Says BlackBerry CEO: "BlackBerry Q10 already being tested by 40 carriers in 20 countries"

BackBerry Q10
By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2013 09:00 am EDT

On the Year-End and Fourth Quarter 2013 earnings conference call today, while many questions were geared toward the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins also noted that the BlackBerry Q10 is already being tested by 40 carriers in 20 countries. While the Z10 is already selling very well in many markets around the world, it looks like there is still a huge push behind the physical keyboard BlackBerry Q10 as well. 

The Z10 is an awesome device that has been easily adopted by many users, but we get the feeling that there are even more users who are holding out for the Q10. There are plenty of business users and consumers who know and love their BlackBerry who may be hesitant to try a virtual keyboard device, instead wanting to stay with what they know in a physical keyboard. 

The BlackBerry Q10 has yet to receive any official release date so far, but it is expected to be widely available towards the end of April. The fact that so many carriers are already testing the device is a great sign and we should see some big numbers when it finally becomes available.

I for one am pretty excited for the Q10. I love my Z10 but I can't wait to go full-on with the Q10 and a physical keyboard.

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Says BlackBerry CEO: "BlackBerry Q10 already being tested by 40 carriers in 20 countries"


Lol that's like asking a crack addict if he wants a fix... He named the site for a reason! :P

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

It's great to be a part of this BB family and CB community! I chose team Blackberry in 2004 and haven't looked back! I love the fresh technological approach that Blackberry (RIM) has given to this industry and it only gets better as we go. Hurray for BB!

Now Verizon...gimme my Z10! lol

did you ever see/hold a Droid Pro? It was made of the cheapest plastic available (slipping out of your hand constantly) and the keyboard was poorly executed. It was a sorry excuse of a physically keyboard phone.

The timing couldn't be better. My contract is up the middle of April, so if big red can pull it together by the end of April, I'll be on the front line with all the CrackBerry Heads. Anyway Im off to see how the Z10 release at Verizon is shaping up.

Hopefully, those of us in the US won't have to wait at the back of the line for this model, especially with the enterprise demand for the handset (and mine too).

The other day a nice guy saw my z10 in the elevator and told me he was waiting for the Q10. BB needs to get Q10 out as soon as possible.

Because Sprint is not doing the Z10, I've made a big decision. I'm going to get the Q10 with them after all. I always liked the keyboard experience. I have a virtual keyboard on the Torch which I got use to. My wife went with a Galaxy Nexus and hates the virtual keyboard on that. Rather than hating on Sprint (which I have been doing on this), I'm going to go to the Q10, Now I can't wait. Sell the Q like hell.

I'm madly in love with my Zorro 10. I was one of those people who swore by the physical keyboard. I'll still be fan but this my Zorro is perfect.

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I have been fighting for a year now, defending blackberry to all the ifans out there who said blackberry was going out of business and could never have a product that would compete with iphone. Well today is a big day for me. I bought shares in blackberry back in July to prove I was a believer and today I feel vindicated. The Q10 will do very well and I can't wait to try it even though I'm not giving up my Z10 anytime soon.

When you don't have the big budgets of the big boys, you have to be fruggle. You have to be more selective about how you spend those hard earned bucks. BB's phasing strategy will work wonders for them. It's the sign of a master stroke of financial and marketing genius.

Yes, we had to (and will have more) wait on them a bit longer. Look at it this way, this is the year of Blackberry, cuz they will be launching history making news month after month after month in 2013! Watch the momentum build like a snowball going down a mountain of snow.

Whoop...there it is!

In the past week I have actually seen many z10's in the wild. Age ranges from a 10 years old to 60+ and all of them were happy with the device. My folks are waiting for the Q as they are not so keen on the touch keyboard.

Hopefully it won't be a long Que to get a Q but people will have Q's about the Q and then they come here for the A's to their Q's about the Q. Q!

I am waiting for the Q10, but I think I may end up getting the Z10 because I am getting impatient and the Z10 is starting to seduce me. :)

I think we all pronounce Q the same so, hopefully, there won't be any stupid arguments about the pronunciation.

I had an epiphany!

The carriers "know" that the BB (RIM) stats on sales of all touch (Storms & Torch) weren't received well and probably deemed as experiments (Storms) and "also rans" (Torch) and didn't have much faith in them. Since they have in the past, and still do, sell the Qwerty models, their faith in BB is better placed in these models as opposed to all touch devices. The carrier figures don't lie. They know what they can sell and what they can't.

Maybe, when the Q lauches, we'll see more carrier support. They're gonna make money hand over fist because they have in the past. It's a comfort level that BB knows about. Carriers will get rich on peddling the Qwerty models as BB owns this market and it's a name they trust. I think they are leary of BB entering the "full touch" arena competing against the likes of Apple, Samsung, HTC and others. These all touch makers are their bread and butter and naturally, they don't want to upset the "apple" cart ( pun intended).

What is not proven is BB's entry and acceptance by the market for their all touch offerings. This is being played out now, much to the surprise of the market (and naysayers who now eat crow). They will come onboard as BB (company) begins to exert it's experience and R&D results in moving the mobile computing platform.

Besides, it's always better to have two choices (Z10 & Q10) to sell than one. Just sayin!

"There are plenty of business users and consumers who know and love their BlackBerry who may be hesitant to try a virtual keyboard device, instead wanting to stay with what they know in a physical keyboard."

