Says RIM CEO, "We want the typing experience on BlackBerry to be the BEST in the World.. both touchscreen and physical keyboard"

Thorsten Heins talks to the Press
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2012 10:48 am EDT

We're still sitting in the press Q&A with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins at BlackBerry World, but just to clarify any misinformation out there that RIM may potentially not build physical keyboards for BlackBerry 10, Heins said:

"We want the typing experience on BlackBerry to be the BEST in the World.. both touchscreen and physical keyboard" 

So that's that. Confirmed. There will be a physical keyboard option in the BlackBerry 10 portfolio. The first BlackBerry 10 phone will be full touchscreen, but there will be physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 phones. 

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Says RIM CEO, "We want the typing experience on BlackBerry to be the BEST in the World.. both touchscreen and physical keyboard"


that's a given - play to their strengths and hopefully develop new strengths to bring people back to BB.


hopefully the BB10 phone with a physical keyboard is released around the same time.

Remember the wait for the Bold 9900/30 after the release of the all carriers??

Depends on what context you read that quote. He could have meant that they want typing to be a better experience than 'other' physical keyboards on other devices. Not necessarily a BB10.
I do, however, believe they will have a BB10 with a 'real' keyboard. No doubt.

I want to know how soon a keyboard phone will follow after the release of the all touch? I need to know if I can wait that long.

I wouldn't mind a slightly bigger and bolder BB Bold with a bigger screen.

Kevin, see what the rumour mill has to say about this. My thumbs are getting wider with age so a bigger phone for my also aging eye sight would be very welcome. Lol.

I disagree. I think it'll have to maintain the resolution so that apps "just work." iPad did this by stretching iPhone apps, but squeezing apps down to size is a BAD idea.

If there is a physical keyboard, it'll either be a slide-out, and I hope it's vertical. I will be OK with the all-touch.

One thing they could do to ensure apps just work would be to keep the horizontal rez the same on all devices with the display on the bold being either 4:3 (1024x768) or maybe even square (768x768) as in both those situations you would still have the same width.

As far as the keyboard, the smart money is on the first bb10 device with a keyboard being a normal bold design rather than a slider because you can make devices much smaller and lighter then and it is the iconic blackberry design as well as being the most popular by far of their premium models.

Because most of the action comes from people who wanted RIM to sell, now the short sellers are moving in because they know it will take a while until BB10 devices become the norm so RIM will continue to struggle in the US market.

Many "investors" don't care about long-term.

I discussed this with my GF's stepfather. He owns the Venezuelan company Fru-Fru. He claimed he is friends with the CEO of Samsung Venezuela, and that the Samsung buy-out is true, but I told him it's just a rumor until it's signed. It's all hearsay...

I was hoping the BlackBerry Blade was going to be a real device - touch screen with vertical slide out keyboard. Awesome design, whoever came up with it. Quite a few BB10 concept devices posted in CrackBerry articles were hot but that one in particular was my favorite.

Sliders are expensive and complicated.

Better to just maintain the Bold form factor; the Torch is... okay, but it hasn't been a huge hit.

Torch has been limited in some ways by availability. Just like the Style was limited. Granted, it went on more carriers, but not enough.

Hey Kevin-

Any chatter about a CMO being named?? Also it seems they are delaying the 4G playbook til end of year. Hearing anything about a 10 inch on tap for year end. Upgrade chip set, plus a much higher resoultion screen. I think screen cresoulution is huge for tablet buyers.

I just hope they don't go to big on the screen. I hate the size of the Android phones. I will give up some screen real estate for a smaller package with a physical keyboard, IMO.

I am impressed so far with what is coming out of Blackberry World.

The odds are that their target size for the first qwerty bb10 will be a device that is similar in size to a 9900 or slightly taller with the main extra space for a larger screen coming from a removal of the trackpad row of buttons from the device since the bb10 ui is being designed from the ground up without one of those in mind.

That comment didn't confirm anything in my opinion, he could have meant the function of the current keypads transferred to a BlackBerry touch device from past BlackBerry keypad experience

Is there any sort of suggestion when BB10 is coming out? is it definitely this year ? I currently have torch 9860 and was going to move to iphone basically for the apps reason ( but I have playbook to ) so I have so many apps on that...

