SBSH Calendar Pro Now Available After Lengthy Beta

By Bla1ze on 3 Feb 2010 07:03 am EST
SBSH Calendar Pro Now Available

Having been available as a beta for users for a while now SBSH has made their Calendar Pro app available for all. The SBSH Calendar Pro app is a more robust, feature rich calendar compared to what is included with your BlackBerry out of the box.

Advanced features such as colored time slots, built in task manager functions as well as multiple viewing options make calendar pro a great alternative if you need something a little more advanced then what RIM offers in the BlackBerry OS. SBSH Calendar Pro is a little pricey in my opinion but that said I'm not much of a calendar user. Others may find a great value in the $14.95 price point and a free trial is available in case you are on the fence. All devices OS 4.5+ are supported here.

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SBSH Calendar Pro Now Available After Lengthy Beta


I was a big user of this companies products on the windows mobile platform and was very happy with them. This is very pricey but I might be interested if the reviews are favorable.

It says that Non touch devices are only supported yet it lists 480x360 as a supported resolution. So is the Storm supported or not?

Hi Garment69 :)

Currently the first version is still not optimized for touch screen devices I'm afraid :/

We are working in full pace to introduce a new update which will include support for BlackBerry touch devices too (Storm).

We are currently working in parallel on two main goals: the first is a few minor free updates that will be released during the upcoming days and weeks already. Each of these minor updates will include bug fixes and small new feature additions based on our users requests at our forums and other forums we read (such as here at CrackBerry). These updates will be for versions 1.0.1, 1.0.2 etc.

Our second main goal we are working on these days is complete the first large update (also free for all registered users) to version 1.1. Version 1.1 main goal will be proper support and fully optimized UI for BlackBerry Touch devices. Based on our current time lines I expect that we'll have some news ready for our users at start/mid March :)

Amit Regev,
SBSH Mobile Software.

Hi Eklisiewicz :)

We are inviting all of our users to register the new version for less than 10 bucks :/ (9.72 to be precise). Users that would like, can also find a similar discount for all our forum members via our web-site, using the Special Offer page.

So overall, although it is priced at 14.95, users can also pretty easily find an option to register Calendar Pro for approx ~$10.

We have some good reputation for the past 5 years for releasing free updates for our apps, so I hope that users have the confidence that the application will continue to evolve nicely from this starting point too.

A small example can be our SBSH Calendar for Symbian S60 devices that was updated to version 1.5 just two weeks ago with some really powerful new features! This new update comes after more than 3 years of development, including more than 40 updates, all of which were completely free :)

Overall, I think that we are really giving a fair return for our users money. We've also had a long thought how to price this new application to make sure it isn't considered too expensive and we hoped that users will see this price rate as a fare price :/

We are always open for comments and see how we can improve things, so I'll also be glad to hear how would you like to see a product like this priced :) Maybe this will help us better understand the needs with future applications we release, but without having more details it is hard to understand how do you think an app like this should be priced.

Amit Regev,
SBSH Mobile Software.

@garment69: I believe it is not supported as I verified under Supported devices..... Read below!!

BlackBerry: 8100 (Pearl), 8110 (Pearl), 8120 (Pearl), 8130 (Pearl), 8220 (Pearl Flip), 8230 (Pearl Flip), 8300 (Curve), 8310 (Curve), 8320 (Curve), 8330 (Curve), 8350i (Curve), 8520 (Curve), 8530 (Curve), 8700, 8700c, 8700f, 8700g, 8700r, 8700v, 8703e, 8705g, 8707g, 8707h, 8707v, 8800, 8820, 8830, 8900 (Curve), 8930 (Curve), 9000 (Bold), 9100 (Pearl), 9630/9650 (Tour), 9700 (Bold)

Wow 14.95 that's a little pricey! I downloaded trial and after opening it it was then deleted! would rather deal with the stock calendar

Hi YMark :)

I'm sorry you feel like that and we are definitely here to get feedback from our users and open for changes.

Please see my reply two posts below this one, I've included the same 35% discount that we offer via our web-site, so users can use it to register the app for $9.72.

This is somewhat less than the full price and we are offering this to all our users via our web-site, so we are also glad to offer it to more users. I fully understand that most users won't start searching for hidden discounts via our web-site :)

I hope that this new price with the discount makes it a bit better offer.

Amit Regev,
SBSH Mobile Software.

The app has improved since I tested it early last year. Although it is a bit pricey, I may be willing to purchase if I like the trial. I love the color coating and I guess this is the closest I can get to the Palm calendar.

