Says RIM CEO: "There is a LOT of Change!"

CrackBerry talks to Thorsten Heins
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jan 2012 11:39 pm EST

Part II of CrackBerry's Interview with RIM's New CEO

After breaking the ice and throwing a couple of straight forward questions at RIM's new CEO in our Part I Interview,  we tackle some of the hot topics surrounding Research In Motion and their current BlackBerry strategy. 

You'll want to listen to the interview above and/or read the Q&A below as we get passionate straight talk from Thorsten Heins. Seriously, if you haven't been won over by the new BlackBerry Chief yet, this may be the interview that does it.

We really are entering into a new era for Research In Motion here. This is a CEO who admits RIM has missed on commitments in the past, admits RIM is choosing the harder way (as compared to building upon Android), but 100% believes in the strength of the company and the current strategy they have chosen to execute on. 

Interview Part II - There is a LOT of Change

Kevin: On the topic of change, on the conference call you said, "We don't think significant change was needed." Obviously there is a lot of change already in progress with the migration (from BlackBerry OS) up to the BlackBerry 10 platform, but I'm seeing that the media and financial community are not in total agreement about that message. Can you clarify and explain why you don't think you need change?

Thorsten: I think this got into a little bit of the black and white zone. I was talking about drastic or seismic changes. What I was trying to address was that there was some suggestion that RIM should be split up or should even be sold. My true belief is that RIM has the strength and the assets that we can really succeed in this market.

There is a LOT of change. There is a lot of structure change, there has been already a lot of change in terms of our software, our software platform, bringing QNX in. There is no standstill at any moment here at RIM.

What I wanted to make clear to the market is that we believe in our own strength, we are BlackBerry, we are an integrated solution, hardware, software, services, and network.

Just do yourselves a favor and look where the other OEMs are that are just handset providers. I tell you, I've been in that business before. It's cut throat price and cost competition. And why would I throw the value away of differentiating myself against the others? 

Kevin: I keep reading these articles that BlackBerry should build on Android, but I just don't understand them. 

Thorsten: Just take a look where the Android OEMs are. I leave this to you. Take a look at their recent announcements and what you will immediately see is there is just no room for differentiation because they are all the same.

What we choose is the harder way. I get it. Did we miss on some commitments? Yes, I admit that. That happens in high tech. This is not baking cookies. This is building high tech products. From time to time your aspirations and your development timelines hit some bumps in the road that were not foreseen. But I think going down that path is exactly right for BlackBerry and its customers.

Keep it locked to CrackBerry... more from RIM's new CEO will be hitting the blogs soon!  

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Says RIM CEO: "There is a LOT of Change!"


Part 2 here we go! So far everything I'm hearing from him is sounding like good stuff. A good realistic view of where RIM has been and where it will go under his leadership.

Boldly sent from my 9930

Now this guy is speaking pragmatically.... Taking ownership of missed deadlines and opportunities... The more I read, the more I likey

Thorsten Heins just keeps hitting the nail on the head. The #1 thing I LOVE about our new fearless leader is how straight forward he is, no bs. Keep the Great blogs coming Kevin!

Agreed. He just says it how it is and for that I have to give him a big thumbs up. From all of what I have heard from him thus far is the most strait-talking CEO that I can think of.
Boldly sent from my 9930

I couldn't agree more, Mike and Jim a big thumbs up for you guys as well for recognizing and promoting Mr Heins as the captain of the ship

I know he has no choice but saying OS7 devices are competitive then goes on to say he tests other platforms devices, makes me think his dreaming! I use the 9860 and I can tell you it ain't a 4S! :-(

Dude it's not supposed to be a 4s. I love my phone. Can I say that the competitors don't have some things that I want? No I can't. I can say that my phone has everything I need in a phone short of a camera. You could throw any of the new devices at me and I wouldn't be impressed. I'm just hoping that the upcoming Bold knocks my socks off because if it doesn't then it will be a while until RIM sees any of my money.

