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Says BlackBerry CEO, "We're not in the spec race... we're in the experience race"

BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2012 02:20 pm EDT

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has continued to make the rounds since BlackBerry Jam in San Jose. In an interview with CNET, he stressed that it's not about being the fastest or being first, but more about the experience itself. "We're not in the spec race, we're not like six cylinders are better than four, we're in the experience race; it's got to be fun to drive a BlackBerry, if you want to put it that way" says Heins.

BlackBerry 10 aims to be different. Right off the bat, RIM is calling it a "mobile computing platform" and not just another smartphone OS. Heins and RIM know that BlackBerry 10 needs to break the mold, which is why they are making sure it gets done right for the Q1 2013 launch. 

"Five years ago, we all saw Apple introduce this application grid on a touchscreen, and Android used it as well. So when you want an application you hit the application, you do whatever you want to do, then you hit the back button and go to the next application. It's very sequential."

BlackBerry 10 will no longer have the "in and out" paradigm that most smartphone users are used to, but rather Peek and Flow, or "always in". The new OS will also feature the BlackBerry Hub which replaces the standard Messages application. "[The Hub is] not an app; it runs intrinsically on the device, it always runs, you can't switch it off, it's always there for you. So that wherever you are in the device, you can always go back to this Hub," said Heins.

The specs of the first BlackBerry 10 devices are comparable if not better than current phones on the market, so RIM is already thinking ahead.  "So on the technical side, we put in the horsepower that we need." We've only seen a handful of what will shape up to be BlackBerry 10 when it's all put together -- and we can't wait.

Check out the full interview at CNET 

Reader comments

Says BlackBerry CEO, "We're not in the spec race... we're in the experience race"


I read this earlier today and I'm impressed, because he's right, it's about the experience, not the specs. As long as the experience runs smoothly the specs don't matter as much

Agreed. Specs matter when they're not good enough. Once you hit above the threshold where they're good enough, then they matter less to the user.... 

I've heard that's why apple doesn't specify everything that's under the hood, they don't want a numbers pissing match over ram or ghz, as long as the user likes how the phone works they don't care.

EXACTLY!!!!! What is an A3 A4 or A5 processor????????? NO ONE KNOWS and NOBODY CARES!!!! I can't wait until BB10 gives consumers a different smartphone experience. Practicality at its best with peek and flow! I just hope the apps are there!!!! And...they don't go backwards and sacrifice battery life and reception in the process. Those are the most important features in a phone to me. Multimedia is secondary. Power and connection mandatory. That is the reason I purachesd another bold (9900). I started my work day at 7:30am, made a few business calls throughout the day,text and email constantly, checked fantasy lineup and waivers, a little twitter here and there, used hotspot for a few minutes and by the time I got home at 7:15pm, I still had 58% battery life.

I absolutely agree! Yet I can assure everyone my sources have confirmed RIM is coming out with a phone with monster specs!

And yet they are so far behind in both categories, they need to really take the lead in both to recapture their dominance.

BlackBerry used to be the pinnacle of Smartphone technology. It was specs married with experience.

Now Android has the spec crown, while Apple has the experience crown. RIM has to take both, to once again reclaim it's market share.

The newest Android phone just hit the market (LG Optimus G). It is a 5" IPS display with 318 PPI, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2 gb RAM, LTE, and will run jelly bean. It is the most powerful phone on the market.

RIM needs to match these specs or beat them. You would think specs don't matter, and that is true, but powerful specs means that you can run a far smoother OS experience.

Now I will overlook the first BlackBerry 10 device. RIM is starting new and so they can be forgiven if the experience or the specs aren't that great. But in the next 6-12 months, we will have the next Galaxy S4, Google will release the new NEXUS with key lime pie, and Apple will announce their iPhone 5s. RIM needs to make sure it's devices are ahead of these.

We are blackberry users. For us, specs don't matter, maybe not even the experience. But we alone cannot save RIM. And within 5 years, they have gone from over 60% marketshare all the way down to 12%. This has to change.

And yet they are so far behind in both categories, they need to really take the lead in both to recapture their dominance.

BlackBerry used to be the pinnacle of Smartphone technology. It was specs married with experience.

Now Android has the spec crown, while Apple has the experience crown. RIM has to take both, to once again reclaim it's market share.

The newest Android phone just hit the market (LG Optimus G). It is a 5" IPS display with 318 PPI, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2 gb RAM, LTE, and will run jelly bean. It is the most powerful phone on the market.

RIM needs to match these specs or beat them. You would think specs don't matter, and that is true, but powerful specs means that you can run a far smoother OS experience.

Now I will overlook the first BlackBerry 10 device. RIM is starting new and so they can be forgiven if the experience or the specs aren't that great. But in the next 6-12 months, we will have the next Galaxy S4, Google will release the new NEXUS with key lime pie, and Apple will announce their iPhone 5s. RIM needs to make sure it's devices are ahead of these.

We are blackberry users. For us, specs don't matter, maybe not even the experience. But we alone cannot save RIM. And within 5 years, they have gone from over 60% marketshare all the way down to 12%. This has to change.

hmm, he probably does...

When the specs you always read about are much higher (e.G. Android commercials, IT news websites...) you will have at least that comparing factor subconsciously...

And we all know we (maybe) will buy highend price BB10 devices.

If there would be technique from yesterday this will be hard, even if you know that "it doesn't matter that much".

Also I am not so sure this promises are really true, call me a pessimist ;p

I haven't decided if I will buy a BB10 device. Bold 9900 still is good, I usually upgrade every two years (even if I buy my devices fully/no contractual subsidy...)

Additionally BIS is "pissing me off". The indirect cost I have because of it is just way to much. Last year I could saved 300 Euro on basic fees (incl. BIS 5 per month) and more calculating the minutes (prices) in...

I disagree. RIM needs to come out with one flagship device with killer specs to silence all dissenters and anti-RIM analysts. RIM needs to be swing for the fence on day one. After the release of their first flagship device and getting positive reviews of BB10 from the USA consumer then RIM can focus on the user experience.

sad short sightness. People buy because the experience is good. Apps are good and things are cool. As long that happens specs are meaningless.

We all want more for the money and thats what the press pushes for. Same thing happens with everything tech, even cars and trucks.