NO. I am not hesitant I am determined. I want a physical keyboard, if I didnt i would have left BlackBerry a LONG LONG time ago. statements like this make me, a long standing BB user feel like a second hand reject. Sorry but BB = Best Qwerty keyboard experience. Others tried to compete, failed and sold the masses the illusion that touching glass is better. Anyone ever heard the word TACTILE. For me and many like me the Z10 is not a true BB phone. No I havent tried it. NO i dont want to try it. What I want is for BB to acknowledge its own legacy and get the Q10 out so i can get a new handset. Rant over.

My sentiments exactly!!! The fact that we are even having this discussion and that the Q10 is being released later is actually offensive to me. The keyboard and email were the ONLY reasons to stay with BB for quite some time, and either those of us who have stuck around all these years through the bad times for the keyboard are either being taken for granted, or being told moving forward BB will consider us second class citizens. That's whats offensive. If they take too long with the Q10 on Verizon I'm getting another phone and I guarantee it won't be a BB.

Do you think BBRY can sell the Q10 at $550 or so (I'm using US pricing). So it would be $200 on two-year contract with a major carrier. I think they can. I know lots of executives who will simply update their blackberry to the best keyboard device offered, price is no object (especially since the company pays). But will the Crackberries also feel price is no object when they have been buying cheaper keyboard models for awhile?

Also... let's be honest Q10 with physical keyboard is Blackberry ESSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's NO BETTER phone than BB keyboards' ones!!

Yeah man, i tried to "Accept" my fate that real keyboard days r over n converted to z10 touchscreen, n although the keyboard is great in touchscreen standard, nothing can compare to a good ol physical keyboard, ever!

I reminense the days when me n my crew can spend a major part of our days jus "Bbm whoring" n really bond as a group n stay in the loop as friends. Whatsapp jus doesn't do the job, n neither does a virtual keyboard...

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I always used to be a Nokia guy until I got my first blackberry. People used to tell me once you go blackberry you never go back but I never believed them. That was until I bought my first blackberry. That was 4 years ago - the BlackBerry 8310 Curve. Since then I've been with blackberry moving to the 8520 and then the 9900. Incidentally I still have all these phones with me. Then i bought the Z10. Having used various iterations of the iPhone and various uninspiring android devices I was pretty skeptical about a touch screen BlackBerry remembering the issues with the torch and the storm. But the Z10 has really delivered like no other phone before it. Of course being the fan that I am, I will be getting the Q10. But still I can say without doubt that the Z10 is the phone to own bar none. Now if they could do something about the apps, it's going to be the killer device that turns the tide for BlackBerry. Well until the Q10 comes out, I say get your hands on a Z10 and experience something unique.

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Time to bring back the slider baby! I don't need a razor thin phone. Really, once it's small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket, how thin do you need? I'd rather have room for a bigger battery. Everything else is fashion.

FINALLY!!!! IM FRIGIN WAITING FOR THIS PHONEE!!!!!!!!!! HURRYY UPPP CARRIERS WITH THE TESTING!!!! i just hope we have the apps submitted on time

Q10 all the way baby! Now were talking to my ears. Nothing compares to a touch keyboard, it actually disappoints me when I hear people going from a 99xx to a z10. What the hell are they thinking.

I remember when I had the 9700, I saw my SIL's touch screen Android and was secretly so jealous that her screen was much larger and that the browser actually works. I ended up getting that same phone as a hand-me-down from her.

I always thought getting a Q10 would be a no-brainer for me, but now that I've been using the touch screen, I like the screen size even though the virtual keyboard is annoying. Now I'm stuck trying to decide between the Z10 and Q10 because I cannot decide what's more important to me: screen size or keyboard.

I think I will post double comments on this article. I also think that since I have a playbook that the Q10 will complement it perfect. I do however wonder what it will be like without the trackpad. I am really excited about the battery life but a little concerned with burn out. Will shortcut keys be included and hopefully QuickLaunch will also be available because I'm also going to miss the convenience key.....ahhhh the days of (2) convenience keys.

End of April. So I'm guessing that means end of May at the earliest for the US. Man, this is taking forever.

Saw that o2 had listed the Q10 on the Coming Soon page on their website. I got uber excited. My partner is going to take over the Z10 and i am going back to buttons. I love the Z10 but I am missing the physical keyboard.

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That phone is a piece of art. It looks SO good. Look at that beautiful keyboard and how it just looks so perfect. I want one of these to go with my Z10.

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I'm excited and will be the first AT&T customer to own one out of Evansville Indiana! But does anyone know when my PlayBook gets the official BB10 upgrade?

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

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So, I have played with the Z10 in my local TMo store, and I just don't think i can give up the keyboard on my 9780. So, I guess it is June, or July, or whenever the Q10 comes to TMo before I upgrade. And having switched to the new plan just the other day, I think I can handle a few months of cheaper bills.

That's good news but why is taking so long to get through carriers they just announced the q10 release date in brazil to end of july I'm almost giving up from the q5 and getting a windows phone 8

Satisfied with my Q10 as BB 10 OS is really smooth and stable! (:
But to those people that wants to use the phone for entertainment, buy the Z10 instead! Q10 screen is not that suitable to watch video and play games!

I'm a fan, I'm a user from my second with a few more aps, as good as my former torch 4g, it works for me