Anyway back to the point. If you want a 4s then go get one (no sarcasm). And for the record the 4s wouldn't exactly be what I would call cutting edge.

Actually it is competitive as a phone and in messaging. Hell all I want is fluidity and maybe a little more eye candy (but fluidity most (zero lag)) and I couldn't care less about apps.

But I still beleive that BB10 will be the competitor people like you want.

I'm with you. Zero lag, messaging...that's what I want.

I'm willing to put in a big extended battery, ok. I want the thing to work ALL STINKIN' DAY.

But the zero lag thing...that's what I find most frustrating about my blackberry.


Did I hear him say "app world is the most profitable platform for application developers"?? I love BB but I simply do NOT believe that. Is there proof for that claim? where's that study?

That was a statistic given during the keynote session at BlackBerry DevCon in the fall. Will try and dig up the link (reference might be buried in video). I think it wasn't an "in total" quote, but referenced a per developer basis (highest or 2nd highest % of developers who make over 100k per year on a mobile platform was on BB). Better yet, I'll try and reach out and find the study.  Stay tuned.

yes that's correct, as per RIM 13% of the app developers submitting apps to the app world made over 100K last year and that is quite incredible.

It is 110% true, I develop now for both BB and iOS. I cleared 100k in both 2010 and 2011 on the App World (not to mention online distribution) That said it is slowing as the competition grows. I's just much easier to get noticed competing against the number of Apps on App World vs the number on the App Store, so that statistic is true, but slightly skewed because of that.

You know I really hope there will be some changes because my first impression of this ceo shakeup was that this is strictly a window dressing move. Company looks bad, let's make a difference. And after the first few intervIews with the new ceo, I heard nothing of any kind of changes what so ever. But the only thing this company needs is change not a new ceo. It needs a real focus, a real plan and purpose. And definitely it needs to stop trying to be and beat the iphone. So I'm glad changes are a' my horoscope said, lol. Seriously though, this is the second piece of good new to come out of rim this week. 1st being a qnx bold. Yaaay.

he's been here for a couple of days only.. you didn't expect the new ceo to bring bb10 with him just because he's the new ceo

No but I expected him to come out swinging with a new swing in his step and fresh voice. This company is on the verge of being bought or shut down, you don't come out wishy-washy when it's this bad. You come out storming like it's a war because u care about the brand you're speaking for and u don't wanna see it fall apart. You come out with at least some sort of a concrete change. You come out with something, not nothing. Anything is good at this point that can make the shareholders perk up and listen. Cause ain't no one listening right now. I want a strategy, A plan, A simplifying of the process and a carving out of the brand. That's a focus. I want action. But I got bupkiss lol.

He's a ceo bud. That's means his job isn't to tell you the truth but rather what u need to hear. That's the pr part of a ceo's job. one interview he says there no need for drastic change. Then in another he states big change is coming...I don't know man, I don't know.

I personally don't get comments like this, they are executing their plan for bb10 which is a huge change, but this isn't a huge change from the plan in place last week. But he's committed to executing it well, and supporting it with the marketing and promotion to get things done. How's that confusing?

You don't see changes?
How about them saying that they will communicate better? (want proof?...look at all the interviews, & how it's RIM contacting CB)

First thing he did as CEO is say we need a CMO. A person with lots of consumer telecoms experience NOT currently working at RIM. (btw I read an article somewhere where they said it looks like RIM is not only activly looking for a CMO but willing to pay whatever it takes to get one.

There are LOTs of other changes too...I'm quite happy with what I'm seeing from this guy. What I don't want is a new CEO who does something stupid like throw out all the changes that are currently happening at RIM (like QNX) or breaks up & sells RIM

And it's irrelevant how long he's been a ceo. If they're serious about this brand, they would've backed his launch with firepower ie a new strategy, new tactics, a new way of thinking. New something. But they didn't.