Well explain Windows Phone then. Slick experience, 100K apps and pretty much all the big names are there and even has cool looking phones. Yet, no one bought them.

Plus, RIM has a reputation of being behind the curve on hardware.

Thor is prepping us for a phone that has specs equal to phones from early 2012 for a phone that is launching early 2013.

We are going to see quad core S4 Pro, 1080P screens, 13MP cameras all before the end of this year.

RIM may argue that the experience is more important, and I agree that the BB 10 experience needs to be damn near flawless and run that way on devices as low end as the PlayBook, but they still need a Halo device that proves they get it on the hardware front as well. RIM is trying to turn their image around and Windows Phone proves that if you're not in the specs race prepare for the market to punish you.

Windows phone was a brand new OS coming in well after both Apple and android had been around a while. The difference with RIM is blackberry has been around for over a decade. It has a dedicated base and a worldwide user base that is over 80 million strong. RIM doesn't need "gaming laptop power" in a phone to compete. They need a phone that looks and feels as smooth as what is out now on IOS and Android. It needs to be able to deliver a fluid experience and accomplish what the user wants to accomplish with few hiccups. Pure specs don't do that if the OS doesn't mesh well. I know of very few ppl who can tell me the specs of the incredible 4g/Iphone 5/ GSIII/ Nokia 920 and then explain what they all mean. People want phones that work, that gives them access to popular apps and information and entertainment. Apple does it with inferior specs and so can RIM. RIM will eventually make a monster phone but that will not be for me, that will be for "children" to take duckface bathroom pics.

13MP camera? So what? Do you have any clue that the optics of the camera, not the megapixels make the biggest difference? Anything above 5MP is a waste with the current optics available in mobile phones. Show me a person who says they can tell the difference between a 5, 8, 10, and 12MP image from a cell phone when printed as a standard 4x6 or 5x7 photo and I will show you a liar.

This person... And I am not a liar, you sound like a clueless goof. Yes it's not about megapixel count, but the current 8 megapixel optics in the HTC one X, Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 destroy any other on the market. Even the new LG Optimus G camera with 13 megapixels doesn't come close.

And Sony has developed a new R-CMOS sensor for it's experia phones.

As for your question, I've printed 4x6 shots from my Bold 9700 and my new Galaxy s3, only a blind man would say they cannot tell which is which.

This person... And I am not a liar, you sound like a clueless goof. Yes it's not about megapixel count, but the current 8 megapixel optics in the HTC one X, Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 destroy any other on the market. Even the new LG Optimus G camera with 13 megapixels doesn't come close.

And Sony has developed a new R-CMOS sensor for it's experia phones.

As for your question, I've printed 4x6 shots from my Bold 9700 and my new Galaxy s3, only a blind man would say they cannot tell which is which.

Being about the experience rather than being about specs is why RIM is third after Android and Apple.

We are in the high tech Tablet and Smartphone market here Thorsten and its all about specs. Specs make the experience and is the number one thing. Anyone who says specs doesn't matter is fooling themselves.

He's just trying to obfuscate peoples perception about why RIM is failing, and trying to buy some time for RIM and BB10 after countless delays. Hope this strategy works for you Thorsten. Waiting patiently for BB10.
Tablets are incredible

...yes specs are important, but what TH is trying to say is that a pure spec push isn't important. The thing is when an OS is designed for the hardware it will be run on and vice versa...then the experience is what takes the center stage. It run fluid, fast and reliable...people forget by pumping up specs, you pump down the battery life...or make a huge ass device to accomodate a battery to suit. It is all about balance. If the device runs as I stated above, no one will care about the specs...for example my 'old out of date spec' Torch 9860, with it's single core CPU it runs very fast, and smooth....besides if specs were so important the PlayBook should have sold in by measure of spec it is still one of the most powerful tablets on the market...people talk about apps etc, but my PB keeps up just fine (and in a lot of ways surpasses) with my wifes iPad more than just specs...hell my WiFi model is the brains behind my home theatre system...and I keep buying PB's over other tablets, not because I'm hardcore BB, but the user experience leaps and bounds above the other guys....multitasking, gestures, etc....etc......

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.xxxx
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.x.xxxx

Agree. It sounds a lot like RIM is trying to prepare people for less than impressive specs. I hope this isn't the case. They can be in the experience race but they are still dreaming if they think specs don't matter to consumers. They need to come out with top of the range specs for the new phones, they need the positive reviews. This is supposed to be a flagship device - talk of not-specs-but experience isn't smart. I don't consider myself a tech geek but I definitely looked at specs at length before I bought my Samsung Galaxy S3 - as I did for each of my Blackberries at the time and I compared them to the competition. Both specs and experience matter. Carriers are going to sell on specs... not on experience. Assuming people are interested enough to try them they will look at specs before getting into the experience, even more because this is a new and untested operating system.

Agree 100%. If you wanna bring it into terms of women, specs are a woman's personality and the experience is how she looks. If she has no personality, then she's worthless as a long term relationship. That being said, I heard that Skype is on board for BB10, but the major thing which concerns me is the lack of free apps in app world.

Since RIM says they have a lot of developers signed up, I'm hoping this will be developers who have paid and also free versions of their apps.

One of the things that's extremely annoying about Playbook is the total lack of free apps available compared to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.

Surely RIM must realize free apps are the bread and butter of Android. And I'm not hearing much on the Full Android experience on BB10 as of yet.

I am a business man myself and realize as CEO of RIM Thorsten is a very buzy man. It would be nice for him to come in here and talk to us and address some of our issuse personally. A text chat will all of us in a room with him would be really welcome.
Tablets are incredible

They cannot survive if they take that approach, there will always be something newer out in the mobile phone market and such an approach plays into the hands of the likes of Samsung who are better suited to playing the spec game than smaller companies.

Just look at the way HTC profits continue to drop as they try to compete at the very top end of specs.

The approach that rim are taking is a smart one for them to make providing the specs they have are high enough in the areas they need to be e.g. the 720p display, LTE support in regions that need it etc. while making the software unique and compelling enough to attract people to try it.

good specs make the device run smoothly and faster... so defntly need some kick ass specs to kill the android and apple market...


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

He is so RIGHT!!