ONE SUGGESTION: Make the time in 12hr display rather than military time. Overall a cool app.

Reduce the price and you got yourself a deal.

Hi guys :)

Regarding the price discussion, please see the 35% discount link I've posted as a reply to the first post here - which I hope makes the price for Calendar Pro a bit more reasonable.

In terms of features, the first official version is definitely far more advanced than the last public beta version we released a few months ago. At the same time, we are already working in full pace towards the upcoming new update to version 1.1 (which will be a free update for our registered users). We will first have two smaller updates (1.0.1 and 1.0.2) and maybe a few more based on bug reports, but we are definitely getting things much more robust with each new upcoming update!

We will be sure to keep our users updated as soon as update 1.1 is released :)

I see that many users find the release a bit pricey :/

Overall we are offering many options to register the new Calendar Pro with a nice discount, so the overall price is definitely lower if you go with this route.

Since we know many of CrackBerry users were also those who provided us with feedback during the public beta version days a few months ago, I've included here below the discount link that we are also offering those who registered at our site during the public beta stages.

Using this link you can register the new Calendar Pro with 35% discount, which goes down to $9.72.

(Copy this entire link to your browser to get the discounted offer)

I hope that more users will find this price a bit more fair :) and from our side this will definitely help us continue moving forward with the development :)

Amit Regev,
SBSH Mobile Software.

Hi John,

Following the new release this question was frequently asked by many of our users who wanted to try Calendar Pro.

We've just started building a FAQ page for Calendar Pro based on the frequent questions we receive and added an answer for this exact question. You can find the answer for this specific question as the first FAQ here:

To make things simpler - I've also included the answer for this question here:

Q: Can I synchronize Calendar Pro on my BlackBerry with Outlook on my PC or with other calendar applications?

A: Yes. Calendar Pro is built on top of the device internal default databases and uses the same databases as the default BlackBerry Calendar application. Therefore, any software that will sync with the default Calendar application that comes with your BlackBerry will also sync with Calendar Pro without any problem. In order to synchronize Calendar Pro with Outlook or any other calendar application you should sync your information the same way you usually synchronize with your default BlackBerry calendar application, and Calendar Pro will also sync without any problem.

I hope that this helps :)

does it sync with anything or have any backup? I looked on the product page, mobihand page, etc, and didn't see anything

Hi Ds28 :)

Calendar Pro is structured on top of the OS PIM databases. This means that the any syncing method you are using today to sync your appointments and tasks with your regular BlackBerry Calendar application will also work with Calendar Pro :)

We are working to add a new FAQ section and tutorial to our web-site too, but we'll need a few more days until we get everything setup :/

wow...been testing for calendar pro a loooong time...and this is the thanks???? $14.95...dude it aint THAT big a deal...just deleted and went back to the native berry calendar...what are you guys thinking???

Hi j.p.hatfield :)

Please take a look at my reply to the first post here which includes a 35% discount link, which was the introduction offer we included along with this new release :)

I hope that this makes the overall price tag for this new release somewhat more reasonable and affordable.

I use Google Sync on my Tour. My BB calendar reflects everything as it should be. Calendar Pro has my all day appts a day early.

Do you guys see this problem only with appts that are synced from Google to your device, or you also have the same problem when creating new all day events with CP itself on your BB?

Same thing happens when I add an all day appt to the default calendar app and go back to Calendar Pro.

We are working on this report right now and will have a new update available shortly that should take care of this one :)

There is no option the change the text size. As a legally blind person, this is not acceptable.

This is a problem for this app and many others for Blackberry.

I'm not legally blind but the font size is WAY too small for these old eyes. The very first thing I looked for was a way to change the font size. Not there. I'll have to pass on this.

Although the new calander is pleasing to the eye, it reflects the wrong date for the year and moves all your events off by a day or two. Current setup is with Blackberry Tour 9630 and Mac desktop manager


Thank you for your comment!
The setup you've mentioned will be checked, and, if the problem exists, it is to be fixed in the nearest update.

Calendar Pro is built on the same data-transfer-sync-backup mechanism as is built-in calendar application.
In addition, it does support multiple calendars.

Just installed it on Bold 8000. Still feels like a Beta release I'm afraid. Can't change the tiny default font size, can't hide Tasks from the Daily view...

Hopefully the next release is better.

I find several problems, and this after only 1/2 hour with the product: I cannot set New York as my default location...system keeps reverting to Chicago and screwing up my appointment times; The start times for my appointments are always off by 1 hour no matter how many times I try to reset them; also, Holidays (like Valentine's Day) are a day off (Feb 13th) and refuse to reset to the correct date no matter WHERE I try to put it..."Jan 1" 'Holiday' is on January 2!; Also, font is all but lost in the darker color settings - it'd be nice to have a black/white option (and maybe Bold, too?). Help!