How do you know that is not happening already? ... they are not going to announce things for the benefit of their competition until products and services are ready to roll out! ... just stay tuned! .. great things are underway .....

Nah,first he has to get rid of those "Welcome to the new Millenium" signs all over the office. Then, get a suit that doesn't have bell-bottom pants. Trade the fleet of Plymouth vehicles.

it is easy to say change. but what do you want to change is a more difficult question. what is RIM's priority? OS7 marketing esp. in US at present, Playbook 2.0 next month and BB10 end of year. do you want changes on those and suffer a further delay? he stated on a lot of interview that the changes would come on how RIM would deliver. the two Co-Ceos have laid out the plans already and it looks good. Thor would just have to be focusing on the targets.
oh and btw, RIM CEO calling Crackberry Kevin to discuss the issues is a huge change in doing things in my opinion.

He makes sents to me , I don't want a driodberry. I want a blackberry & I will wait for OS10. My 9930 is doing a good job so I can wait.

There wasn't really anything new that he didn't say in the interviews to the media. All he did was admit mistakes but really nothing to move forward to appease the shareholders to continue to put their money in the company.

How about the myriad of devices that RIM puts out. Crackberry's own forums show how fragmented the Blackberry family is. Each one of those devices takes a development team. That is A LOT of development going into similar products that are competing against each other, let alone all the other phones. Hmm.. should I get the 9900 or the 9790, but really I think the 9860 will do... For the developer it's insane to support Blackberry OS 5,6,7 (and BB10 soon) at the same time trying to support all the various screen sizes....

I carry both a 9900 and iPhone4S... past the email, bbm and keyboard that keeps me on the Blackberry, the iPhone wins for everything else. Consumers really don't care about BES and how secure their data is.

And companies are beginning to see the flexibility of the iOS (and beginning on the Android) platform. On my iPhone I have the capability to record a video, re-compress it and FTP it in high quality to my work all in one go. I can send live audio via IP back to my workplace with IFB intercom coming back in my headphones without using the phone. I can even go live-to-air streaming video and audio - CNN proved it last year in the Middle East. There's apps for all of that.

But I can do email on my Blackberry. And THAT'S what's wrong with RIM.

RIM is aware of the problem and they are working towards it, traditional Blackberry OS and IOS or Android are built on different fundamentals, one evolved from being a media consumption device while the latter evolved from being a pure communications device and hence obvious differences, but RIM is hard at work with BB10 to make the platform best of the both worlds.

Finally, someone on these forums actually gets it. I take my hat off to you sir, for you hit the nail on the head.

I couldn't agree with you more.
How many times have we heard RIM admit their obvious mistakes?

At one point I think I was one of the biggest Blackberry fans out there , then came along the iPhone . I still stuck with Blackberry , believing they were gonna come up with similar features . I went out and got the Storm on launch date , I thought that was the answer, ran out and got the storm 2 ; I made the same mistake twice. It took so much out of me to go get the OG Droid , thinking I needed BBM , and no one would have email support like BB.

Once I loaded my Gmail account , and using Android threaded text , I could tell what the diffidence was. In so many ways it was a lot better then what BB had to offer.

I still remember the headaches of the battery pulls , memory leaks , that thing they called a browser, horrible cameras , that thing they call APP World ...

The one thing I miss about the four Blackberry's I owned is , The Battery life. I could go a few days without charging them , not so much the Storm and the Storm 2. I also owned the 7250 and the 8830.

the more I hear the more I like Mr Heins, he is to the point, honest and straight forward..good choice Mike and Jim, congrats to the RIM board for finding the Man to turn the ship around

You know what, I'm gonna hold my breath until I see the real products they launch under this guys management , we are consumers and the only thing that matters is what we hold in our hands , so I can't judge this guy yet .