I mean, even my PC doesn´t have a quad-core processor and it has a lot more power than ANY quad-core smartphone out there.

Numbers don`t count!

If you compair that to digitalcameras - many companies did the megapixel race 12mpx, 14mpx, 29mpx. and so on - what happend?
MOST(!) modern compact cameras have a worse picture quality than the ones years ago with 3Mpx. only. What´s on paper and real life are different worlds!

It´s all about quality and experience!
I also rather have a Blackberry with a or 2 days(s) of batterylife than a quad-core monster which has a standby of a few hours!

8700 -> 8900 -> 9900 ->9790

Same here. 12 year old Compaq Evo d310v with 1GB of RAM and 3.06 GHz processor with ample disk space is more than enough for my video editing needs. It's faster than ANY dual and quad core standard PC there is right now AND running GNU/linux (ubuntu, debian based), it's faster and more efficient than windows 7!

Spec races don't matter. Experience and smoothness does.

The top 5 things RIM needs to do to make a comeback:

This can be done through in-store displays and advertising. If you walk into an Apple authorized reseller, you'll see a special section for iPhone with distinguished signage that is hard to miss. It raises the brand's profile above anybody else. There's no reason why RIM can't do the same for BB10 devices at no expense and/or hassle to resellers.
You'll recall seeing two TV spots on CrackBerry, one showing a woman relying on her BlackBerry to assist in successfully setting up her business. The other showed a man creatively using bridge to propose to his girlfriend (a moving spot, even for guys). They're two of the best advertisements not only for handset manufacturers, but ever. Yet they never saw the light of day outside social media. They could still run those commercials worldwide since there is no dialogue. RIM faces a monumental task to get the message through in a meaningful way.
Gone should be the days of BlackBerry users saying, "I wish they made that app for BlackBerry". Enough! RIM must create a generous, innovative revenue sharing model for developers. This, in essence, is paying devs to create apps for the new platform. It will most certainly get their attention and encourage most to develop for BB10, instead of developing for the other three platforms then stopping.
There has been little mention of gaming on BB10. Face it, that has become a huge component of the industry. All other platforms are seriously growing this offering and reaping the rewards. Research in Motion should do the same. That would also demonstrate the diversity of BB10...overcoming the public's perception that BlackBerry is simply a messaging device.
Offer specific one-on-one training sessions in person for resellers. Put the devices in the hands of every single salesperson in the world during the learning curve (with the option to keep it for free; if not they hand them in as a previously used device). Retailers would order a specific amount of handsets exclusively for their frontline staff. RIM would provide them free of charge. If it means supplying one handset to sell three or four more, so be it.

There are surely more things that can be done. RIM needs to leave no stone untouched to see tangible growth in 2013.

People, People RIM and you lot need to wake up and smell the coffee....

Minimum specs expected

1.5GHZ dual core processor with a good chipset
1GB of RAM
16/32/64GB of internal storage with a micro SD card slot
Screen size at least 4inches
resolution 1920x1080 or as close as possible to true HD as possible.
Loads more apps
A blazing browser

Have I missed anything?
Experience will depend on what consumers like, it will not be dictated by a phone company that hasn't lived up to anyone's expectations since 2010.

9700/PB 2.0

Specs are a number to catch geeks the way android does but its the same as said many times before if the OS cant use the specs properly it fails like some android devices. Regardless i am very happy that heins says the expierience is the most important factor when deciding what you do.

Yea im not gonna lie either... Those were some pretty noiicee specs. Wouldnt at all mind if thats what the first Blackberry 10 runs.

I'm with you! I saw that and thought "My God it IS a SUPERPHONE!!!

Although come launch time ill be able to wait no longer, so I'm grabbing the first thing available and it matters not which carrier I go with. I'll go with whoever has a BlackBerry10 phone for sale first!!!

LOL! Seriously! I have wondered and asked before, "does BlackBerry come to crackberry to see what its fans want?" And ppl hhave all answered yes. But mike and jim didn't give much faith that they did IF they did. Or anyone in mgmt back then. Now tho, it seems as if hiens himself makes it #1 to come to cb daily if not every 2 hrs or so, at least it seems this way

its kinda funny actually when i used to work at RIM there was an unwriten but sorta written rule that we where not allowed to visit crackberry. But than again management is different story than the low level worker like me :P.

Great article, once again, we are seeing Heins step up and tell the world about the next great thing in mobile communication. Good on you Hein.

RIM may not be in the spec race, but the customers are.
People spend money on the SGS3, because they think the specs are highend.
If you release a new flagship with lower specs than current devices, most customer wont even bother to try it.

RIM is not Apple. The don't have (enough)zombie fanboys who will buy anything they offer.
If you can advertise with something like "the fastest smartphone on the market", people will consider buying it. It's all about gettin a foot in the door again. Most people don't read crackberry everyday, they need ads, ads, ads. Highend Hardware, beautiful design and all important apps. Without this, most people won't even think about buying a BB

It isn't so black and white, and B10 maybe just what the world needs.

Basically, iOS is kinda....sequential, aka old.

And the GS3 is quick, but the userface sometimes can confuse people...because it is too much.

When it comes to specs, ask someone this, if you aren't a race car driver, drive by shooter, or a guy who uses his truck to haul things for work....the specs of your car really don't matter, what matters is how they all come together for a smooth ride.

Now, the problem with BB is the specs are low and the ride sucks, it can't accelerate off a ramp in order to pass a semi, and it isn't able to smoothly go over pot holes without your head jarring off of the ceiling, not to mention all the noise that the poor window seals let in. We all know this, the BB is fine until you do things such as open up GPS or maps, then it lags and just screws up. It is trying to save power and data, but that holds it back at times. Hopefully, always being on can be efficient, at the same time quick...

For any Dragonball Z fans, I equate it to when Goku told Gohan to stay SS. They used so much power, powering up, that is lowered their performance. By staying SS, or always on, Goku and friends can easily respond to something such as a few BBM's and at the same time, go on youtube, without throwing a checkered blanket up first.

Now, with B10, hopefully these issues are gone, and the phone is smooth. It won't matter if it has quad core or one core, what matters is how smooth is the experience? THAT is the goal.

Um..."And the GS3 is quick, but the userface sometimes can confuse people...because it is too much."

