SayIt gets updated yet again to version 2.2.0

SayIt for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 5 Jun 2013 04:15 am EDT

We've covered SayIt quite a few times here on CrackBerry as it's the number one voice recognition application and personal assistant for BlackBerry 10. The app has had regular updates since its launch and another one now follows which includes the below new features:

  • Input command via keyboard
  • Transit finder: bus stations, underground metro, TGV, mainland rail, ect...
  • BBC news
  • Add navigation action for browser in Voice Search: back, forward and refresh
  • Customize user's name
  • BlackBerry Q5 support

If you missed our hands on video with SayIt you can catch it right here.

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Reader comments

SayIt gets updated yet again to version 2.2.0


You can now put your own name in, next update it will speak your name instead of calling you human. Great app with a devoted developer.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately I find much benefit of this App compared to the built in one and actually went back to using the original.
When you pay $3 for an app you tend to expect more.
One major disappointment was the need to press to start and press to end the voice command which renders it unusable while driving.

I was also unable to get it to find a contact or dial a number.
The translate feature is nice and may try it out on my next vacation, but even then I have a few other applications that will be competing with each other.

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Limitations are due to api's.
And you can use it while driving. It's just not hands free.
But correct me if I'm wrong, you need to press and hold the home button to activate siri on the iPhone, and you have to hold the side button to activate bb10's native voice control.
So this app is roughly in par with those.
Plus, the native voice control will allow you to dial contacts.
This isnt to replace the built in voice controls, it's a supplement.

You can use the native controls hands free in the car via bluetooth though.
Add your z10 as a contact with the number : 999-555-1234
And call it when paired with the car

I noticed that last night as I was playing with the app. I tried calling a number and getting contacts but it didn't have an answer. That being said I still like it over Siri and as far as not being able to use the app while driving you still have to press a start stop with other systems so its really not that big a deal.

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Did an update a few days ago, I don't have any notification of a newer one then that.

I check BlackBerry App World and checked for updates, nothing for sayit

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I would only use it if there was an offline mode with reduced functionalities or if they released a server component that we can install ourselves.

Ok I'm not trying to be stupid or silly. What I'm trying to figure out is why would I get this app when there is a built in native one? I'm being honest and ignorant because this is one feature I rarely use. So is this that much better that I should invest in it? I'm seeking feedback from current users. Trying to justify it I suppose :). Not trying to put down the developers or such. Just seriously curious. :)

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The native one can not do Google voice searches and many many other types of searches, plus translate into many languages.

This app is like siri, but it's much better then siri on IOS devices.

You need to get it to know what I am talking about.

Example: you can say Ronald Reagan and it will search wiki or other places to come up with who he is and born and death dates and much more info.

You can say Google CNN and it will Google search CNN, of course you can Google whatever you want, just make sure you say Google then what you want it to Google.

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Good app but i need multi languages vocal command!!! is totally unuseful for people around the world that dont speak english...

go to the "translator" function has the option to set FROM and TO:
I already suggested this to the developer and he was very helpful in making this work...
You can do 2 way conversations to any language listed (with voice)
Perfect tool for travellers and guides using multi-languages...

This is one of the worst apps I've purchased

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Hi I downloaded this app and the translator just gives me a bunch of jumbled symbols when I use either the voice translator or the text one. I have tried battery pulls , bluetooth on/off, reloaded app nothing works, quite frustrating, does not matter what language I try to translate. Anyone have a similar experience?