SayIt for BlackBerry 10 updated to version 2.0

SayIt for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 8 Apr 2013 06:22 am EDT

The popular Built for BlackBerry 10 voice assistant SayIt has been updated to version 2.0 and with it brings a fine selection of new features. If you missed our earlier video of SayIt you can check it out here and if you own a BlackBerry 10 device I would highly recommend it.

Although BlackBerry 10 does have a built in voice assistant it is rather limited in what it can do compared with SayIt. I know for sure which I use more often and it isn't the native one.

Updated features in SayIt 2.0 include:

  • UK English Voice Recognition  supported
  • Option to turn On/Off output voice
  • Option to turn On/Off trigger voice
  • US Male, US Female, UK Male, UK Female voice output
  • UI improvements
  • Resolve map issues
  • Built in Real time Translator, 65 languages are supported
  • Voice Search (17 languages supported): Perform Google search, Wikipedia search, YouTube search, Amazon search, Ebay search, Wolfram Alpha search, IMDB search, SoundCloud search, Vimeo search, Yelp search and Flickr search

The app update is currently rolling out as I write this so it may take a short while for v2.0 to show up - but be patient. It will be worth it.

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SayIt for BlackBerry 10 updated to version 2.0


Wow.. you guys are up posting early!!!...I have it and it's a great app. Downloading the update now

Posted via CB10

A lot, some words in US English have different meanings or don't exist here In the UK (it is a tap, not a faucet ;)) but my guess is it is to do with pronunciation more than anything

Posted via CB10

Yeah, like in the U.S. garage is pronounced totally different from U.K. I LOVE to hear UK English speaking people say that word!

I'm still in need of it to transcribe my text messages but it looks promising. May have to pick this up after all

Posted via CB10

I agree with MOM21. The native app is extremely accurate and fast for transcribing into text messages, whatsapp, docs to go, emails, etc...

Posted via CB10

The native app works so well for me! I rarely have to make a correction. Is it the added features, because I don't see how the accurate recognition could be any better.

Does SayIt work like Vlingo does. Where you can have an app open (like email, text, maps etc.) and you can say what you want and have it Pasted into that location.
Love this with my 9860, great "hands free"

Ran my wife's SayIt through the paces last night, and it seems limited. I asked what the weather would "be like here tomorrow" and it wasn't even close. Asked again using my town name, and she gave me the right town, but weather in Celsius, even though I'm in the US. Still wrong forecast details. I asked "her" random questions like "When is the (name of a huge festival in my town) this year?" She didn't know how to answer. But a web search shows the results of that question. Maybe I'm asking too much of "her"?

Why don't you ask her on what day of what year of what month of what hour of what second your next child will be born?
I'm sure she can answer that.

It is a wonderful app. Period.

I did ask her "If I was born on (date), how old would I be today." She knew that. But to ask what the weather will be tomorrow? That should be simple. Trust me, this Z10 and OS10 is the best. I can't to get mine, I'm so giddy! I'm a huge BB fan and promoter, but...I figured she'd do a little better.

Hopefully the developer shows some love to the os7 devices and gives an update for them. There are still loads around.

Didn't really work that we'll compared to the built in app on z10. And if punched through service provider you have to get the refund though them. So I contacted my service provider and they said they don't do it that way. But they gave me a credit so I'm happy I don't have to pay for an app that I think is not that good.

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Just purchased.... it still surprises me the built in BlackBerry voice cannot recognize "BlackBerry Z10". Hopefully this one works better

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I'm wondering, why there's no possibility to command in other languages. The recognition is nice, but useless if you can't just talk to the phone.
I need a function to send an SMS and dictate it in german. Can't be that hard...

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Ummm, the built in one does that in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Not that hard and no cost.

While I love independence.. BB should just buy this app and integrate.. BB really needs a Siri, DNA? killer.

It would be even better if it was plug-able... so we could add our own searches, triggers..