What?? The GS3 has both high end specs and a user interface that's as simple as you want to make it, AND a great user experience. There's nothing complicated or confusing about my user interface. I should know. I actually have one.

If they market the experience without going into specs then people will consider buying it. They need one or the other, but the second key is to MARKET IT! Specs go to the waist side when a person experiences the technology. Specs may even be assumed because of the experience and those stuck on specs wouldn't even know.

Specs and/or experience means nothing without marketing, so again, the second part of the key is to MARKET IT!

You hit it on the nail. There are a few encampments out there. 1) BB users who have either left, are planning to leave, or who are diehard and will get BB10. 2) iOS users who are not likely to leave. 3) Android users who either want a cheap handset or the most powerful one. RIM needs to deliver a flagship device that will not only get BB users to migrate but will get new users and even tempt Android users. Specs are not the end all, but they matter.

''So when you want an application you hit the application, you do whatever you want to do, then you hit the back button and go to the next application.''

bb10: hit app, you do whatever you want to do, you use the gesture to ''minimize'' the app and go to the next application.

To be honest i dont see the difference instead it just takes more effort to use a gesture that might not always work 100% (shown in the demos. It might be due some its still a dev divice,,, but still) instead of a just single tap on a button. i dont get the point he was was making about the flow ,,, cause flow aint anything special instead of using a back button you're using a gesture.

love blackberry's but this whole thing about flow is just bs imo. It aint saving anybody seconds, just more irritation due to the learningcurve to use gestures.

I see "flow" being more useful when getting back to the "hub", but I'll give you an example: when you're in an app on iOS, to leave the app you press the back button, you then select your next app. When you want another app, you press the back button again, and so on. If you want to get back to your previous app, you press the back button twice, scroll to the app and select it. This last part is superfluous in BB10, as the app is still there when you minimize the app you're in.
I don't know if I've explained this clearly, but the idea seems pretty logical to me.


i get what you are saying. although i have to admit i am more familiar with android than iphone. i know the htc one x has a mutitasking button (for other than htc's android 4.0 phones hold the home button to get the multiatsking screen)and there it immediately shows the apps wich you were previously using. So instead of minimizing your current app to get to your previous used app takes the same amount of steps + the learning curve for gestures. i get whatypure saying for the hub. but for the rest of it i just dont see any seconds that are being saved.

i am not saying i dont like it but just an unnessery learning curve that will drive consumers away. Its less ''noob friendly''

I think you're placing too much emphasis on this "learning curve." Depending on how tech savvy you are this frightening "curve" can be conquered in a matter of minutes...

Leave it up to the marketing to facilitate that learning curve for the less tech savvy folk.

IMO, the learning curve isn't that big of a deal. Every time a new purchase that is made, that consumer has to learn how to use that product. We're pretty used to this learning process actually. Have a little more faith!

Sure the laggards will stick to what they know until they have no other choice, but they're not primary target so it doesn't matter much.

My thoughts exactly! They are trying to sell a revolution, but I don't see it. Opening the PDF reader from within and email is "flowing", but already available on every blackberry. And if I want to open for example angry bird while I am browsing, I still need to go to the app menu and klick the app-icon.

Well, here is my understanding of how flow would work with angry birds. Say you are running angry birds, and you want to update your score on facebook, twitter or whatever else social media app you have, point being, app you have on playbook. Now if that app has the iF, the invoke function, enabled, i.e it wants to get invoked, than you can just press a button in angrybirds and FB or twitter app would slide over it, you do the update and slide close the page..Flow...nothing like anything else. But, app devs have to make use of that feature, it seems very easy from what I have seen. See, what happened here, angry birds dev didn,t have to do anything to have FB or Twitter integration, just a line of code, oke maybe two...

with FLOW ... you are always in.

The lights are always on ..... it never shuts off.

Only QNX can do this. If one part crashes or freezes, it works itself out. Any other OS is not designed to do this, and you must do a full power down.

If you have a PlayBook, you will have a pretty good idea of how it works.

This is the OS of the future. That is why QNX powers the space station, cars, hospital equipment ect .....

It's like "Hal". Nothing can kill it. Crashes will be a thing of the past when it comes to computers .... and this is the start of it ....

The learning curve you speak of makes it sound like one has to read a book to understand it. This comment is irritating to read because of your lack to simply understand something that is so easy to do. Gestures are so natural that being shown once users will grasp the concept within seconds. If my 2 year old niece has mastered swiping on the PlayBook after being shown once (it was so awesome watching her do the swipes) what's to say that a 40 year old can't do the same.

I want to add, from what I have seen from BB10, what is revolutionary about it? It looks like a polished PB OS 2.0. Swiping gestures, active frames (looks just like the "minimized" view for an application)...
And another question: what is the new about the Hub? It looks like the inbox every BB has. I already get my Mails, SMS, Facebookmessages, bbm etc all in one spot.

Don't get my wrong, i love my berry. I am just a little scared that BB10 may not be groundbreaking enough to keep up with the competition.

Imagine if you will, .....You're sitting in your weather app looking at the long term forcast and an email comes in. As it stands right now, you have to hold the BB button to open the background apps menu, then select the mail icon and switch the app.

The 10, brings a very simple swipe from side of the screen to view 'messages', don't need to read the message just then, swipe back and resume your weather forecasting.

Or how about this one.....

You're in an intense game level but you're boss (aka the wife) is texting you...simply swipe the screen and see the email without leaving the game.

NOTHING on the market can do that. To me, that is a HUGE ability that will make my life just a little easier and happier.

The ability to have multiple apps open as I can do on my PB and simply swipe left or right to move to the other app whilst not closing the previous app is a huge plus.

I've never been more sure about one thing.....swiping to navigate is going to catch on. I'm so sure of it, I'm buying stock with every spare nickle I have.

I'm going to be "driving" The 10. And I'll driving it HARD!!!

If I am "peeking" while playin a game, I think the game will be paused anyway.

Plus, if you have 15 apps running and want to switch app #2 to app # 12, you habe to swipe ten times to the right. Or you go to the "active frames overview". I don't see why this is different from current BBs.

I still think it's pretty cool, but more like a little tweak rather than a "revolutionary new experience"...

Fair enough, but let me clarify the swiping.


