noticed when downloading the app from their website (getscanlife.com), they did not have 9700 listed as one of the supported BlackBerry devices; however Tour 9650 was listed.


I'm still learning. I have the ability to scan other BB users bar code. My question does ScanLife allow customers who are looking for a price of a product to be able to scan the products bar code to get that price?

Thanks All


I'm still learning. I have the ability to scan other BB users bar code. My question does ScanLife allow customers who are looking for a price of a product to be able to scan the products bar code to get that price?

Thanks All


Just downloaded for 9550. I opened the app and it sat on the splash screen for 5 minutes. Doesn't seem to be working.


It did the same thing to me on the 9530...

big dawg 23

It did the same thing on my 9630 running 5.0. I pulled the battery and it worked great.


I also did a battery pull and now it works!


They don't have the 9700 as a listed device option.


Worked the first time after install on my 9530. I like that it scans different types of barcodes, but it does not "scan" them. You have to manually take a picture of them and your camera stays open after you close the program. I'm torn between this and Edocrab.


I prefer Edocrab... its an all in one app...no opening and waiting on browser...


Does Edocrab do QR Codes?


It does not. That's what I like about ScanLife over Edocrab. For the time being I will have both programs installed on my berry.


I have both on my phone too; however, whenever I use Edocrab, the photo loads and then the browser appears and it's as if the phone is choosing to use ScanLife instead. Do this happen to you? If so, how do we correct it? I'm using a Tour 9630 w/ OS


I'm on a Storm1 with Edocrab is working just like it did before I installed ScanLife.


9700 not listed but I downloaded the 9000 and it worked!


In the UTube description it says it supports 9700, but it's not listed so what do we choose?


it works 10x better now. very nice job scanlife.


9700 not on the AT&T list WTF man!

Oh well, guess we need to wait for the next update.


From the article, I thought the app was going to support UPC bar codes but after going to the website with my Storm 9530 and downloading the app, it turns out that the only supported code formats are: EZcode, Datamatrix, and QR Code. The version that installed to my device was 3.01. Maybe they haven't posted the version that is supposed to support UPC bar codes?

big dawg 23

My 9630 read a barcode just fine. All I had my desk was a box of paper clips that worked.


UPC is just not listed as a supported code type in the help section of the app. Not sure if I like it compared to Edocrab. This just seems to be a glorified search engine as it decodes the code then does a Google search based on the product's ID code.


Did anyone else notice that under the sprint download page that there is a link for the tour 9650


just download the one for the Bold 9000, it works without a problem :)


i downloaded ScanLife for my 9700 in the bberry app world- its listed there


Storm should read UPC

Version 3.01
Build ID: 1R3.0c.1a.3.1

UPC just isn't listed in the help section yet


It doesn't work in the UK


It still doesn't work on my 9700!!!!!!!

My site got a sticker for the Google Favorite Places. Can't find a program to scan it. The BBM doesn't seem to work with Google Favorite Places either.

Yes, I rebooted. "this scan is not registered or from an unknown source"


Why? What does it really do? Tell you what the object is? What?


First, it usually doesn't read the code. When it does read the code, it says it isn't registered.

It's useless to me.


Just installed on the BB 9700, whipped out some books, and yeah, it does work very well.

But, I don't get it, for us laypeople, what's the purpose of this tool? Can anyone give me some practical applications?


Price comparing store v online.


Installed on 9700, tried 10 times to read 2 different barcodes, no dice. The third strike will = DELETE


Try changing the Autofocus setting to "Close-Up" under the camera options. I use edocrab and with autofocus on normal it takes about 8 scans to read a barcode. When I changed it to close-up it usually reads on the first scan.

Good luck


Definitely set the camera to close-up... the barcodes are so much clearer when doing this and almost ALWAYS are read.

Thanks for the advice.


tmobile 9700 i dl'd the 8900 version and it worked fine.


Wow, this up sucks. It doesn't recognize any bar codes.

Why can't it scan like BBM 5?


I love how the video has to speed up during the web access portion. haha

Two words...

WebKit Browser

Coming Soon!



'cause of the bad camera on the the B9000, this isn't working for me. Every photo is phuzzy Dang.


will this do price checks? for example if im at best buy and i scan the item will it check for other stores and list the current prices?


This is what I was wanting to know also!!! Anyone !!!


I can't get the app to recognize barcodes either. Has anyone with a 9630 gotten it to work? Did you have to tinker with camera settings?


You have to take a picture...


UPC/EAN only works with phones with autofocus.


very cool, im downloading it now.


Too bad there wasn't an OTA download for v3.1.1.


What version are they using? 3.1.1? Guessing its not OTA? Like stated by jdy...


No barcode I scan can be decoded. I don't get the point of this app.


Did you download the OTA version? thats 3.0.1 We need 3.1.1 to get UPC codes and all....

I downloaded from their website to my computer...how do I get the app onto my blackberry??? Or where exactly can I find 3.1.1???? Thanks!


Go to bb app world. Ver 3.1.1 is there. The ver for 9700 is there too


So I downloaded it from appworld... Says 3.1.1. But it comes up as Wtf??? I had 3.0.1 before installing, but I deleted 3.0.1


app clicks over to the camera, snap the photo and nothing happens. it stays in the camera mode and asks you to save the pic.


At first it just snapped a pic but didn't go anywhere. I closed, reopened and now it works fine. I find better results when I move the phone back and zoom in so it has more room to focus. Only gripe is after closing the app the camera stays open, kinda annoying to close two apps.


I downloaded it from AppWorld. It states version 3.1.1 on AppWorld, but after downloading it, it is 3.0.1.

The ScanLife site is down now.


whats the purpose of this application?


you need to put on auto focus and turn off flash for the scanner to work