Either way keep up the awesome work.

Everytime I try and do a location based search it crashes the app. I tried to go to the dev website for help but the link doesnt seem to go anywhere.

@devinthomas: Ensure that you have enabled the location service permission for SayIt.
When you see the location indicator turns green, that means your location is acquired and location based search is ready to run

I just want to say...the developer is great to work with...I asked him for this 2 way translation back in Feb and he came up with it...HIGHLY RECOMMEND...Since I am multi-lingual, I tested it immediately and this will become a TOP APP for travellers...just imagine trying to ask for directions in french, german, spanish...and then turning the Z10 over to the other person to answer in their language and have it voiced back to you in works...and not only that...but once the sentence is can flick through various languages and it will voice each IF YOU WERE a TOURIST could say your instructions in your native language.,and then be able to PLAY IT OUT in every language on your tour group...EXCELLENT...without even having to re-type it each time..just scroll to the targetted language and PLAY RESULT..... I can't rave enough about this program now...THANK YOU ... Five STARS

@bachkhoa I do have location services on and the permissions are on as well as the location indicator is green........... still same issue the map loads for a couple seconds then the app crashes and closes.

I just don't understand why people are so excited about this app? I have had that app and it was completely failure, I contacted BBW and I got my money back, this app is not working as described, just to many problems for that price.

Wow, so impressed with new update, uk English plus many more, speed to respond is also impressive so long as your connection is good, must be a top ten app for BlackBerry World

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I can't see why people are still complaining, make sure your connection is good before you test this because i don't have any issues now it's updated

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@BachKhoa University: I sure wish I could figure out how to contact you for support, the website link in is broken, the website appears to have no website configured (default GoDaddy page with domain just rescued from expiration a few days ago) so this does not instill confidence.

The reason I need support is it appears that my version is either seriously buggy or conflicts with the default voice recognition tool. I have been able to get it working intermittently, but now both SayIt and the built-in voice recognition do not work any more. (They act like the microphone is disconnected)

Dude this is probably one of the best BB10 apps made by a developer. You can see the quality of the workmanship.

Definitely a platinum award app... Congrats to the developer... Man... impressive indeed.

I didn't have this app until I read this article here on CrackBerry. After reading this article, I decided to purchase the app and give it a try. I'm very impressed.

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still think they can improve it by adding fisical button trigger support, and by recognizing when you've finish your request, and not having to hit the button again when you're done.

James! you're the man! I have this app but was disappointed to find out the maps were very buggy and not working. I was thinking about deleting it (even though I payed for it!) until I read this post. Love your app reviews and updates, keep them coming!

I just upgraded to v2.0 I was sitting in a McDonald's parking lot here in Perth and asked it to find the nearest McDonald's. The voice to text conversion was perfect but it told me that there were none located within 160kms of Perth

When you ask to find a place (if I'm driving and want to find the nearest Starbucks), does it show on a map all the Starbucks locations around me? Does it use BlackBerry Maps? It would be nice to "select" the location on the map and have it Navigate me there.

@thatplaybookguy:try to remove the app then reinstall. Remember to allow microphone access permission for the app to work. To change permission manually, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permission > SayIt > allow all permissions

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@J1124: SayIt will definitely show the interested places nearby on the map. SayIt uses OpenStreetMap instead of BlackBerry Map, because BlackBerry Map is buggy

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the quick response... I think you need to enhance the search to show map locations. I was driving and asked "Starbucks near me". and it displayed text of three locations (no map with locations of Starbucks near me). I'm traveling in a city that I'm not familiar and the text was very cryptic. Maybe you should link your program to Google Maps. Also, you should use the word "map" as a key word to show the map. example: "map Starbucks near me" and have it pull up a map showing me all the locations near me.

My wife used her phone (with Siri) and it performed the same experiment above flawlessly.

All in all, it's a great app with good potential to compete with Siri.... keep up the good work!