At any given moment, I will have my email, facebook, the CB app and my Sexy Screen-Andrea on the couch app open. (cuz she's hot and worth looking at)

Now, if I'm in my FB app and an email comes in, then all I need to do is swipe from the left to right and the email window comes up. (this would be reversed if the mail app was launched after the FB one.)

What you're refering to about numerous apps being open, you wouldn't actually move through the apps with left/right gestures, you would swipe up, thus 'opening' the apps list or the home screen and scroll through the open list.
This would be the closest thing to using the BB button on a handset but the 'act' of swiping is SOOOOOOO much more fluid that even us hardened 9900 users tend to forget that swiping is yet on a handset.

That coupled with the multitasking power of QNX and the gestures become even more enjoyable.

As previously stated The real magic will come out of the invoke function. One app calls on another app to do something. So the other app opens in the background, and here is the revolutionary part, RUNS, and provides whatever service was called for by the first app all without the user needing to do anything at all. It is a preconceived pathway programmed by the app developers using the invoke function. The apps blend and work together to provide a service neither could do alone. The possibilities are literally endless and limited only by the imaginations of app developers. It all relies on the inate multitasking ability that QNX, now enhanced in BB10, was built for, not just barely able to mimic as Android and iOS remain.

Exactly! I can't stand when I see people bitching and moaning saying either "its nothing THAT useful" or "gestures are too confusing"..

Use the PlayBook for 10 minutes, and not only will you learn the gestures, you'll realize just how damn convenient even just the swipe from bottom to minimize app is.. Not to mention having the added ability to get to the HUB from it now. People who talk shit about these gestures are ALL people who have never tried them before, I can GUARENTEE it, because once you get used to them, you start getting pissed off when you use a different device without them.

Sure, sometimes it will be "just as quick" to click the little iphone button to get back to the app list as it is swiping from the bottom, but there is just something that is #1 really fun about swiping over clicking a button, and #2 it just keeps the flow going, I know "stupid buzz word" but you'd know what I mean if you used a PlayBook, just flicking between the bezzles doing different things, its just flows so much nicer than having to press a button once, twice, or holding it down.

And a big thing that's different from in the "hub" compared to iPhone and android is that for instance, opening up facebook chat, facebook, twitter, calander, anything from within the hub, it brings you instantly to that part of the app, as if it's an extension of the hub.. Whereas on other phones (and BB7) the phone opens up the Facebook/twitter/calander app to achieve it, so it doesn't really "flow" and that's what it means to "flow", as much as you may not like that buzz word, you just don't feel like you've left the inbox to achieve something on FB, Twitter, or anything else in the hub. Once you play with the phone and the hub, you'll understand the whole buzzword of "flow" so much better, because trying to explain it doesn't give it enough credit.

I agree with your points completely, just wish more people understood it like you and I do.

"sometimes it will be "just as quick" to click the little iphone button to get back to the app list"....lets not forget that in order to keep that open and go to the home screen you need double click that button......double click? todays day and age?

I'll take a simple swipe up thank you!!

I mean you're trying to make light of something that's oddly enough, becoming more and more true. Sure, 2 clicks takes 0 effort, but technology is advancing SO QUICKLY in this day and age, that making something so simple, even more simple and convenient, even though it sounds almost like a joke, it is actually true, and people do want it. I mean there's absolutely no reason to complain about innovation, it's a good thing... In a few years, people will probably *think* in their mind "hey I wanna go to the homescreen" and the phone will do it by reading your eye gesture, or something weird.. It's so stupid, but really, it's the way that our society and technology is going.

Use the PB for a year, go back to iOS or Android, get frustrated is my experience. Why do I need all these buttons?

Same here. My Wife's Android tablet is nice but it drives me crazy not being able to use the PB bezel swipes.

Thanks for the responses that help prove what I'm getting at.. People who bitch about the gestures just simple do because they have never used them before and just settle thinking that Apple's whole 1 button thing is the best way to do it, when in reality, it was improved upon in BB10 and the PlayBook :)

Well, they may not be in the "spec race," but they better damn well get into the "app race" if they intend on being in the "experience race." How one gets into and out of apps is FAR less important than WHAT apps they get into and out OF.

I love BB, I will be getting a BB10... but the only way to justify having their own, dedicated OS is if that OS can deliver what people want in a way that is better than competitors. It seems like they have locked down on the latter... which is great... but they need to expend energy on the former. I know it's not entirely up to them if BB10 ships with Netflix, and Skype, and a Maps app that does Turn-by-Turn for free, etc., but if this is make-or-break for the company (and by all indications it is), they need to do WHATEVER it takes to make these things happen.

People won't give a damn how awesome the "experience" is if they can't do the things they want to do. BB10 has to be a tool AND a toy, like it or not.

I could be waaay off base, but I'm guessing these "big gun" items that people keep complaining about being missing (skype, netflix, etc) are the kind of things I think they'll hold onto until the official product announcement. Imagine getting the faithful excited about all the other features and then being able to say "O yeah, by the way, it ships with . . ." Just an uneducated hunch.

You're right.

But with The 10, they'll be able to email/text AND glance a webpage with next to no effort on their part. Play games and text at virtually the same time.

That would be the tool and toy you elude to. (currently not available why?.....because neither droid or apple has innovated in the last few years. The 10 is truly innovating and being able to multitask as one will on the The 10 is what people want right now but don't have)

App Devs are already happy that BB has gone with a unified system design for all devices. This was their biggest gripe before. I've no doubt they'll be building/porting for The 10

As for netflix, I believe their numbers are dropping for a reason.

Skype - , I have NO doubt what so ever that it's coming to The 10. Unlike Apple, Microsoft likes service partners. Making money off Skype on a BB device is a no brainer for them.

Add to all of that.....

