SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - with a slice of help from a CrackBerry forum member

By James Richardson on 22 Jan 2014 04:50 am EST

Just a quickie for you SayIt users out there. The headless personal voice assistant app for BlackBerry 10 has had yet another update introducing a few new features as well as one or two bug fixes. 

What's interesting here - and a real testament to the developer - is that one of the improvements to the app is related to an issue that a CrackBerry forum member highlighted to me. I passed on the info to the dev and a week later we have an update - magic! 

We recently featured SayIt in our top 5 apps for in the car and it's nice to see the developer of SayIt continuing to ensure the app is working as well as possible. I suspect this will be an ongoing procedure as the app does far more than the native voice controls on BlackBerry 10. 

New in the latest version:

  • Add recorder timer for SayIt run in background in order to avoid users press the middle (Play/Pause) button unintentionally. The default recorder timer is 10s. Users can change the recorder timer by accessing SayIt’s Settings and change the “Background Recorder timer”
  • Fix no sound or notification on some devices when running SayIt on background mode
  • Change the notification sound
  • Add preview dialogs when users press the middle button to record or stop
  • Bugs fixed

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SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - with a slice of help from a CrackBerry forum member


This app is great and has come far in under a year.

In future updates I hope we can change sayits name and add a bit siri's personalities.

If you don't have this app already you should.

Posted via CB10

I still can't Get it to be my default voice search with the middle volume rocker. BlackBerry voice still default

Posted via CB10

Don't hold the button, ONLY click it once, say your command, then click it again. It will take a few seconds to respond. If you hold the button, you WILL get BlackBerry Voice instead.

Kobe, you could be holding the button down for too long...about a second works for sayit for me

Posted via CB10

Yep. I knew about the problem where it would block all audio (both in and out) when the mute button was press once. I solved it by turning off background (headless) operation. However, if you restarted your phone you had to turn background on and back off. Hopefully, that is now fixed also.

Same. It kept muting my notifications. Uninstalled.

I will reinstall and give it another go.

From my new z30

Had the same issues. Just re installed and all notifications seem to be fine now, but now all my music files seem to be missing. Can't see how it's related but it's strange.

...we are all connected...

I was having problems with the sounds too. I'm glad they got the fix out quick for this. Kudos for the developer.

I don't think he meant that to provide constructive feedback, I think he was just trolling - in which case, we should not feed it.

Developer of Corky Notes, Lazy Lists, and MAKE

Nice productive comment buddy.

This is a great app and it gets better all the time because of this dev's attitude. Kudos to him for actually listening and responding to users. Great work.

How does this app deal with me wanting to occasionally use the play/pause button for my music etc?
Does installing this app mean I must lose that option?

Posted via CB10

You can't use the Mute button to pause/unpause media while SayIt has control of it. Because SayIt takes over the audio services, the media is silenced but it continues to play silently while using the Mute button in SayIt. Bluetooth pause does work while SayIt controls the physical Mute button.

Yup, I deleted Sayit after the headless update because of that. I use that button all the time for playing/pausing audio. I suppose I could have screwed around in settings to see about disabling it, but I never found the app that useful anyways. No knock on the dev or the app, just isn't something I needed in the end.

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Nice that the developer listens, although myself I have mentioned in his thread here on Crackberry that the share framework is broken - text shared into sayit from other apps should be spoken, but it only ever speaks the first word - to date I have not seen the dev acknowledge that issue - busy thread I realise. Perhaps you can give him a nudge on this one too James ;)

Anyone else get a couple of mp3's added to the device\misc folder? I don't really care that they got added, but now they show up in the music app.

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Install Ghost Commander and use it to create a file called .nomedia in the device\misc folder. That will hide any media files in that folder from the media apps.

When the SayIt is restarted because of a restart or SayIt is closed in App Manager, on start up it seems to ignore the background setting and starts up headless. That means on restart you have to turn on and off the background setting to release the Mute button. I had hoped that would be fixed in the update but it is not.

Apps headless feature works better with the notification system but doesn't work at all anymore. It just tells me it doesn't know how to answer.

