Scan barcodes and more on the go with Barcode Scanner

By Jared DiPane on 22 Dec 2011 08:35 am EST

barcode scanner  

Looking for a simple way to scan barcodes on the go with your beloved BlackBerry device? Well, meet Barcode Scanner, a new free application for your BlackBerry device that allows you to scan QR codes and more while on the go. Once you launch the application you will notice a nice big scanner button which once pressed activates the camera to begin scanning.

After you scan the barcode the application will give you the option to either navigate directly to the URL, or copy it to your clipboard. Being able to save the URL to the clipboard is quite convenient as you can then share the information with friends, or save it for future uses. Unfortunately the application only supports devices running BlackBerry 6 and higher, but it is available through BlackBerry AppWorld as a free download.

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Scan barcodes and more on the go with Barcode Scanner


so what's so amazing about being the 1st to LIKE or COMMENT ? just wondering coz it doesnt feel any special

regarding the actual app it did not work for me on 9900 .. i am having trouble with my OS and will try it after a free install in an hour

Why Blog an App that doesn't work? Don't we have an over abundance of App's like that?

I rather read about one that worked even if it were not free.

My 9930 scanned my carton of eggs, apple juice, and deodrant this morning. I will be giving this app a thorough test drive today.

I've been wanting a barcode app to scan upc's just so some of my friends will shut up. I really have no use for it except that...

There's already a free barcode scanner app, it's called ScanLife. It's been around for quite some time. ScanLife does everything this app claims to do, except it actually works. Scans QR codes as well as UPC barcodes. I've had ScanLife on an OS5 8900 and my OS6 9780, no problems with either one.

With ANY barcode app usually an autofocus camera is required in order to scan the codes. Some apps allow for manual input of SKU numbers as a partial workaround.

Exactly - no autofocus - no scan. Need to set your camera to autofocus, or in the case of BB's newest flagship - you are SOL. But at least you get premium parts like NFC, a glass screen and solid metal band - very nice. The other flagship 9850/9860 gets non of those - but we do get an auto focus camera. However our video no longer zooms.

Would rather have an auto focus instead of NFC (no use yet), glass (really? What diff does it make), solid metal band (again, just cosmetic). Oh and there's no zoom while video recording either.

Posted from my 9900 on Robbers (Rogers).

Can someone please tell me what these apps offer over the built-in BBM and App World scanners? And yes, the BBM scanners does read more than PINs.

My point exactly. Why waste memory on smt that was built in to the phone.
Hold key, open BBM, select scan a bar code.

going to give this a try. not sure if it'll be better than QR CODE SCANNER PRO which is so far the best i've tried. it automatically takes the snapshot once the code is in focus which is nice because it takes the guesswork out of the equation