The ability to video chat and reply to an email at the same time. I'd have to say, your tool and toy comment is truly applicable to The 10. (this would be a major benefit to enterprise users)

When it comes to the specs vs experience argument, (it should never be an argument) just look at the 360 vs PS3. PS3 obviously has the better specs but you get a better experience with xbox live.

you need to compare apples to apples there. xbox live is a better experience than PSN, but that's because live is a paid service.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Its not about the Spec but spec is still important. IT don't need to be Amazingly next generation yet it can't be under powered. The most important is the UI-Friendliest The APP that is available for the BB10.

blackberry 10 is a porsche 6 cylinder 911 gt2 rs. 2.3 seconds to 100km/h. The androids are like bloated american cars with v-8s that can only muster 3-4 seconds. cheap plastics inside

More like a Prius. Until you've driven one you can't appreciate just how crude most cars are. It's said that Prius drivers exude smugness. That's because the controls really are very intuitive- the experience is of getting from A to B with minimal effort. Fuel consumption is just a bonus. That's what BB10 needs to aim for. Work without apparent thinking or effort.

If you have had the chance to work with a PlayBook, you know how nice features like Peek and Flow are. So quick and effortless I always think of it as magic.

I think we need to trust Thorsten. Stand back and watch what he is doing. He is a man of his word. By the time he is done unveiling 2013, BB mobile devices will have changed the industry, starting with the business community. Not everybody will need or want a BB10. But for those that "do," this will be a game changer.

All I can say is that RIM needs to let me know in advance when BB10 is due to launch. I am going to need to take time off work LOL. I wouldn't be worth much anyway what with reading CB before I get my device, then about 24 straight hours of BB bliss once it arrives.

I think that this hints that the L series is not going to be looked at highly by the spec whores out there and he is trying to lower expectations now. In the end it is all about the experience, and RIM and Apple have the advantage of controlling the entire experience where Androids have to not only compete with Apple, RIM and WP8, but also with other Android OEMs and software that is built to support a wide range of hardware (i.e. not as efficient as dedicated). I personally don't care to much what the processor is as long as the experience is better than the competition!

The logical thing to infer is that the main chip with be a dual-core S4 rather than a quad-core and to be honest there is nothing wrong or dated with that approach when it is paired with the right components.

Things like a higher than retina ppi 720p display (just like the dev alphas), enough memory (at least the 1gig of a playbook but hopefully more just in case), a decent amount of flash storage along with a micro sd card slot and an LTE radio for the countries that need one.

Apple use that Experience over Specs argument as well and do pretty well with it. They dont always have the best specs when it comes to Android devices but the combination of iOS and their hardware leads to an experience that users like.

If BlackBerry 10 can deliver and even better experience then it can survive. I know tons of people who have told me that the will get a BlackBerry 10 device esp. as I sell the idea to them on a regular basis.

RIM is not Apple. Far from it. The iPhone came to the game with nice specs and developed a huge following (that is has kept). You should not compare the two. RIM needs to come out with great hardware that helps create a great experience. Then it build that following and consumer belief.

Agree. Apple has built enough cred that basically they can coast and make incremental changes to the hardware, and UI, but RIM is trying to win back market share. Their first phones need to blow people away hardware-wise to suck them in, and keep them with the experience.

The overall bb10 experience on those first bb10 phones has to blow people away, if the software doesn't do that then it wouldn't matter how high the specs were as they wouldn't save them and conversely if the experience does blow people away then they won't be asking about the spec.

The million dollar question is WHAT will BB10 be able to do?
...Put "peek & flow" on a 9930 - is that what we are talking about here?

RIM needs to enter the ring heavy loaded for big brown bear...
...They need to knock this one out of the park!
...Can you imagine what the reviews will say if BB10 ships w/out Netflix?

It will be a bloodbath - instead of supplying "the demand" RIM would be said....
...To be attempting to re-identify what the demand really is & provide THAT.
...Everything has to be top notch here - there will be no other chances.

BB10 needs to improve the experience (i.e apps and ecosystem. That is the name of the game in 2012-2013) in order to improve perception in North America. Once that happens, the media and carriers will (hopefully) catch on and help fuel a comeback.

Wow! Lots of good posts here on this topic! So, how can I add to the conversation. Lets see, when I buy a car,...yes, I want the best experience I can buy for my hard earned dollars. That too is what smartphone buyers are doing. However, at the same time, I'm checking the specs of that car, this case,...a BMW 535i (or HTC One X+),...and comparing those to the competition. Now, in a way Mr. Heins could be right! For instance, if no other car in my price range can deliver the experience a BMW delivers, then I'm buying the BMW without a doubt,...even if the others have better specs,..more Hp, Cylinders, or Airbags. So, I guess Having said that, I guess RIM has been or should be consulting with BMW! I say this because the experience that the new BB10 devices deliver had better knock my socks off and trim my toe nails,...high-end specs or not.

You know, at the end of the day, the experience is what we want,...and already have in a way. I mean, other device "multi-task" better than a BB. Heck, if my 9810 had more RAM,..more battery juice, an LTE radio,...and 4"+ screen, it to me would be the best and most perfect BB ever.

Mr. Heins, the only thing we loyal BB and Crackberry fans are asking is 1)don't sell us short on what you think we want in a smartphone! We are not looking to invest into a device that is obsolete before it's even released. No doubt, many of us are staying because we trust BB,...we believe in RIM. But we are not afraid of trying something new,....which is what many have done in regards to Apple and Android. I have a 1st generation Moto Atrix! It waits for nothing, but it's not better than my BB in terms of UI. I'm done,...just deliver the devices. Please!

Oh yeah right all about experience that's why my 9780 couldn't upgrade it os7 cause it was all about experience rather than specs with this attitude RIM am losing faith

Apple's iPhone 5 is a not a super phone but the experience steady no memory leaks etc
android uhh uber memory leaks, lets not be like them :)

I think IT HAS to be about both: experience and hardware.

Let's be honest, the BB10 has to put RIM back in the top again. If not, then is hard to recover Europe and USA markets.

Specs are important, but how smooth the experiência is even more important. Nevertheless, bring specs to be future proof at least to bb11.

Also... Make it beautiful... Outside (housing) and inside (OS)!!

da fuq did I just read? Not in the specs race?

The Hub better not take 6 mins to boot or even three. The Peek better not have any damn clock faces and the Flow better not need any battery pulls after freezing then freeing up and running all over the place.

Specs only matter to the techno-geeks out there but to the ordinary consumers, it's the experience. It doesn't matter to the ordinary consumer whether it's 1 or 2 GB RAM under the hood but it's how smooth and quick the browser opens/uploads, what apps are available, how "cool" the phone/UI looks and feels, etc. Honestly, most consumers probably don't understand a lot of the specs listed if they do look.

