Says T-Mobile CEO John Legere, "BlackBerry users, I'm hearing you loud and clear."

John Legere
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Feb 2014 06:07 pm EST

Well, at least we got his attention. Following our post on CrackBerry yesterday about T-Mobile's recently-sent mailer encouraging BlackBerry users to "upgrade" to the iPhone 5s, it seems company CEO John Legere has been getting a tweetful on twitter from BlackBerry users.

Just a little while ago he acknowledged his BlackBerry customer base with the following tweet:

BlackBerry users, I'm hearing you loud and clear. Let me work with the team and get back to you.

Knowing is half the battle, so it's great to hear our message got through. CEOs may sit at the top, but they don't always know everything that's happening within their organization. Odds are Legere had no idea that particular mailer was going out. And even if he did know and approved of the message (he is tweeting from an iPhone after all), at least now we know they'll be taking their BlackBerry user base a little more seriously than it appears they have been recently.

Here's to hoping all of the T-Mobile USA + BlackBerry users out there get a little love in the near future. 

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Says T-Mobile CEO John Legere, "BlackBerry users, I'm hearing you loud and clear."



More than interesting, it shows the power of social media, that it can be used to influence company decisions. At least he has head BlackBerry fans and responded. So wait and see what happens.

Thanks Kevin

Catapulted from my Z10.

Am I the only one who thinks anticipated guess and auto correct are aggressive to the point of
sometimes offsetting their own efficiency gain

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Mr. Legere..... I am contemplating bringing my 3 BlackBerrys over from ATT to TMob.... Z30, Z10 and 9900.... Disrespecting BlackBerry and its users doesn't sway me to do so....

Here's and idea... why not embrace BlackBerry, and future BlackBerry phones, for your business clients and make it easy for non business folks to grab one as well.

Here is the Good News for You.... Sell them Online Only... We will figure out how to go "Check Them Out" on our own... it's called

"BlackBerry Pride"....

They shouldn't of opened BES to Iphones. Dumb. They should take it back and make people get berries again or quit your job!!!!

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Why do so many people make the mistake of writing "shouldn't of" when the it should be the nonexistent- in writing, anyway- contraction of the words "should" "not" and, finally, "HAVE", not "OF": i.e., "shouldn't've"

Is it because could've and should've (could have and should have) in speech sound like could of and should of, perhaps...maybe...

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Indeed. John Legere gets props for this. I hope this campaign is pulled. T-Mobile should let its existing users know about the BB10 handsets. They should start offering new Q10s and Z10s again, and sell the Z30 too. How hard can it be to sell phones directly to customers online!?

Yes the power of social media is POWERFUL It's humorous that CB is taking all the credit for moving the masses when they were close to a week late on even reporting the story.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Unless BB can support the type of ad program that Apple is providing to TM, their COE's remarks will go for naught. Apple marketing has already taken over TM.

On the other hand, Apple iP sales have fallen from 18.4% > 14.0% in the past quarter, while the BB share of market has remained steady at an uncomfortable 2.8%. However, a TM BB program will be good for BB sales, and no great loss for iP. Any port in a storm.

Ah, you must be following Apple stocks. Likely you know that from three months ago until this week, Apple stock price is down 42 percent.
Recent sales do not translate to expectations of future value.

Well , if Apple is selling more iPhones why has revenue dropped. It's because people are either buying old iPhones like the 4s or the 5s is being heavily discounted as in the case of China. Stock is down because both market share and price per unit is dropping.

51 million phone is good but it is not great for Apple. Expectations were for 60 million. News on the street was that it could have been the mid 40s if it wasn't for some very aggressive bulk sales where older phone were being sold for 100-150 dollars a pop.

