Says Joe Kernen "You know what we didn't count on? Those nuts. The CrackBerry Freaks."

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2013 12:57 pm EDT

CNBC has been running their Squawk Box Money Madness where they've squared off various stocks against one another in an NCAA-style tournament. The contest has been going on for a few weeks now with the best & worst stocks competing against each other based on their 2013 performance.

The question was simple, "Which stock will have the best gains from the start of the second quarter to the end of the year?" The vote was left up to the viewers. 

After Google, Netflix, Disney, Visa and others made an exit, the final two standing were none other than Apple and BlackBerry. While some would think that Apple would easily take top honors over BlackBerry, that wasn't exactly the case.

BlackBerry stole the crown hands-down with 63% of the almost 16,000 votes sent in by viewers. It's not too far fetched either since BBRY stock is relatively cheap so it would make for higher gains than AAPL.

The best part? Joe Kernen finally called it like it is:

"You know what we didn't count on? Those nuts. The CrackBerry Freaks. They bombarded our website."

We've knocked Joe before but I have to say, he's finally got us pegged. CrackBerry freaks is a title I'll take any day - never count us out :) 

Check out the full video here and be sure to send Joe some love on Twitter (for realz - we love Joe now).

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Says Joe Kernen "You know what we didn't count on? Those nuts. The CrackBerry Freaks."


CB should send him a large print of that gingerbread pic from the forums some months ago. Yunno, just to thank him for keeping it classy.

Was so enjoyable to see his flat face ... sooo depressed !
This is marked as one of my best StockBerrian moment !
Well done CB nation !

Mission: possible !
@JoeSquawk thanks from the "nuts"; BTW we are StockBerrians (but no legion). Black Sheep love nuts !

Really enjoyed that, I'd rather be a freak then a sheep any day ;}
Go CB nation!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Adam -

The part that you may have missed about this contest on CNBC is that every time they went to a "new round" in the contest they would bring out 2 "experts" to talk about the stocks going against each other, for example" AAPL vs. BBRY in the final round.

The thing was though that every time they brought out someone to talk about BBRY the person would "bash it" while someone would sing the praises of, for example, AAPL's stock.


This was a huge embarrassment for CNBC which is like an AAPL "24/7 Infomercial" and every commentator on that channel is a Fanboy. Joe K being one of the oldest and crustiest.

Argo his bizarre reaction.... He "bashed the clients of one of their sponsors"... Who won their stupid contest "fair and square"..... My how far BBRY has come versus AAPL....

Not "good form", Joey.

Q 10 ...

This contest was so biased. Every time they brought 2 analysts; there was one that was pro the other stock (Nokia, IBM, Facebook) and the second analyst was always negative on Blackberry. How is that fair?

One analyst that they brought even commented on it ( I think it was BBRY vs IBM). His words: "I don't know who set this up, but I'm NOT the one who's going to argue the bull case on Blackberry"

They tried everything in their power to make BB lose... HAh!

karma's a bitch.. that's what they get for all CNBC's BB bashing! i absolutely loved that sour look on JK's face.. his sad rant and facial expression of bitter defeat.. that, in and of itself, was a sweet BB victory.. not to mention, it was pretty freakin comical and hilarious.

Hi, My name is route664 and I am a crackberry addict. the world left us for dead and counted us out. When they realized that wasn't the case, they called me a freak.

Ask me if i care.. proud owner of a z10

They don't call us Crackberry "nation" for nothing! But, we need a flag....

"No flag, no country!" ~Eddie Izzard 'Dress To Kill'
(Love him!)

I suggested the flag idea to DJ Reyes which was supposed to relay that back to the CB Team.

I'll fly my BB freak flag any day!

If you look at the chart they showed the BB stock IS trending up and the Apple stock is trending down, so is it really wrong that we won?

I think between Apple and BB, that BB has much more potential as a stock. Right now if AAPL gains (or looses) $5 a share it is only a minor fluctuation, if BBRY were to gain (or loose) $5 it would be HUGE. AAPL is most likely not going to double or triple it's stock value over the next year. But IF (very big if) BB10 devices were to start selling well to consumers (have seen no sign that it has - only to existing and former BB lovers) then triple or quadrupling of the current value is very possible.