So, of course, RIM needs to include more than enough hardware to get the software running fast and smooth but they don't need to outdo the nearest neighbour if they don't need to.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Specs matter I certainly don't want another flag-ship phone without autofocus. RIM has a bad history of mixing and matching specs for different phones thereby killing off the experience.

Giving one phone FM and not HD or HD and not FM, or autofocus and not 4G HSPA or a Hybrid without NFC......

Just simplistic examples from the OS 7 lineup.

You seem to miss the point. The L and N series devices are obviously not the flagship models in the BB10 legion. The A series or the Aristo (which has killer specs) may possibly be the flagship BB10 device(s).

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

It really depends what market they are trying to hit. I agree that the leaks of the L and N series look like they will be good enough for the majority of the people.

Why not go an over sized screen though. People want it for sure and RIM would definitely make some good sales from it. Heck look at the Galaxy Note 2. It's a mammoth and surprisingly the sales are doing really well.

Different flavours for everyone. At this point they have to make sure there are no reasons for people to go to the competition.

For me I want a good camera experience. I have an older phone so I am sure that it will be better but they need to bring something unique other than the time shift photo. Photo editing etc.

Browser I know will be absolutely killer. I am really looking forward to the reader view when reading an article.

A large screen would be preferred. People like the large screen and this shows with the SG3. Looking at the iphone 5 the other day it is not wide enough.

Still not sure which one I will be going with the keyboard of full touch however I will definitely be one of the first to get one.

Def Fn BB10

IF the OS is fast
IF the UI is fluid/efficient
IF it never hangs/crashes
IF the battery lasts all day
IF the on board memory is expandable
IF the apps are top notch and abundant

THEN BB is Succesfull


'Please RIM only once through the loop!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Please forgive any ignorance
I may show in my comment. I've been away from BB since my OS7 nightmares.

First, I will say that I am on my 8530 again (waiting for my Droid Inc2 to get back from repair...stupid gravity!!!

Second, I always felt "specs" equaled better UI...the better my phone over all (memory storage, web browser, camera) the better MY user interface

And C. "The specs of the first BlackBerry
10 devices are comparable if not
better than current phones on the
market"...WHO'S MARKET...WHEN??? LG has a quad core with 13 megapixels about to drop...when WILL we see BB10???

You sire need to read through the comments which explained a few wise things about higher and higher specs. A phone/device requires exquisite balance which your gravity comment will explain that. Your first comment shows how a mismatch of hardware and software can create nightmares. Why cram a 13mp camera if it doesn't shoot better than a 8 mp camera? What's the use of those extra 5 mps?

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

Having strong specs enables you to deliver the positive user experience. Without sufficient specs, you'll never be able to create the components of the operating system and the UI that will really leave a positive impression on users.

The thing is, though, you do not need the highest bleeding edge specs to create a positive user experience. What would you rather drive? A 1000hp car that is hideous to drive, or a 700hp car with a comfortable interior and drives like a dream?

I put it out there when the last two RIM Runners were going chaotic, dirting the RIM brand to stock failure, to stop releasing numerous Blackberry devices! Especially when they still lacked features of newer phones, RIM was always too little, too late, out of date! I said just take your time, and release one kick ass Blackberry device! When you achieve that, then look into releasing alternate models. Learn to crawl before you leap sort of thing. I couldn't handle watching RIM fail and all media broadcasting iPHONE!! IPHONE!! IPHONE!! :chant:

I knew RIM was better than this, time to act before RIM becomes a lost name in the business of electronics like the PALMs and StarTacs. You see my Nards..I have been in contact with RIM..and RIM with I, and that's why they are listening..They even adopted a model after my name...NAPLES! I sent Thorsten to take over the world! So Let's Rock and Roll this and get it right the first time Crack Nillies!

Apps in BB10 is "always in" means it always runs? What about the hardware? Does it cause problems for the power management?

In public women say size does not matter, it is the experience that counts. In private, they admit size does matter!

i cant stand using my girlfriends iPhone to use her unique apps/games to try them out, why? Theres no BACK BUTTON! you cant go back without going home, at least with android theres a back button, and the menu button the iPhone is nonexistent! BB10 CAN NOT COME ANY SOONER IM WILLING TO THROW MY MONEY AT IT LIKE A STRIPPER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT GETS MONEY THROWN AT HER. sorry i got excited with my caps lock

I do not know if anyone said this but specs matter so much with android because thats what is the difference between android phones. As in why buy htc, samsung, or motorola, because one have better specs than the other.

RIM is already trap, if they will launch a phone with the Aristo specs I think they will be delayed again till May. Which we the consumer could not afford. Experience vs specs is just an excuse, if the hardware for Aristo is already available I think RIM will launch the first gen BB10 with it, no doubt. Also, they had to launch at 1st Quarter with the available hardware so that they could make sales and to keep the company rolling. Better they make sure BB10 will be a mind blowing experience to gain popularity and choice in the market.

Just saying,

We are living in a capitalism system! Means: the only religion is selling and buying. But you cant sell anything when the consumer is already satisfied and the market is mature! The nature of capitalism is to suggest, that we all need more, the newer things, the prestigious products. Why should anybody buy a 500hp Porsche in the USA with ever-present speedlimits? Why should anybody buy a Lamborghini? It has a crappy small trunk! We all are not realy interested in things we´re realy NEED- we all purchasing product to represent our identity, our taste, our (social) quality! Therefore advertising doesnt tell us how senseless 500hp are- it appeals to our greed, vanity, elitism... Therefore Specs (like hp in cars) are VERY important for most of us- we arent able to restist against this seduction to become an "outstanding" and individual consumer! Millions of iSheeps are thinking, that they are outstanding and individual- Advertising works!
RIM has to offer suitable specs (cause nobody wants a retro-smartphone with yesterday specs), a dapper design (cause it will associate "better" specs and prestige) and a suitable user-experience (nobody needs a Ferrari with flat tire)...
But the most important thing is still brand loyality- you cant sell overpriced sh*t with average specs....with an apple-logo... For example....

"We're not in the spec race... we're in the experience race"

I think i´ts not good to say something like this because from now on everyone will say that RIM has old Hardware and the devices are not up-to-date and they will never be able to do the same things other Smartphone can do...

