SayIt gets a 60% price drop for its one year anniversary on BlackBerry 10

SayIt one year anniversary sale
By James Richardson on 6 Feb 2014 04:11 am EST

To celebrate the personal voice assistant application SayIt being on BlackBerry 10 for a whole year now the developer has reduced its price by 60% as a special treat. The discount will run from Thursday, February 6th until Monday, February 10th - bringing the price from $4.99 to $1.99. 

Although the Built for BlackBerry application has been a big hit on BlackBerry 10, it's also available for legacy devices and those users too can take advantage of the sale price. 

With SayIt now running as a headless app, you can (if you wish) just press the BlackBerry's media key and ask it pretty much whatever you like. From experience, it's not perfect, but it's a whole lot better than the native voice assistant we get with BlackBerry 10. If your friends with an iPhone have shown Siri to you, think of SayIt as the BlackBerry version. 

Not given SayIt a try yet - maybe now's the perfect time? Let us know what you think in the comments? 

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10

More information/Download SayIt for Legacy devices

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SayIt gets a 60% price drop for its one year anniversary on BlackBerry 10


Hope you got your money's worth of productivity out of it in the meantime. ;-)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Just copy from a website which I don't remember. I think you can copy it from my comment or google it for the page.


~ it's not a phone, it's a 

While I like the application, I still disagree that it's "a lot better" than the native voice controls. You can't send a BBM or SMS, or make phone calls with it. It's been a long time so, I can't remember if the developer has given us the ability to set calendar appointments or make reminder notes yet, but I don't believe so. It's wonderful for research purposes and even simply voice to text, but, when it comes to actually doing some things for you, there's still work to be done. In terms of voice recognition, i'd say the native controls are on par with SayIt - from my experience, arguably better. Fortunately, the developer is constantly updating his apps so, I'm thinking we will eventually have these features. Until then, depending on what you want voice commands for, SayIt may not be the option for you.

Posted via CB10

I'd say it's arguable that native voice controls can send BBM or SMS or make phone calls either. The native app consistently fails voice recognition for me.

I only have a problem when the name of the contact is not normal / pronounced different from how it is spelled. Other than that, it works flawless for me.

I still miss Vlingo from the legacy OS days. It learned how you talked the more you used it, making it better and better over time.

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I agree, Vlingo was much more advanced and reliable. Wish Vlingo was available for BlackBerry 10 OS.

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If you don't mind Android apps, use Snap and get SVoice. I believe this is the same Vlingo based on the user acceptance jargon.

Bought it a while back but now uninstalled. Found the voice recognition very inaccurate (built in app was much better) and it would sometimes get stuck repeating the same answer, no matter what I asked it. Like my Z10 generally and I appreciate it's a small developer, but Siri on my ipad and Google Now on Android are light years ahead.

Depends on how long "a while back" was. The app has been updated a number of times recently and the voice recognition is actually pretty good.

I bought it a month or so before Christmas but I tried it again as recently as earlier this week - hadn't changed that much from what I could tell I'm afraid.

I'll celebrate when the dev responds to my issues with a bug on it - he's been active in the past but lately its gone totally quiet, no response in his app thread or to his PM's regarding a possible bug I've found

Downloaded and I'm trying to change the name setting but it won't let me scroll past the touchless toggle button. Any suggestions? I don't want to be referred to as "Boss". I'm a lady :)

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I hope someone can help? I downloaded this app in December and have not been able to get it to work on my Z30. Just updated it to the latest version and still no luck. What ever I ask it all I get back is "I'm not sure if I understand what you are talking about." I have tried to change any settings that seems appropriate but no success... Maybe it doesn't work because I am in South Africa???

I was and is still very happy with this App. For $1.99 you can not go wrong. The translate feature is awesome just on its own. I have enjoyed it and now it's headless. Sweet

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Withdraw this article until the developer fixes and updates this app. It is a disservice to CB and its readers that you have published this article. The reviews on BB World are horrible.

You high? 4.5 stars out of 5 and hundreds of reviews. You may not like it but keep your composure please, these flaming comments disproven by facts are also called trolling.

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Maybe you should ask developer why he deletes bad reviews all the time if not that he would have 2 stars or less. I had this app and I've got my money back because app is a garbage and BBW knows that. I've been reading sayit reviews from the day I bought this app and all reviews below 4 stars were deleted the next day. That's why he 4.5 stars, you should know that BB app developers can delete any bad review and nobody will ask them why. Good day.

I uninstalled it. Could not find a way to turn off the media key function, the key between the up and down volume key. Put my BB away, hit the button accidentally and Sayit starts chirping. Pain in the you know what.

I have it installed on my Q10 but I hardly use it, I mainly use the translator function but I just tested some other functions out which aren't going through very smoothly. I can get done what I need faster without this app hence the Q10 keyboard.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Had this a long time...and hoped that it would eventually work properly after multiple releases. This will never find local music for me despite having full rights to my z10 and my placing music files in multiple locations. Had worked back and forth with the Dev for a while, but I give up. Overall, I just don't get the raving reviews.

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Awesome - I've wanted to download this for a while now, this was just the nudge I needed. Thanks!

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I have tried Android speech recognition apps and they are better. And available for far more recognition languages.

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Bought it dull price upon release, Still trying to figure out a use for it... it generally seems to never find an answer for what I want lol

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First app I've ever bought and here in toronto Canada it can't find a Tim Hortons nearby. Picked ones downtown while I'm in Mississauga. Asked for restaurants nearby and it took me to Europe, and I did click the Mt location in top right and it got my location right. Frustrating waste I'm feeling. Should have tried the free lite version first.

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This apps doesn't work well for location services in the states it will not even bring up a map of the states for that matter. The translation part of it can come in handy I like that it will read it back to me there is potential with that. And a quick search of the Internet works well too with a touch of the button

Posted by BBM#42 via Z10 ( Do not fear the leaks

Gah. Picked this up when I saw this post because I'd heard people rave about it before. Not impressed at all. Far more successful with blackberry's own voice recognition. Feeling a bit ripped off. If you're on the fence about it I wouldn't bother.

Just installed and have yet to get it to do a thing I tell it too and most of the time it doesn't understand the Kings English