No matter what RIM is going to do, that transition must reflect their care for not only the business users, but also the customers. Either more APPs, or beautiful designs, these are the changes from a company's CTO's perspectives of designing phones to a common person's perspectives. Of course, RIM should not give up its strength, but the priority and design logic needs modified.
Marketing is the same thing. So start from chaning RIM's stupid strategy in CHINA first! They ONLY server business users in CHINA! Not ony the cheif marketing office needs to be chosen carefully, but also the chief officer in China. Whoever ingore this market will pay for their debt for sure.

research in static

Just a thought guys....why do we need this QNX platform.I have the playbook but i miss the menu button of my blackberry...Couldnt they have gone to better the old platform like apple does?
the true BB users like the platform and the options it comes up with when you press the menu no matter in which app you are.Can they improve it in superlative form? improve the browser many folds more smooth functionality.
Pls let me know....reply comment throw some light i might be missing something/maybe whole lotta thing.

I'm sorry, but if you can't see the advantages of QNX over the BBOS, then I can only believe that you've been using your Playbook with your eyes closed.
PBOS is WAY faster, more fluid and more stable than BBOS. On top of that, because it is newer technology, rather than an evolution of an old technology (as with BBOS), there are many more possibilities to enhanse the sourse code with add-ons which simply couldn't work with the old BBOS.
I also have both a Playbook and a BB telephone. For the first few days, the PB kind of annoyed me because I didn't have a button to press to back-up, leave a programme, or give me more options as with a BB phone or even an iPad. But as soon as I worked out how the bezel replaces those physical buttons, I found it a WAY better system.
I'm constantly trying to bezel other things now (including my BB phone and my friend's iPad). It is almost addictive how simple it makes things and actually p!sses me off that it's not on everything else I touch.
As for "true" BB users, I'm sorry we/they are a dying breed in many "important" territories. All the news (despite how much crap is written) points to RIM being dead in the water - and no, I do not agree with that stuff - it's not legacy customers alone who are going to save RIM and BlackBerry (especially in the US), it's legacy customers AND getting new people onto the platform.


Thanks for reply Simu so basically I'm in the initial stages of PB where you get annoyed and maybe since its a new platform it is still evolving but don't you think they should be more solid and do more extensive research before launching the product and we loyal customers just go and pick it up.I did the same with storm 1 and then storm 2 and now with 9850 and then inspite of having the option b/w iPad and PB i went with my heart and paid from my pocket over the apple gift card of 500$ which i had .
You see my point here is we loyal customers don't want BB to die.And its not just the US but even developing nations are flooded withBB phones so everyone is contributing but it always seems to me that whenever a new product from BB is launched there is always some or the other area where RIM has cut corners and we loyal lovers of BB accept it the way it is inspite of knowing in the heart of hearts that there are lot of things missing.
PB without email client and most basic needs which defines a BB was missing makes no sense.Give clients the freedom to choose not force them to buy a blackberry phone in order to experience PB.
once again thanks for the reply.

Kevin this is really great content. I was very critical of you when you posted your article on google buying RIM. But I have to say I am loving what you're providing BB fans now and I'm really enjoying these interviews and am excited for the future of RIM.

Since he worked for RIM for a long time, I don't take his words like people take religious stuff. Until he prove his story is right, I don't believe anything he say or what others at RIM has to say.

Looking at how RIM still release a lot of different phone models instead of focusing on few phones with improved hardware and OS.

He hasn't actually worked at RIM for that long compared with a lot of the other exec's and upper management. RIM releasing all the different models is partially based on addressing CDMA and GSM carriers and the fact that RIM sells in so many countries around the world.

He is only the job for a few days. Do you think that he ultimately responsible for those new devices that were leaked yesterday?

I don't know. I wish the guy had a better grasp of the english language. Things get lost in the translation. A fair bit of what he says makes no sense, logically.

Anyway, let's hope he's the Boy Wunderkid...... he'll need to be.

His accent is a good sign to me. Germans are very educated, specific, straight forward, and demand the best of the best (current RR and Bentleys, BMW, Porsche, Merci, Audi,VW, Sham Wow, Hugo Boss or just look how solid the 9980 is). I hate to discriminate even in a positive way, but the track record of anything German engineered is a pretty awesome one. BlackBerry platform run by a German... I'll be the first in line.