I'm not sure why many are translating Thorsten's words to "the BB10 is going to have crap specs"

Let's look at his quote again:

"So on the technical side, we put in the horsepower that we need. But, for example, the screen resolution on the BlackBerry 10 device is going to be higher than on iPhone 5: it's 1280x768. Plus, we have a special picture processor in there, the image signal processor, that is a top-notch processor. So from a multimedia perspective, that device is absolutely on par

So from earlier reports, it seems we're going to have an 8MP camera, and from the quotes above, specifically the "special picture processor" could mean that we will be seeing the Snapdragon Pro 1.5Ghz dual core processor in there because apparently the Snapdragon Pro runs the "Adreno 320 Graphics" processor which is extremely powerful. Does it not make sense to assume that this is what we will be seeing?

What I feel that Mr. Thor is for sure using a trick. there is no doubt that BB10 will have specs at par with its competitors but when he says "We're not in the spec race", he might mean, see we already have the specs that all others have but more than specs, the experience will be far better than you from the existing technology. This is a clever trick in wooing the customers, which I think is obviously a good idea.

They get it right: Androïd and Windows hardware builders will fight each other to get the best specs as they won't have much freedom on the OS itself, it's a permanent war that brings nothing to the user, only making their devices obsolete sooner and sooner, and apps working more or less as they should (for example because of different screen resolutions, or obviously because they were not optimized for lower specs).

Specs race are for brands that have nothing else to differentiate from others!
So he is right but he has to be sure that the sepcs are more than enough.
Look at iphone (dual-core), they do not have the best specs (and even far from that) but they can
sell a lot = consumers do not search an octo-core smartphone but want a good experience/environment.

Its an "experience" alright cause you managed to make the most difficult OS for a new user(See ANY BLACKBERRY before BB10) even more difficult for potential new users! Here's a hint if your OS is so difficult that you need to send reps worldwide to train carrier CSR's in using your product it might be too difficult and you might lose out on the older and younger generation who were spoiled on the crazy easy Apple and feature model Nokia's.

"BlackBerry 10 will no longer have the "in and out" paradigm that most smartphone users are used to, but rather Peek and Flow, or "always in"

I'm curious, if somebody was in the CNN app and wanted to go to Facebook, how do they do it,? or if somebody was in the Ustream app and wanted to go to the Pocket app, how do they do it?
I could go on forever, but it seems to me that outside of the messaging/PIM apps, it is still the "in and out" paradigm, no? That's why BB also has an "application grid". Sure BB10 will be a little different, but not as much as TH et al is making it out to be.

To an average consumer and sadly a lot of media, perception is all that matters. User experience takes a back seat as the first thing the consumer compares with the competition in the similar price range is the specs, and on paper quad core sounds better than dual core.
At a time when blackberry has to hit the nail hard and win back a lot of critics and consumers, they have got to come with the best of specs added to an awesome user experience. This is also to account for what the competition will be offering 6 months from now when the Blackberry 10 devices will be launched in that time frame.

What?!?!? SPECS does not matter!?!?!? IT DOES MATTER to me, coz if its not! why the hell i am upgrading my blackberry every now and then! Can you cut the crap out! And don't be delusional…. if you care about the EXPERIENCE, who are your target market? Are you targetting those people who are still using dumb phones till now? I need SPEED, i hate to finish drinking my coffee waiting the spinning HOUR GLASS to stop before i can enter another letter. I hate deleting all my apps because of that nagging reminder that I HAVE A FULL MEMORY and need to delete some apps. I hate bringing a travel charger with me because my 10 bbm groups are so active that it eats my battery charge in no time. I hate posting a photo in facebook or twitpic which is taken from my blackberry that is so blurry… In the other hand, you might be correct I HAVE THE SPECS IN MY PLAYBOOK BUT I DONT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE TO ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST, because the effing BBM Group is still not implemented!

don't push my button to love hating blackberry please… please dont!

Why is it taking so long to put this phone out? I love my BB but waiting until fist qtr is really not good at all. We are loosing people everyday you wait. My company is leaving bb going to iphone cause they can not wait for the new phone. If my company is doing it I bet there are many more that are doing the same thing. C'mon RIM!!!!!!

I'm quite offended by your BB10 delay ignorance. :|

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

What kind of a comment is that?!!! Oh can I please wait forever for a phone that isn't as good as the others? Blackberry is grasping at straws right now and the only people that are left are the stubborn / dedicated Blackberry users like myself... I hope I'm not waiting for nothing. This is literally the last straw for me, impress me with this phone you've been ranting about or I am going to purchase a phone from a company that doesn't mind being called number one and two like iphone or samsung.

I think Thor is taking the right approach here. Spec races are very tough, Apple isn't taking that approach and it's also the right approach for RIM. I really want RIM to do well and competing in specs is a race RIM will not win.

Aaahh crap, experience race? don't push yourself RIM.
Specs are really important to new user, they see the catalogue before trying the phone on-hands.
if the specs not interesting enough to them, then you can say bye bye to them.

if you want to get new users, you have to win on the "paper" first, then we can talk about experience.

latest phone but not using latest hardware? feel so embarrasing.
look at your BB device now compare to other phones (top of the notch of each phone manufacturer), we are nothing to them!

just my 2 cents

I honestly don't give a flick about specs anymore. The experience and all that are more important. That is all.

People, People RIM and you lot need to wake up and smell the coffee....

Minimum specs expected

1.5GHZ dual core processor with a good chipset
1GB of RAM
16/32/64GB of internal storage with a micro SD card slot
Screen size at least 4inches
resolution 1920x1080 or as close as possible to true HD as possible.
Loads more apps
A blazing browser

Have I missed anything?
Experience will depend on what consumers like, it will not be dictated by a phone company that hasn't lived up to anyone's expectations since 2010.

9700/PB 2.0

How in a world your experience, as a user, will be pleasant if your mobile takes ages to load a webpage or load Apps & games because of outdated CPU? or your mobile keeps hanging up or constantly lagging because of limited RAMs? or you need power source after few hours because of low battery specs? or you are having an eye strain because of poor screen? How your experience will be pleasant if your mobile's spec is behind the race?