Especially since all AAPL can do is bleed market share to Android and BlackBerry and Windows Phone, I don't see as much growth potential as I do for BBRY. One would think that would be obvious to a stock analyst.

Lets get a t-shirt : " Crackberry Freak and proud of it" although i may not be allowed to wear one cause i didnt vote on that poll. (so according to Joe Kernen i'm still "normal"? what a relief to know)

Haha, when I saw this reminded me of the end of Season 1 of Jericho ( ) which ended the season with the word "nuts". CBS then cancelled the show, which resulted in a rallying cry by fans, sending almost 20tons of nuts to CBS. The show was renewed for a second season

BB crushes Apple where were all those Apple freaks that stood in line for hours,days. A toy is a toy is a toy they do not follow the market.

Hello everybody ! My price target on BBRY it's 34$ before 4th. Of July. If I'll be right, I'll buy myself a present. Didn't vote in this contest because I don't have zuckibook account. Be well !

I only start freaking when I can't have my crackberry! As a stock I think BBRY has more upside versus risk than just about any other stock out there but I don't need CNBC to tell me that. If you invest DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You will quickly have more knowledge than many so called experts!

I mean, if you needed anymore proof of media bias, this is it!... YOU put it to a vote... YOU put the pole up for the PEOPLE to vote and they voted BLACKBERRY! So, why put your two cents in about who you think is better or how you think you got there? its irrelevant. Whats the point of having the contest if you're simply going to cry like a lil baby because your "team" didn't win? I'm so sick of the media and their BB bashing. BlackBerry is doing very well and is on a slow but inevitable comeback. DEAL WITH IT!!... You're precious iPhones wont be #1 for long. You put the people in charge of picking and they DID!... Whether you like it or not, it was BlackBerry #FTW!!!. Cry about it!


Sounds like a recent election result from a certain party (whos leaders and proponents were thumping its chest and declaring on mountains high) that previously said they would win in a landslide; then as the results came in.... uh-uh-uh-ohhh!... it's rigged! This can't be happening! We didn't expect them to show up in such numbers! So dejected. Looks like Old Joe may be looking toward some soul searching. Can't blame this one on the media.

Very well said!... It really is a mirror image of that coverage. They just keep thinking that BlackBerry users are small in numbers. That BB10 will fail when every signs point to it doing very well.

Joe Kernen didn't count on fans of the device causing the result to be different than he assumed.

Says alot about you, Joe. A LOT.

I near peed my pants when he started to cry at the end.

He must have lost a bucket load on AAPL.

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What if we showed Joe, just how freaky we are, and at the same time show CNBC we're the bigger people?

I'm willing to donate $5-10 to put towards a nice new Z10 for Joe. Have it sent to CNBC from all of us at CB. Maybe even include a fresh basket of Blackberries?
At $5-10, we'd only need 80-160 poeple to "donate"
Maybe a short but sublte note attached : "Welcome to the show"


Think of it this way. Since the world is turning pretty freaky these days the freaks are the normal ones. Just a thought.

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Let me lay it on the line
I got a little freakiness inside
And you know that the Joe man
Has got to deal with it
I don't care what CNBC say
I'm not about to pay nobody's way
'Cause it's all about the CB addict in me :-)

He looked like he was about to dread eating humble pie. I bet he has Vic Alboini crashing at his house and talking into his ear.

I've heard it said on the web ''Apple fanboys are obnoxious but Blackberry fanboys are downright freaky in their obsession.''

As a guy who detests Apple to its parasitic rotten core, who loves and owns both Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 I'm really proud to be a ''Freak'' :-)

I think Joe is a little delusional about what is really going on! You know what they say in the Marine core Joe, Eat the Apple and screw the core! RIP iphone RIP

A fellow iPhone :-)

But then again its not difficult to hate a pompous company who loves to sue competitors to get sales. Not to mention their 2007 out of date IOS. Apple is rotton to the core...pun intended.

Think a lotta people are joining us. Apple stock used to be worth over 800 a share, and today its well under $500 a share.

I became an avid Apple hater when they tried to sue Samsung to boost their own sales. Apple is rotten to the core.

His partner, Becky Quick, stated on the show that she gave back her CNBC issued Iphone and is waiting for the Q10 to come out.