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1) expectations were 53 to 54 million iPhones.
2) the stock was down because of low quarter 2 guidance
3) When did revenues drop?? Apple had record revenues with flat profits. Apple showed YOY revenue growth. "The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $57.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion, or $14.50 per share. These results compare to revenue of $54.5 billion and net profit of $13.1 billion, or $13.81 per share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 37.9 percent compared to 38.6 percent in the year-ago quarter."
So that's revenue growth and profit stayed flat.
4) Also, if iPhones is the heavily discounted, those expenses will be passed on to the carrier, not on Apple.

I think he meant RATE Of growth declined. That's when BlackBerry stock hit the wall too, even though actual revenues, profits and unit sales continues to increase sequentially, for another year, the stock plummeted, cause everyone could see what happens next if growth rate declines to zero and beyond. Unless Crapple can take over the entire universe it's growth rate has to fall and the question is what happens next?

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I agree the growth rate in the US has slowed, Apple still is growing outside the States.
Apple just open it's first retail store in Brazil, opening up opportunity for growth in South America.
Apple is a secretive company, no one know what comes next until Apple unveils it.
Also, I don't know of a company name Crapple, we're talking about Apple here.

+10 Definitely 10.2.1 please! The 10.1 update was released before any of the other carriers last year. What happened with 10.2.1?!

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They probably had to code a new version of wifi calling for 10.2 and weren't ready for the worldwide release of 10.2.1.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

'WiFi calling' takes away minutes from your Network minutes.

It is only important if you have are using it in a foreign location
Or, a place where TM network is not available or dependable, but, WiFi is available.

That's stupid. What do you need wifi calling for. Just use bbm. And don't use your minutes

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Not just international travel. I travel domestic in the US to spots that have no cell coverage at all, from any carrier. This includes inside customer facilities where cell signals cannot reach, but I have internet access via corp WiFi. BBM is great, but peeps need to contact me via my cell digits. WiFi calling is critical to my everyday communication needs.

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Ugh, people need to stop talking about WiFi calling when they have no idea why people use it. It's really annoying.

WiFi calling is important for people who do NOT get good signal at places they are regularly for a long time. That is at usually at home or work. For example at home for me, the T-Mobile signal is really bad. Only AT&T gets decent signal where I live (due to being on a hill and having a lot of buildings blocking signal). That means I have to be on AT&T or I have to have a signal booster. I used to have Sprint and they gave me a signal booster in order to get signal at my home which worked but it was a pain because it would frequently flake out.

T-Mobile though allows me to use WiFi calling which basically makes my phone think it has perfectly strong signal in my home even though it's actually terrible. I can make phone calls and text without a hitch using my actual cellphone number from my home. BBM can't receive phone calls sent to my cellphone number. BBM can't receive text messages sent to my phone number either. And please don't tell me "well you should only use BBM" because that's just silly.

I felt your sheer anger there.

But I guess I'll second your comment about WiFi calling. In a much less aggressive tone though.

I had a curve on T-Mobile for a year 2008-2009 before I switched back to AT&T. My service on T-Mobile was HORRIBLE. Whereas AT&T gave me 5 bars indoors at my old home, T-Mobile had none. At night there would be 1 bar, but that's absurd too. So, T-Mobile told me to always connect to my home WiFi and wait for EDGE to turn into the "UMA" logo. Suddenly, I can make and receive calls and text messages.

I just switched back to T-Mobile this weekend and I have not experienced this horrendous (lack of) service. Frankly, I was pissed off at the idea of having to use my own WiFi to make a T-Mobile call. In Los Angeles! Unacceptable! But I know how you feel about needing your regular mobile phone to work. BBM can't replace that.

But I have to say, didn't UMA get phased out completely by T-Mobile after 3GPP rel 6? Or 8? I don't remember. Not important. The point is, this was a GSM standard.

So, this new "WiFi calling" must be NOWHERE near as good as in the old days! I mean, I remember how you had to pay 10 bucks for your entire family plan to make "hotspot calling" unlimited, but it was awesome because if you walk out of the house and you lose your WiFi connection, your call is swiftly handed off to a cell tower! So not only did you not get disconnected, your call was also counted as a free call! That WiFi calling, from what I've heard, is nothing but an app!

