SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a bunch of new features

By James Richardson on 8 Nov 2013 05:08 am EST

SayIt has been updated, once again, bringing some more great features to the already huge application. The personal assistant tool has received regular updates since it was first released and we went hands on

If you are the type of person that feels that using voice to text will be easier than actually typing, then you need to be sure to check out the awesome 'Built for BlackBerry' application. It's also a super tool for in the car, as the native BlackBerry 10 voice to text experience is not the best. *Please only touch your BlackBerry while driving if legal and safe to do so.*

New in this update:

  • Command to get battery status, temperature, percent, graphics
  • Change trigger sound
  • Command to turn Bluetooth on/off
  • Command to turn Wifi on/off
  • Create new remember note. Command: "New note"
  • Foursquare integration, Foursquare commands. Command: Foursquare + place
  • More places nearby and enhance the accuracy of places search with the distance from current location to the interested location
  • Complex places finding such as: Japanese food nearby, Chinese restaurant nearby, Cineplex cinema nearby,...
  • Bugs fixed

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10


len pothier

BlackBerry either needs to buy them or licence them and integrate their voice control into the phone, ditching the native one.

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Tru dat!

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nick canada

I agree this needs to get baked in. Any chance this is going to be headless soon?

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len pothier

That would be almost as good.

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Pete The Penguin

SayIt is the future of voice command; keeps getting better.

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I couldn't agree more!

I am SO tired of the "Unable to Connect to the Voice Control Server" Error in the Z10 native Voice Control app!!!

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I've been wishing they would do that with several apps instead of using their limited resources to create these apps cut deals with the app makers to put the app on all phones for a period of time.


This needs to run headless in the background as I tend to close apps all the time.


Is there a way to launch this application by pressing and holding one of the volume buttons? I use it all the time and would like to be able to open it quickly.

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ken Ontae

Umm the time it takes to press and hold a button world be equivalent to putting the app on the home screen. Now it u want to access while in other apps would be the right question

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What if your phone is holstered and you have your bluetooth on? I like the native voice controls because I can access them while my phone is holstered.

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Sweet update! I agree, SayIt should be rolled up into native BlackBerry voice command

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Clearly one of the best apps. No, BlackBerry should not buy them. Partner. Help them with headless integration. This app has huge potential.

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Just great! Thanx again for this upgrade.

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Only issue I have is it no matter where I am, it uses downtown Toronto as my location

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It's frustrating that it's not headless, and won't do all the same things the native voice command will do. A combination of the two would be great. I want headless, with the voice recognition and broad functionality of SayIt, AND the ability to call, send BBM, etc.
Here's a crazy idea, how about a combination of native voice control, SayIt, and SafeDrive that I can set to automatically answer calls read texts, email, or BBM whenever I connect to my car's Bluetooth?

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/\This would be perfect. I second this!

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This is the reason I haven't bought it yet but an closely following every new release to see if they do it.

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The developer, in the forums, said he was working on integrating Safe Drive with SayIt. I agree, I want the ability to make calls, send BBM's, etc. That's why I hardly use SayIt now. What I primarily use/want voice controls for, SayIt can't do.

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No way.... it can't be used by no English speaking people...

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Still the main reason I will not use it. This software can only be successful to a certain limit if it stays english-only.

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Nice to see the constant updates!

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Still needs to be able to launch navigation and hear addresses and navigate to. Like navigate to and from contacts addresses, back home and so forth.

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Like twiget said, I dont want to open it. What's the point of a hands free app when you need to use your hands to open it every time and wait for it to load. The hands free feature is great and all(the hand wave) except it functions even when the app is minimized and continues to beep gets confused and talks unnecessarily. Great app needs work. Hate to say it but aim for siri (sp?).

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Need to be headless.

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I was just thinking about this app this morning. I kept on saying "Computer. Lights," but nothing was happening. ;-)


The "lights" command isn't working right now. Try "Tea, Earl Grey, hot."


Dear dev: Is there a way to remap the mute/voice key to this app?
Please say yes please say yes...

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The developer should reimburse all playbook owners who bought his useless one app version release never to do a thing to it again.

Nothing but a con artist who ripped off everyone only to fund the bb10 app. Pretty shady if you ask me!


Well he was probably going under the assumption, like all of us that bb10 was coming to playbook.

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BB Adict

BlackBerry did the same thing. They got people to buy the PlayBook, then the company stopped supporting it.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


One off my favorites app.
Blackberry forever


"Anything + nearby" command (eg, Chinese restaurant nearby) doesn't seem to work. SayIt will response "I'm going to look up Chinese restaurant for up" but then nothing happens...has anybody tried this command? by the way, SayIt knows my current location.

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Integrate this app into the OS will be a huge selling feature to potential customers.

