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SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets a 80% price drop for the rest of this week

By James Richardson on 6 Mar 2014 12:33 pm EST

Just a quick heads up for you if you've been tempted to purchase SayIt for BlackBerry 10 but have been put off by the price. The developer dropped me an email to let the CrackBerry nation know that the personal assistant app is priced at just $0.99 for a few days. 

The offer is now live and will run until Sunday 9th March, so if you want to take advantage you need to get in quick. If you've missed our previous coverage on the app - think of it as kind of like Siri but for BlackBerry.

With a multitude of things you can ask SayIt and a bunch of different languages supported it sure is better than the limited voice functions we have natively built into BlackBerry 10. 

Discover more/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10




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Posted from my Z30 on CB10


I have it and it's not very useful. I never use it.

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Sorry, I don't know how to answer!


+1. Could be useful if like talking to your phone. I just find it awkward and weird to talk to phone like that. But for a buck it doesn't really hurt to try and see if it's for you

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Actually you probably do...lmao:

[False Alarm] I was Snooping on my BlackBerry Z30 and found a bg.amr file

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Felipe O

too late for me!! just paid the 1 buck for the app but deleting it right away!


It's cool too play around but I found myself in the same situation. I bought it but haven't used it at all.

 CB10 


Least used app!
Unfortunately the app has limited ability.
At minimum it should be able to go to a search engine, like google or yahoo, and come up with a reasonable answer. Regret, it most often comes back with a comment that it can not answer the question.

App name should read "SayNot" not "SayIt" :(


Agreed I wanted it to work and use it but it's a pain to use.
Deleted, didn't ask for refund.

Posted via CB10


I purchased the app quite a while ago, it works well. I also do not use it often, usually when I think of it, I am already swiping.

Sent while driving from my Crackberry.


I bought but never used it. Tried giving it a shot when it went headless. Unfortunately, doesn't work in a headless mode on my Z30. If it worked similar to Google on Nexus 5, I would use it.


it works headless but native voice command and sayit compete for the same button to active is just so crappy and buggy yep is not worth it !


The worst app that I've ever purchased in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10


Ha ha ha! Get it while you can! Only 99p! Also check out the first few reviews in BlackBerry World. Oops...I almost feel embarrassed for the developer now...

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


Exactly. I can't believe all of the positive multi star reviews on BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10


I just bought for 99 cents so not much damage done, but I was thinking this app would allow my last emails, messages etc to be read out to me while I am doing other things. Apparently, it doesn't... :(


You are looking for SafeDrive by the same developer.

Posted via CB10


Well, hopefully that one gets a price cut too.


Or just use native voice control. Will read your last message. Allow you to reply. Let's you text, bbm, email, etc, etc.

Posted via CB10


Voice Control reads last unread messages...bbm, sms, email.

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/


Well, this app should do it too, I feel like. Why does it have text to speech capacities anyway then?


For a buck, it is worth a shot even if I don't really use it.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded 6 months ago. Never use it either.

Posted via CB10


This app is not good. I don't recomended.

I even asked the same question the developer asked in a YouTube video. The app repeats my questions and then says it does not know what to do.......

Posted via CB10


I'm gonna pass.

Posted via CB10


Going by all the comments here I think I will pass too. I wonder why CB keeps advertising for them, I have seen it here way to many times...


Have you guys actually read the user reviews? Not scoring very well in real world use.....

Posted via CB10


Siri it's......NOT!!!.This b**ch don't know anything.

Posted by my FABULOUS z10


If you have nothing nice to say... The hostility in your comment is completely unnecessary.



Posted via CB10


Had it for a long time. Never use it. Also I've noticed that it doesn't close completely. After you close the app it still shows under device monitor current cpu. You have to manually remove it if you really want it gone. I think that started with the recent releases which allow you to bring it up using the mute button, so a small piece stays active. I've also seen that small piece get loaded after a boot, even if not using it...

The only part I like is the translation feature which is great. Also it's voice recognition is WY better than the built in one. But I don't travel, and I don't like talking to my phone :)


Useless app, especially more so on the z30 which has a very sensitive middle button. The amount of times I've pressed it inadvertently only to get this crap app to start up is beyond annoying.

Have deleted a few weeks ago and will not be putting it back on my device or any other device I shall own in the future.