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Is this why t-mobile not promoting BlackBerry? Lack of wifi bbm call and video provisions?

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I'm confused by this question but T-Mobile does not block BBM Voice and Video service over LTE, although it can connect through WiFi. In my experience, there's a hiccup in the handoffs.
Idk why they're not promoting BlackBerry. All I know is, T-Mobile's new "WiFi calling" is nothing similar to UMA.

Thunder! When you coming to pick up your Q10!? LOL! I've got one left!

And....wi-fi calling is great for places like home or work where service is poor. With T-Mobile, wi-fi does not use minutes and never did. IPhone does not have wi-fi calling.

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What I find amusing is that a feature that was once an exclusive to T-Mobile BlackBerry customers was removed by BB and the carrier. It was Unlicensed Mobile Access, or UMA. UMA was WiFi calling on steroids. It allowed for "free" VOIP calls from your handset when in proximity to a WiFi Router (provided you had access). It had a seamless handoff to the carrier's tower when you left the LAN vicinity. You paid a low monthly fee of less than $10.00 and it was true unlimited calling. However for the carrier it was not cost effective because it had flaws, (i.e., a high dropped call ratio). It was dropped back in OS6 after T-Mobile once had hopes of promoting it as a business feature against local "keyed phone" systems by companies like Siemens, and Nortel. Still in all it worked good enough and cheaply enough for non-business customers. BB no longer includes the transmitters in their handsets. Quite a shame no one has perfected the technology.

I think it just wasn't cost effective to keep up with UMA (i.e. hardware.) I believe all BBs, whether or not they were bound for a UMA carrier or not, were fitted with GAN chips, so that must have added up in costs. Plus, now, TMO US is probably the only carrier still doing WiFi calling, so you'd be buying hardware basically for one small(er) subset of customers.

I just wanted to make a note that this part of the discussion is awesome. Great info from knowledgeable contributors. That's it. As you were!

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Too late. The fact that he didn't just goes to show you how out of control the organization is. Steer clear from T-Mobile! and never going back.

An organization of this size you really think the ceo is aware of such minute details? If I'd stay away if he had been managing the mailing list himself. He's right where he should be.

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I think going from a flip phone to an iPhone is a downgrade.

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Can't blame T-Mobile for the epic failure of BB's marketing department. I wouldn't carry a phone that sits on my shelf either.

Well if the sales reps are always slamming blackberry to potential customers, it's no wonder they sit on the shelf.

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They are assholes. They tried to give a free phone after I said I would pay outright for the BlackBerry. And still tried to talk me out of it. That says it right there. They don't even know how to use them, let alone say if they are good or not. I like being able to bluetooth my friends. Apple rewrote the bluetooth software so they can't even connect with any device but apple. Dumb asses. And they are the best for some reason. Weird.

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I went in a few times last year with queries about my z10 - they had absolutely no idea!

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I actually did this in around 9 stores in LA. Probably..... nah, no one knew or had absolutely no idea of what BlackBerry 10 was. I made a thread of a T-Mobile rep, in which he was amazed of what the phone could do after I showed him. He used to say BlackBerry was only for business until that day.... at the time he had an iPhone. 5

GTR Lifestyle is @ C001247FA

So do you see a theme here? BlackBerry is not reaching out to store reps and getting them involved so that they can properly communicate the benefits of BlackBerry 10 to customers.

Yeah I have to deal with this all the time! Clients come in asking about BlackBerry and all the reps point to me or make appointments for them to come back and see me. I tried educating but there is that fear that still lingers about BlackBerry and not knowing about it. I was there myself. Anyone that walked into T-Mobile with a BlackBerry was told to call Customer care because they had a BlackBerry specialist department. Now that I am almost a year into BlackBerry and also run a DJ company, I trust my business to BlackBerry! Never going back. I get made fun of sometimes because I'm rocking a BlackBerry but I can go two full days on this battery rather than 7-10 on my Galaxy.