Anyway since I seen these features on BB10 Im gonna hold out and buy this instead of an iPhone 100%

Just wondering if there has been any indication when ? Im guessing for sure before christmas anyway as theyll make a lot of money round that time.

I seem to recall reading an article stating RIM will launch a keypad BB10 first quarter 2013. Wish I could remeber where I saw that so I could post a link but I don't remeber where it was. Might have been here?

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

When it comes to Blackberries, People do care about having a physical keyboard, not ranting, but this is a great move for RIM, and i hope in Future they manufacture a vertical slider phone with bigger screen and slide out keypad (kinda like torch). and if im not wrong, thats set to be released somewhere down the line after the release of LONDON.

Even though the predictive option is amazing im not sure if i want to do without the original shortcuts on the physical keyboard unless they somehow built that in. Im proud of blackberry wanting to offer the best of both keyboard worlds :)

Good, now if we could only bring themes back to BB. I'm talking true custom themes from Theme Builder.

I really hope that when BB10 for phones is released that RIM will update the Playbook OS to act the same way. I believe that is the only way to create a true BlackBerry Ecosystem. A seamless look and feel to both the Phone and Playbook OS's


Please tell blackberry that every person i know that still has a blackberry only has it because of the physical keyboard. The minute they go to only touch were moving to iphone.

I really wish the users could help build a BB 10 phone. We have some of the most insightful ideas. I love the TK VICTORY although it looked funny without the call, menu, trackpad buttons, but I'm sure I'd get used to it. It was too thin in my opinion. Basicly I would like to see a 99xx but 1/2" to 5/8" taller and 1/4" wider, slim down the call-menu-track pad button row just slightly 1/8" to provide a not only a larger screen but a more powerful processor and an exceptional battery life, oh and let's not forget the camera auto focus. Since I'm at it why not have a second led light, second convinience key and second speaker. That completes my BB 10 dream phone.

Good to hear - I prefer the physical keyboard along with a touchscreen. I will definitely look at buying one. It is however, odd timimg (IMO) that the Bold 9900/9930 gets released only to have something bigger and better being released the following year ..... Unless BB10 is still a couple of years away from release to the general public.

It was important for RIM to introduce the Bold 9900/30 so that customers with contracts running out in the past 8 months would stay with Blackberry. And don't worry, the BB10 will be released in October.

This is what I have been saying. RIM would never leave us out, we need that keyboard. But we need to attract the touch screen addicts since they out number us by a long shot

I am so glad that there will be a physical keyboard ! but the all touch device will be released before the physical keyboard personally i prefer if rim released the two devices at the same time i mean in October this would be amazing and I am going with the physical keyboard bb10 but does anyone know when will rim release the physical keyboard device ???

I think both versions of BB10 phones (one with a physical keypad [be it slider or Bold-style] & one virtual) should be released at the same time. That way, no one feels left out. I switched from Palm Pre to a Bold 9900 (as opposed to a Torch 9810) because I didn't like having to slide out the keyboard to type. While I do love the 9900's keypad, I'm willing to go all-touch on the next BB phone if the predictive typing works as well as it looks! xD

I'm a qwerty fan myself, but am willing to consider the all-touch if the new BB10 with a real keyboard wont come out immediately after the all-touch screen.

I am typing this on the Dell Venue Pro running Windows Phone 7.5.

I picked it up because it is a full-size slab touch screen with a portrait slider.

My Torch 9810 has what I call a 2/3rds touch screen but the Venue at 800 x 480 is more like the real deal.

I hope the hardware design teams at RIM have a few of these in house, because if I could get this exact form factor but with the incomparable BlackBerry keyboard, and the trackpad where the Windows logo button is, and the other 4 BB hard buttons, running BB10, having all those other souped-up specs, I would have the perfect phone.

If you are a portrait slider fan like me, check out the Dell Venue Pro for a sneak peek at how awesome a BB10 portrait slider could be!

P.s. my Torch 9810 is still my main phone... Me and my BB have an open relationship, with rules like "no kissing" and "no expensive proprietary accessories"... That's just for my 'Berrys

Great great great ,, I feel so impassion. As usual I believe RIM will release several model simultaneously just like what they did with OS7. Not only black n white series for the year.