She looked like she wanted to punch Joe in the I would find this funny, but he's just an irritating whiner. Did anyone see him the morning of earnings bashing away and professing his love for Apple?

The real ones you eat sure, but the pompous IOS company who love to sue people for sales, hope they fall off the face of the map soon.

Thanks to Crackberry Nation for chiming in. Like to think my threads in the Forums helped drive up the vote and secure the win.


That Joe guy is not a very nice guy, is he?
Just because BlackBerry crushed Apple, shouldn't give him a reason to pout. He looks like he was going to cry.
NOTICE TO SHORTS - You need to cover in a hurry. This is your final warning.


It is also the factor that "BlackBerry is dead" analysts continually fail to consider.
Netflix has ~30 million streaming subscribers, yet BBRY with at least 2x that many loyal users/fans is always on its deathbed....for what? Two years now?

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"CrackBerry freaks" is the funniest thing I have read able BlackBerry users since forever. ;-)

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

hey Joe...for someone with some pretty scary lookin children-of-the-corn ginger careful about slinging around the term "Freaks."

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I'm waiting for them to say, "You know, we didn't count on all those BlackBerry freaks buying the new phones, and their profitable comeback."

The percentage of people who voted for BlackBerry in this poll should be a heads up for how well the new platform is being accepted by the consumers, no matter how these stock market (loosely termed) analysts try to short BlackBerry.

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It's easier to bitch, cry and complain then it is to be correct.
Joe, you look like a fool!

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Great PR and interesting that about 50 million BBERRY faithful crushed a billion apple users. It was all a marketing ploy for Apple and BB did appear to upset the cart. But in reality BlackBerry Z's (and now Q's) gotta ship minimum of 50mm by (Dec 1)realistically simply to stay in business. This would represent as little as 5% of the market. (DROID and Apple phones will ship a combined 450mm, or more, during same 8-9month period.) But it stops the bleeding and gives a toehold for "our"BlackBerry future. The Z and Q are great phones but at best only match IPHONE and Samsungs now 4 most popular Droids. It's up to BlackBerry to work hard and efficient on improving leaks in Q10 and the aftermarket programming (and device mfrs.) that will make break BlackBerry's future (including stock price). We'll know no later than next year at this time. FORGET Apple and Samdroid as a model for achievement, BB you've got to do it smarter and faster NOW to get back in the race. Marketing is critical but U must eliminate the bugs FAST to regain lead as #1 techno tool for business (with enough toys built in for most others). Signed A Still Loyal and Patient User

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Good things comes to those who wait, and being we have endured the long progress, honestly to the outside world we had it bad, Personally I feel we had it good since day one. Funny how the words of a small minority can affect the Majority, BlackBerry for life, #BurryMeWithMyBlackBerry

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BB, doesn't have time or any room for error when it comes to this new OS. Apple comes out with updates and new devices just to fix the rushed deviced before that one. BB needs to p roduce quality, I admit a little faster but not every half quarter. I'd rather be a crackberry freak than a "big o apple crackhead".

I listen to that show almost every morning and Joe Kernen thinks blackberry is prehistoric. He's an iphone lover and is heavily bias towards them. Being that old he honestly can't comprehend why his co-host has Becky Quick has a blackberry, even Maria Bartiromo from Closing Bell has both an iphone and blackberry which she can't let go of. I like the fact the vote was a landslide win for blackberry and it just goes to prove not everybody wants to just to jump to another platform just for a bunch of apps. I believe the q10 will a major sell for blackberry.

Open an account with an online ameritrade, scottrade, Merrill Lynch, and so forth....there are probably at least ten major ones to choose from.

Actually I hadn't listened to the video until just a moment ago! LOL This guy really sounded hurt! Seriously, what else (BlackBerry nuts and FREAKS?!) Priceless!!!! Joe Kernen needs a good vacation or something. Perhaps a psychiatrist might be able to help him. Valium maybe. Something! REALLY!!!, He is much "too" serious about his APPLE. Sounded like a complete Apple Freak reaction. Too Bad for his Apple. BlackBerry is on the move. :)

I cant stand Koe Kernen, he is a tool. But there is some truth to some people been freaks here, how they attack me for saying things that are even slightly critical. There are so brainwashed stupid people.