If you have followed RIM news for the past several years, you will realize that there ARE significant changes going on:

1) The QNX switch is obviously huge, but another change that's not readily apparent to consumers is RIM's increasing involvement with and use of open source software. The amount of work RIM is making opensource like Webworks and webkit is staggering.

2) The QNX change also require them to ditch some of legacy structure that relies on the NOC. From an architecture standpoint, it's a lot of work for RIM to re-engineer these processes internally.

3) RIM bought a lot of companies in the past several years, including Torch, QNX, TAT, ubitexx, Gist, and Tungle. Integrating all of these companies, their people, and their technology is another huge undertaking. RIM bought Tungle in May 2011 and Gist in Feb 2011. The personnel from these two companies are the drivers behind the new PB OS2.0 Contacts and Calendar apps, and the other companies are all playing a huge part in RIM's future going forward.

GO RIM!!!!!!!!!!

People, lighten up a bit. I agree with sf49ers and BB_Vee!

Herr Heins, es wird eine harte Aufgabe sein, aber Sie können es tun. Viel Glück (obwohl Glück für das bereite kranke sit)!

I like what I hear but he could be just saying what "we want to hear". Unless he puts his money where his mouth is per say then I'll know he's for real. But for now it is all just talk.

Either way I wish him and RIM all the best!

Posted from my 9900 on Robbers (Rogers).

Hi, I know this a bit of an old moan but I and a lot of other people bought a Playbook because they saw the original advert in the UK showing a playbook with Skype on it. The Playbook is a better tablet than the Ipad and has better cameras, unfortunately Skype seems to have been able to make their product more universal than other video calling programs. It must be a marketing product that Blackberry is missing that they are not using a video calling system that can communicate with other manufacturers products, tablets and PC's around the world. Most of the people I communicate with in business and personal life use Skype, so come on RIM add an app that is sure to sell you many more Blackberry products. I hope that the new CEO will not miss this opportunity.

I'm pretty sure around CES (either during or just after) the guy from RIM in charge of applications and developper relations said that Skype was going to be coming soon (or something along those lines).
I know that RIM has been fairly terrible with it's schedule management, and the person in question didn't give a date as to when it would be available, but he was definately insinuating sooner rather than later.


Lol... They have never apologized for this misleading advertising.

Clean slate, let's give this guy a chance to win consumer trust back.

RIM just died:

1- No one so far has combined software & hardware till now on such large scale except Steve Jobs, I am no Apple fan by any means or form at all but this guy is no Steve Jobs.

2- You need roughly over 15% of global devices coverage with your OS or you will die and the only ones standing are iOS and Android for that reason and others like WebOS and QNX keep dying though they are better than iOS and Android but that has nothing to do with survival in this specialist fast moving area. DOS and Windows with Mac had global applications coverge for decades and that is why many better solid systems like the Xdesktops etc. all died. The oxygen of large global user basis based on the numbers' game of applications (now apps) needs to be high or no one will bother on the numbers needed to maintain momentum and go beyond the high safety threshold needed I just described.

3- RIM has made the deserted apps ghost town of QNX worse by charging a lot and treating developers like garbage and extra red tape. The number of few hundred apps there compared to hundreds of thousands on Android or iOS is an absurd surreal joke. QNX is already dead. Even the mighty HP could not keep WebOS alive for the same reasons.

4- Differentiate oneself merely for the sake of it to escape reality? That is what the Dodo and Kamikazi pilots told themselves in the end. Differentiate yourself out of the global mass user basis means suicide and this interview is the note.