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Good step in the right direction! Now, can something like this be done to get others, i.e. AT&T to move faster on getting us BlackBerry users the updates that we need to be at par with the 10.2 roll out? Kevin: anyone know the one for the big cheese at AT&T?

From my Z10 Awesomeness

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While he's at it he should let us know what's up with the 10.2.1 update too. I'm still waiting here tmobile!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I agree. Release 10.2.1 even if it doesn't have WIFI calling. Just mention that in the release note. Whoever don't need WIFI calling feature can go ahead and update their os. The rest can wait for another os version with WIFI calling later once it's ready.

 CB10 

Yesterday I was able to load TM's 10.2 on my wife's Z10 using BBLink.
Maybe it was a fluke trial by TM.

Shortly after I was not able to do so on my own Z10 :(

YOU are the ultimate complainer. I don't even know why you keep coming here just to bitch at BlackBerry fans. This site is called CrackBerry, not HateBerry.

I remember Birdbrain from like 2 years ago.. He used to be Birdman36 but must have had at least a couple accounts banned with his incessant trolling.

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Yeah, because Android users don't bitch about their 4.4.whatever not coming, or WiFi calling not working on Nexus devices. Get a clue.

We don't need to discuss them, since your comment regarding BB users was "...the ultimate complainers." I showed one other class that also complains a lot, and that kills your trolling right there.

I don't know, but you certainly troll. When you use superlatives such as "ultimate," you imply there are no other classes that engage in similar behavior to such a degree, and I pointed out at least one class that does, which kills your superlative-based trolling.

BTW, when you're not busy trolling CB so much, look up 'T-Mobile Lumia 810.' Here, I'll even get you started:

No, but you called BlackBerry users "the ultimate complainers," without, as usual, any evidence to back it up. Hardly surprising though, coming from you.

This is a step in the right direction, but I still haven't seen anything from BlackBerry that says they are committed to rebuilding the brand in the USA????

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Reading this is like watching a Netflix movie on a Sunday. Really.. in another 5 years... we will be using wifi signals and voip and all these little guys like t-mobile will be gone.

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I think you've got a point. My ISP in my city is Shaw, and they are setting up hot-spots everywhere. It just extends my home plan, no additional charge.

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It amazes me that BB cannot achieve what the folks on CB can, and do. The Rogers/Z30 situation and now this. Are they really that arrogant, isolated up in Waterloo? All the 80million dollar CEO, past and present don't do what we do? Geez.....not a good sign

Did BB completely give up on carrier relations?

Same here. I left to get the Z30 but thought if the Z30 replacement came to t-mobile I could leave again. Not now.

Posted via Z30

Oh and he said he needs to get back to the team... that was amusing.. mike and you said he probably didn't even know... you kidding me right. mark my words... all the phone carriers will have to move towards wifi and t-mobile will different not be apart of that.. made a huge mistake allowing only two players to sell phones... Apple and Google..there is no more room for consolidation in the industry.. bye bye

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When you log onto their network, they know what device, OS, ver#'s and all kinds of data about you (and what you do ON their network)


I am not saying it is right but I called him a asshole on tweeter. The thing that pissed me off was the iPhone was innovative. Apple copies and that came from Steve Jobs mouth. I know apple does come up with their own stuff but they mostly copy everyone else.

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But Blackberries have more antioxidants ....

(sorry to bore you, I pull that one out way to often)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Dude, you really have to breathe. Is it really worth it to call other people assholes?

We're talking about phones here.

It's amazing that the BlackBerry users have to continue to defend the phone they have chosen to use. Where is BlackBerry in all of this. Someone is the T-Mobile rep. How do they allow this client to black ball their product, and continue to be a client. The sales and marketing Dept have completely fallen off the face of the earth.

From the Mighty Z

I thought I was the only one that though that.... BlackBerry need to step up.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

I live in Canada and even I have been letting them have it on Twitter. Time to turn up the heat.