I remember when sayit wasn't worth the code it was written on. He essentially screwed playbook owners $5 for a one time release and slithered away into the night.

Then has the audacity to charge those same users when he released it for bb10. I refuse to purchase his app no matter how good it maybe. He was asked many time to give the playbook early adapters a free upgrade to the bb10 app, and just middle fingered his suckers.

This app is so awesome. Use it almost everyday

Developer of Corky Notes, Lazy Lists, and MAKE

When I press the side button to activate it the app doesn't wait at all for what I'm saying. It just says it can't understand. Any ideas?

Posted via CB10

Used it for first time today. I asked it to set my alarm. It understood my sentence but the app had no idea what to do.

The built in BlackBerry voice recognition can do that. Surprised that this can't.

Posted via CB10

What happens if I use my middle volume button to play/pause music, like it was intended when Sayit is installed? Does Sayit just kick in and my music doesn't play?

Did they fix the bug where hitting the button while the device was locked would cause the app to start up, even though the "headless" option was turned off??? I deleted the app because of this bug: I often bump the buttons when I'm putting the device into my pocket or into the holster and there's nothing more annoying than having the voice prompt come back "I don't understand what you're saying" during a meeting when your intent was to be quiet and just check the lock-screen notifications...

Thank you developer.

But is this app really productive?

Can I tell the app "send a txt message to xyz" or "wake me up in 2 hours" or even "set an alarm at 4 am"

This app is good for checking the weather, translations and killing time. But then if thats what you guys wanted (you guys= guys who drool over this app) then arent you on the wrong device? (the device thats meant for productivity, awesome communication)

This app is pure gimmickery as of now..

Posted via CB10

Yeah facebook on BlackBerry 10 sucks we want it the way android and iOs have it... and please why can't we have subway surfer game? and minio rush sucks on BlackBerry there is not many stages like iphone and android

Posted via CB10

Oh, is this the thread for completely unrelated questions and observations? Why does corn get stuck in my teeth when I eat it off the cob? And what's with all these kids wearing their caps backwards? Also, I have noticed that many people use a full colon in situations where a semicolon would suffice.

That is actually an useless app as it's still in English only though it's been released some time ago. What's the point in developing a Siri-like app like this without going multilanguage?

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Cool beans. Don't know if I'm the forum member referred to here but I did make a comment about accidentally pressing the mute button, in the sayit thread. Now I can give this another shot running headless

Posted from my 9900, z10, z30 or PlayBook

Yeah it still won't work for me, It hangs after a while and all the sounds die. I need to restart the phone for the sounds to work again. I tried emailing the developer a couple of times, no answer. Too bad there's no support for quite an expensive app

I would love to use this app. But I experience too many issues since it became headless.

With the first update. The app never worked in headless mode. You hear the sound of the app being turned on. But speaking into it resulted in no results. Even saying the suggested phrases that the instructions tell you to say for the app to respond.

Recent update shows that the app is being turned on. i.e. I see the message that I should speak now. But no results are given. This is usually followed by endless notifications. Previous requests to the developer to solve the issue resulted in the developer telling me to turn off and on the headless setting. No real answers.

I can only use it in the headless mode.

I don't get it this glowing article is only pertinent if you are running 10.2 which is not officially available in the states yet and with the track record of the US carriers there is no guarantees the carriers will push it down. Or do I have it all wrong? And yes I have purchased both SayIt and DriveIt apps.

Posted via CB10

I hope someone can help? I downloaded this app in December and have not been able to get it to work on my Z30. Just updated it to the latest version and still no luck. What ever I ask it all I get back is "I'm not sure if I understand what you are talking about." I have tried to change any settings that seems appropriate but no success... Maybe it doesn't work because I am in South Africa???

hi there i just downloaded and installed Sayit. it does not seem to be working. I tap the record and i also hold it down i ask my question i get no reply. when i start the app it does not say anything i've uninstalled and reinstalled the app still nothing i am desperate to get this to work. I dont know if the factory "Voice Control" has anything to do with it. if so how do i get it to turn off.

I'm having issues as well. I keep getting "I cannot get your voice. Please try again." Any clue as to what's wrong? I have a Q10 w/ Verizon.