5- This guy seems nice enough compared to the usual shady RIM characters but to me he looks like a timewasting tactic before foreclosure by the board who should have gone dual boot QNX/Android, and I don't mean their utterly useless Android emulation they call wrapper, for OS2 launch but now it is too late. He is just there till Q3 or Q4 when RIM gets taken over by an Asian Gordon Geko to be asset stripped. They should just face reality and say we are hardware, courtsy of Chinese factories like everyone else, and we do proper Android unlike OS2Beta and QNX is a bonus mode.

Their tablets misadventre reminds one of Apple's Newton years ago but much costlier and an existential fatal mis-strategy. Avoiding proper Android was their Achilles Heel and RIM is a dead man walking for those not blinded by burying their heads in the sand. Just bad old samo samo disguised as a little pep talk.

The CEO and the board are the only ones who fully realize what I am saying. To them I say even if in the February launch of OS2 they announce they are going to go fully Android as their main platform, even then it will be too little too late. That is my crisp cold analysis of how I see things. RIP RIM.


wow, very long post... I think I speak for all crackberry members when I say thank you for such dedication in monitoring the competition forums and blogs!

i can understand how horrible it must be for you to endure the misguided and mindless cult-following drone personality... take comfort in the fact that you are not alone - there's millions of you poor lost souls... just read any negative BlackBerry article and you will find your friends there... trolling bs'ers abound!

there's an illogical commonality which defeats common sense in your people... why on earth so much (blind) passion for a company and product? and then why so much venom against other companies in similar product sectors? your assessments and assertions are at best 'reposts' and often just leaps from the paranoid. I don't mean to flame you - i (we) pitty you and your people and hope you get better soon!


Hello dear rocmon,
I said I am not a fan of Apple so you obviously can't read properly. I stopped using Apple devices completely which are too gardenwalled IMHO and use many others including RIM devices currently, typing on one now, and am not a fan of any software or hardware brand as each have their good and bad points but then again I don't see the world in simplistic black and white like you do but infinite shades of grey and colors. Secondly I only said Jobs was the only one who combined software and hardware successfully at global level and the new CEO seems a nice guy but I don't see him or indeed anyone being a Jobs any time soon. He was a good product and marketing visionary but not a hero of mine by any means whatsoever, the guy who invented C and Unix deserves more credit than Jobs but marketing rules unfortunately. Thirdly you didn't answer any of my numerous fact based points. Fourthly you just insulted me with personal attacks and delusions of me being an Apple user in error. I guess parents have a lot to respond to for their childrens upbringing. Fifthly emotional imbalance and abusive conduct only blinds one more to the facts. Sixthly I also said QNX and WebOS are better than iOS and Android but who survives is a different matter altogether. So once again it is evident that you have reading problems and I guess primary school teachers have slipped up too in their standards recently as well as some parents. Seventhly I wish your mind settles peacefully and hope you have a good weekend and a wonderful life.

Once again how original, charming and intelligent but as before wishing you a restful peaceful mind I have to insist and reverse that only for you my dear rocmon.

I find it amazing that all these people who are simply "smartphone users who read tech blogs" think they are somehow experts at running $billion companies and that they know more than highly educated experienced CEO's.

You don't know who is what plus those educated in strategy know what is apt here plus as the wise say: see what is said and not who says it.

I wonder if RIM can be a true contender in today's market at some point it's going to take more then dedicated fans and more innovative products for them to sustain in today's market share. It's good that they admit to the issues at hand, but we need a serious game plan to have some revolutionary devices to truly become a top smart phone contender.

Thorsten! Thorsten! Thorsten! What about RIM's rumored merge with Palm Pilot?? I just figured that would be so nifty! There's no place to go, but up for RIM!! Best wishes!!

You people are really delusional! BB7 has the worst browser of any smart phone on the market! This new CEO doesn't know what time it is. They are so behind the competition that when they do finally release a phone with QNX we can only wonder where IOS and Android will be!

I would love to see a great comeback story, just like Apple in the early part of this decade but so far nothing that I would get my hopes up on!

I try real hard not to respond to idiot posts like stephenr930 but i've succumbed to his/her idiot claims. The browser on 9900 or 9790 is just as good as any smartphone in the market.