The built in BlackBerry voice control funnilu enough works better than this lol. No wonder the dev has put it cheaper, people are realising just how useless it is lol.

Posted via CB10


Not the best app for the price I paid, $5. Too bad I can't return it.

Posted via CB10 with my Z30!


I tried say it. Found no use for it and deleted it.

Posted via CB10


I used to think it was great, but after 2 weeks stopped using it. It's alright, but even with my location services turned on, it tells me the weather in Bermuda not Ontario. Too many "I don't understand" messages and it feels like it's spying on me since it went headless. I keep getting notifications in my hub that Sayit doesn't understand...and I don't have it turned on. Deleted and don't miss it.

I like BB10...and that's all that matters to me.



Posted via CB10


100% junk. Keep it.

Posted via CB10


I use it a lot. Often I type in commands rather than speak to my Z30. It is very convenient for a few things. I have lots of foreign contacts so I get their local time and weather. I use it to covert currency, measurements and temperatures. The Search is very fast and accurate and when I know how to say but not spell a word, I ask for a definition to get the spelling. Like all apps, you need to learn what it's good at.


Now imagine if it really worked, I think this is one application that mauled cash like crazy for zero use

Posted via my white sexy Z10


Still buggy app on my Z30. Side mute key won't stop activating app even when optioned to off. Been going on for months. Until this is fixed app is a bother but otherwise a great travel language app

Posted via My rocking Droidberry Z30 on CB Forums


I tried it....never worked out the way I had hoped it would.

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Himanshu Mehta

I purchased this product, my bank account got deducted for $0.99 twice( indian rupee 100 deducted 50+50) and still not able to download it :(

Can anyone help me giving bku soft email id?????

Himanshu's Z10


I believe if you charged it with credit card contact 
, if purchased through carrier contact carrier.

Posted via CB10

Himanshu Mehta

Thanks dear

Himanshu's Z10


I don't think the link will be clickable just right click on it and open in webpage. Or search BlackBerry Commerce Refund Policy.

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Yeah the fact that this program overrides the pause button is a massive pain. I use my Z10 as my media player and can't pause my tunes quickly when I need to.

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G


There is a bug with the background mode setting. Anytime you restart your phone you need to turn on Background mode, tap the < once, go back into settings and turn Background mode off. It will stop trapping the mute key. As I restart my Z30 almost never, this is not much of a hardship.


Worst app I ever paid a $1.08 for

Posted via CB10


This is a terrible application I still think is a rip off, the developer does not explain why this application does not work anymore.

Posted via CB10


just download it and playing around from dutch to indonesian :) we laugh so hard because the translation is like google translate sometimes :) for the rest it's a nice app but some things are not working like playing music because it looking only mp3 on locar memory.


Drains my Z30 battery even when background is disabled. Sick of middle button always activating app even when disabled. Deleted.

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But it still doesn't work on my Z10. Save your money.

Posted via CB10


SayIt's built for BlackBerry status should be revoked unless an update is released immediately. This is a broken app with a core feature that doesn't work: unacceptable!

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I find it interesting this app has gone on sale. Wonder if the dev plans to leave it behind or has hit some kind of wall in fixing it? Obviously a lot of work went into it, but it needs fixing, and I find it annoying that an app with BlackBerry status is not being fixed. Surely the dev is reading these posts. I would encourage him or her to follow thru. It could be a great app and one to be proud of.

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Halifax Guy

I appreciate all the feedback, I was considering purchasing this, but now I realize that would have been a waste of money.

Why does Crackberry staff waste their reader's time with reviews (that sound favourable) for apps that are obviously crap?


I suppose CB staff should exercise some restraint to post this upgrade on a dud app.
The app came out as a work in process to be a 'SIRI' clone. But, SIRI near, it is not.

What the posting DID do was to get a 99.8% negative response to the app (the .2% was one guy who just got it)

Let the buyer be aware.


Phew. i thought it was just me. I uninstalled it too. I'd be in the office, pull my Z30 out and after brushing against the mute button (ironic), hear a robotic "what do you want to do?".

Shut you up, that's what I want to do.


You find the z30 mute button very sensitive to I see that's why I deleted it as well

Home reno channel

laci urbany

Good for 1$ just for try but not being use it

Posted via CB10


Agreed, not a very good app. More often than not it says I don't know how to answer.