Posted from my Q10....

"I hear you, let me pretend to listen so you can stop bugging me on Twitter" is what he meant to say. "I'm not going to do anything really". "Just stop tweeting me"

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The T-Mobile CEO would know about the email, he'd have to sign-off on it. To suggest otherwise is naive.

Most of the carriers have most of us over a barrel. It needs to change, globally.

I'm going to have to disagree with that. In my experence, marketing meteral would usually have to be approved by someone on the executive team, but not usually the CEO. In my experence, it's usually the CMO who sign off on it. Usually marketing meteral originates in the marketing department and approved my the CMO without going to the CEO desk. Now I don't know if he knew about the email or not before the email was sent out. But I disagree with your comment.

Let's shut up and stop bad mouthing him. He probably reads these forums and he could just say screw it and not do nothing. Smh people, let's see what he does. I asked him to pay us back by launching 10.2.1 soon.

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He is a joke of a CEO and I will never support his products, business practices or anything from T-Mobile! He is a follower versus a trend setter and is just buying time!

How is no contract not trend setting again, and I do believe that they were the first to offer the z10 in the states.


What he said was: "BlackBerry users, I'm hearing you loud and clear. Let me work with the team and get back to you." He didn't say that he didn't know.

At 2% of the market BlackBerry users wouldn't be on the first page of a corporate strategy. On the other hand, VOCAL customers are high on their list.

So, good on everyone who tweeted. You made a difference. Maybe, just maybe TMO's direction may change. Without your input BlackBerry would be dead on the carrier.

(BlackBerry sales reps couldn't have done this. Of course they'd make a case for BlackBerry. But TMO HAD to hear from their customer base.)

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Legere's a cool CEO. Who else in his position would even read and respond to tweets? He's been fairly disruptive for the industry. If we could only get him in Canada to break up the Big 3 monopoly...

As for the iPhone ad, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until the facts get sorted out.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

If he and Chen teamed up, get the sales staff on track, in-store placement right, etc. they could rock the boat.
Both unique brands doing stuff differently.

I can see carriers wanting a third option in between the claws of Apple and the green sea of Androids (forget the plastic shells of Lumias swimming in there for a moment).

Hope we see that "Cool Phone" (Chen reference) in store sooner than later!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

The funny thing is a couple years ago Blackberry was at Verizon's status.

Not willing to change. If they had only changed a couple years ago.. Bb would have been on top.

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T-Mobile has already made the decision to stop selling BlackBerries once their stock runs out. I have confirmed it during an hour long bitch session with Customer Care.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

Thank you Kevin and CrackBerry Nation! Now I sentence Mr. @johnlegere to use a Z30 for 30 days. He will end up being a BlackBerry lover and T-Mobile will be the most supportive BlackBerry carrier in the USA!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Like this idea. Has to be minimum 30 days, no less and on 10.2.1 so he can experience the awesome.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Damn right! I tweeted and retweeted as much as I could! glad he's paying attention! My Z30 really is the best phone I've enjoyed used and my mom's Z10 was the second! #bb4life

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

It's not even fair to shitstorm the CEO for something he probably not even was aware of

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10

It's not even fair to shitstorm T-Mobile CEO because if this, maybe he was not even aware if it?

Maybe someone write the sentence with Photoshop? (because if typos?)

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10

For BlackBerry. Customers

Why that "." there, come on t mobile is not stupid they can write proper english.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10

Looks to me like a trademark symbol and not a period. Plus, why is it coming from an official Tmobile email if Tmobile didn't send it? Did they get hacked by the same clowns that hacked Target?

Posted via CB10

It is fair. I fail to see how John Legere didn't have any involvement in stopping Bb support.

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Well then let him come out and say someone was misrepresenting his company's marketing department. I'm sure he wouldn't that, right?

I love the power of BlackBerry/Crackberry nation! I tweeted my disgust several times. I'm still angry at T-MOBILE for this nonsense!