This is all very simple. This guy sounds like he has his things in order so let's see where he takes RIM. I like that he didn't make everything about himself and just change everything. Ajobs was one of the greatest leaders I've seen but people have to understand that it's not like he personally invented everything apple came out with. He just directed the company. Heins looks like he's in position to do the same. That means that execution is really good hatthey need and continual innovation in the background.

Please, don't use the word "change". Just do it. Here in the U.S., the word "change" has a bad smell to it, as it's associated with our current (not for much longer)President.

There is differentiation in the Android OEMs. They are all allowed their own custom UI, Google just laid down a framework that will make less fragmentation. Windows Phone is the platform with zero differentiation and will eventually become the Nokia OS.

I really really do hope that RIM can pull something off, because I don't want it to be down to Google, Apple and Nokia (Microsoft).

What I see that this guy gets is if he speaks in generalities "there were big changes" but doesn't speak to anything more specific than "BB10 is a big change from BB7" then he isn't going to miss, because he didn't say anything we didn't know or haven't seen. Basillie said that BB10 was a "leapfrog" over the competition, so far, no one has convinced me that is true, though I keep watching, reading, updating, and so want it to be true. I would like to be teased that BB10 is going to be more than the playbook on a smart phone. I will read with anticipation the next installment and I hope Kevin got him to answer that question for me.

"What I was trying to address was that there was some suggestion that RIM should be split up or should even be sold."

This statement, regarding the "No need to change" is extremely reassuring. Frankly, I lost all hope in the CEO when he said that there wasn't going to be any change. But it's clear now that it was just a matter of his intent not being communicated properly, the correct intent being, "There IS change...But Blackberry will remain Blackberry, and not Blackberry on Android, or MSBerry".

Expecting lots of good stuff out of RIM. Just hope it isn't too late.

Thanks Kevin. Thats a great post and interview from the new ceo. What else is there left to say other then to start working and rebuilding Rim to the top again. I, for one, do not need anymore explainations. Just continue to build upon a great product that is os7 n qnx. The day Rim goes over to andriod is the day Rim dies. Rim needs to differiatate itself among all those other oses, and ( imo ) critical to its survival and longivity. I, for one, have always thought that the stock market and wall street was/is driven by paranoia and of course greed. Rim is correct to stay the course but with laserbeam focus, and critical to NOT be distracted by the negatives #. Mass consumers has a history of turning against the very products that they once supported. Just ask Sony. Steve Jobs understood that reality, therefore instead to tell the average comsuner what they needed. It is to capture their mindset and spoil them with beautiful products. I admit, I admire Apple products because of its beautiful simplistic nature, but over the yrs and become soulless.

Ppl have to understand that Thorsten has his work cut out for him, its gonna be a tough sell to influence the minds of android and apple users to switch. As i have said before qnx IS the future. I have used them all and after experiencing playbook for over 9 months, i cant go back to the others as it now feels wayyy to clumsy and backwards. Qnx has the pwer to use minimial cores and pwer consumption. Not bad of an improvment from Rim considering qnx origins. Real engineers and programers will apprieate qnx but most are simply guided by how much money they can get from apps.

Rim has lost sight of its identity and has lost its pace, but i see no reason why it cannot again succeed. Concentrate on the enterprise and current berry users, and the rest will follow in time. Rim will have a hard time converting the mass majoriety, but they dont have to. They will carve out a sizable portion for users if they continue to have confidence in their products. We consumers are a fickle bunch, one day we gonna love our vegatables, the next day we gonna spit it back to your face. And that is how is it with tech comsumers. ( no disrespect to anyone )


I can not believe the comments from the people on this forum. This guy has just repeated the same line of crap that the previous CEO's give at every one of their meetings. The same problems have been with Rim for the past few years and the same line of crap is given for answers. I still own a BB but I also own a new Razr Maxx, there is just no comparison. Two different phones I understand but where Rim is right now compared to the Android and IOS platforms they are in for a very long hard road ahead. They need drastic changes, NEW MINDS, not the same old song and dance. They should stop ripping the other platforms and get some NEW talent before Rim washes away. No one asks the hard questions, Kevin goes on telling Heins just how great Rim is doing and what is coming down the pipeline then asks a very soft question with no bite to it. Quit the crap because if Rim doesn't get to it might go down stream with Rim and that would suck.

