SayIt voice search app launches on PlayBook, coming soon to BB10

By Simon Sage on 29 Nov 2012 01:12 am EST

Some of you might remember SayIt, a voice search app for BlackBerry. The dev has recently launched SayIt on the BlackBerry PlayBook and after bumping into him at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012, I got to check out how the BB10 version was coming along. The app stands to be very useful for looking up obscure information on the fly when you can't type in a query for whatever reason. Types of results span hotel search, weather, and lots of computational results pulled in from Wolfram Alpha. PlayBook owners can find the new version in BlackBerry App World for $4.99. 

Hopefully once the gold tools land, the app will be able to remap its function to one of the hardware keys - then it could really compete with the likes of Vlingo, which always focused more on action rather than search. It doesn't hurt that SayIt will make one less bragging point our iPhone-toting buddies can try to lord over us, but does BlackBerry really need a Siri clone? Should RIM be the one developing it, or can a third-party dev do the job?   

More information/download SayIt for the BlackBerry PlayBook

SayIt in the CrackBerry forums

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SayIt voice search app launches on PlayBook, coming soon to BB10


Looking good but hopefully he changes the default sound when you launch or stop it from voice recognition. The actual voice that says the results should be changed. Sounds just like Siri, i don't want to be reminded of an apple product with Blackberry!

Can the results be deleted after it searched?

I agree, he should change the voice. It does sound like Siri. Is there a way to change the defaul sound to a mans voice or to not sound like the compettion.

This is not looking good a all, first sounds like Siri... FAIL also the layout is not useful at all... it looks laggy as hell when scrolling inside the app... Overall quality app needs to be top of the line in BB10

Looks decent, I would HOPE that there will be a few changes made before the launch to BB10. $4.99 in the US currently for the PlayBook...if he makes enough I bet he gets sued by Apple...if rounded corners are grounds, this most certainly will be.

BB10 is going to be competing with Android, so I highly doubt we will see any Native apps from Google for BB10.

Is it worth it? I have the app for the BB (when they were giving it away free in appworld), I have a couple of issues with the app on my handheld. But, it would be cool on the PB to have.

The developer is at Blackberry Jam Asia. Don't get your panties in a knot. I highly doubt anyone is a priority right now because of that.

That app works fine on my Playbook. Make sure all the security boxes were checked to allow..

Terrible app, does not work on Playbook and is not accurate on Bold 9900. Also you get charged twice for installing on each device. Don't waste your money on this app.


It's YOUR CHOICE not to voice concerns WITH THE DEVELOPER.

First of all drop the caps, are you in grade 6?
Secondly, you are damn right people should voice their concerns, I was interested in this app, but thanks to others saying how poorly it works on the Playbook, I decided against it, that's what reviews and opinions are for. Your silly comment is redundant. Reviews are what makes or break an app, and I am damn glad that people take the time so I won't make the same mistake they did! Maybe you should just keep your caps comments to yourself.
And my 2 cents...Could the developer have possibly chosen a more awful colour scheme for the UI? UGLY!