Posted via CB10

At least he is acknowledging the situation. Hopefully this goes well for TMO BlackBerry users.

Posted via Q10

Truth be told when this was first reported I called it BS - surely no carrier would stoop this low, but John proved me wrong. I've had 5 phones for 15 yrs on TMO. Monday I will call to see what the cancellation charges are. TMO is not the first carrier to sell their soul to the devil in order to carry the iPhone. Problem is no one else has pulled this type of stunt to keep their sales numbers up. The fact that they purposefully targeted BlackBerry as opposed to all platforms (Windows, Android AND BlackBerry) is what appalls me. To add insult to injury the CEO said we'll get back to you. That is corporate speak for you'll never hear about this unless you're foolish enough to bring it up again.

Well, if he really didn't want to give the issue much airtime, he didn't have to acknowledge these tweets, plus it IS the weekend :)

Want to really apologize T-Mobile?

Put BlackBerry products back to your retail shelves and instruct your people on what proper salesmanship is at these outlets.

Let's not hear anymore of you encouraging potential and existing BlackBerry clients to abandon ship by switching over to Android and iOS.

This is far from deserved and ranks up there as adolescent behaviour.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Crackberry is the best thing that has ever happened to blackberry. Hands down.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10STL100-1/

Isn't BlackBerry to Apple more of a downgrade anyway ? No nfc no Bluetooth xfers no external storage media no android apps no hdmi out no FM receiver no American presidents as users etc etc etc

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Let's start a capitalistic revolution if the carriers don't support blackberry completely then we take our money to carriers who do

Posted via CB10


At&t hasn't done nearly as shitty a thing as tmo did to bb users.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

True, but ATT users are mad that the update hasn't come yet nor has ATT given us the rightful respect as when supporting BlackBerry. If the CEO from T-Mobile actually heard the BlackBerry fans and isn't just saying this to shut us up then why cant we reach AT&T's CEO?

All the t-mobiles in downtown Philly have replaced the few BBs they had with Nokias. BB is also gone from at&t and verizon

The future is BlackBerry, iPhone is too restricted android has no soul blackberry 10 is just right forever improving am truly now a fan of a brand


That's great news. I guess social media can do more than just waste time & gather peoples' information. Amazing.

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!

Now that he has responded we still have to be vigilante... Now is not the time just wait and see what happens....

Posted via CB10

Maybe a Petition on may scare them knowing that if the veiling is reach that the feds may get involved.

Posted via CB10

Lol. Fair enough. I meant in the case of not turning a blind eye to these tweets, as he very well could have.

Seriously, I'm not with T-Mobile (I got my own headaches with AT&T), but why would we downgrade our phones to an iPhone just because it's allegedly "easier" to use? Oh, right, I forgot about it's absolute wealth of mostly crappy, useless apps. That's a big draw.

Posted via CB10

Depending on how pissed BlackBerry customers are, T-Mobile may actually lose a few. When Rogers decided to not carry the Z30, I actually switched to Bell for my business phone.

Posted via CB10

Advertising "The tools to get it done'' :). I have a iphone 5S from work and a Blackberry Z30. The ios7 is a cumbersome way of doing things while blackberry 10 let me respons quick and easy and also has a much better virtual keyboard. I think you downgrade yourself in use of a better smartphone to get thing really done.

We also have a BES 10 server in our company and many people get the iphone 5/S or Lumia and I just bougt myself a Z30 which is connected with some other blackberry 10 devices and people with iphone are suprised by the software and virtual keyboard how easily it works. More people in the company buying a Z10 them self
because the price fall down to 199 euro and it's a good phone.

So The T-Mob saying getting the things done and mention they back up blackberry is just back stabbing with that kind of advertising and saying he will come back leaving the crime scene to team up with his T-Mob crew. We will see.

Comparing two or more different phones are not polite when you sell them, specially they sold it in the past....