SayIt gets updated yet again with even more features

By James Richardson on 6 Sep 2013 12:15 pm EDT

Yet again, SayIt for BlackBerry 10 has received an update - this time delivering some more useful features, including some funky music streaming that should go down rather well with users. The popular personal assistant app just keeps on getting better and once again it's a perfect example of a BlackBerry 10 developer constantly doing their best to improve the app on a regular basis. 

SayIt may not be as famous as the likes of Siri on the iPhone but it does a blooming good job and its range of features are huge. If you haven't purchased the app maybe the below new features will sway you to do so. 

New in this update:

  • Introduce SayIt music search and streaming service. Now, SayIt can search music and stream by song name, artist or album
  • Update weather server and improve the accuracy of location detection
  • Improve performance by reduce response time  
  • Ability to launch BBM
  • Optimize battery usage for sensors 
  • Add latitude, longitude for "My Location"

If you're not seeing the update just yet it is out there, so have a check a bit later on. 

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Reader comments

SayIt gets updated yet again with even more features


Does anyone know if it will read incoming text and email?

Also, can it initiate a call, email or new calendar entry on command?

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Say It blows siri away. No contest. I've proven it time and time again. At least with Say It you don't need an Internet connection like siri requires.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Huh it does need the Internet... You think asking ex how's the weather it knows without using data? It uses wolfram.

Bought it and never use it. Kinda sucks. I'm not an iPhone guy at all but there's is better. Has personality.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Yeah, silly exceptions to rules in is theirs and not their's. +1 to you bud.

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Yes! I regret buying Safe Drive since I recently moved to a big city and no longer have a car.

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One of my favorite apps. Can't wait to try the new features. This covers my BBM cravings. Just need voice activation and some witty convo for it to be perfect for me.

Viva blackberry

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So how do you stop or pause a song once it starts playing within SayIt?

What service is it using? Can't find John Mayer or Boston or Led Zeppelin songs...none.

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He does a lot updates, but doesn't add other languages.

It can't be that hard, because translation and recognising works very well.

If you could command in all languages, say it supports even now, it would be awesome .

But now it is useless for many people!

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All languages? Sure, it is really only a ten minute job to code in 10,000 languages...I don't see why it hasn't been done yet!

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I mean all languages it supports already now.
The voice recognition works for them nice. He just have to connect the commands with words of the other languages.
Can't be that hard.

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Go on up and do it then boy. It shouldn't be that hard for ya. Whadda ya say?

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This is a fantastic app! The developer is always adding new features. The app works very well. I highly recommend this aop.

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Did you enter in or username wrong? Should it be kellysz10 instead?? Lololol

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Thanks Dev! The weather fix is awesome! Now waiting on Arabic support, whatsapp support and more interactive functionality. Overall, the app is getting better and better every time!

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Hmmm...I have no idea what to ask it to find music. the command list doesn't help either...can anybody advise? cheers

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I bought this app several revisions ago. I was impressed then and the app just gets better.

If you have need for a Siri like interface or just want to play around with friends for a couple of hours, SayIt is really, really good implementation.

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Just bought this app. And I keep getting internal errors constantly. It worked the first time with what's one plus one and won't do crap after that. I rebooted the phone twice. Still getting internal errors. What a pos. Want my $5 back. Oh well, I guess he needs another update to fix it. I saw around August when it was updated a few people complained then with the same internal error message on CB.

If you guys get the "Internal error" message. There are two cases:
1. You haven't allowed all permissions for SayIt to work. To edit permissions, go to Settings (the Settings of your phone) > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions > SayIt, then allow all permissions
2. You mis-use the record button. The default behavior on the Z10 is Tap & Hold> Speak > Release to end.
Then restart your phone!

When the app doesn't recognize your voice. The "internal error" pops up. Move your hand near the Light Sensor of your phone (at the distance less than 2 cm or so) till the time you hear "Beep" then Speak, after that move your hand away and you will hear a "Beep" again. Then SayIt will start thinking and processing your command. The reason why you hear 2 "Beeps" is that your hand moves near the Light Sensor and you move it away immediately without speaking. That's why the "internal error" message appeared. You need to get acquainted to this new "Touchless Sensing" feature. You can use the Record Button as normal without any problem.
For more information about "Touchless Sensing", take a look at these videos:

Hey, nice to have the developer of sayit in this thread!

When will you add more languages for commanding?

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Native does more important stuff
Still a good app.
But lacks son serious stuff.
Making a call
Sending a BBM or text
And every time ḭ say music.
It closes.
Go figure out.

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Not sure if it's because of the new leak for STL100-1 that I installed yesterday or this new update for SayIt that I installed, but the app starts but nothing works at all. It used to work fine when I was on 10.1 and on a previous version. I usually update as soon as an App update comes out. I can see the main screen. It doesn't speak to me. It doesn't listen. I got it to beep once when I pressed the record button it said "Listening" then.. but nothing happened after that. I uninstalled, restarted, reinststalled, restarted but still it isn't working. I also find it takes longer to load. Sometimes much longer and sometimes it hangs at the loading splash screen. Used to be rock solid on 10.1 official.

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Good app. It would be great to see it being integrated with safe drive.

Is it possible to add search contacts launch and voice dictate emails