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One of the review comments mentions that browser content can be shared to the app, so that Sayit can convert the content from text to voice. However, I don't see Sayit among the "share" options. Is it possible to share browser content without cutting and pasting it to the app for text to voice conversion? 

Also, I thought the dev said a few weeks ago that Sayit can now read an unlimited number of words, and that the app would be updated to reflect this. The app still reflects a limit of 100 characters. Am I missing something? 


This app keeps on getting better and better.

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I bought this long time ago. It has never even once worked. It opens up after installation and crashes immediatelly i try to execute any voice command. then I need to restart the phone as quite a few interface elements become non-responsive. Support does not reply.
I recall exactly the same issue with Playbook edition.
Strongly recommend agains buying it. Voice recognition engine may be great but I was never let to see it...


I have the same experience as Penkejk with the app not working once from purchase. The developer claimed it was an issue with STL100-1 running 10.2 and that the issue would be resolved when 10.2 was officially released. I guess he probably meant released in the USA because 10.2 has been released and the issue is still unresolved.

Not the first app I wasted my money buying, probably won't be the last.


I hafta contradict the dev's explanation you report: I'm running 10.2 on my STL100-1 and have never had any problems with the app.


Argh. Shouldn't put hard details in comments before breakfast; mistakes will be made. Dunno why I was convinced moments ago that I'm on an STL100-1; I'm not. I'm on a -4.

Sorry if I got either your hopes or your dander up.


Have you guys tries uninstalling then reinstalling the app? I don't have 10.2 but I had this exact problem once. After I did that, the app was working fine.

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The app just doesn't work. I don't keep non-operational apps on my device. However, I do reinstall each update, hoping it would be fixed (it hasn't been).

For the record, I even wiped my device and reinstall and it still didn't work.

Bradley Mckay

Asked "what's the weather like " and it gave me the weather in Africa and I'm in the UK so I wouldn't big up this update too much yet



inform me when this app goes headless.. then i will buy.

BachKhoa University

You need Foursquare for the command "anything+ nearby"

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BachKhoa University

BlackBerry still doesn't allow devs to access the mute button

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Man I have issues with this app, I have it updated and it opened uo normally, then I asked some weather info and it worked, after sometime it did not respond and I closed it.

When I try to re open it gets stuck in the sayit loading screen with that big icon.

After this the native voice control apps also couldn't be launched, and when I open whatsapp, it is also not responding, then I had to force restart.

Now I have this app but afraid to launch it as it freezes everything, same happened with another app called parrot that I used to record voice.

Iam on stl-001.

I desperately wanna use sayit. :(

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Same issues like you mentioned above. I am afraid to launch the application as i have to restart my phone after launching it. Contacted the developer but no response. Waste of money for me. If anyone found any solution to this or facing same problem please let me know


I like SayIt but, per my replies to a previous comment, what I mainly want voice controls for is calling, texting, BBM, and calendar (reminders). When SayIt had the ability to do that, then I would use it a lot more. In the meantime, the native voice controls work beautifully for me. I don't know why I continue to see comments about the native experience not being that great. Perhaps these are users trying to do different things than I am with it. One thing I would love is GPS integration - "Remind me to go to the grocery store when I leave here". I believe Siri has that capability.

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Nice! I use the translator the most on this app!

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I thought there was a setting that would allow it to read texts or emails as they come in.

I am also confused how to get it to be efficient in pasting txt to emails or texts. Actually, I find the native voice control fairly good.

Bacon Munchers

Nice, but BlackBerry really needs to tighten this up and improve the native app.


Still a terrible app

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Oh man, another update..
Still no support for other languages in command mode.
Damn that sucks. Why do you spend so much time in useless features like switching on wifi, instead of giving people, what they really need.

The developer promised to give us other languages, but he didn't. Man, I'm really disappointed.

Can't be that hard!!

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This app would be perfect if i could text call email with it. To be fair 10.2 native voice recognition has improved drastically

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BlackBerry Z10 Posted Via CB


Bought it now that I have the z30, was worries the z10 would be too laggy. Works nice so far, but tells me that there isn't a mc donnalds in 160 km from my location... lol

Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side...


I really like SayIt. Everytime I have used it, it has worked exactly as advertised.

Great, quick, relevant answers to verbal questions. Really useful.

I've demo'd it to lots of friends and it has worked each time. It boggles my mind how it can be so good.

I did take the time to read thru their list of available commands and I only tried it with those types of commands. Really glad to hear they are expanding the list of available commands. I highly recommend this app.

Serge Fisher

Doesn't work for me, just a waste of money. Also, they lie in their description on BlackBerry World - the app doesn't know any russian.

And it lame when it comes to voice recognition, and they even worse than native app in connection issues, fu.k, they just useless!

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