"...what you will immediately see is there is just no room for differentiation because they are all the same..."

Hopefully this is a misquote. If not, one of the biggest oxymoron statements in quite some time.
If all Android devices truly were "the same" then the market would in fact be WIDE OPEN for differentiation. But, since he couldn't be more wrong and there is already ample differentiation amongst Android hardware, we are left to ponder if this guy is firing on all cylinders. Not a good start for him....

And It would be absolutely awesome to get some non biased, non -worship-like- reporting from Kevin. Just once. I was here 7 years ago and you used to be able to give real information when the ship wasn't sinking. Please Kevin, I beg you, snap out of it. Your credibility is suffering.

Finding it hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel for RIM.... Sadly.

Well, we should know our answer in 2012. If we get a smooth BB10 device with physical keyboard, generous screen, corporate email, consumer email, BBM (including groups!), calendars, native playbook-quality games... if we get that all THIS year, hooray! If something gets pushed to 2013 (omg, we had to re-write the antenna software for the new OS and it took 6 months!)... just wow. That will be epic fail.

I'm convinced hardware isn't the category holding RIM behind, but it's the software. It takes time to get it right-- and I appreciate them waiting until it works to release-- but they just HAVE to release something for corporate and home both that is THE BEST. Quarter after quarter more iPhones, androids and even WP7 devices now are sneaking into the corporate world... and the stats are already obvious if you look around on the streets that iPhone and android-based are kicking butt out in the wild.

Come on RIM.... Release the best phones EVER in 2012! :-)

yeah they will release later this year a phone that will be 2 years old, how pathetic is that, im glad that I leave this crappy plataform.

The new CEO should get more involved with Whether just reading and acknowledging what users want to being involved in discussions.

This guy is starting to grow on me a little... As I stated in another comment that I left on the "Under the Zeis Lens" post... I thought that maybe Jim and Mike had required Thorstein to remove his testicles as it clearly sounded like he had none.. But... I now think he may finding his true "pair". Time will tell... :)

All Android devices are the same hardware? OEM's on Android can't differentiate themselves? Let's see, everything from a little Droid Pro with BB-style form factor, sliders, full touch, big screens, little screens. How is that all the same hardware? His easy dismissal of the competition is already concerning.

Finally I would say the next big device race over the next 3 years that will settle all platforms, computers phones & tablets, towards the end of the decade has currently only 3 big R&D labs locked in a secret war and that is the difficult content management UI challenge of Smart TVs. One is Google whose plans and control device are best known in this area with public working prototypes. The other is Microsoft who learned their late entry lessons well and I would imagine their interface is based around a hybrid of Win8 and WP7 which is pointless but nevertheless a serious contender due to their large global PC user base. And finally most secretive and probably novel is what Steve Jobs referred to Smart TVs by saying he thought he had finally cracked it but we have to wait and see as only a few are in on that iTV project. The core of that problem is the info layout battle between the TV and the controlling screen device in terms of size and layout and attention focus divide. But this final battle is beyond RIM's current woes who simply has to survive the year and needs all the luck it can get, as a platform for the masses I sincerely wish it all the best.

I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to his words. RIM would have been better off bringing in an outsider to replace the former top guys (wondering if this guy is too entrenched in the old philosophy). The former top guys should completely leave the company, he doesn't need them looking over his shoulder or offering their "helpful advise".

Rim doesn't have three of four years to turn this around, they have more like two years to convince the general public that RIM FINALLY gets it!