The times are always displayed according to your date/time settings. When you select some timezone in appointment description it is to help you compute the time offset (automatically).
One-day shift problem with all day appointments for timezones GMT -X is to be fixed in the nearest update.
Can you, please, provide more description about color/font visibility?
Please visit our forums to submit new requests or report issues.

Sure...I like to color-code my events in my planner to better group them in my mind at a glance, without necessarily having to read them. When I -DO- want to read them, the light weight of the black font gets lost in the darker colors of the code I've chosen and is all but impossible to be read. I could always select a lighter color, but the darker colors are easier for me to see and, besides, what are they there for if not to be used? A white-or-black font color choice would help as would a "bold" option. Great potential, though...I'm a Palm fan and looking for a replacement.

I would also remind you of the "Chicago" default I can't get past. I can create an event and a time, select New York as my time zone, and when I go back into it a moment later it's already reverted back to Chicago. VERY frustrating! Throws the times off, too.

I am new to this forum and I thank you all for the previous posts. I have learned so much! I have given the Calender Pro a fair try. I bought it for $6 or so from BB appworld a few days ago. I have not been able to get it working properly yet. I emailed SBSH and they have been very nice and responsive. However I am still waiting to hear from them re: my last email. How do I return this/delete it and get credit to my paypal account since it is not working properly? Does anyone know what the procedure is?
Thank you in advance!

p.s. I can see where it would be a terrific tool when the quircks get worked out, but I need it to work now....

Hi Techno Junkie :)

If possible, can you give me a bit more information about the trouble you are experiencing with Calendar Pro? I will be glad to help and get things working right away :)

Please also notice that we have a new update to version 1.0.3 released just three days ago, so before trying to solve any of the glitches you experience I would like to ask if you can update to the new and latest version and see if things might be working better for you. You can read more about this new update and also download it from here:

We've already had three new updates since version 1.0 was released, so we are now at update 1.0.3. We've implemented plenty of bug fixes based on reports from our users and also added some really powerful new features since version 1.0 was released (such as full attendees support, complete filters, shortcuts customization and more!), so I think it will be good to first update to the latest version and then see if you still experience trouble with Calendar Pro :)

Looking forward for your follow-up.

Amit Regev,
SBSH Mobile Software

I gotta say, if nothing else, they are responsive and appear to be trying to do the right thing for us folks on the BB! As such I will give them a try tonight since they now have version 1.03. As much as people are belly aching abt the price, please read the forum reviews. They have said a half a dozen times at least that they have reduced the price by 35% for us. Heck thats a Starbucks coffe and a bagel. The price is not my concern, my concern is the product. Is it worthy of the price (With Discount) and are they responsive to our submissions. So far as of March 1st, I would have to say yes to both. So to those in the trenches at the front lines with the company, Good Job, keep it coming!


Is there a way that when running a theme that has a today screen that appts and so forth are viewable? The only calendar appts that show on the home screen are the ones put in the BB calendar. I may just not know how to get it to work right if there is a way to do it, but i put things into your program and it doesnt show up. Thanks for any help.

I work different shifts and it's not recurring. I downloaded this app and tried to insert a color to represent a shift for a day and it didn't work. Can you make it more flexible as in the Shift Worker App for Iphones? That would make me happy! I paid for your app but removed it because I found it not very useful for a shift worker. If you improve this option then I may give your product another try. There are a lot of people that work shifts (firefighters, police, emt's, hospital employees just to name a few).
Thanks :)

I bought this app a couple of days ago and ended up upgrading my phone to the latest BB 8530. Downloaded the app to the new phone, when launched it shows the the pin to the new phone, but my code given when purchased results in "Wrong username or code." Any suggestions? Thx.

I tested this out for about 5 days before purchasing it.
I love it!
I hated the native calendar, I thought it was severely lacking in function, looks and just ease of use.
And, I was looking for something that would still display in my 'today view' theme.
This calendar not only looks WAY better and is more visually comprehensive, adding in appointments and tasks are WAY easier!!!
im so glad i found this, and im glad that it syncs up with the natvie calendar.

the only thing that would make it better is if when you mouse over, it would behave like the native calendar and show the preview. because as it stands right now, if you have a theme that displays the today view all the time, it shows, but if you have a theme that does a hidden today preview, it doesnt work.

definitly worth my 10$ to have a calendar I can actually use on my bb! :)