Posted via CB10


Not the greatest reviews but then again not the greatest of apps.

Unfortunately the developer has a long way to go to A. Get people back on side, and B. Getting this app to work properly.

I suggest that he spend a solid 48 hours working on fixes and improvements ...but what do I know?

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE


I love the say it from the time I loaded it. Just one problem. I can't xyz....

Posted via CB10


Ok i see what everyone means it was working well now it just says I don't know or whatever....

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Why can't we all just relax and give this app a fair chance. Today I had a hard time rushing around, so I tried to have a nice and friendly conversation and started up the app and indeed found a lady sending me a kind letter, asking "Good morning, Marc. How are you? "
So I repeated : "I'm fine, thank you. And you? How do you know my name?"
But I think she fell all of the sudden somewhat behaved too frivolous so she refused to answer me. But I thought I heard her breathing so I decided not to give up so quickly.
"Are you married?" seemed to me the next best thing to ask her so I did...
Somewhat nervous and holding my breath myself this time I was just wondering what my first digital date would bring to me.
Immediately and as efficient as a wake up call she trapped me, stating: "Why do you want to know?"
So the conversation took a sharp turn when I asked her "So why did you call me with my first name?" she repeated to me: "Why are you asking me this".
Instead of answering her dubious question I broke up this short romance, stating: "You started, mylady, You started".



Garbage. I was hoping it would be great. Didn't expect to have to study the "acceptable commands" like it was my finals to know what would work. Would be nice if you could just ask something and get an acceptable response. Nope.

Posted via CB10

Carlos Argueta

i just buy it, but voice commands are only in english...


Still aint worth it.


$.99 or $4.99, by far a steal! Awesome product.

Posted via CB10

Dat Gui

It's worth it for a buck but not more. Coolest thing is you don't need the app to be open to use it.


Useless app. Deleted it within a week of buying it.


I bought because at the time when it came out the reviews were positive....but its useless and it won't even call or send texts. I have it turned off, yet sometimes the mute turns it on(even though I disabled that feature) I may delete soon. The app needs a major overhaul to he of any use.

Posted via CB10


I too just cant get the point of this app. I've had it for months and never use it. I also was "Sucked In" by the positive reviews.
I have come to believe that the majority of reviews on BBW are BOGUS, not to be trusted.
I find it interesting and truly disturbing that anytime I've reviewed an App negatively those reviews "Mysteriously: disappear from BBW .


This app has LOTS of 4 and 5 star ratings.
Doesn't jibe with the views in this thread. There must be something good about the app for it to get all those very positive reviews.

There are a few groups of negative reviews but they are in the minority by far.

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Had to delete app on my z30 found it pointless. I just type to search

Home reno channel


Waste of time. Vlingo was much better, wish that it was available for BlackBerry 10 devises.

Posted via CB10


I have to admit it. This app officially sucks.

Posted via CB10

Donald Blue

Developer, u need to listen.....

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


I just downloaded it and I wish it would be as smart and intuitive as the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...


What a piece of crap

Posted via CB10


Unreliable at best. Wanted to like it, but hardly works

Posted via CB10


And the fact that this gets such positive reviews on BlackBerry World calls the integrity of that service into question. Get your act together BlackBerry. I know your desperate to push apps and recruit devs, but you gotta respect your customers.

Posted via CB10


While I appreciate the effort in creating something "Siri like" for the Blackberry, unfortunately it is a very limited app. For $.99 it was worth trying, but one realizes in a hurry that this program is not even in the same zip code with quality and functionality as Apple's Siri.
For example, the TTS (text to speech) is pathetic - it doesn't even have basic sentence structure, much less a constant voice level. Which doesn't matter as it is restricted to 100 characters anyway. USELESS.

What Blackberry users need is an app which allows us to purchase, download, and use the actual Siri! I for one would pay some good dollars for this availability.
If Blackberry want to save themselves, perhaps they need to negotiate some cross-platform agreements with other developers for these types of products. For a price, of course.

I have stuck with Blackberry this far and currently run a Z30 and a 64 Playbook. But this is as far as it goes if Blackberry doesn't get back in the game and really compete.
That includes updating Playbook and the compatibility with the B10 system, instead of abandoning it.